Playing House

Summary: While helping to try out a new class project for their school's curriculum, May, Misty, Leaf, and Dawn find themselves living alone in a beautiful house with no adults, no rules, and best of all; freedom. The only catch? They have to share the house with Drew, Ash, Gary, and Paul.

Chapter One

May brushed her chestnut-colored hair out of her eyes, and blinked her sapphire blue eyes at the sight before her, completely forgetting about the door she had ruthlessly swung open and barged through moments ago. As her gaze wandered around the interior design, a clean, polished looking wooden floor was presented to her, and to her right she spotted a nice marble-countered kitchen. Behind the kitchen area, she spotted three leather couches arranged around a decently sized flatscreen TV. In the center of the affore-mentioned furniture sat a long coffee table which had been placed on top of a red and beige oriental rug. To her direct left was an area that consisted of an open closet filled with hangers for people's coats, as well as an open door that revealed stairs that headed down into the basement. Further on into the seemingly massive house, May could spot another staircase that slowly winded up to what would seem to be a second floor, while another hallway on the floor she was currently standing on led to the left to what she guessed to be bedrooms. Finally, at the very back of this house was a clear glass door, which revealed a pool just beyond the transparent door.

May's mouth gaped open at the, in her opinion, luxurious house in which her and her friends would be occupying for the next week. Speaking of her friends…

"Move aside!" She was pushed aside as a flash of brilliant blue eyes and a torrent of blue hair passed by her only to halt at the sight of their temporary home. "Whoa…"

"Dawn, you're just as bad as May!" scolded a red-headed girl as she and her luggage finally trudged up the stairs that led to the door. Her complaints about her friends' hastiness were soon forgotten however, as her cerulean blue eyes caught sight of the pool that May had seen earlier through the glass door and began to twinkle.

"Well sorry Misty, but you gotta admit, this place looks even better on the inside than when we saw it on the outside!" giggled Dawn, twirling a lock of dark blue hair around her finger as she set her pink suitcase down.

"Hey guys, don't forget about me!" a voice panted, out of breath and with a slight whine to it.

May, Misty and Dawn spun around to see the last member of their party, Leaf, as she stumbled her way up the stairs carrying a giant heap of bags and suitcases. How she managed to make it that far was a mystery to everyone.

"Leaf!" May exclaimed. "Why did you bring so much luggage with you for this?"

The girl smiled sweetly. "I didn't, but it seems SOME people forgot to bring their extra luggage from the back of the car when they all ditched their poor friend to deal with their bags while they went to go see the house."

The last of her words had resounding sarcasm to it, as she flipped her hair around dramatically as if to prove a point. Misty sweatdropped as the the other two giggled nervously.

Leaf heaved the more-than-fair-share pile of luggage into the house and closed the door before gazing around at her surroundings with sharp, green eyes. "Nice place…that is, for a school project."

The other three girls nodded in agreement, their thoughts turning back to how they had ended up in this arrangement in the first place.

"Alright class," their Family Studies teacher Roxanne announced. "Today I have some important news for you that involves a potential extra credit assignment."

The class quieted down and students scurried to their seats, back from visiting with friends in the same class. May sat down in her seat and swiveled around in her chair to face Misty. "Do you know what's going on?"

Misty shrugged and shook her head, but before she could say anything else, the teacher brought their attention up front again.

"Now, our school has decided to add a new assignment to our curricular guidelines for next year, but we thought that we should try this on some of our students from this year before officially adding it to our lists of class assignments."

The class murmured amongst themselves, anticipating what the new project was going to be. Leaf leaned over her desk and whispered to May.

"Oh great, more work for us poor students." She sighed, although extra work was no big deal for her as she found projects to be quite simple.

May grimaced in agreement with her statement while Dawn, who'd caught the piece of conversation, nodded on her right, as the teacher began to speak again.

"This assignment we are debating is very hands on, and it will be assigned to the 4 top marks from each of the Family Studies classes."

May tilted her head in inquiry before remembering that there was, in fact, another Family Studies class that took part in another class period. The one grasshead's in. May thought, furrowing her brow at the mere thought of her grassy-headed rival.

"Anyhow, I will announce the top four from this class," Roxanne concluded. May, Misty, Dawn, and almost everyone else in the class immediately turned in their chairs to look at Leaf, who looked around before blushed and studying her pencil. Leaf was known for being at the top of all her classes, and so everyone automatically knew she'd be in the top four from the class. Roxanne raised an eyebrow before continuing on listing off the names.

"Leaf Green."

Leaf exhaled and sat back in her seat as she was finally relieved of the knowing stares from around the classroom.

"Misty Waterflower."

The red-head lifted her head from where it rested on her arms in brief surprise, before accepting the acknowledgement and setting her chin back down on her crossed arms.

"May Maple."

Said girl raised an eyebrow but didn't question it. So Leaf's tutoring paid off after all.

"And the last name is…Dawn Berlitz."

Dawn sat up straight at beamed, glad she wasn't left out of this assignment that her best friends would be taking part in.

"If the four of you could stay behind when the bell rings, I'll give you the information about your project as well as the assignment papers."

May's stomach sighed at the thought of missing a part of lunch, but she quickly silenced it as she was actually quite curious on what project they'll be doing. She exchanged quick glances with her friends right as the bell rang, signaling the end of class and the beginning of lunch. The four girls gathered up their books and bags before walking up to their teacher's desk.

Roxanne sifted through a pile of papers on her desk before locating a folder containing an assortment of papers.

"Here you go girls," she announced as she passed the folder over to Misty who immediately opened it up. "You'll find all the information you'll need in there, and make sure you read over everything carefully. The project will start tomorrow, which is Tuesday and will last two weeks. Oh, and the other four students will meet up with you tomorrow as well, so expect them."

Roxanne removed her reading glasses before grabbing her bag from under her chair and walking out of the door for her lunch break. Unknown to her, her last few sentences were gone unheard by the four friends, as they were busy trying to make sense of the information in the packet they'd just received.

"So it says here…" Misty muttered to herself, reading out loud the project guideline sheet. "'The purpose of this project is to stimulate what it's like to be grown up and living as adults with the responsibilities and lifestyle that comes with living on your own.'"

"Okay…" Dawn murmured. "But what's the actual assignment?"

May, not wanting to wait any longer, snatched the papers from Misty and quickly scanned over them. And then did a double take.

The other girls immediately crowded around the papers after seeing her expression. They all scanned over the same page and their reactions varied from raised eyebrows to gasps of disbelief.

"So for the project, we're living alone…" Leaf said, wide-eyed.

"…with no adults…" May continued.

"…no rules…" Misty spoke up.

"…and freedom!" Dawn finished, disbelief evident in her voice.

Slowly, eyes met eyes, smiles began to show, and soon all four friends were gabbing with each other on how great the assignment was going to be.

The same thrill May had felt before on the idea of living alone in a house with her three best friends for two weeks returned, as she gathered up her previously dropped luggage. Looking around at her friends, she could tell they felt the same way.

"So…what now?" Dawn asked, looking around.

Misty pulled out the folder of information they had received from their teacher and walked over to the kitchen counters to spread the sheets out on the counter. May, Dawn, and Leaf followed her and together they looked over the papers. There were sheets of questions on responsibilities, as well as a calendar with certain marked events on it. Suddenly, a sheet of paper caught May's attention. Taking a closer look, she realized it was a blueprint of the house they were currently in. There appeared to be four rooms; two upstairs and two on the main floor and each room had its own bathroom. Downstairs, there appeared to be not too much but a large room for recreational purposes and another bathroom.

Noticing May's captivated attention, the other girls were observing the blueprint as well. May grinned suddenly and thrust a hand at one of the rooms on the paper, one situated upstairs.

"I CALL THIS ROOM!" she shouted, before grabbing onto her luggage and zooming upstairs at breakneck speed.

Dawn, Misty and Leaf looked on in surprise, until they realized May had gotten a head start, and quickly ran off to claim their own rooms.

Well I have to admit, I'm new to this Fanfiction stuff, and this is my first story so sorry if it's not that great. I haven't watched any episodes of the show for a while now, so sorry if they are really out of character. Hopefully things'll improve as we go along. Reviews would be appreciated, and thanks for reading!