"NO" came Chris's voice shaking her sister's shoulders "ANNIE WAKE UP!" the tears streamed of her face on to the body.

Spike walked over crunched down next to her and placed his hand on her shoulder and gave an awkward pat. It was like the world flowed back, and she realized were she was and what had just happened. Chris stood up wiped her tears, then she did something funny, she pulled out her braid. Her brown hair was curl and just past shoulder length. Chris then picked up the body and began walking back to apartment. When they got to the apartment Chris kicked the door down and of the hinges. She walked right over it and laid the body on the table.

"She needed me." Chris spit the words out at Giles

Very ones mouth went into an 'o' and Anya walked over to Chris. "Tara said something right after the first time me saw you a couple months ago it was something like this 'you never get over it never but sooner or later that, they just become a part of who you are.'" Tara nodded. Chris gave a weak smile to Tara and Anya.

"Where am I sleeping?"

"Um, well. I guess Buffy's room." Willow said looking at everyone's face to make sure it was okay.

"Honey, what about the Buffybot?" Tara said

"Oh um, well we can move her to the couch can't we."


"Long story, we can tell you at the magic shop tomorrow." Said Anya

Willow and Tara lead Chris out the broken door.

"Oh Tara can you take Chris home on your own?"

"Sure baby."

Willow walked back to the apartment and snapped and the door was fixed. She walked up to the body a mumbled a chant and there was a 'pop' and the body disappeared.

"Where did it go?" Xander asked

"The morgue, duh. Tara and I will take Chris with us and we will bury, tomorrow."

"Can I come?" Anya asked

"An, that's sweet." Xander said giving her a nose kisses

"GROSS" Willow said smirking "we'll come by at noon. Bye."

"This is home-headquarters!" Tara said to Chris

"Tara? Why were you-" she cut of her sentence as she saw Chris "who is this?"

"Oh, um, well, Dawnie, this is, well"

Chris walked half way up the stairs to met Dawn. "I'm Christina by you can call me Chris." Smiling

"What are you doing here?" then turned to Tara "what is she doing here?"

"Well Dawnie, she is the new Slayer." Dawn ran up the stairs Chris followed. Dawn slammed the door, Chris knocked.

"Go away!"

"Listen Dawn, I now what you're going through."

Dawn opened the door "no you don't" and went to shut the door again but Chris stopped it

"Wanna put money on that?" and she walked into the room.

"I seriously think you're wrong."

"You just lost you mom right." Dawn nodded "and your dad doesn't even talk to you anymore." Dawn nodded a little more astonished "your sister took care of you and now she is gone to. It's like everyone around you I disappearing, isn't it?"


"And every single second you want to burst into tears and die but you know they would want you to be strong, right." Chris voice cracked alittle.

Dawn looked confused.

"We were in a fight, we. Well we had just gotten here-" The tears started falling out of her eyes. "And they told me, that I was, well the Slayer. She got angry and stormed out. I could have saved her! I COULD HAVE SAVED HER!" Chris melted in to a ball on the floor.

Tara walked into Dawn's room to find two crying girls both in there own ball rocking back and forth both mumbling things about there sisters. She sat down in-between them and put her arms around them. "Dawnie, Chrissie, I'm sorry babies. It gets better I promise." Once again Chris seemed to snap back to the world and stood up. Dawn on the other hand turned into Tara's embrace and cried some more.

They heard the door open then shut. Willow walked up the stairs and saw; Dawn crying into Tara and Chris standing against the door way with dried tears on her face. "Hey Chris how about I show you your room!" trying to brighten the mode

Chris looked up "um yeah." Following Willow she walked into a room with small white\green stripes a bed with a white/cream patterned bed spread there were two windows and a closet on the left side, on the right side a book case, desk, and a dresser. Chris walked right to the book case and graded off a book called 'The Chase' opened to page one and sat down on the bed. She set down the book and made a confused face. "Didn't you say there was a 'Buffybot' in here?"

"Yeah I moved it."

"You just got here?"

"Magic" Willow snapped and the book opened "see?"

"Cool!" walking up to the closet and opening it "so am I like, allowed to wear these clothes?"

"I guess, oh if you need anything just ask okay?" raising her eyebrows

"Got it." Lifting one eyebrow in return. "Shower?"

"Across the hall." Pointing to a white door with a bronze knob