Disclaimer – I do not own Bleach. This is for the challenge called "Bleach:Shuuji Chousenjou" which can be found on my "Challenge Paradise: Bleach" forum in case you want more information. The rating may be upped if I write a one-shot with an M rating. It is going to be a compilation of one-shot collection.

This is Week 1: Challenge 1 ~ part 1. Use each trait from the poem Monday's Child to write a one-shot.

Summary: The story involves Toshiro and Rangiku and possibly Gin+Ran. Toshiro has a bad day in this as well and reacting to the outside stimulant for once. The idea is also an older idea I had floating around my head for some time as well. (Rated T)

Monday's Child
~Monday's child is fair of face~

Whispers followed Toshiro as he headed to the first division meeting hall. The boy tried to focus his mind on the fact he and the other captains had been summoned to the first division, meaning that there was something a lot more important for him to be worrying about rather then the whispers that seemed to follow him where ever he had he went as of late. His ears couldn't help but pick up the gossip and he found himself suddenly stopping short of one group that hadn't realized that he was there and thus hadn't stopped speaking.

"... that child taicho, I'm honestly worried about whether or not he'll turn out to be like Ichimaru Gin. That boy's personality as well as looks are just like that mans, not to mention he's also a child genius."

"The way he doesn't socialize with others is also bothersome, so it seems like he doesn't care about getting close to anyone."

"It's not just that. That boy has a way of watching people just like Ichimaru did. It is creepy the way he stares at us, as if he's trying to take us in and figure us out so that he can kill us while he sleeps."

"Excuse me..." The sound of Toshiro's voice caused the three females to look up in shock as they realized he had over heard them. He then brushed by them and headed towards the meeting hall, hearing them comment about their horror at having him overhear their inane gossip. His small hand reached out to open the door and he found himself slipping in.

The meeting was boring as usual and while it in the long run ended up being about something important that the captains needed to know about, it in the long run ended not being something he in particular had to worry about. His body felt stiff as well as overly hot due to the weather being much warmer then he liked. He spun on his heals and headed to that divisions bathroom, only to find himself coming face to face with a bunch of adults who gave him strange looks.

As they brushed past him, he heard the name Ichimaru Gin uttered by these men, causing him to close his eyes. "Seriously... the Winter War has ended and they're trying to find some kind of scape goat because hey can't take their anger out on him."

"You're likely right this is the reason that ugly gossip is going around, so you should ignore it."

The child taicho walked over to the sinks and turned on the tap, allowing the water to fill his hands before splashing the cold substance over his face. He then opened his eyes, looking at the mirror in front of him. The urge to bite the tip of his tongue or the side of his mouth to prevent the feelings he felt rising up in his chest as he looked at the visage reflected in front of his face. He took a deep breath, trying to control his thoughts.

The problem came from the fact the gossip wasn't simply a matter of a candid once in awhile moment. The barrage felt like it was a constant stream that he had at first imagined as he personally felt the other taicho wouldn't allow such gossip to continue, but it became very apparent that they had not yet come to know about the said conversations that were going on or were to focused on fixing things to do something about the problem.

"The easiest solution would be if I didn't look like this."

"Don't go there. Actually, calm yourself down."

The corner of Toshiro's mouth twitched and he saw the clone in the mirror's mouth also twitch, almost as if the clone was mocking him and the feelings he was trying to hold back. It was as if the image in front of him was telling him that he shouldn't be feeling anything and that he was a fool to be allowing what the others said get to him. And in a way he was.

The problem lay in the fact he honestly hadn't gotten over the time before, the time when the villagers around him treated him like a monster because of the way he looked as well as his odd personality. This time around he was finding himself a target because of someone else because certain people had made a startling connection between him and that man.

This of course caused his mind to twist and turn as he attempted to reconcile the idea that he wasn't a monster, that he wasn't anything like Gin. But his mind kept coming back to the same conclusion that the others had. He was too similar and his mind kept coming to the conclusion that there was a high chance that he could turn out to be like the man, something he didn't want to happen.

As he stared at his dripping wet face, he couldn't help put notice that his hair dampened the way it was made him look even more like that man, causing his lower lip to pull in with frustration. He could also feel his body tremble from the frustration he felt. He felt as if he needed to let that frustration out before something bad happen.

The sound of glass breaking came to his ears as well as a painful feeling in his hand. As his vision cleared of the red mist he saw that the mirror was cracked as well as bloody. His hands came up to hold his head as he backed up to lean against the bathroom stalls. The door opened and he heard the voice of the first division fukutaicho. "Hitsugaya Taicho?"

The man walked in and eyes the mirror before quietly going to the other side of the child taicho. He touched the boy's shoulders and turned him around so that they could leave the bathroom. Toshiro's hands fell to his side and his eyes refused to look up from the ground. He had an idea where the man was leading them and said place was confirmed when he heard the head taicho's voice.

"Hitsugaya Taicho? What have you done this time?"

The boy remained silent causing the third party to speak up. "For some reason he smashed the mirror in the lavatory."

"I'm sorry."

"Now why would you go and do that?" Toshiro remained silent, wishing that the head captain would simply lecture him. "Sasakibe, could you take the tenth division taicho to the fourth division to get his hand bandaged. Also, make sure his fukutaicho is aware of the situation."

The child taicho flinched as the head captain said this, knowing that getting a lecture from Rangiku was the worst kind of punishment he could ever receive. Despite knowing this he followed the man to the fourth, his shoulders slumping as he held his right hand in his left. He then sat on the bed as one of the fourth division members removed glass from the injuries.

"Taicho?" The sound of his fukutaicho speaking to him caused him to look up at her wide eyed. "What ever possessed you to punch a mirror like you did." Instead of answering Rangiku he looked down at the ground. "This wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the gossip that's been going around?"

"So what? Are you going to be telling me that it's just gossip?" The words came out of his mouth unintentionally.

"Actually, I was hoping no one was talking in front of you and I hoped to put a stop to it before you found out." The woman stepped forward, her arms crossed across her chest and her lips were twisted up into a frown. "Why didn't you tell me? Why did you let your emotions boil over like they did?" When he didn't respond, she spoke up. "You're not him."

"I know we're two different people." The boy looked at the ground. "I'm not blind to the fact we're very similar to each other."

"I see. Well..." Rangiku stopped short, thinking about what she had to say carefully. "I always liked the way he looked."

"Say what?" Toshiro looked up at her, the corners of his eyes wrinkling up due to his profound confusion as she said this. "Shouldn't you be telling me something like I won't end up like him? No, seriously... I don't want to end up like that man, so why aren't you bringing it up."

"Because you already know that you're different enough that you won't end up like him and even if you don't know that you're thinking about not becoming like him and that in itself is likely to prevent you from becoming like him." The woman sat down next to him. "I think this is you having problems with the way that you look again."

"Really? I don't see it that way."

"That's because you don't want to think about the fact you don't like the way you look. I'm telling you though I very much like the way you look. You are a very beautiful child and should let that be enough for you."


"Because even if every other person including yourself thinks you're an ugly ogre I think that you're beautiful. You're hair is the color of snow when it just falls and is just as soft. You could say that it is as soft as a bunny as well. Your eyes are also a beautiful color, even prettier then Gin's ever was as there is more life in them."

"Matsumoto... you do realize guys don't want to hear these things."

"That's because most males know they wouldn't get to hear these kinds of compliments from women."

"That doesn't make any sense."

"That's because... I know. What are some of the compliments you've heard guys pay me?" Toshiro's mouth opened and closed. His teal eyes drifted down to her chest area. He then looked back up at her eyes and pointed a finger at her chest. "Um... yeah. You don't like saying that word, which is so cute."


"What do women say about such comments?"

"That I can say out loud. Females say it is rude to comment on a woman's assets."

"In reality that's because they're jealous."

"No, it's because such comments objectify the person."

"Um..." Rangiku paused. "Well, there is that. It depends on the wording."

"Give me an example I can understand."

"You have a nice set of abs by the way."


"Those kind of comments."

"Yeah, but talking about..." Toshiro pointed his finger at her chest. "... that, how is that different? Shouldn't a guy simply tell a girl that she has a nice figure, that her hair's a nice color?"

The woman blinked a couple of times. "You're right, I'm wrong this time. What I'm trying to tell you though is I think you are a very handsome young man. Your looks aren't as big of a turn off as you think they are."

The boy glanced at his hand. "Even so, I don't think this has to do with just me hating the way I look. I think I am honestly afraid of becoming like him."

"But you won't. You're aware of it and I trust you not to. Plus..." Rangiku placed a hand over his heart. "This has always been your strong point. Deep down you're a pacifist, albeit at times a bit sadistic in the way you go about things. You're the type person who wants the least amount of people hurt because you are honestly a caring person and you unlike him are at least willing to admit you care about others."

"He admitted he cared about you?"

"Only me though." The woman let out a deep sigh. "Promise me you won't do something like this again?"

"Yes mam." Worse then her lectures was when she played the guilt trip card.