An 18 year old Naruto stood before a waterfall, the destroyed statues of Madara and Hashirama crumbling down to the ground. Naruto had a apathetic look on his face. It's been 3 months since his mates sacrificed their lives to save him from Madara's wood jutsu. Naruto watched as his 3 month pregnant mates desiccated before him before he blacked out and when he came to he had killed the entirety of the Shinobi Alliance as well as ripped Madara limb from limb. Still seething and full of guilt Naruto continued his way to achieving peace, which he killed every person that had the ability to use chakra, destroying scrolls and burning summoning contracts. It took about ½ a month to do it all, since Naruto started having frequent blackouts and when he awoke his victims would all be drained of blood while missing their heads. He had lived in solitude for a while to get control of his bloodlust again. He sealed away his estate and was now in the Valley Of The End where he destroyed the last statues pertaining to Shinobi history, currently he was looking at the graves of his mates; Anko, Kurenai, Mei, Samui, Tsume, Tsunade, and Yugao.

"My himes, I still don't understand why you pushed me out of the way and took the blow for me." Naruto said lowly as a flash of his mates ran through by a giant wood tendril through their hearts appeared in his head. "I know you all would want me to be happy, and I'll try. I mean I have eternity and it would be stupid to wallow in a decision that you all made on your own." Naruto smiled while tears streamed down his face.

"I love you all. Always and Forever." Naruto said before stepping back and walking to the middle of the lake, before he took a deep breath "I Naruto Uzumaki, have finished my duty to this world. Civilians have started on the path to peace. Now that everyone has been compelled to forget about chakra, and everything Shinobi related. The Biju are no more as I have sealed their power into me leaving them as normal animals. No one will have to worry about them or another Madara and Obito again." Naruto said before a chill went through the area and Naruto turned around to see The Shinigami.

"Hello Naruto-kun." Shinigami greeted, getting a nod from Naruto "You have brought peace. Not how we thought you would but you did. We are sorry for your lose, we had hoped that your mates, and children would make it." he finished

"By we he must mean the other gods." Naruto thought "Thank you, Shinigami-sensei. I was wondering, is it time for me to go yet? Being in this world reminds me of all that I have lost. I wish to start anew as soon as possible." Naruto said

"Yes, now as you know most of your powers will be gone. Everything you have recreated from the mangas that I gave you. Your blades will remain and your ability to manipulate the elements create a Rasengan, Fly and Flash Step will remain. As well as your Fuinjutsu knowledge and abilities. Silas and Qetsiyah will ask for things that are in your power to provide. This will probably be the last time we speak, but I'm not sure….Your clan and mother will be proud of you Naruto, me and the other gods are." Shinigami said before a flash appeared around Naruto

Vampire Diaries World

Unknown Island

Two 18 year old witches stood in a forest; one female, and the other male, their names were Silvanus 'Silas' Salvatore, and Qetsiyah Bennet. They were currently chanting as ten male bodies lay in a pentagram with torches lit aflame around the bodies.

The two best friends were summoning what they were told was a immortal man, that grants one wish to the individuals who summons him, the spell had to use ten sacrifices, and blood offerings to allow for it to work. As the torches blazed intensified suddenly the witch and warlock had to close their eyes from the intensity. When they opened their eyes they saw a man that looked about their age with messy blood red hair, with markings on his bodies, dressed only in black pants. They watched as the man looked around before he looked at the ten bodies around him on the ground.

Naruto looked at the two before him as they looked at him in amazement, before he saw the ten men laid out unconscious on the ground. Knowing that he needed to communicate with them but had no idea what language they spoke Naruto crouched down and using his Rinnegan , Naruto ripped the soul from the closest man to see that they spoke Aramaic, and he was on some island.

Deciding to be cliché Naruto asked "Why have you summoned me?" Naruto asked with an accent

"We did it, my love, once I get immortality we will be together forever!" Silas thought in joy

"He just ripped out someone's soul with ease. If I could get him to give me a child my descendants could be the strongest witches of all time." Qetsiyah thought "We summoned you to grant a wish for us, Lord Jubi" Qetsiyah said

"It's Juubi, how did you know about me if I may ask?" Naruto asked as the two mortals shared a glance before answering

"The elderly man, Shin told us about you, when he passed through our village. He told stories about you." Silas said getting a nod from Qetsiyah

"Shin…really he couldn't get a better alias then that." Naruto muttered "Ok, but what's in it for me." Naruto asked

"We have brought you ten sacrifices and blood offerings from friends of ours so that as long as their family lines live on this earth so shall you." Qetsiyah said putting the 7 vials of blood with names scratched into them; Donovan, Fell, Forbes, Gilbert, Lockwood, Mikaelson and Saltzman "Once you grant our wish we will give you our blood as well." she finished

"That's good." Naruto said with a nod before he raised both his hands and the ten bodies all seem to twitch before they all started snapping and moved as if they were being control as their arms snapped and they stood up their heads shot up and mouths open as blood from them and the vials rose in the air, much to the awe of Silas and Qetsiyah. As they watch Naruto drink all the blood the bodies dropped to the ground dead. Naruto walked out of the edge of the pentagram, feeling a huge dip in his powers as most of his abilities were taken. "At least my Dojutsu remains considering it's my bloodline and can't be taken." Naruto thought

"What is it you wish for?" Naruto asked

"Immortality." Silas answered immediately

"Ok, and I'll teach you what you need to know, and in a year from now I'll allow you to turn people." Naruto said

"That's fair." Silas said getting a nod from Naruto, before he and Qetsiyah watched as Naruto vamped out and bit his wrist before he presented it to Silas

"Drink." Naruto ordered Silas hesitantly drunk from Naruto's wrist before Naruto pulled his arm back. "Now for this to work, you have to die with my blood in your system. This'll only hurt for a bit." Naruto said before he snapped Silas's neck and took some of his blood.

Sighing Naruto turned to Qetsiyah to see she was looking at Silas's body with love, and suspension. "You love him, and yet your suspicious that he won't turn you." Naruto said getting her attention as she looked at him in surprise before she nodded

"Yes, his brother told me that he's been with a girl, and I don't want to believe it, but I know he has no reason to lie." Qetsiyah said with a sigh before she decided to get her wish granted "I wish for my descendants to be the most power witches to ever be born. You are the most powerful being I have ever seen. So I wish for you to help me start the Bennet Witch line." Qetsiyah said getting a surprise look from Naruto

"You don't want immortality?" Naruto asked

"No, not unless Silas turns me himself, Lord Juubi." Qetsiyah said this time saying the title correctly

"Ok, by the way call me Naruto, my name is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto said getting a beautiful smile from the woman before him. Then Naruto carried Silas body back to Qetsiyah's village.

A Millennia Later

It's been 1000 years since Naruto was summoned. Lots has happened, with him giving Qetsiyah a son and daughter, and her finding out that Silas was having an affair with her handmaiden Amara. Qetsiyah saw it as a betrayal, since they used her for her power, she was angry but Naruto was able to hold her off, until gypsies threatened their children's lives, so she went and petrified Amara and made a cure using Naruto's blood, then she imprisoned Silas with it. After she did it Naruto saw the pain in her eyes when she did that so Naruto gave her 2 more wishes. She used one to help her create a supernatural purgatory, with his Fuinjutsu and her magic Naruto was able to do it, with Qetsiyah being the ruler of what they called 'The Other Side'. Her last wish was when she asked Naruto to never leave her. Naruto nodded and using his blood he was able to deliver a concentrated burst that stopped her aging but didn't give her immortality. They had more kids that Naruto taught before she died in her sleep. Although Naruto was able to see her spirit, as the veil didn't effect him, he kept Silas company before he desiccated as Silas and he became surrogate brothers, he even offered to bust him out, but Silas wanted to die so Naruto respecting his wishes didn't bring it up anymore.

Naruto stayed in contact with his descendants teaching them, everything they needed to know. He was currently in what was called the Mystical Lands. Naruto had moved here with his descendant Ayana, he had helped her migrate here with her friend and the witch she mentors Esther and her husband Mikael. Naruto didn't like the guy all that much because he was always accusing him of trying to sleep with Esther. Which wasn't true as he had already slept with Esther on a number of occasions but Mikael didn't need to know that.

Mikael would never actually do anything even if he knew though considering everyone knew Naruto was the strongest person in the village. They didn't know what he really was though and Naruto liked to keep it that way. He had raised Mikael's and Esther children as if they were his own since Mikael never showed them that he cared, he was power hungry he was always hard on his children, but Naruto made sure that stopped when he was around.

Currently Naruto was walking through the village, when he came upon Niklaus and Elijah Mikaelson sparring, his gazed lingered on Niklaus for a moment as he could smell the wolf in him. As Naruto watched them spar, Henrik Mikaelson and Rebekah came pass him to watch as well, although when Rebekah saw him she slowed down and grabbed his dick. Making sure no one was watching Naruto grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss while groping her ass getting a moan from. Before she smiled at him and he dropped the illusion and she ran to her brothers. Shaking his head Naruto watched as Niklaus cut Elijah's belt winning the spar. Before Mikael and Esther came walking through the area and Mikael proceeded to force Klaus into a match. Seeing enough when Klaus fell Naruto shot forward and blocked Mikael's swing with his Masamune.

"Now that, your done trying to kill your son, how about you try to beat me Mikael?" Naruto asked with a smirk, before he pushed Mikael away, and helped Niklaus up. "You ok?" Naruto asked

"Yes." Niklaus said

"Stand over there, real quick. I'll show you how to handle your old man Nik." Naruto said getting a nod from Niklaus while Naruto blocked the slash with ease from Mikael who tried to get the jump on him. Ducking under the second Naruto clashed blades with Mikael and the two were in a standstill for a moment a Mikael glared at him

"You should stay out of my affairs Naruto! What I teach that boy has nothing to do with you!" Mikael growled

"And that's where you're wrong. You get angry every time Niklaus has fun, he is still a young man. He isn't some tool you can throw away simply because he doesn't work the way you want him to." Naruto said before he delivered two jabs to Mikael's chest, causing him to stumble back. As Naruto rushed in Mikaels eyes widen s he put his sword up only for Naruto's to slice through his with ease and stop at his jugular.

"Do it. Kill me." Mikael said as all his children watched his defeat, something that filled him with shame

"No." Naruto said taking his blade back "I have no reason to kill you, although I wish to for how you treat your children." Naruto said as he placed his blade on his shoulder "But don't tempt me." he said as Mikael stormed off getting a sigh from Naruto. "What a douche." Naruto thought as Esther went after her husband

"God-father," Naruto looked down at Henrik who called him

"Yes Henrik?" Naruto asked

"Can you forge me a blade like yours?" Henrik asked getting a chuckle from Naruto who bent down to one knee and ruffled his hair

"And why would you want a blade like mine?" Naruto asked

"Because it looks wicked!" Henrik said with glee as Naruto smirked

"That's right, but no I won't forge you a blade like mine. "You see by the time I was your age I already had forged my own blade." Naruto said with a smirk as he stabbed Masamune into the ground

"This is the blade you forged?" Kol asked as he and his siblings all stood around Naruto

"Yes, she and my Tensa Zangetsu were the first blades I forged, and I take good care of them which is why they haven't rusted or dulled yet." Naruto said proudly "I'll teach you how to forge a blade if you want." Naruto offered getting nods from the children "Ok meet me at my home, 3 days from now." Naruto said as he waved the children away. Naruto watched them leave, before he looked to the side to see Ayana.

"What am I going to do with you?" Ayana asked

"What did I do?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow

"If you keep up your relationship with Rebekah, she'll end up with child just like Tatia." Ayana said

"Hey, you act like I forced them into this, they wanted it and I gave Ayana." Naruto said with a shrug while Ayana shook her head "Are you jealous?" Naruto asked with a smirk getting a shock look from Ayana

"W-what are you talking about?" she asked

"You know, I have no morals about incest Ayana. With my lifespan morals such as that are simply annoyances." Naruto said with a dismissive wave "Besides I know you've been spying on me." Naruto said singly as Ayana sputtered "Ayana, don't deny it, after all your talking to the person who taught you stealth and how to sense people." Naruto said standing before Ayana as he kissed her forehead, before he walked inside.

"Mother and grandmother always said he was a horn dog." Ayana whispered with a shake of her head "But they did say that he gave them the most pleasure." she thought before stepping into the house herself.

A month later

It's been a month since Henrik's death by the wolves, a week ago Tatia went missing leaving Naruto to take care of his son. Rebekah and the others of the Mikaelson family have kept to themselves. Which is why Naruto finds it odd that Mikael would invite him over for supper. Knocking on the door Naruto watched as Kol opened the door Naruto looked at Kol and the smile that was on his face grew smaller. "I must be feeling under the weather, because there ain't no way in hell that Kol is a vampire." Naruto thought as Kol looked at him worriedly "What's the matter Kol?" Naruto asked as they walked to the table

"Oh…nothing's wrong just unwanted memories." Kol lied which Naruto sensed causing his eyes to narrow slightly. Naruto sat at the table to see all of the children along with Esther looking worried.

"Where's Mikael?" Naruto asked he saw everyone's eyes looking at him and behind him where he sensed Mikael lurking in the shadow.

"I'm here." Naruto heard Mikael's voice, turning around Naruto watched Mikael look at him before he vamped out and rushed him before to the shock of the entire family, Naruto punched him in the stomach before judo flipping him and slammed him into the table causing it to shatter. They all looked at him wide-eyed as Mikael crawled away from Naruto "Y-your, stronger then me. How is that possible!" Mikael asked

Naruto looked around with narrowed eyes before his gaze settled on Esther. "What did you do?" Naruto asked coldly getting shivers from everyone


"Tell me, you didn't turn your family into vampires?" Naruto interrupted before he smelled blood. Looking around Naruto found a empty wine bottle. Picking up the bottle Naruto sniffed it before his eyes widen and he vamped out.

"What are you?" Mikael asked, walking up to Naruto cautiously as Naruto placed the bottle down

"Pissed." Naruto said before he grabbed Mikael by the throat and held him off the ground thus allowing everyone to see his vampire features getting gasps from them

"I-impossible." Esther and Mikael thought

"Where is Tatia Petrova?" Naruto asked

"D-dead." Esther answered "I used her blood for the spell."

"You did what?" Naruto growled before he threw Mikael through the wall were his skull shattered rendering him unconscious

"Naruto pl-" Esther tried

"Save it." Naruto said interrupting her, before he looked at the 5 children, and calmed down "You all have fed on human blood, except you Niklaus?" Naruto asked as he sniffed around the room, as he got nods from them "Why?"

"I don't want to hurt anyone, so I feed off animals." Niklaus said looking off to the side

"You hate what you are." Naruto said as Niklaus nodded getting a sigh from Naruto "Ok here's what's going to happen, I'm going to teach you all how to control your urges. Because now that I know that it's been you guys and not the wolves that's been killing the village people, I can help you." Naruto said getting their attention

"First thing you guys need to change is your perspective." Naruto said getting confused looks from everyone "Humans see everything in black or white. If you keep that perspective you guys will feel guilty about your kills which you all do seeing as none of you have been getting much sleep judging from the dark lines around your eyes. Vampires are the living example to the term living in shades of grey. There are good parts to being a vamp and there are bad parts. I am going to teach you about both parts. Get some sleep, your going to need it." Naruto said walking out the house where Esther followed him out of

"Naruto!" she screamed causing him to stop "I'm sorry, I was angry I had lost Henrik and Elijah and Niklaus were fighting. I had to kill her." she tried

"Now her son doesn't have a mother." Naruto said as it was a secret that he was Tatia's baby daddy "You shouldn't have done that, all vampires take a human life Esther." Naruto said turning around to look her in the eye "And I do mean All." Naruto said getting a shock look from Esther

"Oh my god, Niklaus." Esther thought

"Create something that would allow your children to walk in the sunlight." Naruto said before going home.

Just as Naruto warned Esther, Niklaus took a human life, unlocking his werewolf gene. Mikael was enraged when he found out, and hunted down Niklaus real father then killed him and his entire family. When the wolves found out they were enraged. Esther had used some of the left over blood she drained from Tatia's dead body and bind his werewolf gene. Niklaus was enraged when this happed as his wolf side made him feel closer to the family he lost, but it was gone. Then his mother all but abandoned him, Naruto allowed for him to stay with him. Niklaus anger had festered and he had killed Esther. When he came out of his rage induced state ashamed of what he did, Niklaus lied and told his siblings that Mikael was the killer.

Kol, and Finn both fled while Klaus helped Rebekah bury their mother. Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah stayed with Naruto and Ayana for sometime where Naruto taught them about all their abilities and helped nurture them. He and Rebekah still had their relationship, and they all helped Naruto raise his son. Ayana had preserved Esther's body with a spell something that Naruto disapproved of.

In the later years Finn had a relationship with a woman named Sage, who he turned. A descendant of Naruto's created something known as the Hunter's Mark, for a group of 5 hunters that wanted to kill vampires. The hunters killed her soon after, not a day later Naruto killed each of them brutally but Naruto was unaware that they each had sons that the mark passed on to. Naruto had spoke with Qetsiyah and found out that she was the one who convince her to do the spell. Naruto couldn't look at her, because her obsession with making Silas suffer caused the death of their descendent. He forgave her later on seeing how sad and guilt ridden she was though. He had found out about the hunter's curse, when his mates had appeared and started blaming him for their deaths. A huge burst of chakra got rid of that pesky curse.

Naruto had heard rumors years later, that the sons of the 5 men he killed were slaughtered by Niklaus using some fancy kind of daggers, that put them in deathlike states. Naruto wished he could've been there when the humans found out that the daggers were unless against Niklaus. He heard that Niklaus had left Finn daggered while the others he re-awakened. The siblings had came to Naruto asking if a cure was real or fake, and Naruto told them that it was but it was hidden away. He had heard that Rebekah had planned to marry one of the hunters. News had reached them months later that Kol was making the Original family famous in the east because of his indiscreetness.

In the 1400's Naruto was in Bulgaria he had a affair with a married woman named Pearl, she had daughter as the result. The girl was named Anna, Naruto would regularly visit so he was in her life, when a illness swept the village Pearl's other children and husband died. Before they could perish as well Naruto turned them. He had moved them away from the village. As they traveled, Naruto trained them in their abilities and their urges Naruto had got them both daylight rings. After a year of traveling Naruto introduced Pearl and Anna to a bottle of Saki he had forgot he had sealed in his bicep, they couldn't handle it, and got drunk off their asses. Pearl had just made a friend with an 18 year old Katerina Petrova who was visiting Naruto for a couple of months. she had took her home with them and in the middle of the night the two women including Anna snuck into Naruto's room, where Naruto rock their worlds with steamy vamp sex. Although with Katerina she had wanted to be with Naruto since she met him when she was 12. She use to sneak out of her home to sleep at Naruto's house, when he stayed in her village. Naruto who was in the mood at the night had fucked each of them unconscious and forgot to render his semen useless so Katerina had became pregnant.

She was scared that Naruto would be disgusted of her so she tried to keep it secret. When Naruto found out he told her that they'll take care of it together. Naruto, Pearl, and Anna had been on their way to see her when she went into labor and Katerina's mother told them that her father had gave the baby away and banished Katerina. Naruto was so enraged, that he beat the crap out of her father. He had managed to get the baby girl but Katerina was already gone.

In the 1600's Naruto met a vampire named Rose after he sent Pearl and Anna to explore the world. He and Rose had a thing for some years. Where Naruto had showed her that it was alright to indulge in things she wouldn't normally be comfortable with, like threesomes for example. He had a friend named Alexia 'Lexi' Branson that he introduced her to. The three kept their relationship on for years before Rose left with Trevor when she heard that Klaus was getting closer. Naruto tried to make her stay but she wouldn't hear any of it. Naruto then turned Lexi in 1681 under her request, she and he traveled together before she went to check up on her left over family. After that using Tsukuyomi to make his compulsion stronger managed to compel the originals to forget bout him till he said otherwise.

In the 1800's Naruto returned to the Mystical Lands which had been renamed Mystic Falls. He had shape shifted into a 5 year old and was taken in by a woman named Mary, she had a husband named Giuseppe Salvatore. Later on she gave birth to two sons Damon, and to his surprise Silas's doppelganger Stefan. She died a couple of years later from illness. Naruto raised the boys as his own when Giuseppe started drinking and sleeping with his maids. Naruto later enlisted in the war, during his stay he had heard that Katherine had moved in, and his brothers were fighting over her. When he came back both his brothers were vampires and hating each other. He sent Stefan to Lexi when he found Stefan was becoming a ripper like Klaus had become.

Present Day

Mystic Falls

Salvatore Boarding House

"I never thought I'd comeback to live in Mystic Falls, visits to Mary's grave yearly was ok with me, but now that Stefan has found out about the doppelganger I know my brothers will fight over her. The newest generation of the Bennet witch bloodline Bonnie, her abilities are going to manifest soon. I don't want her involved with Vampires, but she will be because of her friendship with the doppelganger. So I'll stay to protect her." Naruto wrote looking down at the journal he was writing in. Naruto was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with a beanie that covered all of his hair with a leather jacket with some black chucks. Naruto sighed before taking on the visage of a 17 year old and putting up his journal.

Walking outside toward his black Bugatti Veyron 16.4. Naruto looked up to his brother Stefan, who was on the roof. "Yo, Stefan! If you want a ride, you better get moving!" Naruto shouted

"Alright!" Stefan shouted down to his brother, before looked to the sun "I shouldn't have come home. I know the risk. But I had no choice. I have to know her. I just hope Naruto is careful when he feeds." Stefan thought before jumping off the roof.

Gilbert House

Elena was sitting on her bed writing in her diary. "Dear diary, today will be different. It has to be. I will smile, and it will be believable. My smile will say "I'm fine, thank you." "Yes, I feel much better." I will no longer be the sad little girl who lost her parents. I will start fresh, be someone new. It's the only way I'll make it through." she wrote before she sighed as she looked at herself in her mirror

Gilbert House, Kitchen

Elena entered the kitchen heading toward the coffee machine her aunt Jenna Sommers was currently looking in the refrigerator "Toast. I can make toast." Jenna said

"It's all about the coffee, Aunt Jenna." Elena said as her little brother Jeremy walked in

"Is there coffee?" he asked

"Your first day of school, and I'm totally unprepared." Jenna said as Jeremy took Elena's coffee "Lunch money?" Jenna asked holding up the money

"I'm good." Elena said as Jeremy took the money

"Anything else? A number two pencil? What am I missing?" Jenna asked placing her things in her purse

"Don't you have a big presentation today?" Elena asked turning from the counter

"I'm meeting with my thesis advisor Crap!" Jenna said checking her watch before untying her hair

"Then go. We'll be fine." Elena assured when Jenna left she turned to Jeremy "You ok?" she asked concerned

"Don't start." he said drinking his coffee as he walked away, Elena watched him leave, before she turned around as a news update appeared on the TV behind her 'Missing Persons: Brooke and Darren'

Bonnie's Car

Elena and Bonnie are driving to school in Bonnie's car.

"So Grams is telling me I'm psychic. Our ancestors were from Salem, witches and all that, I know, crazy, but she's going on and on about it, and I'm like, put this woman in a home already!" Bonnie said as Elena who was smiling before she started to gaze out of the window as they drove by the old cemetery "But then I started thinking, I predicted Obama and I predicted Heath Ledger, and I still think Florida will break off and turn into little resort islands." Bonnie continued before she noticed that Elena was looking out of the car "Elena! Back in the car." she said with a smile

"I did it again, didn't I?" she asked while Bonnie just looked ahead "I-I'm sorry, Bonnie. You were telling me that…" she started

"That I'm psychic now." Bonnie finished for her

"Right. Ok, then predict something. About me." Elena challenged

Bonnie looked at Elena with a smile "I see…" Bonnie started before a crow hits their car surprising them shouting in surprise the car started to spin out of control before Bonnie got control again "What was that?! Oh, my god! Elena, are you ok?" Bonnie asked worriedly

"It's ok. I'm fine." Elena said

"It was like a bird or something. It came out of nowhere." Bonnie said looking worried

"Really, I can't be freaked out by cars for the rest of my life." Elena said with a sigh

"I predict this year is going to be kick ass. And I predict all the sad and dark times are over and you are going to be beyond happy." Bonnie said as they both smiled at each other before Bonnie drove off. The crow was on top of a sign

Mystic Falls High school/Outside

Stefan and Naruto were walking outside towards the school "You know it's not to late, for you to change your mind, Stefan." Naruto said

"For the 50th time, I won't change my mind, Naruto. I need to…"

"Yeah, you need to know her I know." Naruto interrupted "I should've never made that bet. I mean I expected him to ask for money, or help with his bloodlust but I never expected him to make me join him at school" Naruto thought "But you spent all summer stalking this girl,"

"I haven't been stalking her." Stefan defended

"Oh come on, your totally channeling your inward Edward Cullen." Naruto said with a smirk "Be careful little brother, you might start to sparkle." Naruto said before Stefan elbowed him making him chuckle "Are sure Bella, I mean Elena is worth it. 145 years I've tried to set you up with girls, and they weren't good enough, but you choose the girl that looks like Katherine" Naruto shook his head "You need to settle down, brother."

"This coming from the guy that has had sex with more than half of the women he knows." Stefan said looking at Naruto incredulously

"What?" Naruto asked seeing the look "It's not my fault, I'm desirable by the female gender." he shrugged as Stefan scoffed "But seriously though, I think it's the hair." he said patting the beanie

"Why are you wearing that beanie anyway?"

"Because I don't need questions ranging from "Do you dye your hair?" or "How much jell do you put in your hair?" Naruto said playing with his voice "Those questions and are my whisker marks tattoos get on my nerves." Naruto said

"Why not cover them up?" Stefan asked

"Um maybe because they are chick magnets. And if I'm going to be in this school you best believe that I'm going to make the most of it." Naruto said

"Awe it's not all that's cracked up to be." Stefan said

"This coming from the guy who has graduated what? 75 times." Naruto said

"Good point." Stefan said

Inside the school

"Major lack of male real estate." Bonnie said as she and Elena walked to her locker "Look at the shower curtain on Kelly Beech." Bonnie said as a girl wearing an ugly shirt walked by "She looks like a hot ' turning to Elena' can I still say "tranny mess"?" she asked

"No, that's over." Elena said leaning on the locker

"Ahh, find a man, coin a phrase. It's a busy year." Bonnie said opening her locker as Elena looked back to Matt Donovan, staring at each other, Elena waves to Matt but he just ignores her and leaves

Sighing Elena turned back to Bonnie who had seen what happened "He hates me."

"That's not hate. That's "you dumped me, but I'm too cool to show it, but secretly I'm listening to Air Supply's greatest hits."" Bonnie said as Caroline Forbes approached them.

"Elena. Oh, my god." she said as she hugs Elena, pulling away "How are you? Oh, it's so good to see you." she said before looking to Bonnie and asking "How is she? Is she good?"

"Caroline, I'm right here. And I'm fine. Thank you." Elena assured

"Really?" asked Caroline

"Yes. Much better."

"Oh, you poor thing." Caroline said as she hugs her again.

"Ok, Caroline." Elena said

"Oh! Ok, see you guys later?" Caroline said pulling back from the hug

"Ok! Bye!" Elena said with a wave, before she turned to Bonnie who was smiling "No comment." she said as they walked away

Outside The High school

"Don't take more than two in a six-hour window." Jeremy warned putting some pills in Vicki Donovan's hand who took them.

"Hey, Vicki," Tyler Lockwood called walking over "I knew I'd find you here with the crackheads."

"Hey." Vicki said as she hugged Tyler

"Hey, Pete Wentz called. He wants his nail polish back." Tyler said taking the cigarette that Jeremy was smocking

"Pete Wentz, huh? How old school T.R.L. of you. Carson Daly fan?" Jeremy mocked causing Tyler to try to walk closer to him, but Vicki stopped him

"Oh, Ty, be nice. That's Elena's little brother." Vicki said

"I know who he is. I'll still kick his ass." Tyler said before he and Vicki kiss, while Jeremy looks away

Outside The School Office

Bonnie and Elena were walking in the hallway when Bonnie stopped Elena as she looked at the two boys standing in the office "Hold up. Who are they?" Bonnie asked

"All I see is back." Elena said looking as well

"They're hot backs." Bonnie said

In the School Office

"Both of your records are incomplete. You're missing immunization records, and we do insist on transcripts." the secretary asked

"Please look again. I'm sure everything you need is there." Naruto said compelling the secretary, she looks at him with glazed eyes before looking down at their records again.

"Well, you're right. So it is." she said

Outside The School Office

"I'm sensing Seattle, and they play the guitar." Bonnie said causing Elena to giggle

"You're really going to run this whole psychic thing into the ground, huh?" Elena asked

"Pretty much." Bonnie said with a nod

"Jeremy, good batch, man." a voice was heard getting Elena's attention

"I'll be right back." she said walking off

"Please one of you be hot." Bonnie whispered

Boys Bathroom

Jeremy was taking eye drops when Elena entered the bathroom, as she walked by a boy came from the stall and jumped out of her way "Whoa! Pants down, chick!" he said walking out

Elena grabs Jeremy's face, looking into his eyes to see if he's high. "Great. It's the first day of school and you're stoned." she said letting him go

"No, I'm not." Jeremy lied

"Where is it? Is it on you?" Elena asked trying to search Jeremy's pockets

"Stop, all right?! You need to chill yourself, all right?" Jeremy said struggling to get her off of him

"Chill myself? What is that, stoner talk? Dude, you are so cool." Elena scoffed before continuing her search

"Look, stop! I don't have anything on me. Are you crazy?" he asked

"You haven't seen crazy, Jeremy! I gave you a summer pass, but I am done watching you destroy yourself." Elena said, Jeremy not wanting to hear what she had to say trid to leave but she stopped him "No, no, no, you know what? Go ahead. Keep it up. But just know that I am going to be there to ruin your buzz every time, you got it?" she asked before she realized she was in the boys restroom "Jeremy, I know who you are. And it's not this person. So don't be this person." she said gently

"I don't need this." Jeremy said before leaving

Outside The School Office

Bonnie was still watching Naruto and Stefan.

"Thank you." Stefan said while Naruto just turned around, when Bonnie saw them she gasped, as they walked passed her, but she and Naruto met eyes.

Outside Boys Bathroom

"Uh, pardon me." Stefan said as he bumped into Elena "Um. . .is this the men's room?" he asked seeing her just leave what read Boys Restroom.

"Yes. Um, I was just, Um—I was just—It's a long story…." Elena sputtered before she tries to pass before Stefan makes way for her. "Thank you." she said before walking pass

"You know, I'm trying to decide either you did that on purpose, or if it really was an accident." Naruto said as Stefan looked back to Elena

"Shut up Naruto." Stefan said

"What? I'm just saying." Naruto smirked taking off his beanie, as his spiky golden blonde hair with red highlights, and his jaw length bangs was seen. Immediately Naruto felt eyes on him, looking around Naruto saw all the girls looking at him with blushes although he couldn't tell with Bonnie. Looking back to Stefan with a smirk "See told ya, it's the hair." he said causing Stefan to push him playfully as he laughed and went to his locker

"Hello ladies." Naruto greeted to Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline who were gazing at him intensely

"Hi." they said together

Naruto was about to speak, when Caroline ran her hands through his hair "Um…" Naruto said lost, as that was completely random Caroline realizing what she was doing squeaked

"Sorry, it's just I've never seen anyone with your type of hair." she said

"It's ok, it's just that no ones ever actually ran their fingers through my hair within second of meeting me. Usually its questions about dye, or how much jell." Naruto said

"But I didn't feel any jell in your hair." Caroline said

"Because there isn't any, my hair grows out like this, what you see is my natural hair color and style." Naruto said opening his locker and placing some of the text books he had received from the office inside it. "I'm Naruto by the way, Naruto Salvatore." Naruto introduced

"Nice to meet you, I'm Bonnie Bennet. This is Elena Gilbert, and this is Caroline Forbes." Bonnie said introducing herself and her friends respectively

"Please to meet you."

"Naruto. Is that Dutch?" Elena asked

"No, my real father was of Japanese descent, and Naruto was the name of one of his ancestors." Naruto lied

"Real father?" Caroline asked

"I was adopted, by my mothers best friend."

"I'm sorry." Caroline said "My mind just seems to be confused today." Caroline muttered

"It's ok." Naruto assured "I've got use to the fact that I'm adopted.

History Class

"Once our home state of Virginia joined confederacy in 1861, it created a tremendous amount of tension within the state. People in Virginia's northwest region had different ideals than those from the traditional deep south. Then Virginia divided in 1863 with the northwest region joining the union." Mr. Tanner said before he continued talking

As Elena and Stefan exchange looks. Naruto saw the exchange, and saw Stefan continue to stare and sighed "You know, it would be easier if you took a picture." Naruto whispered as Stefan looked ahead but kept gazing at Elena from the corner of his eye

As Bonnie sent a text to Elena: One of the HAWT-ES. STARING U.

Elena looks at Stefan then back to the front with a smile.


Naruto was on the porch of a house knocking on the door, after a couple of moments the door opened and Sheila Bennet opened the door to see his smiling face.

Seeing the shock look on her face Naruto said "Hello Sheila."

"N-Naruto. Oh my god!" Sheila said as she hugged Naruto in happiness "I've missed you." she said

"I've missed you to." Naruto said pulling away as he walked into the house and closed the door. They walked to the living room where Naruto sat on the couch looking at the pictures. He noticed that the pictures of Sheila's daughter Abby were gone "She really did it." Naruto said Sheila knowing what he was talking about nodded

"Yeah, she abandoned her only daughter." Sheila said in sadness before Naruto grabbed her hand "Bonnie's powers will manifest soon." Sheila said changing the subject

"Yeah, and you'll have to give her this." Naruto said unsealing a blue version of the Shodaime's necklace.

"Where do you get these?" Sheila asked taking the necklace as it hummed along with hers

"I make them, using my chakra, and spiritual energy." Naruto said

"Do you think, Bonnie will be able to learn how to use chakra?" Sheila asked

"It's my hope that she would awaken her Dojutsu, her blood is more potent then yours and you're a prodigy among prodigies. So I and the past Bennet witches have high hopes for her." Naruto said with a smile.

Naruto spent the rest of the day with Sheila, as they both caught up when the sound of the door opening was heard "Grams!" Bonnie's voice was heard

"I'll see you later." Naruto whispered before flashing away, just as Bonnie walked in.

Salvatore Boarding House

Naruto was with Stefan, who was telling him about his trip to The Grill, as he was changing his shirt, when Zach Salvatore walked in with a newspaper getting their attention.

"You both promised." he said, Naruto taking the newspaper turn to the first page with Stefan looking over his shoulder

"This was an animal attack." Stefan said as they both looked to Zach

"Don't give me that. I know the game. Tear them up enough, they always suspect an animal attack. You both said you had it under control." Zach said

"And I do." Stefan said as Naruto gave Zach the paper back

"Stefan's on the Thumper diet Zach, I feed, heal, erase. The same routine since I've been in Mystic Falls. We haven't killed anyone." Naruto tried to assure

"Please, Uncle Stefan, Uncle Naruto. Mystic Falls is a different place now. It's been quiet for years, but there are people who still remember. And you guys being here, it's just going to stir things up."

"It's not our intention." Naruto said

"Then what is? Why did you come back? After all this time, why now?" Zach questioned

"We don't have to explain ourselves." Stefan said

"I know that you both can't change what you are. But you don't belong here anymore." Zach said shaking his head

"Where do we belong?" Stefan asked

"I can't tell you what to do. But coming back here was a mistake." Zach said throwing down the paper before leaving

"What's wrong with this generation, no one have any respect for their elders." Naruto said shaking his head "Don't think so hard on the attack Stefan, have a good night brother." Naruto said before going to his room. Stefan watched him leave before sighing and going to a closet, he opens the door where hundreds of journals dating back to 1864 were seen. He pulls out a journal with what looks to be a really old picture of Elena. The writing under the picture says Katherine 1864.

History Class

"The Battle of Willow Creek took place right at the end of the war in our very own Mystic Falls. How many casualties resulted in this battle? Ms. Bennett?" Mr. Tanner said

Bonnie looking up from her work said "Um . . . a lot? I'm not sure. Like a whole lot."

"Cute becomes dumb in an instant, Ms. Bennett. Mr. Donovan? Would you like to take this opportunity to overcome your embedded jock stereotype?" Tanner said before asking Matt

"It's ok, Mr. Tanner, I'm cool with it." Matt said getting a chuckle from everyone

"Hmm. Elena? Surely you can enlighten us about one of the town's most significantly historical events?" he asked again

"I'm sorry, I-I don't know." Elena said after a couple of seconds with a confuse look on her face

"I was willing to be lenient last year for obvious reasons, Elena. But the personal excuses ended with summer break." Tanner said

"There were 346 casualties. Unless you're counting local civilians." Naruto answered from behind his brother

"That's correct. Mister. . .?" Tanner trailed off

"Salvatore." Naruto answered

"Salvatore. Any relation to the original settlers here at Mystic Falls?" he asked

"Distant." Naruto answered

"Well, very good. Except, of course, there were no civilian casualties in this battle." Tanner said

"Actually, there were 27, sir. Confederate soldiers, they fired on the church, believing it to be housing weapons. They were wrong. It was a night of great loss. The founder's archives are, uh, stored in civil hall if you'd like to brush up on your facts. Mr. Tanner." Stefan said before Naruto could as everyone snickered quietly

"Don't be an ass brother," Naruto said with a smirk as Stefan looked back at him "No matter how much the douche deserves it." he finished as Tanner continued to look at the both of them

Party In The Woods

Naruto and Stefan arrived at the party, and Stefan is listening for Elena.

"Just admit it, Elena."

"Oh, ok, so he's a little pretty. But what about Naruto?" Elena asked

"Talk about hot, you know he has that romance novel stare." Bonnie said Naruto and Stefan share a smirk before Stefan walked off, just as Caroline walked up to Naruto.

"Hey! You made it!"

"I did. Thanks for inviting me." Naruto said with a smirk as Caroline smiled

"Well, let's get you a drink." Caroline said

"Sure." Naruto said as Caroline grabs his hand and leads him away

With Bonnie and Elena still talking "So where is he?" Bonnie asked talking about Stefan

"I don't know. You tell me, you're the psychic one." Elena said with a smile

"Right, I forgot." Bonnie said before she closed her eyes "Ok, so give me a sec. Grams says I have to concentrate." she said

"Wait," Elena said as she picks up a beer bottle "You need a crystal ball." she said as she gives her the bottle. Bonnie takes it and touches Elena's hand. Bonnie spaces out for a while, Naruto who was walking with Caroline to grab a beer, sensed the spike in chakra from Bonnie and turned to her to see she was spaced out before she came back to her senses, and abruptly pulled her hand back. Narrowing his eyes Naruto listened in.

"What?" Elena asked

"That was weird. When I touched you, I saw a crow." Bonnie said confused

"What?" Elena asked shocked

"A crow. There was fog, a man. I'm drunk." she said confused "It's the drinking. There's nothing psychic about it." she said shaking her head "Yeah? Ok, I'm gonna get a refill." she said walking away

"Ok? Bonnie!" she called before she sighed and turned around to see that Stefan is behind her.

"Hi." Stefan greeted

"Hi." Elena said a little awkwardly

Stefan seeing the awkwardness asked "I did it again, didn't it?"

"Yeah." Elena said with a smile as he face took on a small frown

"I'm sorry. You're upset about something." Stefan said seeing the change of expression

"Oh, uh, no, it's- it's just Bonnie. She's... You know what? Never mind. You're... here." she stammered

"I'm here." Stefan nodded

With Naruto

Naruto was talking with Caroline, when she was pulled away from him he took another sip from his beer to see it was empty. Throwing the bottle away, Naruto looked to see Bonnie walking to the cooler

Bonnie was confused as she went to get another beer, "I'm not a witch. Grams is crazy. There is no such thing as magic." Bonnie thought to herself, sighing she went to reach for a beer, when she saw it move pausing Bonnie watched as the beer shot out of the cooler into Naruto's hand. Looking shocked, Bonnie watched as Naruto smiled at her and put a finger to his lips in a shhh motion.

Bridge by the Party

"You know, you and your brother are kind of the talk of the town." Elena said as they walked

"Are we?" Stefan asked

"Mm-Hmm. Mysterious new guys, oh, yeah." Elena said with a giggle

"Well, you have the mysterious thing going, too. Twinged in sadness." Stefan said

"What makes you think that I'm sad?" Elena asked

"Well, we did meet in a graveyard." Stefan said

"Right. Well, no, technically we met in the men's room." she chuckled "You don't want to know, it's. . . .it's not exactly party chit-chat." she said sadly

"Well, I've never really been very good at, uh, chit-chat."

"Last spring. . my parents' car drove off of a bridge into the lake. And I was in the backseat and I survived, but. . .they didn't. So that's my story." Elena explained

"You won't be sad forever, Elena." Stefan said after a moment of silence

With Naruto

Bonnie and Naruto were walking in the woods "So your telling me that you don't believe in magic." Naruto asked

"No," Bonnie said taking a sip of her beer

"Well I don't blame you. I mean with all the supernatural crap that the media puts out." Naruto said shaking his head

"So can you show me something." Bonnie asked

"Sure, witches draw their power from nature. You can learn to control an element or all of them, the most common are" Naruto turned to her and held out his hand "Fire." as blue flames appeared in his hands "and Wind" a ball of compressed wind was seen. "My personal favorite is lightning." Naruto said as a chidori was in his hands Bonnie listened to the chirping sound it gave off as she had a look of awe on her face.

"Can you teach me?" she asked excitedly

"Not until your grandmother does. It's tradition in witch families to have the Matriarch of the family teach first." Naruto said getting a nod from Bonnie, Naruto suddenly looked up when he sensed someone nearby

"What is it?"

"Nothing, come one. I'll walk you back to the party." Naruto said as they walked back Bonnie and him made light conversation, when they made it to the party, Naruto was about to leave but Bonnie kissed his cheek. Looking at her, Naruto smiled "See you tomorrow Bonnie." Naruto said placing a genjutsu on her to forget about what he showed her in the forest for the time being

As she waved and walked away Naruto walked toward Stefan, and Elena. When Caroline appeared in front of him. "Hey! There you are. Have you been down to the falls yet? Because they are really cool at night. And I can show you. If you want." Caroline said

"I think you've had too much to drink." Naruto said

"Well, of course I have. So—"

"Caroline. Your very beautiful." Naruto interrupted as Caroline smiled "but I'm not going to have sex with you, when we only met two days ago." Naruto said getting frown from Caroline, reaching forward and caressing her cheek Naruto continued "When the real Caroline, decides to show herself, maybe it could happen if you want it to. I'll see you later." Naruto said as Caroline nodded to what he said before he walked to Stefan

"Hey, what's up?" Stefan asked

"Zach called, he needs help with something so I'm going to head back." Naruto said before he gave Stefan his keys discreetly. "See you tomorrow Elena." Naruto said with a smile

"Bye." Elena said as Naruto walked away, turning to Stefan she spoke "You and Naruto seem close."

"Yeah, he's always there for me, when our mother died he sacrificed a lot, since our fathers personality took a wrong turn." Stefan said getting a nod from Elena before she look behind Stefan

"God, you gotta be kidding me!" Elena said watching Jeremy stumble away

"What is it?" Stefan asked

"My brother." she answered

"The drunk one?"

"That would be the one. Excuse me." answered Elena as she hopped down from the banister she was sitting on, and followed Jeremy

"Need some help?" Stefan asked

"Trust me, you're not going to want to witness this. Jeremy! Jeremy!" she called


"Jeremy, where the hell are you going?" Elena asked

"I don't want to hear it!" Jeremy said looking back

"Yeah, well, too bad!" Elena retorted as Jeremy turned around only to trip over Vicki's body to see the blood from her neck

"Vicki? No! Oh, my god, it's Vicki!" Jeremy said looking back to Elena

"Oh, my god!"

"No!" he said placing his hand on her neck, Vicki awoke gasping for breath


Jeremy was carrying Vicki to a table "Somebody help!" Elena screamed

Matt who was drinking turned to see Vicki being set on the table "Vicki? Vicki, what the hell?!" he shouted running over along with Bonnie, and Tyler.

"What happened to her?" Tyler asked

"Bonnie, call an ambulance!" Matt screamed as Tyler turned and started pushing people away

"Everybody back up, give her some space!" he shouted

"It's her neck. Something bit her. She's losing a lot of blood." Elena said as Stefan from the crowed look at the scene in surprise

"Put this on her neck." Matt said "Vicki, Vicki, come on, open your eyes, look at me." he said before he looked up to see Stefan backing away and leaving in Naruto's car.

Salvatore Boarding House

Stefan pulled into the drive way before he ran into the house "What's going on?" Zach asked Stefan from his office

"Someone else was attacked tonight, Zach, and it wasn't me." Stefan said "Use the kunai, to summon Naruto." Stefan said before running upstairs as he enters his bedroom. A crow appears, from the open window.

Looking to the crow, Stefan turned back to the balcony and said "Damon." Damon Salvatore was standing on the balcony with a smirk.

"Hello, brother." Damon greeted

With Naruto

Naruto was at the cemetery in front of the angel statue he and his brothers made for his mothers tombstone. It took them a while to do it but it was worth it, as it had brought them closer. Placing a rose before the statue Naruto smiled "I'll protect, Stefan, and Damon mother. Promise of a lifetime." Naruto whispered before he sensed himself being summoned vanishing in a flash of crimson light he was gone.

Appearing in the office Naruto saw the kunai stabbed into the desk, looking to Zach Naruto said "What?"

"Damon is here." Zach said as Naruto nodded as he had sensed him "There was a crash and now Stefan and he are outside." Zach said

"Ok, I'll handle it." Naruto said before walking outside and around the house to see, Damon, holding Stefan by the neck with his vampire features shown. Narrowing his eyes Naruto flash stepped and punched Damon in the jaw, sending him to the ground along with Stefan who was gasping for breath

Damon looking up to see Naruto smiled slightly "Hey, big brother." he said

"Hey." Naruto greeted with a smile before his face turned serious "You both will not be fighting on this property. This little feud is getting on my last fucking nerve." Naruto said as Damon and Stefan looked away from each other "You both better find common ground, because I sense that things are going to be happening that could end up with one of you dead." Naruto said before walking away

Damon and Stefan looked at each other before walking away in separate directions.


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