Sunday, August 20th

'I go back to Eton in September,' Mycroft said suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence that had descended. They had only left the bed to clean up; semen, in Mycroft's experience, wasn't pleasant when it dried. They'd crawled under the covers and had settled down to... cuddle. Mycroft found he quite liked it, especially when Gregory rested his head on Mycroft's chest. There would no doubt be time for more, later. But for now, Mycroft was rather comfortable with Gregory's warm body pressed against his own.

Gregory huffed against his neck. 'Tha's too soon, in'it?'

'Mm,' Mycroft replied. 'But I could always come back during the holidays.'

Gregory sat up to look down at him, his hair falling in messy curls over his forehead. 'Yeah?'

Mycroft nodded. 'I usually spend my holidays at one of our many homes. I could... come back here?' It was a question, because Mycroft wasn't sure what this was. Gregory was learning a trade, after all. He didn't have to stay on at Holmes Manor forever; he could move on to another Manor, another family, another young man who would notice his charming smiles and perpetually messy hair.

'I'd like that,' Gregory grinned, and Mycroft smiled in relief. 'I'd like you to come back. We could... you know, be like this, together.' He frowned suddenly. 'What about when you graduate? Some fancy school after that, I reckon.'

'Oxbridge, no doubt,' Mycroft replied. 'It's where all Holmes men go.'

Gregory's frown deepened.

'I could still come back,' Mycroft was quick to say. 'For... holidays.'

'And then what?' Gregory asked.

It was Mycroft's turn to frown. 'I fancy I'll have to marry, at some point; to carry on the Holmes line.'

Gregory scowled. 'Marry a woman? That wouldn' be any fun.'

'No, it wouldn't,' Mycroft agreed.

Gregory lay back down, his head now on the pillow Mycroft was using. His brown eyes met Mycroft's blue. 'Don't fancy marriage?'

'No, the idea has never appealed to me,' Mycroft said.

Gregory smiled slightly. 'What do you fancy, then?'

'I fancy moving into my own home, and having you be my head groundskeeper,' Mycroft answered. Gregory laughed. 'And I fancy keeping you in my bed, for my personal pleasure,' Mycroft added.

'I fancy that too,' Gregory chuckled. He licked his lips, and Mycroft found his eyes trailing down to them. 'Would tha' work, d'you think?'

'There would no doubt be talk,' Mycroft shrugged one thin shoulder. 'But I've found I don't much care for rumours anymore. I have wealth and standing; nobody would question me.'

'Wouldn' they?' Gregory laughed. 'Gonna threaten 'em, are you?'

'Mm-hmm,' Mycroft nodded. 'I'll do what I wish. I'll keep only a handful of trusted staff who know not to question what I do.'

Gregory smiled warmly at him. 'Have you ever been in love, Mycroft?' he asked, and Mycroft blinked at the sudden change of topic.

'I love my brother, mother and father,' Mycroft answered. 'Well...' he amended after a second, 'I love my brother and mother. I don't see my father enough to really know him, but I suppose I love him.' He looked at the older man. 'Why?'

'I meant love like married folk feel about each other,' Gregory said. 'Like... how you're supposed to feel about your wife.'

'Oh,' Mycroft said, pursing his lips. He let his eyes trace the soft lines of Gregory's jaw, up to his eyes and lashes, his smooth forehead and errant curls. He reached up and pushed them back, and Gregory leaned into the touch, making Mycroft smile. When he removed his hand, Gregory's curls fell back into place. 'I think I'm beginning to,' he answered honestly.

'Me too,' Gregory admitted. He leaned down and kissed Mycroft softly, and Mycroft found himself arching into it, his arms hooking around Gregory's neck to pull him down. 'If the world were a different place,' Gregory breathed against Mycroft's mouth, 'I'd marry you in a heart-beat, Mr Holmes.'

Mycroft smiled. 'This is enough,' he answered honestly and kissed Gregory again.


Author's Note: I'm not quite sure where this story came from, in all honesty. There's a bit of a Maurice feel to it; Greg's a bit like Alec, in terms of climbing through windows and stuff... really, I have no idea. I hope it wasn't too bad; I did a bit of research into the 20s, and 1922 in particular, but I probably got everything wrong. Anywho, I hope it was enjoyable, regardless of my horrible research skills.

Also, a very big thank you to the wonderful beargirl1393, who did a wonderful job picking up all my mistakes and suggesting a few things. You made the story that little bit better :]