Slip of the Tongue

by icypinkpop

Pairing: Takao/Midorima (TakaMido)

Disclaimer: Series credit to Tadatoshi Fujimaki. This is just a fan creation.

Warnings: A good amount of lewd sexual references, but no explicit wording, as to comply with the regulations of the website.

Author's note: This is just a small something that I felt the need to get out of my system. I love both of these characters, and the interactions between them are just the best. This will be two chapters.



Takao sat in the kitchen with his cup of Chai, feet propped up on the edge of the table and sharp eyes watching the steam rise up from the mug in small curls. Leave. He wasn't quite sure whether that command had meant for him to leave the house entirely, but he wasn't planning on doing that. If his teammate was that upset with him, it was better to smooth things out as soon as possible, right?

Sighing in exasperation, he set his drink down and slumped. He had just wanted to see Midorima's face in the throes of pleasure! It was even better than he had dreamt it would be. Was that such a bad thing to want? Why would Shuutoku's Ace be so strongly against something like that?

The dark-haired boy chewed absently on his cheek, wincing when he hit the sore spot and sucked where his teeth had sunken into the wound from earlier. He'd kicked him in the face! Even for a strong guy like Shin-chan, that was pretty aggressive. Maybe he hadn't meant to? Maybe he'd just panicked, or something...

Takao sat up, eyes large. Was Midorima afraid that he wouldn't like what he saw? That was stupid, if that was the case. Takao told him how much he liked him all the time. If his luck-obsessed friend still didn't think that he adored him with all his heart, he didn't know what else he could do to convince him.

He sighed when he remembered. Shin-chan had been really into it! He had been kissing him with TONGUE, not to mention letting out some soft sounds that Takao could usually hear muffled behind clenched teeth instead. He had just thought it would be a good evening to try out something a little more exciting. Tasting him had seemed like a decent start...

"Ugh!" Takao set his tea down and got up to wander to the fridge, slightly hungry. He began looking through the familiar shelves, seeing the usual cans of soda that his partner liked, some plastic containers filled with rice and vegetables and- A little smile quirked at his lips. If he was hungry, Midorima had to be, too, considering all they had eaten since practice was that ice cream cone they had stopped for earlier. Maybe he could make him dinner to apologize?

Hoping that the smell of food would lure his friend downstairs so they could talk, he dumped some rice noodles into a skillet and bent down to retrieve some cooking oil from the cupboard under the sink on the left. He smiled a little and took some sage out of the top cupboard, sighing as he sprinkled it over the top of the food. He really didn't have to think twice about where everything was. He knew Shin-chan's house pretty well, since he went there frequently.

Inhaling the steam, he began to stir the noodles around in the pan, sucking on his sore cheek with a pouty face. Midorima could be so abusive! Even though he was normally quiet, the guy could really give you a sharp one across the face if he was irritated enough. Oddly enough, that usually only happened in public, as if his teammate didn't want to be shown up, or talked down to when others were around. Takao knew that he wouldn't take that kind of thing if they were together alone, but he had never had a problem with it. When they were one-on-one, Midorima was a lot...shyer. A lot less proud and a lot more tentative, though he still did his distinctive huffing and gaze-diverting, as he had come to expect from the taller man.

He added some soy sauce and continued stirring with a wooden spoon. Even though Midorima could be downright mean sometimes, Takao was pretty sure he was beginning to understand his friend's motivations. He liked to act arrogant and cold, particularly around people he knew, like Kise and Kuroko. Takao was starting to wonder whether that was a defense mechanism, whether Midorima didn't want to look foolish around old-time friends, or perhaps just felt threatened. Truthfully Takao was starting to get some of the worst of that behavior, too, but he also got the best of Shin-chan. Over the past week, he had smiled at him three- count THREE times! Takao grinned to himself when he remembered that, and how Shin-chan had even let him bump shoulders and walk really close to one another after practice one day. That was really good. Yep, when they were alone, Takao really only had to put up with the obvious signs of embarrassment and discomfort. He was special enough for Shin-chan to let his walls down...

"Eep!" Lifting his burned finger, Takao turned and quickly turned on the kitchen faucet, running his hand under the sink. Daydreaming while cooking wasn't a good thing. Shaking off his wet hand, he added some chicken from the container he had taken out of the fridge and continued tending the stir-fry. Hanging around Midorima so much had gotten him well-acquainted with his friend's palette, luckily. Oddly enough, he seemed to eat very small meals, especially for such a sizeable guy. Takao snickered when he remembered gifting his Shin-chan a box of cookies. Those had gone pretty quickly...

"Shin-chan! Dinner~" Kind of surprised his friend hadn't skulked down already, he set the large bowl of noodles and broth towards Midorima's preferred seat at the dinner table, a can of his favorite soda and a pair of chopsticks at the side. He accompanied the simple spread with some buttered bread and a dish of rice, waiting.

He waited. And waited. "Shin-chan?" No answer. After waiting for what Takao swore had to have been at least twenty minutes, he got up and snatched a tray from the top of the refrigerator. Soon, he was climbing the stairs with their meal, eyes narrowed in slight concern. Midorima was a definite sulker, but he wouldn't just sit curled up in a dark bedroom alone for hours on end...Right?

Takao grunted in annoyance as he made his way into the bedroom. Noting that the lights were still off, he reached out slowly and, taking the risk of disturbing his surly companion, flipped the switch. He was confronted by an empty bed, the sheets of which were strewn around on top. Disheartened by the evidence of their former fun, he sat down and glanced towards the door. Had Midorima left the room and come downstairs, after all? How had he missed him?

A door creaked and he looked towards the bathroom door, locking gazes with the green eye that peered out at him through the crack. He smiled without thinking, shoulders relaxing as a puff of slightly warm air escaped from the bathroom.

"You took a shower?" he asked with a little smile. When he got no reply except more staring, he sighed and shifted over so there was room for the other on the bed, setting the tray where Midorima could see it.

"I made you dinner. Want some noodles?" Takao used the chopsticks to pick up a piece and wafted it towards the cracked door, raising an eyebrow. Sure enough, Midorima stepped out from the bathroom with a towel around his hips, walking slightly unsteadily as he made his way towards the bed. Immediately recognizing the uncertain gaze, Takao stood up and snatched the black-rimmed glasses off of the dressertop, opening them and standing on his tiptoes. He was glad to see his friend pause and allow him to set them on the bridge of his nose, and was close enough to see his pupils dilate in the deep greens of his eyes when he could see Takao more clearly.

Takao couldn't help but smile, charmed by the wet hair and startled expression. Wet or dry, happy or angry, Shin-chan was so cute.

"..." Silently, the taller man sat down on the bed near the food and brought his legs up onto the mattress, toes curling noticeably on his bare feet. He picked up the tray and set it on his lap silently, eyes avoiding Takao's curious looks as he stared at the offering. Without a word, he wrinkled his nose and turned his face in the opposite direction.

Takao coughed in disbelief. He wasn't even going to try it?! Was he really that upset with him still? He still wasn't completely sure what had made him so mad...

"Come on, it's good. I put the chicken that you like in it," he tried and walked over to sit beside Midorima on the bed, shoulders dropping when the other looked away promptly, avoiding him again. Takao had the urge to grab his shoulders but steeled himself, thinking. He was looking away, but he was still sitting near him. Midorima could have left if he was that enraged, right?

"..." He had an idea. Reaching for the chopsticks, he picked up a few noodles and held them up towards his Ace's face, waiting patiently. "C'mon, open up," he coaxed, tempted to rub his leg but aware enough of the mood not to try it. To his surprise, Midorima looked over immediately with a glare.

"Don't touch someone's food," he snapped, nose wrinkling in response. Takao had to grit his teeth so he wouldn't laugh. So typical! His heart swelled in his chest when Midorima's cheeks puffed slightly.

"And another thing. I never invited you into my bedroom. You're disrupting my priv-ffk?!"

A noodle went flying onto the bedspread. Unable to help it, Takao grinned broadly and slipped the chopsticks out from between Midorima's lips. Apparently stunned, the green-haired teen awkwardly chewed and gulped down his unexpected mouthful, opening his mouth again with an unmistakable glare.

"Takao! How dare you-"

Takao shut him up by pressing their mouths together, reaching up and gently holding the broad shoulders in his hands. When, to his surprise, got neither encouragement nor a slap in the face, he slowly eased off and let his hands fall to rest along Midorima's arms, facing the unhappy, almost pouty look with an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry, Shin-chan," he said quietly, returning his hands to the plate and fishing around for some more noodles. "Can't we talk about it? I don't know why you got so mad. I can't apologize right if you don't talk to me."

Midorima was quiet. Deciding to try the other technique again, Takao offered him the noodles more gently this time, surprised and totally pleased when the pouty mouth opened and accepted his dinner cleanly. He kept their eyes locked even when the other shifted, obviously slightly uncomfortable.

"I told you not to put your mouth there," he replied eventually, picking up the paper towel that sat alongside the fork and gently skimming it across his chin and cheek.

Takao paused. He was mad at him for kissing him just then?! But he had let him do it- oh. Oh. Right. He was talking about...

"I didn't bring any lube," he admitted. It was the truth. Maybe they could have found some Vaseline or something, but he hadn't felt like waiting, so his tongue had seemed like the next best option. Sighing, he reached out and gently took the unbandaged hand, momentarily startled by the smooth feel. Midorima took such good care of his fingers.

"I just thought it would be really nice! You're so sexy, Shin-chan. I really like everything we do together, so I thought we could do something a little different-"

"I told you to leave that place alone!" The soft hand was ripped out of his fingers and Takao blinked when Midorima's face turned briskly away, exposing the wet strands of hair that clung together at the back of his head. He listened to his breathing, realized it was shaky and slumped in frustration, reaching out and grasping his friend awkwardly by the chin.

"I just want-" He turned the face towards his and immediately let go, fingers wet. Midorima stared back at him with blazing red cheeks, eyes large and glistening as he breathed with his shoulders up tensely. His lips were pouted as he breathed through them, glistening and flushed the same as the sides of his face. Noticing that his glasses were slightly foggy, Takao reached out and watched in horror as a stream of liquid dripped down from one of his lover's wide eyes, wavering under the pale arch of his chin. He was...

"Th-that's a private area! I don't want you looking there!" It hit Takao like a ton of bricks in the gut.

Shin-chan was embarrassed.

He shouldn't have been surprised. Takao had had his suspicions for awhile that Midorima wasn't the most confident in the bedroom. Though he didn't have any evidence, he had a feeling that his Shin-chan wasn't particularly experienced with other partners, which might have been the reason that he was so strictly against getting particularly...creative. Whenever he pushed Midorima down against a mattress, he felt his entire body swell as he gasped- Takao had always thought that was a really cute thing for such a tall, tacit guy to do, and it let him know that he was getting into the mood of it all. Apparently, Shin-chan wasn't as excited about his quirks as Takao was.

"...Shin-chan!" Without another thought, Takao reached out and wrapped his arms around the man firmly, holding his body tight against him and brushing his hair under the strong chin to dry the accumulating tears. He heard a grunt and squeezed him tighter, looking up with sharp eyes at his partner and best friend.

"You don't have to worry! I think every bit of you is really hot!"

"Get off of me, you fool." Takao leaned up and kissed Midorima's cheek adoringly, shaking his head at the sound of shakiness in his voice. He should have known better from the start. His friend was just the type to be self-conscious about something like that. He had yet to see what happened if Midorima ever missed a shot on the court in front of their teammates.

"I love you, Shin-chan!" he insisted adoringly, shifting and looking up into the shaken gaze that looked back. He grinned in reply and kissed his other cheek, unshaken by the squirming that resulted. "You don't have to be embarrassed with me. I'll never tell anyone anything, if that's what you're worried about. Oh, hey!" He sat up more straight and stared, catching the other's gaze with his own smile.

"Do you want to see my butt? I'll show you, and then we can be even, right? I'll even spre-"

He was silenced by something soft. Startled to realize that he was being given a kiss, a rare occurrence in itself, Takao shifted up further against the man and reached back up to gently cup each side of Midorima's face, staring at the closed eyes, the thick lashes that made the hairs on his arms stand up. Realizing that he was being allowed an intimate moment, one where his partner was vulnerable, he softly rubbed the pink cheeks with the pads of his thumbs smoothly, maintaining their contact until the soft mouth pulled off of his and the green eyes fluttered open.

Midorima always shut his eyes when they kissed. Takao thought it was adorable.

"Idiot," the deep voice grunted in his direction, those shimmery eyes falling to gaze at the bedspread. "That's disgusting. Don't say such vulgar things."

Mouth quirked, Takao wrapped his arms around the man again and hugged him tight, glad not to be pushed off. Maybe he had to take things a little more slowly with Shin-chan. He let him kiss and touch him a lot more now, so maybe he had just gone too far that night? Admittedly, though it was naughty, he was kind of glad he had done it. Maybe putting the idea in Midorima's head would help him ease into being more comfortable with the thought of trying it out eventually? Stranger things had happened, like the time that his friend had surprised him with a clean towel to use after showering after practice and then pretended he had brought two accidentally.

"I'm sorry I did that without asking," he sighed and snuggled against the lithe arm, resting his head on the strong shoulder. "I'll make sure you're okay with things first, but you have to promise something, okay?" Looking up, he caught eyes with Midorima and held them, smiling full-heartedly now. A big part of him wanted to tease his friend again, tell him he was acting girly, but he knew when to keep remarks like that back. He wasn't going to trivialize his emotions like that. Shin-chan's feelings mattered a lot to him. Maybe one of these days, he'd hear the 'L' word directed his way, too.

"You have to think about some new stuff to try. Just think it over, okay? We'll work around it. You can always tell me if you get shy!"

Midorima's paling cheeks exploded back into red, but Takao was pleased not to feel him tense up quite to the level of before. He stared a moment and licked his lips when he heard a sigh, straightening victoriously before he even heard the response.

"I don't get shy, you fool." That was as close to an agreement as he was going to get. Relaxing, he squeezed his Ace with gusto and crawled closer to his front, struggling to climb onto him because of the tray of food. Deciding that kind of affection should wait another day, anyways, he picked up some more food with the sticks and offered it over, savoring the resulting flush and Midorima's nibbling off of the utensils.

"I know you don't," he replied quietly with a smile. Soon enough, Takao's chopsticks clanked against the plate. He looked down, realizing the food was mostly gone. He had zoned out, a very un-Takao-like thing to do. Wah, he couldn't help it! Midorima's eyes were so distracting.

Wait. If his friend was still mad, then there was a possibility that...he wouldn't want him there to spend the night? Was he still feeling vindictive enough?

"Do you want me to go away now?" he inquired warily, watching the blank expression. Green eyes widened before the pointed chin turned in the other direction, concerning him. Shit.

"Yes." Takao's heart dropped into his stomach. Did he really deserve that?! Deciding not to test him, however, he slid off the bed and picked up the tray, slumping and turning away. He stepped towards the door, getting one foot out sluggishly-

"Leave the room and go to the kitchen. I want dessert."

Takao tensed up and stood straight, and it took him no time to understand. Mouth lifting up into a knowing grin, realizing he didn't have to worry about walking home, he turned around and barreled off in the direction of the fridge.

He was so lucky.


The End! Thank you~