Madara sat down as he watched Obito become the Juubi's jinchuurinki. His plan has failed and Obito is now the jinchuurinki. How annoying, Madara thought to himself.

No matter. He brushed this aside. He will slowly figure this out, just like he always did. After all, he is Madara Uchiha. He always had something up his sleeve. He was not going to give up now. He just needed time. Time to think.

He could feel his mind churning and working. It was a little slow though. He wondered if the fact that edo tensei slowed down his thinking. But then again, probably not. Maybe, his mind is a little slow because he hasn't used it in a while. That is most probably the reason.

He watched as Hashirama and Tobirama fight against the Juubi Jinchuurinki. He noticed that even in edo tensei, Hashirama was still as beautiful as he used to be. His sharp jaw line, tanned skin and deep black eyes. They were all so entrancing and breathtaking.

Madara looked away, amused at the fact that thought even popped up. Even after so many years, things were still quite the same. But then again, maybe not.

He continued to think harder but nothing came to his mind. This annoyed him further. His gaze drifted and it landed on Hashirama. He was still fighting the Jinchuurinki.

How boring. They didn't even seem to make much progress. Hashirama seemed a little more tense and serious. Madara leaned forward and rested his head on his palms. He always liked watching Hashirama Senju when he was serious. The Senju clan were a very intense clan. And when Hashirama got serious, his eyes would focus so sharp that it could cut boulders. The air around him would grow heavy and he would unleash all his powers.

And watching Hashirama Senju at his best, was always a wonderful thing to watch. To see a man with so much power and to use it. That send chills running down Madara's spine. This was one reason why Madara love fighting with Hashirama. His powers were scarily strong and he was an amazing rival.

As he watched Hashirama fight, he realized that Hashirama have been ignoring him. This annoyed Madara further. How long does Hashirama intend to make him wait?

Rude. Madara scowled.

"Hashirama, I thought you were going to fight me?" Madara yelled out.

Hashirama turned, annoyed and glared at Madara. "Not now."

Madara understood the look on Hashirama face. He was obviously saying, Not now, Madara. Later. After I handle this. The village takes precedence.

Madara got up and folded his arms. "Of course. The village always takes precedence with you."

Tobirama didn't like how Madara was speaking to his older brother, so he shouted at him. "What would you understand?! You are not hokage. Of course, the village takes precedence. People like –"

Hashirama raised his hand, making Tobirama stop. This made Tobirama a little mad. Why in the world does his older brother treat this damn Uchiha so nicely? Madara obviously wouldn't understand a hokage's duties. It was to protect the village at all times. And his older brother was executing his duty. There is nothing wrong with that.

But why does his older brother stop him from yelling at Madara? Is it because they were friends or that Madara is his rival? Honestly, he couldn't tell but it sure as hell annoyed him.

"Yes, the village always come first, doesn't it? Well, your precious little village created all of this on it's own, didn't it? It created people like Obito and people like me. Isn't that just brilliant?" Madara scoffed.

Hashirama glared at Madara. He wished Madara just stopped for a while. Can't they just fight later? Of course, he wanted to fight Madara. But first, he had to handle this. Then, later, they can have their fight, somewhere far and private. And maybe, they could talk as well. It's been so long. He didn't want their meeting to be rushed and most of all, he didn't want to kill Madara again without understanding his true reason of going berserk.

This was what annoyed him about Madara sometimes. He spoke and reacted, like any other person. However, he never shared his true emotions. Not with him or with anyone. It was just confusing. If only they could talk, then, maybe, the whole ordeal wouldn't have happened. Hashirama never wanted to kill Madara but he had to. There was no choice. It was to protect the village.

He just wanted to get to the bottom of all this. All his life, he was haunted by the fact that he killed his own good friend. He just wanted to understand how their sweet friendship turned so sour.

Madara hated the way Hashirama was glaring at him. It was as if Hashirama was begging him to leave him alone. To not talk about this now. To ignore this.

"Admit it, I am right. This precious village of yours still created pain and suffering. It changed nothing." Madara was now mad.

Hashirama closed his eyes, "I made the decision to protect the village."

Madara clenched his fist. It's always the village first. He places so much importance on the village that it made him blind to the vices that the village could bring.

"You have always been a fool." Madara voice was sharp.

Everyone was watching Madara and Hashirama speak to each other. Hashirama felt everyone eyes on them and it made him feel comfortable.

"Not now. Later." Hashirama said in a soft voice.

Madara could see Hashirama's expressions and he swear he could almost hear Hashirama begging him in a soft voice, Not now. Not in front of everyone. Can we talk later in private?

Hmph. Madara turned away. Hashirama haven't change that much, has he? He preferred talking things out in private. A method that Madara never quite liked.

"Are you embarrassed that I am right?" Madara continued to taunt Hashirama.

This made Hashirama mad. He couldn't understand why Madara can't just wait a little while longer. Can't he see that there is jinchuurinki problem here?! He jumped towards Madara. Then, he pulled Madara closer, so close that their faces nearly touched and they could feel each other breath.

"Later. Now, are you an ally or an enemy?"

In the moment when Hashirama pulled Madara closer, he saw the surprise in Madara's eyes and for that short moment, he saw all the anger, rage and pain present in his eyes. But as quickly as Madara was surprised, he regained his composure.

Instantly, it made him feel guilty. Maybe, all this was his fault. Maybe, creating this village for peace was an impossible dream? After all, peace did coexist with chaos.

Madara was surprised that he angered Hashirama. Hashirama hardly grew mad. He was usually annoyingly cheerful and immature. He was like the bright sun, warm and comforting. As Hashirama pulled him closer, he saw anger but also a certain longing and regret.

Their faces were so close to each other and as both their hearts pound harder, they were breathless and their bodies tensed.

But Hashirama continue to look Madara straight in his eyes, waiting for an answer.

"An ally or an enemy. Does it really matter?" Madara looked away.

Hashirama released Madara.

Hashirama left and chased the Jinchuurinki. He needed to handle jinchuurinki first before he could sort out whatever that happened between the two of them in the past.

But as he chased the Jinchuurinki, he couldn't help but think about Madara and the way their eyes locked.

It was that same electric feeling that he had all those years ago. He wondered if Madara still felt the same.

And when Madara looked away, what did that mean? Was he sad? Mad? Betrayed? He couldn't quite tell. But if there is anything, Hashirama has to admit that if there is one person he missed, it was Madara. It made him slightly embarrassed to admit that but that man was unforgettable. He tried to push this thought aside. After all, he has more pressing matters right now, which is the Jinchuurinki.

Madara sat down as he watched Hashirama chase that bloody jinchuurinki. And it made him realized that, Hashirama still cared about him. Why? After, all that years, it shouldn't have mattered. Was he guilty that he killed him? Was he trying to make up to that? Or…was it something more that he couldn't comprehend?

Years have passed.

And yet, it felt like nothing had changed between the two of them.

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