The French veela looked around the Great Hall, searching for the black hair and green eyes she had come to love. The hall was the mess. Students scurried about, some trying to help others and others huddling together in fear. The injured lay on the floor, benches and tables, slowly having the life slip away from them. The handful of adults that were there were spread out among everyone, trying to keep there from being any mass panic. They were managing, but just barely.

And then Voldemort's voice pierced the chaos.

Harry Potter... The Boy-Who-Lived, come to die...

The voiced echoed across Hogwarts tauntingly. Everyone paused their actions and looked around. There was a complete silence. Fleur felt tears forming in her eyes.

Quite noble of you, to die for your friends and family... Well, your friends, at least.

The voice chuckled menacingly.

She had to help him. The blonde pushed her way through the crowd, intent on reaching the Forbidden Forest. Others had the same idea, rushing for the doorway of the Great Hall as well. The rest either stupidly stood in the way or tried to make a path. But Fleur was much more determined. She managed to make it out of the crowd before anyone else did and broke into a full on sprint. She ran faster than she ever had before. The blonde ran through the courtyard, eyes locked on the trees of the Forbidden Forest.


She was halfway across the bridge when the voice shouted and the green light flashed from behind the trees. It flared up into the sky in a massive green inferno, displaying the power of its user and the excessive force put behind it.



No. No. No.

She dropped to her knees and stared at the trees.

Someone had pulled her up a few moments later. She didn't know who. Her gaze was cast down to the ground. They brought her back to the hall and sat her down on an available bench. Someone handed her a mug of tea, but she simply stared blankly at the liquid.

She sat there, allowing the world around her to pass by. The Veela was like a statue, oblivious to what was happening around her. The dead and immobile were tended to by the injured. The injured tended to by the healthy, how few there were. What few did not have a task tried to find one or kept an eye on the forest.

He was... gone. Just like that. He hadn't even said goodbye to her. He had simply slipped away when no one was looking. Slipped away to his death. Who would do that? Who would walk away from their loved ones to certain death?

Only him.

Typical Harry. Of course he would. She smiled sadly. He always put himself before others, no matter the situation. But he couldn't have been greedy and selfish this one time... He could have had an ounce of self-preservation just once. He could have asked for help. He could have stayed. He could have stayed with her.

She turned the cup in her hand and ran her thumb across the rim. She repeated this motion a few more times, it having some sort of therapeutic effect on her.

He could have at least said goodbye. Exchange final words with her. Kiss her. Hold her in his arms one last time.

A tear ran down her face. She made no move to wipe it away. It traveled down her cheek and clung to the tip of her chin for a moment before falling into the tea. A warmth Fleur hadn't noticed in her chest before grew. Her eyes slid shut. She needed to control herself. If she didn't, she would've ended up hurting everyone in the hall.

But it was too hard. With all the stress and pressure of the last few months coupled with the loss of Harry, she could only slow it down. She could feel the warmth spreading from her chest to her arms and legs. She needed to find a release before she transformed/ She needed to find something to focus her emotion on.

"They're coming back!" A voice shouted. The noise in the hall dropped to a dead silence.

That was something.

Fleur stood at the front of the crowd, alongside some of Harry closest friends. She almost broke down at the sight of Hagrid carrying Harry's limp form. The warmth had spread throughout her body at this point.

"Harry Potter is dead!" Voldemort laughing menacingly with the crowd of Death Eaters. "Come forward and join us!" He grinned with his yellow teeth. "Or die."

There was only the sound of crackling fire for a moment. Voldemort scanned the crowd with his slitted eyes.

Fleur stepped forward.

"Well, I was expecting something more than Potter's half-breed whore." The Death Eaters broke out into laughter and cheers.

"You're wrong." Fleur stared him dead in the eye. The warmth was at the brink of bursting from her. She clenched her fists, she only needed to hold on for just a little while longer.

"What did you say to me?" Voldemort approached her incredulously. Fleur had every urge to turn and run, but stood her ground.

"I said, you're wrong. We may 'ave lost 'arry today. 'e may 'ave died for us, but 'e is still wiz us." She put a hand to her burning chest. "In 'ere. No matter what 'appens, 'e will always be wiz us. 'e is ze strength we 'ave to fight. Ze force zat keeps us fighting. Ze 'ope zat you will one day die." Then she let go.

The warmth burst from her chest in the form of flames. They spread across her entire body as her massive avian wings sprouted from her back.

"And I 'ope zat today is zat day."

"Merlin, Fleur, you nearly burned down the entire school!" Harry threw his head back in laughter. He winced and grabbed his bandaged side in pain. "Okay, laughing, bad idea."

Fleur watched him in amusement. The pair sat against a wall side by side in one of the halls off of the Great Hall. They had hoped for some privacy in the wake of their victory. The couple had managed to slip away in the celebration. Both were bandaged up, the healing potions being reserved for the more severe injuries.

Fleur rested her head on his shoulder and grabbed his hand.


"Yeah, Fleur?"

"Say goodbye next time."

Harry was quiet before speaking again.

"There won't be a next time."

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