Okay so I deleted the story I had before this because I realized I didn't really have a plan for it and it was ALL over the place. But I got a plan for this one! So sit back, relax and 'read' it all unravel!

There she was lying in a sleeping bag, sleeping went "WAM" her body began shaking uncontrollably, jolting up and down, sweat poured down her face then just as sudden as it had happened it stopped. She sat up and looked around. She shocks the person next to her, the sleeping bag gave out a mumble and another girl rose.

"God damn it, Chris, WHAT!"

"Nothing. I mean, just. Never mind."

"Okay then, go back to sleep. We have a ways to walk tomorrow."

"Yeah I know. Sorry, Annie"

"That's her! The next slayer, the girl that is supposes to REPLACE BUFFY!" Xander said as he watched them on the T.V. like it was a movie. "Will, can you just turn you spell of." As his angry face melted in to pain.

"Now Xander, we all know no one can replace Buffy. This girl, this Chris, will take Buffy's Slayer respectability, no her place I promise you that." Giles said patting Xander on the shoulder.

"M-yy I um saa-y somethi-ng" Tara mumbled and turned to Willow who nodded "I-f there is one thing I learned whe-n my mom died is th-at, yyou nnever get oo-ver it never b-ut sooner oo-rr later th-at, they just become a part of wh-oo you are."

"That was sweet, thank you baby." Willow kisses Tara on the check and squeezed her hand.

"Yeah Tara is right. I miss Buffy as much as the next person but I am really tired of being moppy all the time." Anya said meaningfully then blurted out "I mean Xander does not even want to have sex."

"Only you Anya could somehow find a way to put sex in a meaningful conversation." Xander said embracing a smile as he said it

"I am very happy for you, actually wait" Spike said holding up a finger as if saying 'one moment' "No I am not. Anyway is this ganna turn in to a cry fest or are we ganna find out were this girl-with-a-boy-name is and bring her to Sunnyhell."

"As much as I hate to say it Spike is right we need to find out were she is so we can bring her to Sunnydale." Announced Giles

The sun pecked in the broken widows of a abandoned factory waking up Chris, who is obviously a light sleeper, she got out of her sleeping bag and rolled it up went to her bag pulled out tooth paste, tooth brush, and deodorant. After she had put on the deodorant and brushed her teeth she went back to her bag put all of it in the front pocket, and pulled out some jeans and a semi-clean T-shirt put them on and walk over to Annie. Kicking her sleeping bag and said "Rise and shine sleepy head, we head through a town called Sunnydale today. Witch you know means we are almost to LOS ANGALES!" a mumble came from the sleeping bag "come" kicking the sleeping bag again "on!"

"OKAY! Okay! Gosh, were did you learn to kick so hard! Like OW!"

"I'm sorry, but come on brush you teeth, put on some deodorant, and get dresses!"

"Okay! When did you become mom!" but once Annie realized what she said her face fell as did Chris's "Christina I didn't mean, I am sorry."

"Annie. Do you ever dream about her." Said Chris holding back tears

"yeah. She is always telling me what a horrible job I am doing raising you and then she laughs her golden laugh and hugs me an-"

"and tells you everything will be okay." They both smile weakly at each other "I just- I mean we all thought she would get through it."

"and then she didn't. I know how you feel Chrissie." Annie walked over and sat down next to Chris and started to braid her hair.

"what was it like?"


"Actually knowing mom. I mean I only know her for like ten years and then she was diagnosed and everyone always said 'she has never been the same since that surgery'. And I have wanted to ask you this question since she died in 1995."

"I didn't know you could be patient for that long." Annie laugh "waiting 5 years to ask a question now that's not the Chris I know" finishing the braid and got up went to her own bag pulled of her tooth brush and tooth paste "well, mom's laugh stayed the same, the same golden voiced laugh, but she didn't laugh as much. Also her bright baby blue eyes became a dull teal, her firie red hair started to turn grey. Ah and her smile slowly faded." Annie had gotten ready wale she told the story. She pretended like it was okay but Chris know it wasn't

"You don't need to pretend around me Annie, remember I am your sister."

"I know." The tears flowed down her checks and Chris hugged her and swayed back and forth comforting her older sister.

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