This is Week 8: Ch allege 1 – Part 5: Generate a word list and write a one-shot for each word. (26/285+7)Here is my list. (value, gamble, brass, candle, gang, composer, coat, rumor)

Summary: Toshiro runs off and is picked up by a gang.
Notes: AU where everyone is in the living world. It also uses one of my Ocs from the Bleach fandom. This one honestly would have been better as a fic with chapters.


Rain poured down soaking the ground as the boy stared at the casket as it was lowered into the ground. An emptiness could be felt in his heart, his lips pushing together. "Why?" The boy continued to stare. "Why did she have to die? Why couldn't someone rescue me?" There came another pause then. "Why am I worried about someone rescuing me?"

The boy turned his head to look at his "sister", trying to smile at her in hopes that she would smile back. There was though no smile on her face. Instead she kept crying without looking him in the eye. A frown spread across his face until a thought crossed his young mind. Smiling again he reached a hand out to tug the sleeve of the black dress. "Momo-nee..."

Momo turned to look at him, her puffy eyes wide with surprise, her crying stopping momentarily. "Shiro-chan... why are you smiling?"

The smile left Toshiro's face and he couldn't speak his mind. "I'm just happy I still have Momo. Why is she mad at me?"

The girl tugged her arm away and proceeded to walk over to an adult. "You said you wished to talk to me after the funeral?"

"What are you going to do with that boy?"

"That boy? You mean Shiro-chan?"

"Who else might I be talking about. It would be best to just let the system have him." Silence was Momo's response so the man continued. "Your grandmother died of cancer. If she wasn't taking care of the boy... well, things may have ended up differently."

"So you're saying it is Shiro-chan's fault?"

Toshiro took a step backwards, his foot splashing in the puddle. "It's my fault?"

"Wait..." Momo realized that the small boy was reacting and turned her head, causing him to dart away as he dropped his umbrella onto the ground. "Shiro-chan! Come back!"


The boy was soaking wet and lost. He shivered as he walked the street, not sure where to go. A sound from a side alley caught his attention and he walked in, his curiosity getting the better of him. Three young men were beating up a forth. He found himself stepping backwards and falling, his hands scrapping against the ground. He let out a startled sound.

The three turned and stepped towards him, the person they were beating up taking a quick retreat. "Oi... you saw us."

Toshiro opened his mouth and tried to say something, but his words refused to come out. The boy stepped forward, grabbing the front of the boy's shirt. "Who are you?" The child opened his mouth to say something, but his voice wouldn't come. "Where are you from?"

The boy shook his head, while another person spoke up. "He's a nobody. Nobody is going to miss him."

The child's eyes widened. Another male spoke up. "Let's take him back to the club until we can figure out what to do with him."

The boy felt himself tugged along with them and dumped onto the floor of a very dusty room. Letting out a deep breath, he found himself looking at the dripping water that feel off his body. Things were quiet and people from the street gang came and went. Discussion went on about something dealing with money. He moved over and looked over at the math they were doing and the frustrated looks on their faces. He pointed his finger, muttering something about solving the math.

The men looked at him. "Hey... the kid is good at math."

"And he has nowhere to go."


He found himself stuck in the place doing the math. At first he didn't want to go out, but finally after some time he found himself wanting to go out. Freedom wasn't something they wanted to give him and they instead bought him the clothes he needs, food and a few other things that they thought would placate him.

He finally sneak out and wandered around. That day it was raining like the day he first came to the gang and he looked up at the sky. The rain pored down. A sound came from beside him. "Hey... you. Get back here!"

Toshiro turned his head to look at the member of the gang, his entire body freezing up. The young man came over and grabbed the front of his clothing, lifting him up. The boy opened his mouth, only to hear another person speak from the side. "Hey! Leave that kid alone!"

The next thing Toshiro knew, a fist came flying past his face into the face of the gang member. The others that had followed him also found themselves on the ground. Toshiro pushed him up from the ground and saw a hand being held out to him. "Hey kiddo."

Toshiro hit the hand away, the coldness he'd felt since they had picked him up off the street. "I'm not a kid."

"Yes... well... how old are you?"

The boy thought for a few minutes. "Eight... I think."

The orange haired boy who had rescued him frowned while the men around Toshiro groaned. "Eight? But you look to be around my sister's age."

"You think I can't look that old?" The boy's teal eyes narrowed.

"Actually... I thought you looked older." The boy paused.

"I have to go back with them."


"I have to go." Toshrio found himself going back to what was norm, only to find the leader of the gang beating him up.

"Why'd you take off like that?"

The boy wiped the blood away from his mouth, trembling as the beating came down hard. He heard the door to the club being beaten in and he heard the voice of someone, that orange haired kid. The next thing he knew, he was waking up somewhere on someone's bed. He opened his mouth to say something, but didn't feel like he could.

"Hey kiddo. This is my dad's clinic. You'll stay with us for a bit, and then we'll take you to the police to find your family."


The Kurosaki family was nice. The house was clean. He felt though that it was to good to be true. A couple of weeks later the older boy took him to police center. He noticed that a good deal of the gang he was a part of were in the jail cells. Ichigo walked up to one of the men. "Hello Uncle Asano."

"Hmm... Ichigo... that boy?"

"He's the one that we told you I rescued."

"Ah... yes. Well... we've been dealing with rounding up a particular street gang. It's weird. They had some way of going under the radar with a good financial structure, which was strange. These papers..."

Toshiro pointed his finger at one of the papers. "I wrote that."

The two looked at him in surprise. The cop spoke up again. "Wait... Ichigo... where did you find this kid?"

"Oh..." The orange haired teen looked around. "Hey! Wait! Those are the guys I rescued the kid from."

The other two stared at him, then the cop spoke again. "Wait... what kind of connection do you have with them?"

Toshiro answered rather honestly. "None. They picked me up off the street one day and I did some math stuff."

"And then..." The man watched as Toshiro didn't respond. "Were you locked up."

"Yes. Until..." The boy paused. "It's not as if I had anywhere to go."

"I see. I should search the missing children's data base."

"Don't bother. Nee-chan won't be looking form me. It's my fault granny is dead." Another silence came as Toshiro looked away.

"We should still check. What is your name?"

"Hitsugaya Toshiro. Nobody is looking for me though..."

The man went to the database and pulled up the registary. "Actually... someone is looking for you. Someone by the name of Hinamori Momo."

"That's nee-chan."

"So... how old is he?" Ichigo took a deep breath.

"I'm eight."

Asano paused. "No... you were eight when you disappeared. You're actually twelve and would be starting middle school this year like Ichigo's sisters. You met them? Did you like them?"

Toshiro instead remained silent.


He looked up at the house from the car. Ichigo had asked to come with him when he was brought home to his sister. The person in charge of his welfare walked up to the door of the house he remembered living in with his grandmother. He watched as Momo came to the door, no longer with her pig tails and in a high school uniform. "You said you found Shiro-chan. He's in the car, right?"

"Something you have to keep in mind is that he's not going to be like his old self. He's been through a lot, even manipulated."

"Come on Toshiro."

"That guy whose at the car?"

"He's the one who found your brother and got him out of the situation he was in."

Toshiro walked up the steps and into the house. He looked at the ground. Momo spoke. "Hey... Shiro-chan... let me show you to your old room."

The boy followed her, stopping short at the change in the carpet. He looked up around the room. "The room... it's the same."

"I've been waiting for you to come back, Shiro-chan."

The boy looked away. "I'm not a little kid."

"Of course you are. Dinner is all planned out and you'll start back at school as soon as possible. He can start school soon, right? He can go to the middle school attached to my high school."

"About that... can we sit at the table to discuss something?"

Ichigo looked at Toshiro. "You think you'll be fine?"

"Yeah..." The boy looked away. "I think."