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"The Rocker Chair"

By Darth Breezy

Author's Note and intro: This is a short story that takes place say in the /early/mid E-3 era. It goes on the assumption that Anakin knows that Padme' is pregnant (but it is still not commonly known nor accepted). Not a whole lot of angst or dark side stuff this time. Just a side note that sprang from another story.

    Padme' sighed and rolled over to look at the chrono and as soon as she realized what time it was she practically threw herself out of bed.

    "Anakin!" she shouted from the bedroom. "Why on Coruscant did you turn off the alarm? You knew I had a meeting this morning..."

    Anakin wandered into the bedroom, almost nonchalantly, carrying a cup of sweet tea. He was dressed in his leggings and light shirt and seemed completely unperturbed by Padme's distress.

    "You should go back to bed," he said gently. "You've been so unwell... and... and well... there's the baby..." He almost choked on this last sentence, still trying to wrap his mind around the situation. She had only told him of the pregnancy a week ago and had fallen ill so soon after that Anakin had not really had a chance to consider this new situation. Obi-wan had graciously, if begrudgingly, allowed him to stay with her during the illness and subsequently, while the council decided to on what to do in light of the new developments. While he was able to, he planned on staying with her as much as he possibly could. Padme', however, seemed to have other plans.