Slip of the Tongue

by icypinkpop

Pairing: Takao/Midorima (TakaMido)

Disclaimer: Series credit to Tadatoshi Fujimaki. This is just a fan creation.

Warnings: A good amount of lewd sexual references, but no explicit wording, as to comply with the regulations of the website.

Author's note: This is just a small something that I felt the need to get out of my system. I love both of these characters, and the interactions between them are just the best. This will be two chapters.




When Takao had realized, after much prodding, that his teammate had the house to himself for the long weekend, the frequent squeaking of the very bedsprings beneath them had been the first thing at the front of his mind. As teenagers, it was usually pretty difficult to get particularly...rowdy when parents were around, since mothers especially tended to like to come check on you if something sounded enough like roughhousing. Thus, an empty house was more than ideal for getting a little loud, which was exactly what he intended to do in a few minutes.

"Hmm." Takao's heart tingled at the soft, low groan from the taller man who lay beneath him, squinting through the pitch-blackness, trying to make out his expression. Lips quirked into a pleased little smile, he wrapped his fingers around the throbbing heat he felt, thighs brushing the slightly ribbed material of his partner's uniform shorts. All day, he had been thinking about this. It usually wasn't too hard to keep his focus on the game when they practiced, but afterwards, when they walked off the court with their blood still rushing, Takao could rarely help but glance over at the beautiful man beside him. It required further effort to bike down the street, even, with his fellow player in the back of the rickshaw, especially when he had to hear him sipping on that damn soda can.

Taking a deep breath, he shifted between the parted thighs and squinted again, groaning softly in disappointment as he ran his thumb over a hot, moist tip down south.

"Shin-chan...I can't see," he complained in a whisper. Normally when they were alone together in the dark, his famous hawk's-eye could make out the gentle lines of Midorima's cheek and temple, the slight glisten from his eyes through the lack of light. Today, though...

Takao squeezed his fingers and shuddered at the breath he got in response, slightly annoyed. Today had been different. Instead of going straight home, Midorima had wanted to stop at the convenience store first. He had needed to place an advance order for some lucky item, he had said, so that it would arrive the next morning instead of later in the afternoon. After that, he had insisted on stopping at the ice cream parlor a fifteen-minute bike ride away, and had taken his time finishing it, too. While they usually got home after practice at about six o'clock in the evening, Takao knew it to be at least seven-fifteen; too late for the sun to shine in through the blinds, and too late to see his lover's expressions in the half-darkness.

"Nnh...Then quit trying."

Sighing, irked, Takao leaned blindly forward and found the delicate cheek with his mouth, brushing his lips against the soft hair. He resumed his slow strokes and squeezes and felt the strong legs tremble softly on either side of his knees, shuddering all over as he sucked in a breath against the shell of Midorima's ear.

"Lay back," he breathed, feeling a hand down the exposed part of the taut stomach, wishing he could see. It wasn't strange that they were doing these types of things without the lights on, he reminded himself with a slight grimace, hand slowing at its job. Midorima, though seemingly cool and collected about most things, had no tolerance for the idea of being intimately close in anything but complete and total darkness. It had been a source of bother for Takao before; not only did Midorima refuse to hold his hand most of the time, even when the both of them were completely alone, but he was unerringly strict when it came to the rules of the bedroom: No lights, no "lewd" manipulations, and absolutely no "fluid transfer", as he put it, from any one body part to any other. Takao thought it was ridiculous. Wasn't that what getting off together was about, exploring each other's bodies? How could he properly kiss his boyfriend if he couldn't even see him properly, let alone get things lined up right?!

He sighed and gave the warm thing in his hand another thorough squeeze, satisfying himself for now on sucking on the soft lobe of Midorima's ear. He stiffened at the soft groan he received, able to tell the man was trying to hide his sounds, like he always did. They had barely started, and the guy was already letting noises like that slip past? Was he really in the mood today, or something?

"Does this feel good, Shin-chan?" Takao murmured, stopping his sucking in favor of whispering against the soft cheek. He heard a grunt and smirked slowly in the blackness, rolling his hips between the strong thighs that quivered against his calves. Surprisingly, he wasn't admonished for that comment. Maybe his Ace really was in a mood...

Softly, after a slight feeling around, he was able to catch the soft, wet lips between his in a gentle kiss. He removed his hand from between their bodies, eager to draw out their play, and pressed the entirety of his weight suddenly and brusquely against the soft and firm muscles of Midorima's body, catching the groan he received and pushing his tongue inside.

He stuck out his now-free hands and felt awkwardly around the bed sheets for the wrists he wanted to hold, smoothing the tip of his tongue against the other's teeth, belly tightening as the rolling of his hips resulted in a rough brushing of their lowers against one another. He almost whined in frustration, grappling for purchase. His hands had to be somewhere! What good was he if he couldn't even take charge by holding his lover's wrists?! Certain he looked like an idiot, he tangled his left hand in the soft hair instead and pulled it back roughly against the pillows, leaning down and attacking the throat before Midorima could complain that their tongues had touched.


An electric surge forced its way up through Takao's toes and up into the part of his body that ached. That voice. Midorima generally spoke reasonably quietly, and with deep tones, but when he moaned, his voice was breathy, pleading... The black-haired boy rarely tried to control himself no matter what the circumstance was, and that tone certainly wasn't helping matters.

"Mm, do you like it?" he replied, slightly bothered by the audible shudder in his own voice. He could tell Midorima was getting into it, as quiet as he was being, but he always felt better when he could get his teammate to lose control first.

Suddenly, he felt paper smoothing over his side, accompanied by the warmth of the familiar hand. Surprised the other had found his body so quickly, wondering if he could see through the darkness somehow, he reached down and quickly snatched the wrist he had been seeking. The boy brought it to his mouth and pressed his cheek against the long fingers, swearing he could feel the hot blood pulse through them as he rubbed his nose lovingly against the soft palm. Slowly, he reached with his other hand and, still rolling his hips slowly, located a small protrusion of the paper and tore, hearing more than feeling the brushing of the bandages unwrapping.

Once the hand felt bare, he threaded their fingers together and leaned back down, pushing their foreheads together, amazed and completely annoyed that he couldn't see his lover's eyes. Midorima had a thing about lights in the room. Anything that made a light; cell phone chargers, clocks, computers, candles, etc. wasn't allowed in his bedroom. He said he needed complete darkness to sleep, but Takao had been beginning to wonder whether it was something else.

Did he really not want to have look into his eyes when they were together?

Takao slumped slightly, kissing the fingers, feeling them tremble a little against his cheek and lips. Was he ugly? He'd sometimes wondered about that. Maybe Midorima liked his personality, but what if looking at him when they were doing intimate things really grossed him out, or something?! He wasn't a bad-looking guy, was he?

He pushed his hips forward in frustration and-

"Ahhhh~" Takao gulped, throat suddenly very dry and head feeling dizzy and light. Nope, Midorima definitely didn't think he was unattractive. You wouldn't make that noise for someone you didn't have the serious hots for.

"Shin-chan," he repeated and licked the palm of the soft hand, again surprised not to be smacked. He assumed he had thought too soon when he felt the fingers threaded into his hand, tugging, and then let out a happy whine of his own when he was pulled front-to-front with his panting teammate, feeling the firm belly muscles twitch underneath this chest, the soft, fragrant neck brushing his nose. It was at that moment that he realized he was smelling something salty and shifted upwards, curiously burying his nose into the soft strands and inhaling the tang of-

Sweat?! Midorima hadn't made them shower! The realization startled him so much that he stopped his grinding for a few moments, sucking a big breath into his bare chest. No matter what, hanky-panky or no, the shooter ALWAYS insisted on showering the moment he got home after practice. He said it was "disgusting", to linger around with the day's smells on you. It didn't bother Takao all that much, not unless he had pulled a ten-hour day of playing and really smelled noticeably bad, but for his friend to allow this sort of contact without forcing the both of them to clean up first...

Maybe it was going to be his lucky day. First he had let him put his tongue in his mouth, and now they were doing it dirty-Literally?

Closing his jaws around the collarbone, Takao groaned and consciously began to sink his teeth in, just enough to leave a mark on his chest, one that would easily be covered by the usual basketball uniform. He heard a grunt and smirked around the skin, teasingly flicking his tongue out to kiss it, glad he hadn't bitten in hard enough to taste blood. It was so sexy, the thought of leaving a mark on him, branding him as his, someone who only lay down and spread their legs for him-

Focus back on the task at hand, he reached for the basketball shorts and, after some blind fumbling, located the stretchy band around the firm hips, the center of it wedged underneath the protruding warmth in their laps. He grinned slowly and teasingly tugged down the shorts and boxers simultaneously, pulling them to Midorima's knees and continuing, practically ripping the cloth down to the other's ankles. He pulled it off victoriously and leaned back down, fumbling between the muscular legs and forcing the bulk of his weight up between them.

"Hahn..." Yes! Takao shivered pleasantly and felt his way up the familiar throat, again kissing the lips and chin sloppily in the darkness as he frotted his clothed torso against the now half-bared body. For once, Midorima seemed to be letting him get away with quite a lot. Open-mouthed kissing, then biting. What was next? For someone who was really fussy and specific about "encounters" like this one, he was letting him get pretty kinky.

His brain spun as he groaned against the hot mouth, tugging on his lover's hair insistently. Oh, how he wanted to see his face...It was making him ache, particularly in the spot that was already throbbing and pushing against Midorima's soft inner thigh. Startled out of his thoughts by a soft push, he gasped and felt, for the first time, his lover's tongue softly slipping in between his lips, stroking the roof of his mouth as it moved.

This was it! Face hot, Takao returned the action raucously and gasped as their mouths broke apart wetly, fumbling before he was able to successfully force them back together. He crawled forward until he felt his knee against the swelling heat, panting, breaking apart to breathe, hearing a soft whimper. He had to see his face! His Midorima would look so beautiful! He was kissing him, touching his body, actually reciprocating and even moaning for once!

He's ready...

Takao reached out with a muscular arm, feeling around in the dark. His heart was thumping almost audibly in his chest as he breathed. Midorima wanted him. He was letting him in, allowing him to touch, feel, kiss all over. He couldn't wait to see his face! The moment that light went on, Takao was pretty sure he wouldn't be able to stop himself, so he took a breath and reached down to stroke the soft cheek with his fingers, hearing a distinctive huff.

Someone was impatient. More than ready to get down to the serious business, to touch him and kiss him and take him until his throat hurt from screaming, Takao flashed a wicked grin and closed his fingertips around the light switch under the lampshade, flicking it on.

Light filled the room. Takao stared down expectantly at his splayed partner, suddenly eye-to-eye with a completely red complexion and a startled expression, one which sent all the blood keeping Takao's extremities warm down to one specific region. Midorima was staring up helplessly, his brows drawn up and eyes narrowed in a desperate expression. One of his hands was still on Takao's leg, having been unbandaged, while the still-wrapped fingers of the other hand clutched and trembled in the bed covers. His chest rose and fell quickly as their eyes locked, a luxury not afforded to Takao, who realized after a good ten silent seconds that it had been awhile since he had taken a breath of his own.

It was better than his wildest dreams! His Shin-chan was so needy. He wanted him so bad! Those green eyes were glimmering up fiercely, beckoning, seemingly, asking him to ravish him. They were a green light if Takao had ever seen one.


"Shin-chan!" Replying in kind, he let his eyes rake down the shaking body, the twitching abdominals leading him down to the muscular V of his groin, the soft, inner thighs and fading pink down further below. Eyes locked on the embarrassed face, he swiftly pulled the strong legs apart and ducked his head between them.

He was so excited! Midorima was going to let him do the good stuff!

With every intention of making him gasp and cry, he pushed the white legs against their owner's chest and moved in closer with his tongue out, eyes shutting slowly-

"YAH!" Suddenly, Takao's side smacked into something. Hard. The side of his face throbbing sharply, he gasped and sat up on the firm surface, blinking wildly as he stared down at the wood floor under his boxers. He opened his mouth and gasped as the taste of blood began to drizzle down over his tastebuds, coughing in surprise and gingerly feeling over the inside of his cheek with his tongue, realizing he had bitten down.

He looked up in shock at the bed, suddenly feeling the sheets that were wrapped around his ankle, pulling his leg up from the strain. He heard the shifting of a body and froze.

"...You kicked me!" At that realization, Takao scrambled to his feet and stared incredulously down at the guilty party. To his further confusion, Midorima was hunched in the bedding with the remainder of the covers clutched up to his chest, apparently having scrambled underneath. The black-haired boy relaxed slightly, startled by the accusatory look.

"What have I told you about putting your mouth in that place?!"

"...Ehh..." Slowly, Takao began to understand. It was true. Midorima had often proclaimed his dislike for "deviant" behavior, which pretty much included anything other than simple, face-to-face kissing and standard bed-practices. But still...

"Well, you didn't have to kick me!" he replied and stepped closer to the bed, more surprised than angry. Was that guy really that upset about something like that? It had just seemed like a good time to try something new...

"Shin-chan-" He paused when the taller man curled onto his side, bringing the covers with him and around his body. Takao watched him tense in his weird position, staring at the stiff muscles of his back and watching the arch of his body rise and fall quickly, accompanied by powerful huffs of air. Realizing what was going on, he crawled onto the empty bed space and peered down at him, unable to see the face that was hidden into the pillows.

"Wah, are you mad at me?" he asked and leaned forward on his hands and knees, wincing at the throbbing going on inside his mouth. "C'mon," he said more quietly, gently nudging the strong shoulder. Midorima tensed further and curled away from his touch, surprising him.

He and his teammate had spats relatively often. Usually it was Midorima who was the angry one, upset about something Takao had done or said, but most situations could be smoothed over after a little time spent together. His friend's breaths were still coming out in angry bursts, he realized, sighing and sitting back on his calves.

"Do you want to talk about it?" No response. Body slumping slightly, Takao got back on his hands and knees and began to crawl over towards the opposite end of the mattress, hoping to be able to look Midorima in the face. The moment he crossed the line between the left and right sides of the bed, however, the mattress shook noticeably, catching him off balance. He could only watch as Midorima quickly turned onto the opposite side with the covers hugged against his face and body.

"..." He was really hiding from him! Exasperated, Takao watched the other form tense angrily when he crawled closer, obviously still able to feel his presence there. He had rarely seen Midorima so upset about something. What could he do?


"Leave." It was a muttered order, but Takao heard it loud and clear all the same. Sighing, starting to worry that he had really done something wrong, he relented and slipped off of the mattress touching his sore cheek as he got to his feet. He decided that it was probably best to wait a little while before talking to Midorima again, to let him cool off. Pouting slightly, he walked over towards the door and stopped, hearing a breathy

"Turn the lights off."

"Hmm..." Shaking his head, Takao flicked the switch and left his companion in the darkness. After swishing his bloody mouth out with water from the bathroom faucet, he made his way down the stairs and into the familiar kitchen, heading straight for the tea cupboard.

He had the feeling he was the one who had just gotten screwed.


Part Two is half written and coming shortly.