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District 1

M: Luster Blackwell

District 2

M: Warrior Fantao

F: Quarry Jacobs

District 3

M: Fuse Browning

F: Circuit Fleming

District 4

M: Tide Watson

F: Marina Welch

District 5

M: Buzz Diomede

F: Surge Hallow

District 6

F: Road Nelson

District 7

M:Fell Marshal

F: Sap Martin

District 8

M: Fray Jennings

F: Thread Simon

District 9

M:Husk Rockwell

F: Grain Kingsley

District 10

M: Bull Oakley

F: Shear Casper

District 11

F: Orchard Bentley

District 12

M: Dust Zakowksi

"Bones, sinking like stones,
All that we fought for,
Homes, places we've grown,
All of us are done for."

"Don't Panic" by Coldplay

Chapter 15: All of Us Are Done For

Fuse Browning- District 3

My shoes keep sinking in the snow as I try to run to the pile of supplies that used to be a sandcastle. All of my plans of sprinting daringly into the Cornucopia to collect supplies disappear as bodies collapse around me. Suddenly, I spot a loaf of bread sitting on top of a blanket, completely unnoticed. Gathering my courage, I start of running towards the bread.

My heart almost stops when I feel someone grab my arm. In a split second, the hand spins me around, none too gently. Glaring at me is the huge, stocky boy from District 10.

"Why hello there, little boy!" he sings in a high-pitched voice. Panic freezes my mind, and I simply stand there with a shocked look on my face.

"Isn't it sad that you won't be going home to your mommy?" The smug look on his face sickens me, and I start to squirm.

"That's cute," the tribute sneers, instantly tightening his grip. Losing all my rational thoughts, I start kicking and lashing out, screaming the whole time. The boy doesn't even flinch when my feet collide with his flesh.

"This is brave of you and all, but I think I'm going to speed this up a bit." He releases my arm, and I immediately start running. Within two seconds, I feel his strong hands around my ankle.

"I hope you had a nice life," the boy says, yanking on my foot to send me face-first into the snow.

Before I can react, he lifts me into the air and slams by head into the snow. The blow sends immense pain throughout my body, bringing tears to my eyes. Over and over, the boy from Ten smashes my head against the ground. Tears and pain start to blur my vision as the assault continues. Finally, the pain and injuries take over, and all I can see is black.

Surge Hallow- District 5

The screaming and the killing around me force my once-collected mind into a jumbled mess. I have to fight the urge to stop running towards the weapons and curl up into a ball. Thousands of emotions join the mix of my thoughts, bringing hot, salty tears to my eyes.

Stop, Surge! I forcefully command myself. Get yourself together, and get yourself out of this! Inhaling deeply, I rocket through the thick snow, trying to form a plan.

Food, Water, Backpack. I make a mental list as I run, the abnormally large flurries cooling my burning face. Weapon.

As much as I hate to admit it to myself, the sooner I become a killer, the sooner I can get out of here. Scanning the crowd as soon as I reach the mound of supplies, I am horrified by the amount of blood that stains the snow.

The blood of people just like me. Practically children, all of them.

Surge, this is not the time to become emotional, unless you want to end up as a red splatter yourself!

Chewing my lip, I enter the chaos, feeling it overwhelm me instantly. I feel blind, tripping and falling with no direction. Finally, after feeling the chill of the snow soak completely through my suit, I spot a small blanket with two apples placed perfectly on it.

The apples make me slightly uneasy. There is not a single blemish or bruise on the deep red skin, and the cold sun glints off of them.

Dismissing these thoughts as paranoid, I pick my way over to the blanket, trying to make myself small and unnoticeable. My heart thuds, feeling that a blade is going to dig into my skin any second.

As soon as my fingers brush the soft fabric of the blanket, a cold hand touches my exposed forearms. I jump when our skin makes contact, almost screaming. Luster's triumphant face looks at me.

"Hello, Surge. Sweetheart," he greets me, dangerously.

"Luster," I reply carefully. I maintain eye contact with him and slowly draw the blanket closer to me. For some reason, it makes me feel safer.

"It's never a good idea to make enemies with a Career, Surge. Hasn't anyone ever taught you that?" Luster asks softly.

My heart starts to pound faster, and my mouth is too dry to respond.

"It's a pity, because your death could've been painless," he continues theatrically. "I just want to savor this moment." With that, Luster closes his eyes and inhales deeply.

In that instant, a small, wickedly sharp dagger falls out of the blanket into my hands. A wave of hope courses through me, battling the tendrils of fear, but then I remember that I'll be fighting against an older boy who's been training all his life.

When Luster's eyes open, he looks in surprise at the weapon in my hands, but doesn't lose his cocky smile.

"What a shame," he simply whispers, digging his sword into my arm suddenly.

A strangled scream erupts from my throat, mingling with the other horrifying noises around me. Blood pours out of the wound, before Luster violently rips the blade out of my skin. The pain I feel is absolutely unbearable, but I manage to roll out of the way before Luster's next blow connects.

Tears, sweat and blood mingling, I squeeze the handle of the dagger with my shaking hands. Luster raises his arms along with the sword, and I see my opening. Mustering my courage, I jab into his leg, cringing when I feel the flesh give away.

Luster doesn't even flinch, but brings to sword down on the same arm. The pain leaves me blind, but I vaguely feel myself pick myself up and flee, still clutching the blanket.

"Leave her, Luster. She'll bleed to death soon enough," another Career shouts. I stumble and weave through fallen bodies, aware that the fighting is calming down.

Every ounce of strength I have left fights against the growing pain in my arm, accompanied by many tears. I don't know where I'm running, but I sprint in a random direction. The sky darkens and trees shoot up over my head.

My energy disappearing quickly, I collapse against a tree. I'm too tired to take any safety precautions and I don't have supplies anyways. Slowly, I cover the bloody gash in my arm with fresh snow, hissing when the cold comes in contact with my skin. Knowing and not caring that my death is coming soon, I let my eyelids close.

Quarry Jacobs- District 2

"That was a disaster!" I holler, when Marina joins the rest of the Careers. "Do you know how many kills we made?" I continue.

"No," Warrior replies coolly. "Why don't you enlighten us, all-knowing one?" he mocks me.

"Not enough," I growl in return.

"Whatever," Luster cuts in. "Let's just start making up for it."

"So, we're hunting?" Marina questions.

"Not yet," I answer. "Let's wait for the tributes to settle down a bit. In the meantime, let's set up a camp."

Warrior gives me a dirty look, but doesn't say anything. He simply tosses me a bag of apples harder than necessary, glowering all the while.

I put myself in charge of sorting through the supplies, making a mental note of how many of each item we have. By the time I look up, the sky has darkened considerably, and dim stars are appearing.

"Huh. It doesn't seem like we've been here that long," Tide comments, speaking for the first time since the Games have started.

"Well…" I say theatrically, twirling my spear like a baton. "Time flies when you're having fun."

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