*Mitchie POV*

It has been four years since I have been at Camp Rock. I am now 20 years old. Let me explain who I am. Hey, I'm Mitchie Torres. I am a singer and I live music. My mom is Connie Torres, my dad is Steve Torres. Mom works at Connie Catering Business and dad has his own hardware store.

Enough with the past and me. Right now I am waiting for a big call. I am waiting to see if I got a big gig at this huge event.

Ring, Ring,Ring

"Hello?" I asked.

"Mitchie?" A male voice asked.

"Yes, who is this?" I looked confused.

"It's me, Brown." There was a pause on the other line.

*Flash Back*

"Nate? What wrong?" Mitchie asked, knowing that Nate does not call unless i

is important.

"Mitchie," Nate said trying not to sob. "It's about Shane."

"What happen?" Mitchie was now worried.

"Shane is in a coma. He was trying a new move out during mic check and he did it wrong. He fell off the stage, and hit his head." Nate explained.

Mitchie said nothing. She was not even breathing. She was too worried about Shane.

"Mitchie, I bought you a ticket to come down here." Nate said.

"Alright. I am leaving today." Mitchie said packing her things quickly as she hanged up with Nate.

The whole flight Mitchie was only thinking of Shane. As Mitchie got off the plane she spotted Nate. It was not that hard to spot him because he was the only one wearing sunglasses and a ballcap in doors. Mitchie ran up to him and he rapped her in his arms. Mitchie started to sob right then. They sat down waiting for Caitlyn to come. When Caitlyn came, they went to the hospital.

There was no improvement when Mitchie was there that week. But she could not stay because school was starting and she had to go back.

As school went on Mitchie could only think of Shane. She was still so worried. She made sure that Nate kept her updated. The one day Nate called,

"Mitchie, he is awake!" Nate said ecstatic.

"That's great," Mitchie said but was interrupted by Nate saying,

"But he has memory loss. He remembers Jason, Uncle Brown, Mom, Dad, and me. But when I mentioned you and Caitlyn he did not remember you. I am so sorry. Do you want to come down here to try get him to remember you?"

"No, it's alright. I don't want to force him to remember. Let fate do that." Mitchie sighed.

"I thought you would say that. Alright I have to go. I will call you later." Nate said.

*End Flash Back*

That was the last time I saw Shane. Nate and Jason still talks to me whenever they can.

"Poppet, you still there?" Brown asked.

"Yeah, sorry Brown. I was just thinking. Now what is this call all about?" Mitchie asked concerned.

"I want you back as a director at camp rock."

"Yes! Yes a thousand billion times." Mitchie said excited.

"Great. I will see you and Caitlyn at camp." Brown said.

"Caitlyn will be there also?" Mitchie asked more excited.


"What classes will I be teaching?"

"You will do vocals, guitar,and my advance vocals." Brown explained.

"Great and Brown no spoiling me with first class." Mitchie know that Brown will not listen but she has to try.

"Alright poppet. I will see you soon." He said then hanged up.

Mitchie was so excited. She made sure she had everything ready. She had to be there a week before the campers because she had to get prepared for classes.

Mitchie walked down the stairs with her louges. Her mom looked at her and smiled.

"So, what are you going to do a whole week with out campers?"

"Perpare leasons and get the camp ready." Mitchie reasured her mom.

"Alright. I will see you in a week." Her mom said.

Connie wasbgoing back and cook for the camp again. Everyone loves her cooking.

Mitchie madebit to the airport and got through lines. Then she remembered she does not have a ticket. She got to the ticket booth and the man said,

"Ticket please."

"I don't have one. My name is Mitchie Torres." She said.

"Yes, here is your ticket and have a nice flight."

"Thank you." Mitchie said taking her ticket and walking onto the plane.

"May I see your ticket?" A women asked.

Mitchie handed her ticket to the women. The women took her to first class and said,

"Have a safe flight."

I got out my phone and called Caitlyn. She should be bording her plane too.

"Hey Caitlyn."

"Hey Mitchie."

"So did Uncle Brown spoil you?" Mitchie askedntaking her seat.

"Of course. This is Brown we are talking about." Caitlyn said.

*Shane POV*

He looked over to the girl with dark hair girl three rows away from him. He thought to himself.

How does she know Uncle Brown? Why don't I recognize her? She is cute, I wonder if she has a boyfriend?