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Chapter 4

The Minister for Magic

Harry awoke in the morning to a soft crying in his ear. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes and fixing his glasses he realized there was a weight on his chest and arm. Looking down he found Teddy awake and crying, Ginny still asleep on his other shoulder. Harry rubbed the small boys back and attempted to wake Ginny gently.

"Ginny," He shook her shoulder.

"Mhmm," She snuggled deeper. Harry swallowed.

"Ginny, I need to get up." Harry told her, jostling his shoulder a bit. Her brown eyes opened, still blurry from sleep.

"Oh, right." Ginny blushed, sitting up, realizing Teddy was crying. Harry kissed her hair, then took a firm hold on Teddy and stood.

"Hi Teddy," Harry gently bounced him as he dug through the bag of things Andromeda had brought with her.

"I'll take him off your hands for now Harry." Andromeda said apparently awake as well. Harry passed him over to his grandma who then proceeded to take the bag of things up to the bathroom with her.

"Come back here so I can sleep some more then," Ginny gestured to Harry yawning.

"I think you need to get up." Harry replied tugging her from the soft couch.

"I don't want to." She whined.

"Too bad," Harry grinned pulling her into a tight hug.

"I could get used to this." Ginny mumbled into his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist. "You're so skinny,"

"Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment." Harry didn't look too sure.

"I'm starting breakfast; Ginny will you come help me?" Molly asked popping her head in.

"I'll be in, just give me a moment." Ginny replied stumbling away from Harry and stretching her arms out.

"Yo Ron, Hermione," Harry practically yelled.

"I WASN'T SLEEPING WITH HIM!" Hermione shouted upon being woken. Harry began to laugh, along with Ginny. Ron stared at her with a 'she's crazy' look on his face.

"Wasn't accusing you," Harry taunted dodging a hex thrown from Hermione's wand.

"I hate you." Hermione told him.

"No, you don't." Harry teased poking her side.

"I really do, I didn't need almost a whole year spent wandering through mundane British country side."

"Well you told Yaxley the location of Grimauld Place." Harry countered.

"It was an accident!" Hermione looked exasperated.

"Hey!" Harry suddenly looked at them excited. "Kreacher!"

"Yes Master Harry," The elf appeared with a loud crack, sweeping into a low bow.

"Come with me real quick," Harry moved towards the kitchen. "Molly, do you need any more help?"

"No, no dear. You don't need to help." Molly waved his offer away.

"I was suggesting Kreacher's help."

"Kreacher?" Molly looked up in surprise.

"Kreacher, I want you to follow any order Molly or Ginny give you alright? Unless they tell you to kill yourself, don't do that one. Or killing me, or anyone; just don't kill anyone." Harry amended, Ginny smothering her giggles.

"Of course Master Harry," Kreacher bowed again then turned towards Molly and Ginny. "Kreacher is at your command Mistress Weasley and Mistress Weasley."

"Oh!" Molly was quite shocked at the change in attitude.

"We've come to an understanding on some things." Harry explained.

"Well then, Kreacher. Will you cook the ham for me?" Molly asked him.

"Kreacher would love to Madame Weasley." Then the old elf moved towards the stove and began to help with breakfast. Molly gave Harry a please look, Ginny passed him a wink, and he moved back to the living room where his friends were.

"I still find that incredibly strange." Ron commented. "He used to hate us. Blood traitors and filth,"

"Ron!" Hermione punched his arm with a small laugh.

"He's not so bad when you get to know him. He really had a lot of love for Regulus." Harry smiled fondly.

"Regulus seems like he would've been a nice guy to meet." Hermione commented.

"Maybe, I know he definitely treated Kreacher a sight nicer than Sirius ever did." Harry adopted a hard look. "The only thing I think I didn't like about my godfather."

"Weren't you supposed to contact Kingsley?" Ron suddenly piped up.

"Oh, yeah! Thanks for reminding me Ron. I'm going to try and floo him."

Harry stuck his head into the green flames. They couldn't hear his conversation so Ron and Hermione struck up one on their side.

"You do realize Lavender died in the war, don't you?"

"Brown?" Ron checked.

"The one who wouldn't snogging you, yes that one." Ginny yelled in from the kitchen. Ron went pink.

"What's the matter Won-Won?" Hermione teased.

"Don't call me that, I hated that nickname." Ron complained tilting his head back onto the couch.

"Aw come on!" Hermione was laughing so hard she rolled onto the floor, waking up Percy.

"No, I'm glad she ditched me."

"Only because you didn't have enough courage to ditch her," Hermione replied.

"Well, every time I meant to she just started snogging me again didn't she?" Ron pointed out.

"Do you still have that necklace she gave you?" Harry asked coming out of the fire.

"She gave you a necklace?" Hermione looked confused.

"For Christmas in sixth year he received a gold necklace with the words 'My Sweetheart' on it from Lavender, to wear mind you." Harry explained plopping down next to them.

"Well that's… that's… that's the stupidest gift I've ever heard of." Hermione stated coldly.

"So I can assume you won't be giving me one then?" Ron asked looking hopeful.

"Most definitely not!"

"Oh thank goodness!" Ron sunk down into the couch.

"How far back did you predict that we would end up together?" Hermione suddenly turned on Harry.

"Sixth year," He stated without hesitation.

"When in sixth year, might I ask?"

"When we were doing Snargaluff Pods in Herbology and you invited him to Slughorn's Christmas Party."

"Oh," Hermione turned bright red and Ron pink.

"When did you realize you liked me?" Ginny asked appearing in the doorway.

"Sixth year, your fifth," Harry replied pulling her down onto his lap.


"I'm thinking it started the summer before we returned. I was feeling a bit lonely you ditched me for Dean you know." Harry gave her a look, which Ron pulled a face at. "When we were in Slughorn's potions class there was amortentia in the dungeon and I smelled this flowery scent I connected with something at the Burrow. At lunch that day I smelled it on you."

"Harry you sound like a sappy romantic," Hermione commented from the side examining her nails.

"Who cares," Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny's waist. "What really ticked it off though was after Quidditch Practice when Ron and I came through that tapestry and saw you and Dean snogging."

"Jealous were you?" Ginny teased.

"Yeah I was, I wanted to rip Dean limb from limb."

"That's a bit more drastic than I was thinking." Ginny had wide eyes.

"I kept thinking about a different scene of you and me instead of you and Dean, kept telling myself: 'She's Ron's sister, Ron's sister'. I was always having arguments with myself about it in my head. Kept hoping you and Dean would split up, tried to convince myself it was older brother type of feelings. It didn't work."

"I'm glad it didn't." Ginny replied leaning down to kiss him, her long hair curtaining them from Ron and Hermione.

"I'm going to be stuck watching my best mate snog my little sister for the rest of my life aren't I?" Ron asked Hermione.

"Yes," Hermione replied with sarcastic pity.

"And Hermione's like my sister, so in all fairness I'm watching my best mate snog my sister too." Harry replied pulling away from Ginny.

"So we're going to be constantly paying each other back for snogging each other's sisters?" Ron asked glancing at Hermione.

"Exactly," Harry grinned over at them.

"I should probably get started on my revenge then right?" Ron gave Harry a knowing look.

"Only if the girl concedes," Harry shrugged.

"I am not conceding!" Hermione gasped jumping away from Ron as he reached for her.

"Come on Hermione, I haven't kissed you since the heat of the battle."

"Perhaps it'll stay that way too!" Hermione replied running from him.

"Not fair!" Ron called chasing her up and down the stairs and into the yard.

"How devious of you Harry," Ginny stated once they were gone.

"Alone time comes at a price." Harry grinned at her before putting his arm around her so they could sit side by side on the couch.

"What did the Kingsley want?"

"He wanted to come over and meet with Ron, Hermione, and me." Harry pulled her closer. "Said he'd be a half-hour,"

"That would be right about now, wouldn't it?" Ginny asked glancing up at the clock.

"I do believe you are right."

The fireplace was suddenly filled with green flames and Kingsley Shacklebolt staggered out of the mantle.

"I am here, where are Ron and Hermione?" Kingsley, still wearing his purple robes, checked in his melodic, deep, comforting voice.

"I'll get them," Ginny stood and walked to the door.

Once Ron and Hermione were situated on the couch with Harry and Ginny, Molly came in.

"Oh, Kingsley! What are you doing here?" Molly asked.

"Just doing a few things to fill my new post as Minister of Magic," Kingsley replied with a smile. "You'll get Arthur to won't you; it concerns your son Ron."

"Um, yes, I'll be right back minister." Molly rushed up the stairs, Percy stayed silent on his bit of floor. George looked up from where he had been staring all night. Bill and Fleur shuffled in along with Charlie. Andromeda and Teddy also returnedOnce Molly and Arthur were with them, Kingsley cleared his throat.

"The ministry would like to award the Order of Merlin First Class to Harry James Potter, Ronald Bilius Weasley, and Hermione Jean Granger for the defeat of dark wizard Lord Voldemort once Tom Riddle."

"First class?" Ron's mouth dropped open with shock.

"Also, Headmistress McGonagall has requested to give you three each an award for Special Services to the school."

"Blimey!" Ron looked excited.

"We'd be glad to accept minister." Hermione told him with a smile.

"Good, now that's cleared up." Kingsley smiled. "I had better get back to the office to try and sort out the mess Voldemort left us all in. Just had to take over the ministry; Harry, Ron, Hermione, if any of you don't wish to return to Hogwarts and have your seventh year you are more than welcome to apply at the ministry once all your funerals and such are over. We'd be lucky to have you three."

"Thanks Kingsley." Harry told him with a grin. "We'll be sure to think about your offer."

"I'll see you then." Kingsley was gone in another rush of green flames.

"Congratulations!" Molly began to cry as she pulled the three of them into a tight hug.

"Mum," Ron complained, but returned the hug all the same.

"Breakfast is just about ready, so everyone into the kitchen." Molly ushered them into the tight space. They had just enough room to move a bit when seated at the table. No one complained though and even left one seat open in memory of Fred.

"I'm thinking of going to Gringotts and seeing what's in my vault, I've heard I inherited the rest of my families money upon my turning seventeen." Harry stated for conversation.

"I'd better go with you Harry; the goblins aren't too pleased with you, Ron, or Hermione at the moment." Bill suggested pausing his eating.

"Is this because we broke into the LeStrange's vault?" Harry asked holding back a laugh.

"Yeah, they aren't too pleased you managed to get past their protective enchantments and then escape on the back of a dragon."

"Well, I did use the imperius curse on one of the goblins too, didn't I?" Harry asked Ron and Hermione, they nodded in response.

"They know that too, they might just try to kill you upon your reappearance in Gringotts." Bill said honestly.

"Yikes, I guess breaking in Gringotts really creates a vendetta on your name."

"I would suppose so." Bill laughed lightly.

"You wanna come with me Ginny?" Harry turned to her.

"And watch you get beat up by some Goblins? Heck yes!" Ginny grinned at him; Harry laughed pressing a quick kiss to her temple before returning to his breakfast.

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