Harry Potter and the Tails of Change

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A/N: This is a work of fiction, and I have altered reality from how JKR wrote things. First off, Nymphadora Tonks is a 6th year when Harry is in his first. Second, this story starts off in the summer between Harry's third and fourth years, so he has met Sirius, and knows he's innocent. Third, I'm having Harry be just a wee bit more intelligent, and have something more of a backbone by this time in his life. This story may include relations between two consenting females, so if that doesn't float your boat, you have been warned here, and can take appropriate action.

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Chapter 8: End of Summer

Harry and 'Dora spent the next couple of weeks getting Harry started on his Occlumency training, as well as conversing with Sirius, Dominique, and Remus about the upcoming year.

Sirius tells Harry about Dominique's plans to get him a trial, and his own progress toward achieving his second form.

Remus tells Harry about his conversation with Taena, the young Wizard twigging on how Miz Haslinger knew his age without Remus telling her, Mooney shaking his head as he realized he missed that, "All I can say, 'Kit,' is that Taena has shown uncanny knowledge of things she shouldn't know in the past. I think it's something she's learned over the years."

Harry blinks at that last, "What do you mean by that, Mooney?"

Mooney gives a wry grin, "I haven't been able to verify anything, Harry, but what has come to my research leads me to believe Taena knew Flamel when he was a kid."

The young Wizard blinks at this, then shakes his head resignedly, "I look forward to meeting her, should prove to be enlightening."

Lupin nods at this, "Any closer to finding form two, Harry? Enquiring werewolves want to know."

Harry sighs, "Not yet, Mooney. Though I can say that, without a doubt, it is another quadruped." He then pinches his nose, "Weird thing is, it seems to be hybrid of several creatures that I've come across."

Remus stares at Harry for this revelation, "Sort of like a Chimera?" he asks nervously.

The younger Wizard shakes his head no, "Not unless there are Chimera with the Teeth of a Basilisk, the Body of a Nundu, the wings of a Phoenix, and the Fur of a Demiguise."

The werewolf Wizard blinks at this summation, going paler with each addition, "It almost sounds like the events of your second year have been incorporated into the form, Harry. And as for the other two bits, well, I'd suggest seeing if you can find records of extinct magical animals. What's there sounds vaguely like what I remember a Kyreé being described as."

At this new name Harry studies his former Professor, "Name sounds vaguely familiar, care to tell me what you know of them, Remus?"

Remus nods, "Well, they seemed to be a wolf, but built more upon the lines of a great cat. Some of them had the limited ability to blend into the background, even when moving. And, lastly, they are the only known thing that's known to hunt Nundu," here the older Wizard pauses for effect, "and survive."

Harry blinks at this, "Whatever happened to them, Mooney?"

Lupin shakes his head, "No one knows. I just know that they haven't been verifiably seen since Hogwarts was founded, though it was rumored that Godrick had one as a Familiar."

Nym blinks at this, "And here I thought that Goderick's Familiar was a Gryffin." She then shakes her head, her hair changing from its normal Bubblegum Pink to a light Topaz Blue, "Though, according to tales older than Hogwarts, the more powerful the Witch or Wizard, the more likely they'll have more than one Familiar."

Harry looks to his wife, "This is the first I've heard of such a thing," then he gets a pensive look on his face, "though, I bet if I asked Hermione about it, I'd get chapter and verse." He then looks at Remus, "What odds would you give on me being one of the lucky wizards who has more than one Familiar?"

Remus cracks a grin, "Even odds, 'Kit,' and I would wager that most of your friends wouldn't take the sucker bet." He then pauses to think, "I think that any Familiars, other than Hedwig, will be drawn to you once you finalize the bond. From what I remember reading, Familiar bonds tend to happen once a Witch or Wizards' Magic gets strong enough, usually starting fourth year. Most times, the Witch or Wizard in question tends to Bond with the 'pet' that they brought with them, and have spent time around, which is why ninety percent of the animals brought to Hogwarts tend to be, in one fashion or another, partially Magical in nature."

Harry nods at that, "Makes sense." He then looks at Remus, "Has there ever been a study done on the strength of magic within a Familiar in relationship to the strength of the Witch or Wizard who they Bond to?"

A new voice, oddly and strangely accented, answers from above the gathering, "No, young one, there hasn't been, or at least nothing has ever been written down about such a thing."

Each of those present start in surprise before looking up and seeing what appears to be a messenger Patronus, but the color is a deep gold, and the shape is of a nine tailed Kitsune.

Remus sighs, recognizing the voice, which reassures the others present, "Harry Potter, may I introduce you to Taena Haslinger, mistress of Kitsune Magics."

The young wizard bows to the image, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, ma'am, I look forward to learning what I can from you."

Taena's Patronus gives a very mischievous look, "And I look forward to teaching you and your Bonded what I can. I just got done talking to that Headmaster of yours, and he's allowing me to visit the school, ostensibly to help oversee the TriWizard, but also to see how many others there are like yourself, young Mage, and can benefit from my teaching."

Lupin shakes his head, resignedly, "I can see that this will be an interesting year." At Harry's quizzical look, he explains, "We have a new Marauder in you, Harry; Myself and Sirius teaching you what we can; the Twins who may unknowingly start a Prank War; The TriWizard, which will bring the best and the brightest from their respective schools; 'Dora here who was quite the mischief maker in her time; and then you add in Taena, who takes the whole mythology of Kitsune being tricksters to heart; and I just hope that Hogwarts is still standing once this year is over."

Harry snickers, "Remus, it seems my life is like a well known Chinese Proverb: May You Live In Interesting Times. I do look forward to finding out if I can ever have what most folks would consider a 'normal' life."

'Dora smiles, then kisses Harry on the lips, "Husband mine, the very fact you will have two wives will prevent normalcy from being more than a fleeting thing."

Remus shakes his head, "Why strive for normalcy, 'Kit?' Aim for greatness, even if what most will remember you as is being the best person you could be."

The young Wizard nods at this, "Something that my Wives will have to help me with." At 'Dora's quizzical expression, "Undoing the upbringing that I went through, that emphasized being 'normal' above all else."

Remus sighs, then nods, "Something we have in common, 'Kit,' needing help to overcome ingrained behavior issues."

Taena's voice is heard again, "Well, it's a week until the First of September, Harry, you should be getting the books I sent for you to study within the next day or so. I would appreciate it if you'd read the first chapter of 'Twisted Tails - By Inari'. It gives an exceedingly good introduction into what I intend on teaching you."

Harry nods, "I look forward to reading it, ma'am, and I hope that you're up for the challenge that I seem to be."

The Patronus' image swishes its tails, "And what challenge is that, young Mage?"

'Dora answers for Harry, "My Husband seems to learn best by doing, or as one of my instructors would classify him, a 'Kinetic' learner."

Taena's Patronus looks very pleased at that, "Better than I'd hoped. Most of what I've learned myself has been through the same method, so I can fully relate. I would still do the reading, just so you're prepared for what's to come."

Harry nods, "Thank you, again, Miz Haslinger, for the opportunity that you're giving me. I look forward to meeting you in person."

Taena's voice responds, "As do I, young Mage. As do I." The image then dissipates, vanishing into millions of sparkling motes.

== Elsewhere ==

In a secluded Japanese dojo what appears to be a twenty something young woman, who is currently dressed in what appears to be an archaic set of Samurai Armor, though tailored and fitted for her physique, rises from a seated position, smiling, before walking out to the open courtyard, where she pauses to look up to the stars and smiles, "One to rival the Greatest Mages of History has started on the Path to Greatness. It is up to Him if he reaches his true Potential"

She then pads her way to her quarters, humming a tune to herself. Once she enters her quarters, she retrieves her wand from whence she hid it, pointing to several items around the room, then pointing at what appears to be an antique steamer trunk, and saying; 'hitomatome,' causing everything to settle itself into cubbies built into the trunk. After placing a few special items atop the clothing within, then securing the top of the trunk, Taena utters 'ridyu-su,' causing the trunk to shrink to the size of a brick, casing her to smile, "Now, to surprise that nice young man who's the headmaster at Harry's school."

With a flourish, and a pirouette, Taena vanishes from the room, with nothing except a shower of cherry blossom petals to show that she had been there.

== Elsewhere ==

Remus, returning to his apartment from a supplies run down Diagon Alley, with a few side trips down the tertiary streets for more esoteric ingredients, opens the door to find his girlfriend, Clarisse waiting for him.

"Hey there, handsome," the younger Were says, "I figured meeting here for or date would be better." She then looks down at her hands, "The landlord at my place is getting nosier, plus he's getting a bit more 'forward' since I started going out with you."

The older Were growls at this news, then shyly reaches out and lifts his girlfriend's chin so he can look in her eyes, "It's his fault, then, for waiting too long before noticing the beauty hidden within you." He then pads over to a table, which is next to the couch, and gets a small box from it, "I had meant to do this in front of my friends; my family, for lack of a better word." He then turns and goes down on his right knee in front of Clarisse, "Clarisse Hypatia Farnsworth, would you make me the happiest man in the known universe and agree to become my wife, my mate, my partner in life?"

The young Witch blushes as she takes in the fact that Remus just propose to her, "Yes, you silly man, I'll marry you." She then pounces him, causing them to end up sprawled on the floor, with her landing suggestively atop him, "Now, how soon do you want the ceremony to be, who do you want invited," here she gives a mischievous smile," and how soon d'you want to get started on having cubs?"

Remus smiles at getting pounced, then blushes at his fiancé's last question, "In the order you asked, angel; However soon you want it, depending on the size you want to have it and the ostentatiousness of the ceremony; Our family and friends, are who I want to invite, including a few of our Professors from Hogwarts;" and here he smiles and, embracing the younger Witch, nuzzles at her impressive cleavage, "As for the last, well, that depends on you, my dear, as until you're off the potion, all we're going to be doing is practicing making cubs." He then kisses her nose, and paces his hands on her bosom, "Enjoyable practice, though it is, I was taught that it was the woman's choice when and if she became pregnant."

Clarisse smiles at this, blushing prettily at the words, and where her fiancé's hands end up, "I haven't taken this month's dose, as the time it would need to be taken falls too close to the full moon, and it's been proven, at least amongst the Were community, that mixing the anti-pregnancy potion and wolfsbane can lead to some rather nasty side effects."

The older Wizard nods at that, knowing that the Were community has its own grapevine for passing on important knowledge that the Ministry and prejudiced people wouldn't share with those afflicted with Lycanthropy, "So, my dear fiancé, shall we celebrate the fact we're now more than simply dating in style?"

She blushes, then nods, before getting up and coyly smiling at the man who's her mate, "Only if you can catch me, beloved," she says teasingly before heading in the general direction of the bedroom.

Remus, grinning as he gets up, fires off a locking spell at the door, as well as a spell that activates the silencing ward around the apartment, gives chase to his dear mate, teasingly undressing her as he pursues her, happy in the knowledge that he's found his mate.

== Elsewhere ==

Somewhere on an island, close to Bermuda, close to the equator, a rather shaggy looking black dog is chasing a young, attractive, well proportioned lady, who's hair streams out behind her as she jogs in front of the dog, which does interesting things to her anatomy, as she teases her boyfriend, "Come on, Sirius, I know you're not in the same shape you were in as an Auror, but you also know working out as an animagus doesn't directly translate when you transform."

The shaggy dog nods at this, then points his nose at a group of stuffy looking wizards who seem overly interested in both of them, who had just apparated to the dune in front of them, something about their posture and stance screaming 'British Ministry Stooge' to anyone who has more than half a brain.

Dominique turns in their direction, with a curious look on her face, her wand slipping into her fingers from the disillusioned wand holder she has on her wrist, gesturing for Sirius to keep behind her, "Can I help you gentlemen? My name's Dominique Argent, and I might be able to get you where you wanted to be."

The three Wizards, each of whom are not exactly dressed for the tropical climate, stare at the Witch for a moment, then the middle one says, in an officious voice, "Madam, we're here on Official Ministry Business," the capitol letters easily denoted in his voice, "We're searching for an escaped convict who was reported to be in this vicinity."

Dominique nods at this, "Do you have permission to be down here, gentlemen? This isn't part of the Greater British Commonwealth, and the local chapter of the International Confederation of Wizards doesn't take too kindly to folks who come here without the proper paperwork being filed." As she's talking, she sends a quick, nonverbal messenger spell to the local Department of Magical Law Enforcement, notifying them of a potential problem. She then smiles, "And who may I have the pleasure of speaking to, gentlemen?"

The 'Spokes Wizard' grimaces as he takes down his hood, "My name's Walden McNair, madam, and these are my aides, Amycus and Alecto Carrow…"

At these three names, Sirius, still disguised as Padfoot, puts his nose into the back of Dominique's knee and traces out the letters 'D' and 'E,' carefully trying to alert his beloved just what sort of folks she's dealing with.

Dominique pats Sirius' head, understanding what he's trying to get across, then bends down to whisper something in the animagus' ear, "Do you think you could manifest some of the traits of the Grim, dear? I sent an alert to the locals, but any help's welcome."

Sirius nods at her, then nuzzles at her hands before quietly padding out from behind her, slowly letting out a growl and letting lose the one major trait he's mastered so far, the Grim's aura of fear, directing it towards the three Death Eaters.

As Sirius emerges from behind Dominique, McNair brings out his axe, though there's a nervousness to his posture, "Madam, you are aware what that creature is?"

Dominique chuckles, "I should be, sir, he's my familiar. Now, why don't you behave while we wait for the local authorities to come here and make sure that you're allowed to be here." She then places her hand on Sirius' back, making the appearance that she's keeping him back and under control, "After all, if there is an escaped convict hiding down here, I'm sure they'd love to know all about him or her, and be quite willing to aide in their capture."

The three Death Eaters shift uncomfortably under the gaze of the Grim animagus, then start at the sound of multiple apparitions around them, as the local Aurors make their appearance, their wands, and McNair's axe being held in a defensive fashion, for the moment.

The head Auror, a strikingly tall woman, walks over to Dominique and says, "Lady Argent, what seems to be the issue here?"

Dominique smiles, "These three gentlemen interrupted my morning workout with Padfoot here, and claimed that they were from the Ministry, searching for an Escaped Convict." She then places her hand on the Auror Captain's shoulder, "Padfoot here has taken a rather strong disliking to them, for some reason."

At this news, the Auror Captain blinks, then looks down at the Grim Animagus, then back at the professor, before stepping closer, and whispering, "Any particular reason for that strong dislike?"

Dominique nods, and whispers back, "They may be British Ministry, but they're also Death Eaters."

This revelation draws a hiss from the Auror Captain, who makes a motion to her team, before focusing on the Death Eaters, "Gentlemen, I'm Auror Captain McTaggert, cold you produce the documents which allow you to operate outside your normal jurisdiction?"

McNair fingers his axe, trying to bluster through, and trying to look superior to the female Auror Captain, "We've been sanctioned by the British Ministry of Magic to hunt down and bring back the fugitive Sirius Black, alive or otherwise, to British soil."

Auror Captain McTaggert nods at this, "So, then, you should have all the proper paperwork filed, signed by not just your Supreme Mugwump, but also countersigned by ours." Her team of five Aurors bracketing the three Death Eaters, leaving plenty of room for evasive maneuvers, as well as leaving Dominique and McTaggert room to move if needed.

Amycus and Alecto narrow their eyes, keeping alert to the movements of the Aurors, but in doing so, stop paying attention to Padfoot and Dominique.

Padfoot growls, deeply, bringing forth one of the other talents that he discovered Grim's possess; Chill of the Grave, which causes those affected to feel as if they're in the presence of Death. He then swiftly focuses his attention on the twin Death Eaters, an eerie glow coming to his eyes as he does.

Dominique notices this and gets her wand ready, smiling to herself with the fact that a sandy beach tends to be one of the better settings for a Transfiguration Mistress, with all the possible debris to use as base material in her spells.

McNair growls, "I don't need to file any stupid paperwork, you damned two bit mudblood whore," he then fires a purple colored cutting spell straight at McTaggert and Dominique, aiming for their necks.

At this action, the rest of the Aurors fire spells, mostly stunning and / or entanglement styles, intent on at first capturing the errant trio.

McTaggert drops and rolls to her left, away from Dominique, firing off a reddish black spell right at McNair's wand, yelling to her team, "La Ramita!" which is her team's trigger code for taking out the enemy's wands before dealing with the Wizard or Witch themselves.

Dominique, on seeing the spell headed in her direction, drops and rolls in the opposite direction McTaggert did, before casting a spell that causes a roughly man-sized figure to raise from the sand, and then charge at the closest Death Eater, which happens to be Amycus.

Padfoot, growling at the attempt on his mate's life, leaps over the incoming spell, dark flames engulfing his body as he charges for the other Carrow twin, unconsciously tapping into the most feared power Grim's possess; Spectral Flame Touch, where anyone who is bitten by the Grim is visited by visions of what awaits them on the other side of Death.

Several things happen in quick succession, McNair uses the broad side of his axe to deflect or intercept the spells time at him, though his wand is coated in a thick, amber-like substance that seems to prevent it from being used effectively.

Amycus manages to deal with most of the spell fire aimed in his direction, but Dominique's sand 'golem' successfully grapples with the Dark Wizard and eventually takes him out of the fight, encasing the Dark Wizard in a cocoon of thickly packed sand.

Alecto, on seeing what she believes to be a Grim coming for her, totally panics, drops her wand, and starts running away, which causes her to be easily taken out of the fight by a well timed spell from a dark-skinned female Auror, who gives Padfoot a wink when he looks at her, before returning her attention to the remaining Death Eater and casting a variant of the disarming spell which was created by the locals to deal with opponents who wield things other than wands, "Desarmarse.".

McTaggert, seeing the twins taken down, says, as her team surrounds McNair, "Surrender yourself, Wizard, and you may find yourself allowed to leave this area with nothing more than an admonishment to follow protocol, and a fine. Continue to fight, and your chances of returning home are significantly reduced, as are the chances of you doing so in one piece."

The remaining Death Eater growls, and spits at the ground in front of McTaggert, "The Ministry will hear of this interference in a Sanctioned Manhunt, Auror." He then brings the back of his axe to his lips, which triggers a portkey, taking not only himself but his accomplices back to the British Ministry.

Shaking his head, one of McTaggert's team sighs, "And one wonders why, outside of their shores, most countries have extra laws written especially because of their attitudes." He then turns to Dominique, "My lady, thank you for alerting us to this," he turns to McTaggert, "I'll inform the Conclave that there might be more intrusions by British Wizards looking for this supposed 'Escaped Convict?'"

McTaggert nods, "I'd appreciate that, Rae, and add to that alert the fact that there may be a greater chance that the invading Wizards, or Witches, may be Death Eaters, in addition to any Ministry affiliation."

Rae nods, then smiles at Dominique, whispering to her, "Don't worry, I'm on the team working on clearing your boyfriend there. Thank him, for me, for helping out here." He then Apparates out, with a soft 'pop,' leaving the rest to take Dominique's statement, and pet the 'tamed' Grim before taking their leave.

McTaggert smiles at Padfoot, "You might want to visit Gringotts sometime soon, you two, I believe the local Goblins have come across the means to at least disguise a Wizard's magical signature. I have a feeling that may be why those three appeared here, rather than go through official channels."

Dominique nods at this, "Thanks, again, Fiora. I don't think any of those three would have had any qualms about 'eliminating witnesses.'"

Sirius, having transformed once the rest of the Aurors left, shakes his head, "I hate to say this, but with those three, by the time you were killed, you would have wished for death many times over. The only one I know who might have been worse is my psycho Cousin, Bella."

Fiora nods at this, having gotten reports about the female LeStrange, "Just be careful, you two." She then gives Sirius a glare, "And if I don't receive an invitation to the wedding, I might remember some of the antics you got up to here before Dominique caught your leash."

Dominique laughs at this 'threat,' and shakes her head, "You, my dear friend, are at the head of a rather short list of notable people who will be attending our wedding. We're just waiting on the official word on my beloved's status before deciding on a date." She then turns to Sirius, "Though, if I can light a fire under certain judges' asses, we can do it sooner." She then rubs her belly, "Seems like there's a need to hurry things on."

Sirius looks at Dominique, his mouth agape, then he grabs her around her waist and lifts her up with a 'whoop' and a smile, "Whatever you need to help expedite things, beloved, you will have it. I now have two reasons to visit Gringotts." He then turns to Fiora, "I have been resisting the urge to act like a 'British Wizard' and not thrown Galleons at the problem until it went away, other than hiring one of the best legal teams that Gringotts could point me at, who also had experience dealing with the convoluted mess that is the British Wizarding Legal System."

Fiora nods at this, then smiles at Dominique, "Well, I will wish you well, and congratulations on the news." With those words, and a quick hug for the happy couple, she departs back to her office with a mutter of, "Now, back to the paperwork that this inconsiderate nimrods caused to be placed on my desk."

== Elsewhere ==

Up in the Headmaster's Office of Hogwarts, in an exceedingly thick black book, which would be multiple volumes if it wasn't for Magic, a page is turned, and at the top, a name appears, 'Aquila Hypatia Black,' with what appears to be her upcoming birth date, and the name of her parents.

Albus Dumbledore, alerted by the turning of this page, looks at the name inscribed and shakes his head, muttering to himself in an amused tone, "My word, I do wonder what this bundle of mischief will bring to these halls."

There is a knock at the door, to which he responds, "Enter, Minerva."

The Transfiguration Professor, and Head of Gryffindor House, enters the room and, seeing where her old friend is standing, comes over to see what has captured Albus' attention. Upon seeing the name in the book, she simply shakes her head, looks at Albus, and says, "Ten Galleons that she'll be a Ravenclaw," then with an impish grin, "And another ten that, should Severus still be here, he'll be pranked within the first week after the Sorting."

The Headmaster looks at Minerva, then chuckles, "For the House, I'll take the bet, and I'll say Hufflepuff, as for the Prank, I can't, in all honesty, bet on a sure thing, though I would think the young lady in question wouldn't wait for after the sorting." He then takes his seat behind his massive desk, which seems to be covered in various reports and sundry requests for supplies and things needed to run a boarding school which is populated by children nearing and entering puberty, "What brings you up here, my dear?"

Smiling, Minerva hands her mentor Harry's Transfiguration paper, "I've already marked it, but I'd like you to peruse it, and give me your feeling on what Harry postulates in this."

Taking the paper, Albus peruses it, his eyebrows raising in several places, his eyes meeting Minerva's in others, and a chuckle being brought to his lips, at a rather adroit turn of phrase, "Well, well, well, it seems our young student has come across something even I hadn't thought of." He places the paper down on his desk, "I hadn't had a chance to talk to him about his choice of electives, but I do believe I'll allow him to test out of Divination and into Runes. This paper, and the suggestions he's made, even if they require further modifications, could solve several issues that have been plaguing our world for longer than they should."

Minerva nods, "I showed the paper, without revealing the student's name, to our resident Potions' Master, as well as several others. Severus wrote down the suggested modifications to the Animagus Potion and has brewed the first batch."

Albus' eyebrows raise up, "It didn't blow up?"

Minerva shakes her head no, "In fact, it has passed all the standard tests that Severus has thrown at it, that are required before testing on a Human, or Werewolf, subject. He has gone to St Mungo's, where one of the other Potions' Masters resides, and they're seeking volunteers to test the new potion on."

Albus nods at this, "And what will be the ramifications be if Harry's hypothesis is correct?"

Minerva smiles at her mentor, "Well, if what I can get through the mutterings and veiled threats I've gotten out of Severus are anything to go by, Harry will be eligible to receive an Order of Merlin, Second Class, at the very minimum. If he had actually brewed the modified potion, rather than, in his own words, 'Allowing those with more experience in potions than myself to correct any mistakes I've made,' he would be eligible to become a Potions' Master, himself."

The Headmaster shakes his head at this, before smiling impishly, "And, what would you wager would be our dour Potions' Master's resultant explosion be like, if he discovered Harry was the one to suggest the modifications to the potion? Or, if Harry had 'discovered' the potion himself?"

The younger professor shakes her head, then laughs, "I'd imagine you could hear the outrage down in Hogsmeade, for the former, and Diagon Alley for the latter." She then smiles, "Harry has impressed me immensely, with this, and the reason I gave this paper an O++, and graded it with a 200%."

Albus' eyes widen at that, then tilts his head, "Has all the proper paperwork been artfully handled," to which his colleagues' head nods, "Good, I look forward to the results, this year."

A tinkling chime is heard, which Fawkes answers with a rising pentatonic scale, twinned with what seems to be an oriental melody. Albus turns his head to the Phoenix on his perch, "Ah, yes, Miz Haslinger should be arriving any moment now."

Minerva's eyes widen, then she grins, "Isn't she a friend of Remus' as well? I'm glad that more of my concerns about this coming year can be laid to rest with her being here, in addition to Alistor."

Albus nods, "Yes, I do remember Remus mentioning Miz Haslinger a time or two."

Suddenly, in a corner of the office unoccupied by anything, a pillar of white cherry blossoms swirls into existence, each blossom slowly dissolving into the aether to reveal the young looking woman within their embrace. Looking up, the young woman smiles as she sees the two professors in the office, and says, in an ageless voice that could belong to a woman anywhere between twenty and two hundred, "Well, fancy meeting you two here. Just who I was hoping to speak to today."

Minerva's wand is in her hand moments after the unique method of traveling manifests itself, then seeing Albus' lack of concern, as well as hearing a happy series of notes from Fawkes, relaxes just enough to wait for the stranger to introduce herself.

The young appearing Witch smiles more, "Relax, I come in peace." She then shows empty hands, "Albus here has met me before, though he may be curious as to how I haven't aged since then."

Albus smiles, "Relax, Minerva, I'd like you to meet Taena Haslinger, who I met shortly after my sister's passing."

Minerva's eyes widen at this, then she lowers her wand, "Indeed." She then smiles, "I imagine you have plenty to tell us about the youthful Albus, if you were so inclined."

Taena laughs, happily, "My dear Minerva, he is still a youth, to me." She then grows somber, "I ran into one of the downsides of being a Magical Animagus. One I hope that young Harry will escape."

Albus nods, "I take it you're here, to help with Security, and give any interested students teachings that aren't normally covered in Hogwarts' syllabus?"

Taena nods, "Though, to be honest, I could replace Binns and no one'd be too upset, other than loosing their nap time."

Minerva chuckles at this, "I look forward to having you here, this year."

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