The First Kiss

Stiles Stilinski was fourteen when he got his first kiss. He had meditated on it often, and had decided that even though Scott had had his at twelve, Stiles' was- from the descriptions Scott had given- much better and less disgusting. It had been at one of the first high-school style parties he had ever been to. Of course there was no alcohol, but games of Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes In Heaven had all been in full swing two hours into the night, and the parents of the host had hidden away upstairs and left a room full of hormone-ridden teenagers unattended. The summer was almost over, and the boy had decided to combine his birthday with a back-to-school bash to help reconnect the freshman class. Stiles had secretly thought that there was no way in hell that class unity could ever exist without the decimation of a few certain individuals, but had said nothing to Scott, as his best friend was actually excited about attending.

"Come on, man! We can make some more friends and finally have a good year," Scott had said to him.

"Scott, buddy, you say that every time we go to a party. The only way we are going to make friends with those people is if we grow a money tree and work out how to buy a cool factor, okay?"

But Stiles had reluctantly agreed to attend despite the certainty he had that there was no way that Scott was going to get what he wanted from the people in their grade. Scott had dropped the subject after that and they had resumed their intense Halo marathon, only pausing for bathroom and food breaks.

The party was now looming directly on the horizon, and there was less then 24 hours before the boys were going to be entering the 'line of fire' as Stiles liked to call it. Scott had called him two hours ago and asked him to come over with the pretense of gaming. Stiles had willingly agreed, only to find Scott in front of his cupboard in only a pair of plaid boxers trying to find a suitable outfit for the party. Stiles had seen this sight before- in fact, the boys had been streaking on dares more than once- but the line between Scott's eyes told Stiles that Scott was actually worried about tomorrow night. Stiles had acted in typical fashion, and pushed Scott out of the way, grabbed Scott's favourite pair of blue jeans; an olive green button down and a pair of Nike's and said, "try that on, love it and stop worrying. They don't know you at all, you didn't do anything embarrassing in middle school and you're a good guy. Stop worrying and put on some pants. There's a new release I want to watch and we are going to the video store to get it right now." Scott had smiled at him, checked the outfit out and then pulled on some clothes,grabbing his helmet from by his lacrosse stick and pushing Stiles out of his bedroom before starting down the stairs.

Stiles and Scott had walked through the door about half an hour after the official start time, but there had been others arriving too so they simply placed their presents on the table indicated and snagged a seat on the best looking couch, settling in on what Stiles thought would simply be a night of being ignored by most of the people in attendance. Half an hour later he was bored and Scott was chattering to an acquaintance who had taken a seat on some recently available space. Stiles was considering turning to Scott and asking to leave early, but he knew that Scott had been looking forward to the party all week and he was determined not to do that to his friend. Instead, he sucked it up and steeled his Adderall-induced patience and started to people watch. This was a long ingrained habit for Styles when there was nothing else to do and he actually had some patience stored away to just sit and think.

People danced, laughed and joked while Stiles sat and waited- though he wasn't sure what he was waiting for. His face was turned towards the archway that lead to the kitchen when he saw the flash of the strawberry blonde hair he was so attuned to. She was in pale blue, like the colour of a clean pool on a sunny day, and Stiles' eyes were drawn to the small, pert breasts she had grown over the summer and her long, creamy legs which ended in a pair of silver heels. There was no doubt that the summer had only changed Lydia Martin for the better. Stiles was completely in love with her and the new smattering of freckles on her nose only served the purpose of alluring him deeper into his adoration. She held a drink in one hand and she and a pretty brunette were twined at the elbow with the other arm. As Stiles watched, the circle of girls around her burst into laughter while Lydia smiled, popping the sweet dimples in her cheeks and covering her cheeks with a stunning, pale pink blush. Stiles couldn't tear his eyes away. He turned to talk to Scott, but he discovered that he was alone on the couch, and spotted Scott across the room with the boy he had been talking to earlier and a group of girls. Scott looked entirely at ease and the smile he was holding told Stiles that he was interested in the girl who was addressing him. Considering his options, Stiles decided that there was only one thing for it- he needed a soda. If he had to endure sitting on a couch while Scott chatted up a girl he was going to do it with caffeine in his system. Damn the Adderall.

Wading through the sea of hormones, perfume and cologne, Stiles entered the kitchen area where several coolers were holding chilled cans of soda. He rummaged for a minute and came out with a can of Coke and a Dr. Pepper.

"Oh is that a Dr. Pepper?" a female voice asked behind him.

Stiles turned to find the brunette who had linked arms with Lydia earlier smiling at him. Smiling back involuntarily, Stiles held out the drink to her.

"Thanks so much. It's the only soda I can stomach and I didn't think there were any left," she said to Stiles, cracking the top and taking a small sip.

"Glad to be of service, fair maiden. The worst thing is being the last to get to the drinks and all that's left is boring lemonade or some gross orange flavored drink everyone's avoided," Stiles' mouth ran away with him.

The girl, however, smiled- obviously unperturbed- and said, "I'm Cassandra, but everyone calls me Cass. What's your name?"

"You want to know my name? I mean, I'm Stiles," Stiles' cheeks flushed red but Cassandra simply giggled and asked him to come and hang out with her friends. Stiles stammered for a second before taking her offered hand as they wound their way through the crowd back into the large entertainment room. Cassandra pulled him up next to her in a small circle of boys and girls, and Stiles drew in a breath. Across the circle from him was Lydia, looking even more beautiful up close.

"Everyone, this is Stiles. Stiles this is Kate, Adam, Beatrix- she likes Bea for short, Lydia, Jackson, Danny, and Kelly," Cassandra introduced him to the group. Stiles smiled at everyone before cracking the top of his drink and taking a gulp to steel his nerves at being this close to Lydia. The boy Danny was the first to welcome him, smiling and offering out a hand for Stiles to shake, which he did so with all the aplomb he could manage in his current state of tongue paralysis.

"'Sup," Jackson said, nodding his head at Stiles. Stiles returned the nod. He was unprepared for what happened next.

"You don't say much, do you?" Lydia asked him, a tiny smile in her eyes as she addressed him. "You're not nervous or anything, are you?"

"Me? Nervous? No- what- no? Not at all," Stiles rambled, managing to cover the slightly impulsive response by shaking his head and then trying a forced smile. Lydia's smile grew, but she compassionately turned to Beatrix and said, "so, Bea? Seen anyone you want to play Seven Minutes In Heaven with yet? What about that guy who was in history last year?"

"He's gay. It's such a loss. They get all the good ones," Beatrix sighed with a look of longing. Danny snickered at this statement, but turned it into a cough when all eyes turned to him.

"Are you okay, man?" Adam questioned him, looking concerned.

"Just swallowed a bit of my drink the wrong way," Danny pointed at the drink in his hand and turned pointedly to Kelly and started talking class schedules. Stiles had settled his nerves by now, and tuned out the conversation about raunchy party games and focused in on the body language between Adam and Danny. Adam kept glancing between Kate- who he was trying to carry on a conversation with- and Danny, who seemed to be under a great deal of stress and was pointedly ignoring Adam. It only took moments for Stiles to work out what had happened- Danny and Adam were gay. And in a secret relationship, from the look of things. Stiles calmly accepted the knowledge he had garnered and tucked it away, respecting the need for privacy and acceptance. Stiles had never had a problem with homosexuality- his parents had raised him to be tolerant- and knowing what he now knew about Adam and Danny didn't change anything for him.

"And- sorry what's you name again?" Stiles looked back at Lydia to find her green eyes directed at him.

"It's Stiles," Stiles replied, flushing.

"Well, Stiles, are you up for a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven? The rest of us are all game, if you are," Lydia told him, a cheeky smile suggesting that she suspected he wouldn't want to. Stiles debated the merits of playing for about three seconds, before turning to Lydia and saying, "Sure. Let's play."

Lydia raised her eyebrows at him before Jackson had started to move the group into one of the other rooms in the house, where there was a cupboard that- according to Cassandra- seemed like it had been designed for naughty party games.

Half an hour into the game and Stiles was yet to be chosen by anyone. Before the game had started, Kelly had explained that they played with slightly different rules than most people. The standard rules still remained, but one thing was specified in the new rules- when the time was up, the second person to enter the cupboard was the first to leave so that the person who was first didn't know who they had kissed. No one on the outside was able to tell the person in the cupboard who kissed them unless they were the other person in the cupboard. Kelly said her older brother had made up the rule and that it made the game more mysterious, which was better than some boring, traditional party game. There had been three combos in the cupboard already, and they were all about to decide who to send in next. The people who had been the first into the cupboard were automatically disqualified so there were six options left. Stiles had been staring at his shoes trying to calculate the odds of him being chosen when Kate had looked at him and had said with a wry smile, "Stiles, you're up."

Stiles almost jumped in shock, but none the less let the blindfold be placed over his eyes and entered the cupboard. This is it. My first kiss. Please let it not be like Scott's. I don't like dogs licking my face, much less humans, Stiles thought. Stiles heard the door open, and tiny foot steps moving towards him.

"Where are you?" a female voice whispered.

"Right here," he heard himself say back.

"Hi," said the voice.

"Hey," Stiles replied, smiling a little at the obvious shyness of the girl he was with.

"So," the girl said, trailing off.

"I think we're supposed to kiss now. At least that's what I've heard. Not that I would know anything about it," Stiles rambled.

"Have you never kissed someone before?" the girl asked, shocked.

"No. Never had the opportunity," Stiles told her, honestly.

"Well, neither have I," the girl said.

"You've never kissed anyone before? How could that be. Your whole group is known for that" Stiles clarified, shocked.

"I've never kissed anyone before because I wanted to wait for the right person. But I'm nearly fourteen and the person still hasn't made a move, so I decided to just get it out of the way," the girl whispered.

"Well, I don't know if Seven Minutes In Heaven is the most responsible way to have a first kiss. But it's kind of nice to know that neither of us have ever kissed anyone before. It makes it an even playing field," Stiles decided.

"We should probably just do it then. They check to make sure something happened," the girl told him.

"Come here then," Stiles said, reaching out an arm to find the person in the dark. His hand came into contact with something warm and soft, and he realised that for the first time in his life his hand was on a girl's waist. He felt a tiny hand reach his upper arm and slide up onto his shoulder for some leverage.

"Are you ready?" Stiles felt a bit silly asking, but he wanted to make sure the girl wasn't just trying to get something out of the way without thinking.

"Yes. But thanks for checking. Most guys would just go for it," the girl said. Stiles smiled to himself, and then reached a hand towards where he thought her face would be. He touched her cheek, and the girl sighed softly. Stiles leaned down slowly, giving her time to back away if she wanted, but the girl met him halfway, leaning into his hand and pressing her lips to his.

As soon as Stiles' mouth touched hers, he felt a heat coiling in his stomach. He had had his lips closed at first, but he opened them slightly, and felt the girl respond. He moved his mouth delicately over hers, keeping his tongue to himself, but applying more pressure and tilting his head to improve the angle of the kiss. The girl had opened her lips to him, and her small hand had moved to his neck and was running through the hair at the nape, while her other hand had found his waist and was scrunched into his t-shirt. It was hot, heady and totally, totally beyond what Stiles had imagined, even with a fourteen year old boy's imagination. All too soon, there was a knock on the door, and Stiles heard Cassandra's voice telling them that their time was up. He gently closed his lips and pulled back from the kiss, still holding the girl softly in his arms.

"Wow," he said, clearing his throat slightly. The girl let out a small giggle, and pulled him closer, giving him a tight hug.

"Thanks. For not making it awkward. I really appreciate it," the girl whispered in his ear, then extricated herself from his arms and opened the cupboard door.

"You're welcome," Stiles called after her, several seconds to late. His brain was running on slow. The kiss had been mind meltingly enjoyable. A hand grabbed him and pulled him out of the cupboard. The blindfold was pulled away from his eyes and he blinked a few times to clear his vision after it being obscured for so long.

"So, Stiles. How did you enjoy it," Cassandra teased.

"Um, great. Really, er, yeah," Stiles said. Cassandra giggled and patted him on the back.

"Hey, Stiles! Where have you been?" Scott's voice floated to him over the music and voices, and Stiles turned to face his friend.

"Just playing Seven Minutes in heaven. You looked busy, so I went to get a soda and made some new friends and yeah," Stiles told Scott.

"Cool. Well, man, we've gotta get going. Mum's waiting outside. We've gotta get up early to go camping tomorrow," Scott reminded him.

"Yeah, I know. Just let me say bye and I'll be out in two minutes, okay?" Stiles said. Scott nodded at him and turned towards the door. Stiles turned back to the group of people and gave everyone a nod. He got several hand shakes, a hug and thanks from Cassandra, a smile from the other girls (including Lydia) and a strangely tense nod from Jackson. Stiles thanked the host of the party before scurrying out to Mrs. McCall's car and climbing into the backseat with Scott.

"Did you boys have a good night?" she asked them.

"Yes! I made a couple of friends and I think I can make the Lacrosse team this year," Scott told her. Stiles gave her a smile but remained silent.

"Dude, what's that look? You've never this quiet," Scott asked him quietly.

"I kissed someone," Stiles told him.

"What? Who? How?" Scott asked, obviously excited.

"I'll tell you when we get home. All I know is that it was a girl, and she could really kiss," Stiles answered, before leaning back against the headrest and staring out the window, replaying the kiss in his mind. Scott left it alone like the good friend he was, knowing he would get all the details later. Neither boy could have guessed then that that night would be the beginning of a never ending series of encounters that would change their lives forever.

Author's Note:

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