The cost of blood

People don't choose their careers ; They are engulfed by them

John das passos


It was pure chaos as both slayers ran as fast as they could throwing themselves over a rather large and old looking tombstone. Faiths chest heaved as her lungs fought for air. She didn't know how long her and the other girl had been running but her body was rebelling, a sharp pain had begun in her side and every time she tried to take in a breath it pained her even more. Beside her Buffy sat with her back up against the cool marble, eyes closed and Faith could tell that she too was trying to regain some control over her breathing. Leaving Buffy to her lamaz style of breathing Faith cautiously peered around the side of the marker.

"what the hell"

No one was there. It couldn't be, there had been six maybe seven vamps right behind them if the one B had round housed to the face got up.

"where'd they go? " Buffy asked, looking as confused as Faith felt. Her voice was just a whisper in the hushed graveyard.

" I dunno" Faith whispered back,her eyes scanning the rows of tombstones and mausoliems for any sign of movement. There was nothing.

Turning back towards the blonde Faith winced, she could taste blood in her mouth and when she brought the back of her hand away from her lips there was a crimson smear. Buffy leaned back and closed her eyes again.

" that was wicked strange yeah?"

Buffy didn't reply, and for the first time Faith noticed how pale the other slayer had gotten. Shifting her body more towards buffys Faith said, "b?"

The blonde opened glassy eyes, and for a moment there eyes met " Faith, graduations coming….and we have miles to go…I don't want to be late" Buffy slumped against her then and that's when Faith saw the blood seeping through Buffys shirt.

"oh no no no" Faith pleaded pulling them both up on there feet throwing Buffy's arm around her shoulders, " you cant do this to me B. take you back like this and there going to think I did it"

Hoping the vampires that had been chasing them were truly gone and not some part of a trap Faith headed back towards Revello drive.

With the pain in her side growing with each step Faith stopped to adjust the other girl, the Summers house loomed before her but it seemed like a thousand miles away and her muscles screamed against Buffys added weight. Slayer or not they had both taken a pretty good ass whooping back there and even she could only handle so much. Practically dragging the unconscious slayer the last few feet Faith barged ungraciously through the front door.

The scene seemed to slow down before her. Giles looked up from a particularly ancient looking book and a long forgotten cup of tea. His expression turning quickly from one of surprise to one of concern. Xander and willow moved as one instantly trying to block Dawn from the unknown attacker. Anya just looked alarmed.

Faith all but dropped Buffy to the ground her own muscles finally given in to their exhaustion.

"Faith your hurt-" willow said stepping forward. The dark slayer shook her head, "nah Red im five by-" But the blackness was beginning to take over and Faith stumbled a little before falling to the floor beside Buffy.