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Mistress Slytheirn

Chapter 1

Harry stared in the mirror and felt his hands tremble as they reached up and touched the spot at his neck. His nails scraped across the black seal, the flesh around it was red and welted already scratched and bleeding from his earlier attack of it. He'd been an idiot, he'd done something rash and his luck had finally run out. The house down the street, unused for years, the pox mark on their block- his breath hitched as tears began to fill his eyes. Dudley's gang had dared Dudley to go in; Harry had watched from afar where he'd been perched in a tree scavenging that day's muggle news papers for information about his world. For a while after Dudley had hesitantly made his way into the house Harry had been content to stay where he was but after more than an hour Dudley's friends deserted the place terrified for Dudley's fate. Harry had been the only one that stayed, he figured that Dudley must have pissed himself and was hiding somewhere in embarrassment- that had happened once before when they were in grade school. Two hours later and Harry finally jumped down from the tree and made his way to the front door of the old house, it would be dark soon, if Dudley had somehow gotten out the back he needed to know so that he could go back. The house creaked as he stepped in; the wood flooring faded and dulled the polish long gone. There was a sort of charm to the house, it was different from the other houses since it had been built long ago before the war but it was cavernous now. Mould on the walls, papers and leaves strewn about, shadows in the paint where photographs had been taken down.

"Dudley?" He called hesitantly. It was calming; the quiet of the place, there was rarely ever any quiet in the Dursley residence these days. He frowned when he received no reply. "Dudley if this is a prank it's pretty lame!" He called out rolling his eyes. Annoyed he made his way to the stairs wanting Dudley to go ahead and jump out at him so that they could go home. "Come on Dudders, if you don't respond by the time I count down from ten I'm leaving you here!" Harry said annoyed. He reached the landing and glanced down the empty hall. "Ten…nine…eight…" He made his way down the hall and pushed the door open. "What the-?" He wrinkled his nose; the place looked like a science lab or something, dusty vials and beakers, broken glass, cracked yellowing tubes- his breath caught in his throat. "Dudley!" He said in panic now as he recognized some of the less obvious things in the room, the cauldron in the closet, the familiar potions vials in the wooden crate, the broomstick in the corner. This lab was still in use. "Dudley we need to leave now!" Harry said spinning on his heel only to freeze.

"You…you are perfect!" A tall man with marble white skin and glowing gold eyes breathed short sharp pants as he reached out a finger and pointed at Harry. Harry pulled out his wand slowly.

"I don't want trouble; I just want to get my cousin so that I can go." He said quietly. The man cocked his head to the side.

"The mudblood?" The man said with a distinctive curl of his lip. "The brat ran out the back door nearly an hour ago, pissed his pants at the sight of me." The man said his eyes widening as he slowly cocked his head to the side. There was a wildness in his eyes a glint of madness that Harry had only ever seen in Bellatrix's gaze.

"Right, then I'll just be going-" Apparently that had been the wrong thing to say.

"Noooo!" The man hissed. "My work will not die in vain!" And then he was attacking. Harry had been too shocked by the sudden display of sharp white teeth to react in time before the man was attacking him. Harry crashed to the floor under the man's weight and knew no more.

When he'd woken it was late into the night, he was strapped down to a cold metal table and the man was no where to be found. Harry had wasted no time in trying to escape, luckily the straps were old and brittle, with a bit of tugging and yanking he managed to rip them free before grabbing up his wand and running for his life. He couldn't remember a time that he'd run so fast. He didn't stop until he was past the front door of the Dursley's panting heavily as he stared out into the night before closing the door behind him and praying that whatever that thing had been wouldn't catch up to him.

That had been the day before last. In that time several things had happened, several wrong things. The seal had appeared for one, it was bright red at first, his skin splitting and peeling into the odd shape as blood ran down his shoulder and chest. But although painful that hadn't been nearly as bad as when the color had started to set in, it burned it felt worse than the Cruciatus curse on a bad day and had dragged him to his knees in agony. Then the changes started in his body, his skin became a shade paler and had an odd quality to it, it was soft and supple, but it was thicker somehow and extremely sensitive. Everything was sensitive, his eyes which seemed to ache and burn as though they'd been put through some sort of exercise watered constantly and his vision kept sliding in and out of focus even without his glasses. He could hear acutely, everything that was happening within the Dursley house was clear as day to him and he could see a light silvery sheen over everything.

What was happening to him?

He choked back a sob. He'd already cried, he'd panicked, thought about writing to Dumbledore, thought about killing himself. He struggled to steady his breathing before reaching for the thick black scarf Dudley's aunt had bought him for his birthday. Dudley had three chins and hated the feel of anything around his neck, it wasn't too hard to snatch it after the Dursley's had gone. They didn't want to be there when the 'freaks' came for him; he'd been more than happy to see them off to the movies. As if summoned the door bell rang clearly. Harry raced down stairs eager to see his friends again, friends he hadn't been in contact with for the entire summer. He swung the front door open and froze.

It was him.

It was the man.

"Hello beautiful." The man said with hooded eyes. "It was naughty of you to run off like that." The man said smiling a slow predatory smile. Harry felt a whine escape as he scrambled back causing the man to tut. "Aren't you going to invite me in my dear?" The man said softly. Harry remembered those sharp teeth, he remembered that a vampire couldn't cross wards without an invite- he was almost certain that this thing wasn't a vampire but any chance was better than nothing at all. As if sensing his thoughts the creature grinned widely and stepped across the threshold. "How rude of you." The vampire thing said chuckling darkly. "I had to wait until the full moon for the ritual to complete you know. I couldn't find you until tonight, I was ever so worried." He said his eyes narrowing slightly. Harry glanced past the creature and noted the full moon hanging bright white in the distance. He was frozen, he couldn't move.

"What did you do to me?" He whispered brokenly. What was he? What had he become?

"You? Hm hm my dear you have been elevated, nothing can harm you now and once you reach your magical majority age will not touch you either. You will remain as you are forever, untouched by death and decay- I have made you perfect, I have made you immortal." The man said taking a step forward his eyes glazed in fervor. Harry scrambled back against the wall in panic. "I have made you a demon." The man said his eyes glowing with an unholy light. "At last…my own perfect demon." He whispered. Harry gasped as he was suddenly pushed up against the wall his wrists captured in a painful grip and brought up to be pressed against the wall behind him. He could smell the man's breath as the pale face drew nearer, it smelled like death and rot he felt ill, this wasn't at all right! Suddenly the man froze his expression falling into one of pure shock. "No…no it can't be, you're mine you have to be I made you to be mine, my mate my only-" The man let out a hiss and pulled away wide eyed and visibly maddened. He let out an animalistic sound and lunged at Harry causing him to whimper.

"HARRY!" There was an explosion of light and the creature let out a violent hiss before turning away from Harry mid stride leaving him to fall to sink to the floor in terror. He watched as the wounded creature began to dance around Kingsley. "Shit." The Auror gasped. "Tonks get him to safety I'll deal with this!" He shouted. Harry couldn't move even as Tonks' familiar face came into view.

"Merlin Harry you're trembling like a leaf!" She said her eyes wide under her fuchsia hair. "Here, take this, emergency portkey it'll take you straight to the burrow." She said pressing something into his hand. "Blackberry." She said grimly. Harry didn't have time to be surprised before he was being whirled away.

"Harry! Oh dear Arthur call the headmaster something's wrong!" Molly Weasley said.

"A-A-Attack number four-Tonks, Kingsley-not human, they need help!" He said grasping her arm before spots appeared before his eyes and his vision blurred painfully. His neck burned where the seal sat.


"Jeez mum I'm right- oh hi Harry!" Ron said brightly.

"Help me get him up, a nice cuppa will do wonders- oh for heavens sake-" Harry stopped listening at that point, there was a terrible ripping sensation in his chest and it made the blood rush in his ears. He was made distantly aware of the Weasley's rushing about, a cup of tea was pressed into his hands warming his fingers but aside from the dull tingle he was lost. Briefly an image flashed through his mind- the creature falling to the ground gasping.

"My mate." He whispered mournfully his eyes wide and empty. "Lost forever, all is lost- I'm so sorry, so sorry boy." He choked blood slipping past his lips. "I never meant to leave you in this state, never- I'm so sorry…" He shuddered and gave a mighty twitch before his body flexed impossibly and with a long faint breath fell flat. The gold eyes dimmed gradually and Harry was made aware of the exact moment that they faded completely.

"-rry?" Harry came back to reality, came back to the warm kitchen where he was surrounded by red heads. He was made aware of the hot tear that had slid down his cheek but he couldn't bring himself to care about it.

"Oh the poor dear, and so soon after Sirius…" Molly shut herself up biting her lip. "Ron be a dear take him up to bed, a good nights rest and maybe he'll be better in the morning, there's a dreamless sleep in the loo." She said with a determined nod. Harry allowed himself to be guided up the rickety stairs; he couldn't do or say anything to stop it. He felt like he was a prisoner in his own body too terrified to react.

"Come on mate." Ron said gently as he dragged him down the hall. "Sure know how to make an entrance don't you Harry?" Ron said as they stumbled into his room. Harry let out a grunting sound and Ron snorted. "Right then, I'll just let you get dressed then- oh yeah I guess you didn't have time to get your trunk, er…u can borrow something of mine…here this hasn't fit me in ages." Harry caught the soft pajamas and stared down at the blue stripes for a long moment. "Right I'll just get your potion." Ron said before awkwardly making his way out of the room. Harry moved numbly pulling the scarf and shirt of first before moving to the small mirror on the dresser and staring at his neck.

The mark was gone.

He relaxed slightly at that, his skin was red and raw looking as though he'd been burned badly but that would fade. He rubbed the spot idly before pulling on the pajama top and frowning at how large it was. And this was small on Ron? He shook his head idly and changed his trousers tying the drawstrings before the knock sounded.

"Harry I brought your potion." Ron said awkwardly. Harry wanted to open his mouth and tell Ron to come in, but he couldn't get sound to pass his lips. "I'm comin in kay?" Ron said before hesitantly opening the door. Ron chuckled at how large the pajama's were before shaking his head and holding out the small vial. "Mum got it straight from Snape so it's good stuff; hope it won't stunt your growth though." He said laughingly. Harry flushed and snatched the vial from Ron's hand before freezing as an electrical charge raced through his palm and up his arm. Harry gasped as a rush two times as strong as the one he got riding his boom enveloped him. Then he was swaying the world going dark around him and Ron's cry muted. "Harry!" Ron gasped his voice like an echo before Harry lost all sense and passed out completely.

#$% #$% #$%

Harry loved the Borrow, he had always loved the Borrow, and its neat homey feel had always appealed to him and put him at ease. However if Molly Weasley tried to force him to eat one more time he was liable to blow the entire building up. He'd been a mess since returning from the Dursley's he kept getting sick couldn't eat and his temper was volatile at best. That was the worst part, his temper- if he wasn't snapping at everyone around him he was crying like a girl. It had been mortifying the first few times but Molly had said something about puberty and was liable to thwack anyone who so much as looked at Harry wrong, so even Fred and George had stopped teasing him and instead treated him like they would their little sister Ginny. Harry had been miffed at that, after all his pride as a man was at stake, but when he'd mentioned it to Ron the other boy had fallen into fits of uncontrollable laughter, which in turn caused Harry to cry. Harry realized then that whatever illusions of manliness he might have had before were well and truly gone. He was small of stature, willowy rather than muscular and according to Ron had hips like a girl- which had of course made Harry cry.

Whatever that creature had turned him into though Harry was certain it couldn't be a demon like he'd said, he'd never read anything about demons crying like a PMS driven girl. He sniffled miserably and scowled when his eyes began to water.

"Ah jeez, here Harry have some of this." Ron offered pushing the other half of his slice of cake towards Harry. Harry was completely distracted from his internal musing and pounced on the sugary confection. The Weasley's had decided to throw him a birthday party before everyone returned to Hogwarts. It was a bit late because Harry had been so sick on his actual birthday but Harry was happy as long as there were sweets around.

-that was another thing; he was absolutely addicted to sweets. He ate them constantly; in fact they were the only thing he could stomach.

"Turning into the headmaster you are." Ron said grinning slightly. Ron was a giant now, he'd grown and filled out over the summer making him look like a Hagrid compared to Harry. Harry didn't mind overly much Ron never felt dangerous, really if anything he'd begun to feel safer than ever beside the taller teen.

"Really Harry too much sugar isn't good for you!" Hermione scolded. The fork halted half way to Harry's mouth and he felt his heart sink. No sugar?

"Oh crap, mione just leave him alone at least he's eating!" Ron said protectively a scowl on his face. Harry glanced hesitantly up at Ron. "Go on Harry it's your birthday I reckon you can have all the cake you want." Ron said prodding the cake closer. Harry blinked away the tears and happily continued to munch on the cake.

"Ron he's already had four slices! At this rate he'll either get diabetes or become obese!" She scowled. Harry felt the fork fall from his numb fingers as his temper rose and the volume in the room fell.

"What makes you think you have any right to tell me what to do?!" He snarled. "You didn't write to me all summer even since I've been staying here with the Weasleys and yet you came to my birthday party and all you do is nag! Did I call you fat when you went through a pound and a half of Honeydukes last year? Just-just leave me alone!" He said before turning and running from the room tears streaming down his cheeks.

Hermione stared at the spot Harry had just vacated in shock. Ron let out a long sigh and rubbed his face.

"Jeez Mione did you have to make him cry?" Fred said scowling as he stood.

"Poor kid's been through enough what with Sirius." George agreed before following his brother through the door Harry had just vacated. Hermione stared after them, just what was going on here?! She'd been ecstatic to see her friends again, she'd had fun visiting Rome with her parents but secretly she'd missed Ron terribly- and Harry of course. But the moment she'd stepped into the Borrow she'd noticed the difference Harry seemed quieter, more distant and kept following Ron around wherever he went. Likewise the Weasley boys seemed to have become some sort of protective monsters snapping at her or anyone that even looked at Harry wrong. She couldn't lie to herself, she was mostly jealous of all the attention Harry was getting. But really! Harry didn't have to be so sensitive!

"Ron?" She said hesitantly. Ron hadn't said anything since Harry had run from the room. Slowly the boy lifted his face and she winced at the anger in his eyes. Ron was normally a hothead, his temper was shorter than anyone she'd ever met and he was prone to reacting rashly. But he seemed to have grown up a lot over the summer and he was dead serious now.

"Leave him alone Mione, I mean it." He said coldly before standing and making his way out of the room. Hermione was so shocked that she couldn't even react properly. She scowled down at the table her eyes narrowing. Something wasn't right here, something wasn't right at all.

#$% #$% #$% #$%

Harry was giddy with excitement as he made his way through the crowds with Ron who was smiling slightly, his eyes darting around from time to time. The ministry couldn't deny that Voldemort had returned, not after the Department of Mysteries fiasco so there were Aurors stationed on the platform. "Harry stay close yeah?" Ron said when Harry grew distracted. Harry frowned but nodded and caught up with Ron. Hermione scoffed beside them and rolled her eyes making Harry's smile falter. Hermione had been stiff and cold towards him since his birthday but Harry had ignored her figuring she'd get over it, unfortunately she hadn't. Ginny scowled at Hermione before scooting closer to Harry. Ginny had admitted to him that she'd always resented the overprotective treatment she received from her brothers; with Harry there she got a reprieve from it. Harry was officially unofficially one of the Weasley clan as far as she was concerned and even she was protective of him. Harry grinned at her and nudged her side as Ron ushered them onto the train. Ginny took off with a happy wave as she caught sight of some of her year mates and Harry turned back towards Ron only to freeze, Ron had Hermione's wrist in his grip her wand pointed to the roof of the train his eyes cold.

"Ron something's wrong with him! Can't you see?!" She pleaded a steely glint in her eyes.

"So you were going to what scan him without his permission?!" Ron said scowling. Harry shrank back; he could sense an argument brewing.

"Yes! If that's what it takes Ron! Something is wrong with him! Something's wrong with you!" She snarled snatching her hand back.

"The only thing that I find wrong here is how you've been treating Harry! You think that something's wrong with him? Prove it!" He glowered.

"He's moody!" Hermione snapped.

"Bloody hell that's the best you've got? Hermione I hope I don't have to explain the birds and the bees to you but we are teenagers and there is this thing called puberty that makes us moody!" He said drawing out certain words as though speaking to a child.

"I know that you berk but this isn't normal! All he eats are sweets!" She said crossing her arms.

"Yeah well considering he's spent a better part of his life starving I'd say he has every right to be a bit choosy." Ron pointed out narrowing his eyes.

"But it's not normal Ron! The way George and Fred treat him-"

"Harry is family and Weasleys take care of their own!" Ron cut in. Their voices were growing louder and angrier causing some of the upper years to poke their heads out from their compartments. Harry stepped back further trying to shrink away from the confrontation.

"So he gets to cling like some limpet to you? He gets to follow you around and make doe eyes at you to get what he wants!" Hermione screeched. Ron looked stunned for a moment.

"Mione, Harry's a bloke, he's like my little brother, you don't have to be jealous." He said with a smug smirk. Hermione let out a frustrated sound.

"AS IF I WOULD EVER BE JEALOUS OF A SELFCENTERED IMMATURE PRIK LIKE HARRY!" She cried out. Harry felt the blood rush out of his face and a whimper escaped him tears coursing down his cheeks before he could stop them. Hermione paled the fight in her turning to panic. "Oh no Harry no I didn't mean-"

"Harry-!" Ron gasped in horror. Harry couldn't stop the sob from escaping before he was turning and running down the isle pushing people out of the way as he went. He nearly stumbled when the train started and began to chug down the railway. He used the wall for support and stared down at the small golden triangles that made the pattern on the crimson carpet. He felt wretched, absolutely wretched.

Whimpering slightly he continued to make his way down the isle until he reached the last compartment. He knew he shouldn't, it was the Slytherin compartment, but he needed some fresh air and there was a small space where he could stand just outside the last compartment. He pushed the door open and stopped in his tracks. The Slytherin seventh years were jeering loudly none of them noticing him as some of the sixth years surrounded a crumpled form.

"Where's your daddy now huh?" One of them said nastily. Harry stepped in further unable to stop himself and gasped at the sight that met him. Draco Malfoy had been pushed to his knees shirt torn jacket eschew and his arms bound by a Slytherin tie as his head was being shoved forward into another Sixth year's lap. Harry didn't have to see the prick that was being forced into Draco's mouth all he could see was Draco's red tear stained face. Harry felt something break inside of him; it tore free in a furious rumbling growl that caused the lights to flicker.

"Eh? Potter?"


"What the hell-"

The lock on the door clicked loudly and inky black shadows filled the compartment.

A scream ripped through the air.

Harry's world went red.

#$% #$% #$% #$%

"Hey Nev have you seen Harry?" Ron said his tone panicked. Neville glanced up from the Herbology book he was reading and frowned.

"Nah, I thought he was with you, Luna?" He asked catching the girl's attention. Luna glanced up dreamily from that week's edition of the Quibbler and shook her head.

"He probably went to the loo, daddy says that boys do that a lot when they're my age, you shouldn't be alarmed." She said causing Ron's cheeks to turn red.

"Right." Ron said before shutting the door with a loud shink!

#$% #$% #$% #$% #$%

Harry came back to himself slowly and frowned as he felt himself purr. What the hell? Slowly his memories came back to him and he was surprised to find Malfoy tucked safely into his arms surrounded by-


Wings?! What the fuck? He jumped jostling Malfoy awake. Large silver grey eyes blinked up at him sleepily and Harry felt a purr escape him before he could help it.

"Malfoy." He said unsteadily his wings fluttering nervously. "What the hell is going on?" He whimpered. He couldn't remember anything past walking in and seeing Draco Malfoy like that. Merlin Malfoy! Before he could help it he was pulling Malfoy closer tucking him safely into his chest despite the fact that the boy was physically larger than him. Malfoy's face twisted and turned before he sighed loudly and relaxed pushing closer to Harry's chest.

"It figures you wouldn't remember, take a look around Potter what do you see?" He grumbled. Harry blinked and carefully allowed his wings-

Oh bloody hell he had wings-

-to fold back tingling slightly before sinking into nothingness. "Ok that was weird." He muttered wrinkling his nose before looking around at the compartment. Nothing, it was empty. "Where did the others go?" He asked tilting his head to the side. Malfoy shifted before pointedly unfolding and climbing out of his embrace.

"You tell me Potter; you were the one that did...well whatever it was that you did." Malfoy said rubbing his wrists. Harry felt a keening noise fall past his lips before he could help it and he was leaning forward grasping Malfoy's hands. He pushed his own magic through them and watched as the chafed flesh healed. Harry cleared his throat and pulled away wincing at the grey eyes that were watching him.

"What did you see?" Harry said biting his bottom lip.

"Nothing, it got completely pitch black. But I heard…Merlin I heard them screaming." Malfoy said looking mildly gray. "But I did see for a split second, the lights flashed on and I could see these things like dogs only, dead, rotten-" Malfoy choked and Harry was surprised when suddenly the boy rushed at him sinking into his arms. Malfoy was shaking, absolutely terrified. "But you pulled me close, kept me safe." Malfoy whispered. Harry blinked down at Malfoy and found that he couldn't keep his arms from reaching down to come around the blonde a low rumbling sound leaving him.

"You can't tell anyone that it was me." Harry said suddenly afraid. He had thought that he would be fine, with that creature dead and the mark gone he'd hoped that he would go back to being normal- or well as normal as Harry Potter could be. Aside form the mood swings and the sugar cravings he'd assumed he would be fine. Apparently he was wrong.

"Fat chance I would tell any one! They deserved it, they were going to-" he choked and squeezed his eyes shut. Harry pulled Malfoy closer and a concerned sound left him.

"What the hell is happening to me?" Harry whispered before he could help it. Malfoy shuddered and shook his head.

"I don't know, but in case you haven't noticed you aren't human." He said weakly. Harry eyed the crumpled form in his arms speculatively.

"You aren't either are you?" Harry asked frowning.

"I'm a quarter Veela from my father's side." Malfoy said softly. "Whatever you are you've accepted responsibility of me some how, I don't know what kind of bond though since you're obviously submissive." He said frowning.

"Huh?" Harry said wrinkling his nose.

"Those sounds you're making, if you were a dominant they would be far deeper and more like growls. Besides you're too small and you have the body of a bearer." Malfoy pointed out. Harry blinked.

"Ok…what?" Harry said wrinkling his nose. Malfoy looked up at him and frowned.

"You really don't know anything do you?" He said concerned. Harry scowled but before he could retort a chill ran down his spine and the train began to slow. "Okay…I take it you aren't doing that?" Malfoy said frowning deeply. Harry shivered and felt a tug.

"No that's not me." He said in a small voice ignoring the way his arms tightened around Malfoy.

"We should head to the front of the train they have an emergency button that we can push to call for help." Malfoy asserted. Harry nodded and stood following close behind as they slipped through the eerily silent compartment and pushed through the sliding doors. Everyone had their faces pressed to the windows facing out and Malfoy hissed at him when he tried to step close to one of the doors to get a better look. Malfoy grasped his wrist and yanked him forward. "Don't Potter." He warned. Strangely enough Harry felt himself accepting that order and followed the blond boy as they rushed through the isle and pushed past doors. They made it to the third compartment before an explosion sounded behind them. "Shit -run Potter!" Malfoy demanded pushing Harry in front of him and forcing him to rush through the halls.

"Malfoy Potter get into one of the compartments!" One of the prefects demanded as they stepped into the second cart.

"Someone has to sound the alarm!" Malfoy said his face pale and pinched. Harry found that he really didn't like the look of Malfoy afraid; he needed to get them somewhere safe!

"Best get out of my way Smith." Harry demanded coldly. The older boy looked as though he was going to argue but another explosion rocked the train and Harry let out a hiss before pushing past the older boy and dragging Malfoy through the first compartment until they reached the door to the front of the train. Harry hissed to find it locked and viciously kicked it startled when the wood splintered under his foot causing him to stumble forward.

"Right I'm not going to piss you off any more Potter." Malfoy said with a definitive shake of his head. Harry grumbled as he shook a piece of the board off his foot and flicked his wand at the door repairing it as best as he could.

"Just push the damn button." Harry said irate. Malfoy brushed by him and stepped into his room with Harry close behind him.

"Shit." Malfoy said back pedaling. Harry moved so that he was blocking Malfoy and winced at the sight of the trolley lady impaled with a thick metal pole her eyes wide and unseeing. He had always liked her. Grimacing he looked away and caught sight of the button that was flashing brightly.

"This one here?" Harry said glancing back at Malfoy. His only goal right now was to get Malfoy to safety. The sounds of fighting reached him and Harry cursed dragging Malfoy into the compartment and flicking his wand at the door closing it with a nearly silent click. Malfoy cast a spell at the windows and Harry watched as a thick black sheen covered them. Harry reached out and pushed the button hearing it buzz loudly.

"Help is on the way, please remain calm. Help is on the way, please remain calm-"

"Is that a ministry recording?" Harry said in disgust. Malfoy winced.

"It said remain calm." He said sheepishly. Another explosion shook the train and Harry cursed as he felt his wings slide out of his back his hands reaching out and snatching Malfoy closer with a low growl.

"What the devil is happening to me?" Harry wondered aloud as Malfoy pressed himself closer.

"Is it so bad to want to protect me?" Malfoy said in a small voice. Harry cursed.

"That's not what I meant, it should be what I meant but it's not and that's what's so damn confusing!" He growled.

"You aren't human any more Potter, I don't know what happened or what you are but whatever it is has made you a submissive and a bearer. I'm assuming that you have no mate, and I'm certain you don't have any kids of your own so that leaves me, a familiar creature who hasn't reached his maturity yet and whose father has been torn away from him. Your instincts are telling you to protect me." Malfoy said with a short nod. Harry grit his teeth.

"Fuck!" He hissed as tears started to fill his eyes. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuckity Fuck! Fuck Fuck!" He growled.

"Really." Malfoy said dryly.

"This isn't funny Malfoy! I have wings for fucks sake!" He said feeling suddenly very afraid.

"And rotten demon dog things." Malfoy pointed out unhelpfully.

"Fuck!" Harry cursed again. Malfoy snorted.

"For what it's worth I'm not going to tell anyone about what happened." He said soberly. Harry stared up at him in stunned silence. "You saved me Potter, and your officially kin some how, besides I'm a dominant vela, there's no way I'd let the ministry get their hands on you. If anything people will think the Slytherins deserted when the train was attacked. They were upper year students; most of them were going to get the mark as soon as they graduated." He admitted softly his eyes dark and distant. Harry had a sinking feeling as he watched Malfoy's hand settle on his forearm.

"No." He whispered before reaching out and snatching Malfoy's wrist pushing up the sleeve to reveal the telltale curl of the dark mark. "Oh Merlin no." He whined. Malfoy snatched his arm back.

"What did you expect Potter? My father failed! The dark lord…" He shivered and Harry pulled him closer. Malfoy tried to struggle but gave in quickly. Harry let out a slightly hysterical laugh then.

"Look at us Malfoy! The world is gone to hell! I might have just murdered a bunch of people but I can't even remember it! I'm moody like a girl, follow Ron around like a lost puppy and now…now I have a son!" He said shaking his head.

"You could view me as a sibling." Malfoy said with a shrug. "A younger brother perhaps, though I doubt it, everything about this is pointing towards a parental bond." He said shaking his head.

"Thanks Malfoy." Harry said dryly. "You're great help." He muttered settling his chin atop of Malfoy's head.

"If it's any consolation I think the Auror's are here." Malfoy pointed out noting that the button had finally stopped telling them to keep calm. Harry frowned.

"Weird." Harry said before carefully standing and moving to the window. "This is the first time I wasn't in the middle of the fighting." He said frowning. Draco tapped the window and the black faded away slowly. There was nothing, no brooms, no cackling, no spell fire, just emptiness. Harry turned around and made his way to the door. He could hear crying just beyond it and frightened whispers.

What was going on out there?

"Potter we should stay in here." Malfoy said firmly. "Until we're sure, you don't want to go out there looking like that anyway." He said pointedly. Harry frowned and concentrated on his wings. Malfoy was right; he couldn't be caught looking like that. The weird tingling feeling pushed through them again and he shuddered as they seemed to simply fade away. He hesitated as he reached for the door handle.

Something wasn't right.

His eyes flickered through the small room and settled on the small storage closet. It blended in to the woodwork so well that he would have missed it all together if it weren't for the fact that it was slightly ajar. He didn't think twice before snatching Malfoy's hand and pushing him into the small space before following after him.

"Shit Potter what the hell there's no way we'll fit-" Harry covered Malfoy's mouth with his hand and closed the door behind him. The space was so narrow that there was no way that either of them could turn but it was just large enough that pressed together like this they could fit even if Harry's ankle was twisted in a metal bucket and the wooden handle of a mop was pressed uncomfortably into his spine.

There was a soft thump, the sound of boots hitting the carpeted floor.

"Don't make a sound." Harry breathed. Malfoy nodded under his hand and Harry felt slim arms slide around him allowing him a bit more space.

There was a muffled voice and the sound of the lock on the door in the other room clicking open.

"They said the brat went in here." Someone grumbled.

"That the trolly lady?" Someone else said. "I always liked her, it's too bad." The man said.

"Get your mind off of pasties you idiot." The other hissed. "The dark lord wants Potter." There was a scuffle and Harry swallowed thickly. They definitely weren't Aurors then. He squeezed his eyes shut and sweat trickled down his spine tickling him along the way.

"Well he isn't here is he?" The other said snidely. "Dumbledore must have sent him ahead." He said definitively.

"Nah, too many students said they saw him coming this way." The other said.

"Poly juice? Doppelganger? Maybe the kid had a portkey." The other said tapping the heel of his boot on the compartment floor.

"Think our lord'll buy that?" The one said.

"Probably not but Avery says the Aurors are on their way, I'd like to be far away from here when they arrive thank-you-very-much." The man said pointedly.

"Think we should try the Weasley again?" The one said. Harry felt his heart stop in his chest.

"Nah, any more rounds of the crucio and he'll go mad before he could tell us." The other said. Harry wanted to run, wanted to go to Ron.

"Stay." Draco breathed into his ear. Harry froze torn between running and doing as he was told. Fortunately the decision was made for him, shouting sounded in the distance and the two men cursed.

"Aurors!" The one hissed before the sound of thundering footfalls filled the air and the door slammed.

"Ron!" Harry whimpered.

"Be still." Malfoy growled. Harry couldn't move, he let out a whimper.

"Ron." He growled. Malfoy hissed but this time it wasn't enough to hold him back. Harry pushed through the small door and Malfoy growled viciously before jumping at him and knocking him down pinning him to the floor.

"You idiot!" He growled his eyes flashing. Harry struggled with all his might but Malfoy's grip was too strong. The shouting continued and tears fell down Harry's cheeks.

"Ron! Ron!" He whimpered. "Please!" He begged. Malfoy looked torn. His grey eyes were filling with tears and his lips were pressed together in a thin trembling line.

"I can't Potter, I can't, you need to be safe! I need you! I need you!" He whispered until sobs wracked his form. Harry relaxed then and Malfoy sank down holding him with just his body.

"Please." Harry said helplessly.

"You always did choose him over me." Malfoy whimpered. Harry's breath caught in his throat. What was that supposed to mean? Malfoy rolled away. "Fine, go; leave me just like you always do, just like everyone does." He said gray eyes staring at the wall blankly. Harry felt the mewl build before it erupted from his mouth and he found himself pulling Malfoy close.

"Come with me I'll protect you." He said softly.

"No, you'll go back to being the Gryffindor golden boy and I'll just be the slimy Slytherin." Malfoy said.

"No!" Harry said choking on his own tears. "You saw what I did Malfoy, I can't possibly be what they want me to be, not when I'm like this." He said shaking his head. "Come with me." He begged. Malfoy turned his grey eyes on Harry and nodded slowly.

"Fine." He said quietly. Harry offered Malfoy a slight smile before offering the boy a hand.

"Truce?" He offered. Malfoy snorted.

"I think we've past that don't you?" He said catching Harry's hand and easily pulling him to his feet. Harry scowled slightly before turning and carefully pushing the door open.

"Potter!" Someone hissed. Harry nearly jumped out of his skin until he saw the familiar crimson robes.

"Kingsley!" Harry said gratefully. The dark skinned man offered him a grin before reaching into his pocket.

"Here, a portkey- the password is 'bubble gum,' it will take you to the edge of the wards at Hogwarts, you'll have to run the rest of the way I'm afraid. Tonks already sent your friends away they were in pretty bad shape." The man said grimly. Harry reached out but his hand hesitated.

"I can't." He said before dragging Malfoy forward and pressing the portkey into his hand. "Bubblegum." He said before releasing Malfoy. Gray eyes widened but he was gone before he could say or do anything. Kingsley stared at him in shock.

"Harry…" He said softly. Harry shook his head.

"I can't just run away." He said shaking his head. "I can't." He said pulling out his wand. Kingsley nodded slowly, carefully.

"Fine, but you stick close to me understood?" He said sharply. Harry nodded. "This cart is secured I've just warded it but some of the students are injured, do what you can to heal them before you make your way to the next cart, I'll go ahead and start warding it, the others should have it clear by now most of the Death Eaters apparated the moment we arrived, it's only a few of the stubborn ones that stayed." He said before moving to the next cart. Harry nodded and turned to the first compartment sticking his head inside.

"Potter?" A fourth year Ravenclaw said with wide eyes. Matthews Harry remembered absently.

"Any injured?" He asked. The others shook their heads.

"I think the worst of it was further back Potter, the sixth and seventh carts took the worst of the attack." Matthews said before carefully beginning to stand. "I know a few healing spells." He said nervously. Harry gazed hard at the boy for a moment before nodding.

"It will be dangerous." He warned.

"It's already dangerous Potter." Matthews said dryly. Harry smiled thinly and nodded. Slowly he and Matthews began making their way through the different compartments their group growing and multiplying until Harry had quite a team behind him much to Kingsley's chagrin.

"Harry." The Auror said as he slipped back into the fifth cart. "I don't think you should move to the next compartment." He said grimly. The others glanced at each other and Harry frowned.

"How…how bad is it?" He asked carefully. Kingsley winced.

"We've sent for healers; however they may take a while to get here…"

"Kingsley." Harry said sharply. "I'm asking you, how bad is it?" He demanded. Kingsley shook his head.

"Most of them didn't make it; some of them are first years Harry I really think you should stay-"

"Get out of my way." Harry said coldly.


"There are children on the other side of that door Auror Kingsley." Harry hissed. "Get the fuck out of my way." He could feel it again, that crumbling shattering feeling inside him. Kingsley's eyes widened and he stepped away before he could stop himself. Harry pushed past the door and stepped into what was left of the cart.

Oh sweet Merlin…