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Sirius walked to the park, hands in the pockets of his muggle jeans. He saw James' dad sitting on one of the benches, mostly out of sight. Sirius looked at the elder Auror, an idea coming to mind as he approached him. "Hey Mr. Potter. Before we go, I have something to ask you…"

Charlus Potter looked up from the paper he'd been reading, a muggle paper that he'd found on the bench. He had been quietly marveling on the way the muggle Prime Minister had handled the public's reaction to an incident that he hadn't been able to tell them the truth about, as it dealt with the wizarding world.

"Sirius, is something wrong?" he asked, looking over his son's friend (and practically his adopted son) worriedly. Sirius looked worried, not an expression he was used to seeing on the former Black heir.

"Yeah," Sirius said, running a hand through his hair and shaking his head. "There's this kid, he's in the same year at Hogwarts as James and me. We used to think he was scum, a Slytherin through and through, future Death Eater in the making."

"Being in Slytherin isn't enough of a reason to arrest him, Sirius," Charlus said seriously, shaking his head. "I know your family is rather Dark, but that doesn't mean all Slytherins are, or that only Slytherins become Death Eaters." He understood the teen's attitude, he'd felt the same when he was that age, but his years working with the Aurors had shown him that there were Gryffindors who went Dark, as well as Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and yes, Slytherins. Slytherin simply seemed to be comprised completely of future Death Eaters because Voldemort's followers had, in the beginning, been comprised of only Purebloods in his House, and their children were raised to follow in their footsteps, oftentimes not given a choice.

Sirius cut Charlus off before he could explain that though. "No, it's not that. James and I, and Remus and Peter too, thought this guy was like them, but he's not. He's not a Death Eater." Not yet anyway, his mind added. But if they make the right offer…

"Then I'm afraid I don't see the problem Sirius." It was good that his son and his friends understood (much earlier than the elder Potter had, admittedly) that just because someone was a member of a certain House, that didn't mean they were good or evil.

"He's being abused," Sirius said bluntly. "By his dad. The kids a halfblood. Mum's a witch, dad's a muggle, and the dad hates anything magic. He got beaten just for going to Hogwarts! But he won't go to the Aurors, or the police." He thought that was what Severus had called them. "I tried to get him to come with me, but…well…"

"He doesn't trust you?" Charlus asked, sighing at Sirius' nod. Unsurprising, given how Sirius and James had likely treated the boy. If they thought he was going to go Dark, they would have made his life hell. "And you want me to…?"

"Make him come with us," Sirius said, as though it was obvious. "He can't stay there, and he says he doesn't trust me or James, but that can change. He's already calling me by my first name, and I was only there for a day and a half."

"Where would he stay, if he came with us?" Charlus asked, raising an eyebrow. He didn't mind that Sirius had invited the boy without asking permission first (the former Black heir would know that neither Charlus nor his wife would turn away the child), but Sirius wasn't thinking this through.

"Potter Manor?" Sirius asked, confused. Mr. and Mrs. Potter had taken him in, and Severus' home life was much worse than Sirius'.

"Having him spend the summer with two boys who had tormented him throughout his Hogwarts career?" Charlus asked skeptically. It was a very Gryffindor plan, and on one hand he did approve, but he also was wise enough to know that unless there was proof that both James and Sirius wouldn't bully him, then the Slytherin boy would never accept Sirius' offer.

"I can show you everything that I saw," Sirius said desperately. "Put the memories in a Pensieve and show them to the Wizengamot. Severus will have more, he can be a witness too. That horrible muggle that he lives with should rot in Azkaban." Muggles never were sent to the wizard prison, but Sirius thought that an exception should be made. No one should treat a kid like that just for being magical.

"And if the boy is too proud?" Charlus asked. "If he doesn't want to admit to what he sees as a weakness." Child abuse was rarer in the wizarding world, but it still happened, regrettably. He had seen a few cases where the child felt that they were weak because they couldn't fight off their abuser, because they hadn't been able to stop it. He had a feeling that Sirius' Slytherin 'enemy' would be of that sort.

Sirius' shoulders slumped. "We can't just do nothing! If we leave him there…two more years, and he'll be ripe for the taking. You-Know-Who will recruit him with the promise to get rid of his muggle father and Severus will join him." Even though he used to think that Severus would be a Death Eater, thinking about the dark haired boy taking the Mark now made him sick.

"What about his mother? Is she still alive?" Charlus questioned. If the boy's mother was still alive, they could try to speak to her.

"She doesn't care about Severus," Sirius said, shaking his head and scowling. "She's always working, and she knows what his dad is doing but doesn't say anything. Severus thinks that she doesn't like him because he was born!" No kid should be made to feel like that.

Charlus sighed. That was an all too common occurrence. Witches and wizards who left the magical world, for whatever reason, and married muggles, usually weren't pleased when their children were magical. Talking to the woman would likely be unproductive. He would either be told to take the child and good riddance, or told to leave because she didn't want the boy to leave. Without this boy, her husband's abuse would likely fall on her, after all.

Charlus ran a hand through his hair, looking at the pleading teenager in front of him. "Is there a way for us to be able to talk to the boy without his parents knowing?" No need to get the boy in trouble if there was nothing they could do.

Sirius nodded. "At night, probably. His dad will be passed out drunk, and his mum will be working."

Charlus nodded. "Very well. Tonight, we'll pay a visit to the boy and see what he says." He doubted the teen would want to stay with his former tormentors, but hopefully they would be able to think of something. He didn't want to leave the boy in an abusive home any more than Sirius did.