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Chapter 1: Disappointment

I stumbled through the trees, gritting my teeth as I ran. I looked down and saw the flow of blood had yet to slow down. Wincing from the pain I continued into the forest. I looked up at the sky and noticed it was getting dark. I tripped on a root causing a whole new wave of pain to wash over me. I was pathetic. What kind of shifter am I? I can't even run through the forest without tripping over my paws.

I lay on the ground when I couldn't continue any further. I tried to lay in the bushes as to not draw any attention to myself, but I didn't quite make it. I was lying on my side. I felt my ear become damp from the growing pool of blood on my side. I huffed pathetically and watched the stars slowly move across the sky. At least I get to see my favorite things before I die.

"Mm. I smell mountain lion." I heard a voice call out in the distance. If they can smell me then that means I'm in serious danger. I tried to get on all fours but my wounds protested strongly.

"Oh no you don't Emmett I smelt it first." Another voice said.

"Sorry boys, but girls get first pickings." Another more bell-like voice called out. Geez how many people were there? Soon I saw a group of people run into the clearing I was in, and since I wasn't as hidden as I would like they spotted me instantly. I took in their pale features and sweet smell and identified them. Vampires. Just my luck.

A big burly vampire with short curly brown hair made his way over to me, only to be intercepted by a leaner one whose hair was an unruly bronze. While they were arguing a blonde female made her way over to me. She looked down at me and scoffed.

"The stupid thing is half dead. No fight. No fun." She said and walked away from me with her arms crossed. At least they don't know what I really am. Suddenly I was hit with an amazing smell. It was like someone mixed berries and coconut together and threw around in the air. I found myself sniffing the air like crazy and they noticed it. The big vampire strutted over to me and I scooted away ignoring the burning from my wounds.

"Well it's senses finally kicked in. It knows were a danger now." He said with a smirk on his face. A small pixie like vampire came into my view. She was short, even shorter than me, and that's saying something. She couldn't have been more than 5'2" her inky black hair stuck out in different directions. I sniffed her and realized that the smell from earlier was coming from her. For some reason I found myself crawling closer to her.

"Haha Alice, looks like you have a pet now." The blonde female said to her. So her name was Alice. It suited her. Alice just rolled her eyes at what I assume was her coven mate.

"Rose it's dying. Show some respect." She said then looked back to me with concern filled eyes. Her eyes weren't crimson like all the other vampires I had met, they were honey colored.

"Umm Alice you do realize you kill animals right?" The burly vampire said. I tilted my head in confusion, my wounds forgotten for now. Alice ran her hands through her hair.

"It just seems rude still Em." She looked at me for a minute as if in thought, then she sighed and shook her head. "Guess I should put it out of its misery."

I was in full on panic mode now. Her hands reached for my neck and I whimpered and moved back, until the stinging from my wounds reminded me of the situation I was in. Everyone looked at me curiously as my body began to shake. I was trying to shift back into my human form; even if I was going to be naked I needed them to know I was somewhat human.

My muscles were aching in protest of my trying to shift. Alice and her coven had backed off and watched my body. I could feel my claws and canines retract first, then I could feel my bones shift back into their normal human state. Since I was injured the pain of the change was intensified and the process felt longer. I could feel my human skin taking over as I looked at their eyes widen, almost comically.

I managed a weak laugh at their expression. "Surprise." I managed to say right before I passed out.

"It's almost time for your change young Isabella. Are you prepared?" My grandfather asked me. He was the leader of our tribe. He was a strong man despite his age. His hair was silver, but didn't make him look old.

"Yeah grandpa." I told him. I couldn't keep the huge grin off my face. Today I was going to make my tribe proud. I was going to become the true alpha wolf. My grandfather smiled at me and patted my shoulder before walking out of my tent.

I looked at myself in the mirror and held my chin out proud. I was a Purser. I was born into a long line of alphas, and since the gene skipped my father it was my duty to become the new alpha. I would bring great pride to my family.

I left my tent and walked to a large campfire. All of the tribe were in attendance. I stood next to my grandfather and he stood to address everyone.

"Today we introduce a new member into the pack, and a new leader into existence." He turned to face me and placed his forehead against mine.

"Isabella Purser are you ready to take on all duty of the pack alpha and to protect this tribe with your life?"

I nodded my head. "I am." He smiled at me then looked at the current alpha, Gregor, and waved him over. I stood in front of him and bowed. He bowed back to me and shifted into a large grey wolf. He stood directly in front of my in his wolf form. I wolf form he towered over my at almost 7 feet. He looked into my eyes and growled. I felt the challenge in his eyes. I felt my beast respond to this. My body started to shake violently, it was painful but only for a few minutes, then it was done.

I knew my senses were keener. I could hear the birds and rivers in the distance. I smelt all of nature around me, it was a wonderful feeling. My glee was short lived when I heard gasps coming from the tribe.

"Anthony what is this? Some sort of joke?" Someone called out. I was confused. Everyone was looking at my with disbelief on their faces. Was there something wrong with me? I walked over to a small pond and gasped at my reflection. Instead of seeing a great wolf, I was a large lion. I turned back and saw everyone staring at me.

"This isn't right." I heard my grandpa mutter under his breath thanks to my enhanced hearing. He looked up at me, disappointment in his eyes.

~In our small family home~

I was sitting in the living room listening to my parents and granddad argue about me once again.

"You can't just banish her! That's your granddaughter in there." My mom yelled. My mom rarely ever yelled, so I knew she was extremely pissed. Suddenly I couldn't hear the argument anymore. They knew I was talking and purposely talked so that I couldn't hear.

After a few minutes my grandpa walked out. He stood in front of my, but didn't make eye contact.

"I have made my decision. You will be leaving the tribe. You are not allowed, under any circumstances to return here. You will be killed immediately." His voice was full of anger and resentment. I could feel tears stinging my eyes.

"But gran-" I started but he cut me off.

"You don't have a right to call me that! You are a disappointment to this tribe and to the Purser family name. You have shamed us, and I must do whatever it takes to make this right. Even if that means getting rid of you." I couldn't believe it. The man that I had loved so dearly, my own blood treating me like some stranger. His words were harsh and cut deep.

"I won't leave." I stated with defiance. I stood in my spot and crossed my arms over my chest. I could hear him ground his teeth together in annoyance.

"Gregor! Please escort this mistake from our lands." He put much emphasis on the word mistake. Gregor came in with a shit eating grin on his face. He grabbed me by my shoulders roughly and pushed me out of the house. I stumbled down the stairs landing on my face in the dirt. I could hear the pack laughing.

"I am NOT leaving." I said again, picking myself up off the ground. I heard Gregor scoff before he walked over to me.

"You don't have much of a choice here." His voice was cold and mocking when he said this. Who does he think he is? He is only alpha by default. I never liked his attitude. He was really pissing me off now too.

"Get out of my face before you regret it." I said disdain dripping from my voice.

He walked closer until he was in my face. His stupid smirk in place. "Or wha-" I slapped him hard cutting off his sentence. A voice in the back of my head told me that it was a bad idea, but it was too late. He looked back at me his lip over his teeth, and his eyes were yellow. Fuck, he was going to shift.

"You done messed up now girlie." Another pack member said to me. The entire pack was closing in on me. Next thing I know everyone shifted. One of the new pack member bit the back of my leg hard. I shifted into my lion for so it wouldn't break so easily.

I turned around snapping at his face. A black and white wolf bit the back of my neck causing me to hiss out in pain. I bucked under him and made him fly into a tree. He yelped as his back came into contact with the great oak. That's when they all swarmed. I couldn't register anything but pain. So much pain. I extended my claws and lashed out.

I kicked out my back legs, hitting the two wolves behind me square in the face. Their jaws let go of me instantly. I saw blood dripping from the wounds on their faces, they were definitely pissed now. The snapped at me ripping skin and fur, and pretty soon I was on the ground wheezing.

I saw Gregor's large grey would bound over to me. My vision was blurring, but I could see his wolfish grin. His sharp teeth stained with my blood. I tried to swipe at him, but my body wouldn't move. His large paw raised with claws extended then it descended hard on my stomach.

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