It took a moment for the Morning Star to recognize the voice and time froze when he did. Snape spun around to see Harry's wand out, tears in his eyes, screaming the words through a broken voice. The thin streak of green light appeared and flew towards Mordred, and Snape. Mordred reacted first.

Stop…fast forward…

Harry Potter tucked his knees under his chin and tried not make a sound. He rubbed swollen, red eyes and felt as if the world had suddenly come to bear on his thin, young shoulders. His entire body ached from the battle of a few days ago. He wrapped his arms around his legs and gripped the fabric of his jeans. But his fingers still hurt from the tenderness. He felt another wave of exhaustion overcome him but he didn't want to close his eyes. If he closed his eyes the dreams would come again.

But he wanted desperately to sleep. He hadn't felt this cold since his fourth year. He hadn't experienced this mind numbing feeling of emptiness since Cedric Diggory's death. Then, he had been allowed to sleep.

This time was different.

No…it wasn't supposed to end like this…

The Potions Master did something unexpected, he rose up and moved the table from over him. Now devoid of shelter, all Harry could do was look up at his teacher and wait.

Harry couldn't exactly place what he was waiting for. He wanted Snape to yell at him, to scream, rant and try and get him expelled. He wanted him to deduct points, insult him, order him to detention for the rest of his life or perhaps even physically hurt him. Anything. He just wanted him to do something.

Something to make this all go away. Something to jar him from this nightmare and bring him back to Hogwarts before all this happened. He wanted Snape to do something that reminded Harry that none of this was real. The events that ran over and over in his mind didn't exist and that Harry would wake up and all this would be over.

And nobody would be dead.

Please…forgive me…

Mordred made a grab for the nearest person. It was Kaiya. He swung her around, toward him, using her as a shield. She barely had time to look up before the green light hit her. She met Harry's eyes for a brief second before sliding down to her knees.

She was dead before she hit the floor.

Harry thought he heard someone scream but he didn't know who. He heard Choice make a grab for Radella, and Mayon attacking him a second later. He heard Ron scream out a curse against Mayon.

Snape was on the floor, half sitting up and staring at Kaiya's prone body. His expression was unreadable. Mordred walked over to the body and kicked it. Kaiya's body shifted under his boot. He laughed. "Now ain't that a kick in the head." He looked at his father, then at Harry. "Not bad, Potter. You made your first kill and it was an innocent to boot. I'm proud of you."

"You've won, Mordred. Now let it be over," Snape whispered finally. "You've won."

Mordred glanced at Snape, flicked his wand at him and he muttered a curse. Snape jolted back, wincing from pain. When he turned back, he was covering his left eye. There was blood oozing from between his fingers, from three scars that tore across his face. Snape pulled away his hand and looked up at Mordred, waiting.

"Is this the man who has made the nations tremble?" Mordred asked scornfully. "How you are fallen, Son of the Morning." He looked up, "Radella, Mayon, mother; come we're leaving."

"Aren't you going to kill him?" Mayon asked.

"No, because that's what he wants now." Mordred hissed.

"Then, let him go." Jacqueline whispered, wrapping her arm around Mordred's arm. "He is defeated. The Dark Prince is dead."

Radella smiled at him. "Long live the Prince."

"Don't worry father…I'll make you proud." Mordred said, as he apparated. "I'm sure, Lord Voldemort will be thrilled to hear that I have bested you. It was time for a new Prince anyway."

It wasn't supposed to be this way…

If I could just press…stop…

Fast forward….

To when?

To what happens next…

Snape sat down beside Harry and waited. He mimicked Harry, folding legs under his chin and wrapping his arms around them. He looked over at him and waited, saying nothing, doing nothing; just waiting for Harry to be ready.

It took Harry two long minutes before he was ready. Then, he allowed it. Harry allowed all the grief that had welled up inside him out and it came like water from a broken dam. He cried. It was the cry of anguish, despair drowned in regret. It was the cry of lost innocence and countless other things that could never be recovered. It was a cry only one who had been through it all before could comfort. And Snape did. Harry felt arms wrap around his shoulders, strong but thin arms that despite himself; Harry felt safe in. He felt them pulled him closer, heard Snape whisper something into his ear. "It's not your fault, Harry."

"But it is!" Harry cried again. It was a broken cry, half-angry, half-tormented and it rang out crisply against the June night. But that's not right, Harry thought, it couldn't be June already. That meant the school year was over. That meant it had all been true.

That meant it was all real.

"No." Harry whispered. "This isn't right. It's all wrong…"

"I know," Snape whispered. "But that's how it ends this time…"

Harry stared at Snape and for the first time saw something in the man's eyes he had never seen before, mercy, compassion and perhaps a shred of empathy and suddenly he understood.

He was looking at Alexander.

Alexander smiled at him, as if a secret had been shared between them. Harry moved to speak but before he could he heard a voice.


Harry looked up and saw Albus Dumbledore standing in front of them, with Gideon and Choice behind him. Harry hadn't seen Choice since that night at the Coven House, almost a week ago. He refused to meet Harry's eyes. He had barely come to the funeral and the only reason he came was to lay his beloved, his soul mate to rest. And to claim his son.

Gideon looked like he had been crying most of the week and he probably had. Kaiya was a like a daughter to him. Harry looked down, focusing on the Auror's bandaged arms. Harry shivered against his will and felt Alex readjust his grip, to reassure the boy he was there.

And Snape...he hadn't mourned at all. Instead, he seemed to mill around existing somewhere in a dreamscape. He looked human and for the first time since Harry knew him, the boy believed it. He knew somewhere in his heart that Alexander had returned. Without releasing Harry, the man looked up at Choice. "What do you have for me?"

"You've been denounced as a traitor to the Death Eaters. Mordred has taken your place at Voldemort's right side, proclaiming himself as prince. They both want you dead." Choice said, "Even Jacqueline is beginning to fall from grace, Voldemort no longer calls her, she's been made prisoner in her own home. Any other supporters are too weak to move openly against him. England's no longer safe for you."

"You must leave England then." Dumbledore announced.

Snape nodded. "I know Headmaster."

Gideon frowned. "You're leaving Hogwarts?"

"I don't have a choice."

"But where will you go, where will you hide? Voldemort will find you."

"Do you remember when we saved Kaiya from the Coven? I told you I wasn't going to run and hide like some animal. I meant it. Mordred wanted me human and so he'll have it. He'll have me as I was when I was human. The Headmaster was right, this war can't be fought with shades of gray, it causes people to die that didn't deserve too." He inhaled. "So, I'm going home…to fight as I should have..."

"You're going to Akel Dama?"

"No," Severus said, standing. He looked composed. "To Hecate."

Author's Note: The end is near boyos. The Dark Prince is no more and Hogwart's has lost their Potions Master. Don't forget to tune for the last episode of this series: the return of Alexander Rouge and the fall of Voldemort. Same Dark Prince place, same Dark Prince time! Muhaha and check out my online diary for story teaser, spoilers and hints- drop me a line too- tell me if you guys want to see anything to happen before the story ends-

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