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Velvet Rain
Chapter Ten: Fairy Tales
By: Bibly

Rock stood still as he stared at Bass, his circuits practically frozen in the bioroid equivalent to shock. What was going on? Why was Bass running at him, yelling like that and glaring at him with such soulless, hate-filled eyes? Why?

"Rock, move the hell outta the way!" Blues screamed as he pushed his brother off to the side, receiving the full force of the blow. As he rammed into the wall with a sickening crash, he quickly slammed his large arm cuff against Bass' helmet, sending the ebony bioroid flying across the room and into the desk that stood there. Using whatever time he had to spare, he pulled himself free from the hole he had created and raced to stand before the fallen Rock, falling into a ready battle stance as soon as he reached him. "Something's not quite right with him, Rock! He's not himself! Don't go near him!"

"But…but he's back!" Rock shouted from behind. "He's come back!"

Blues growled as he watched Bass rise from the shattered desk. "He's back, but he's not himself!" He formed his right arm into his buster cannon and began to power up as quickly as he could. I have to keep Rock away from him! No matter what I say, he's not going to believe that something's completely wrong here! "Just stay out of the way! I'll take care of this!"

"But – "

"I'll take care of this!!" Blues screamed at him, glancing at him quickly from over his shoulder.

Bass took this slight movement as a sign to attack, and shot a plasma blast at the eldest Light brother quickly, then began to chase after it, making sure he was a good ways away. Just as his programming had presumed, Blues shot off the blast he was charging in order to defend he and his brother, making a rather large explosion occur. Using the large smoke screen that had been created to his advantage, Bass continued to run forward, pulling his arm back and then bringing it before him as hard as he could, grinning to himself when he felt it connect with Blues' cheek. Another sickening crash was heard as the red armored bioroid fell to the floor.

Blues rubbed his face where he had been hit. "You…stupid…ugh! You punched me, asshole!" Jumping to his feet, he immediately dashed in the Wily 'bot's direction and aimed a kick at his side. It was easily blocked, however. Pulling away, Blues flipped through the air before lunging forward once more, this time ramming his shoulder into Bass' chest and smirking as he watched through the fading smoke as he stumbled back.

Rock watched what was going on from his place on the ground, wanting to believe that it was nothing more than a bad dream; that his brother and his love were not standing before him, kicking and punching the crap out of each other, one trying to protect him and the other trying to…to… He shook his head. He didn't even want to THINK such a thought! Bass wouldn't kill him! They loved each other too much, Rock and Bass. Bass would never return to being the way he was just to kill him. …But…what if it had been a lie? What if all the weeks they had spent together, talking, laughing, cuddling, making love…what if it had been nothing more than a lie? That Bass had done it just to get him to believe he loved him and then rip him apart from the inside out like some sort of sick, twisted joke? Rock felt fresh tears began to run down his cheeks once again as the thoughts ran through his mind, ripping at him, clawing at him, making him feel like his previous moments of ecstasy were nothing more than brutal lies.

"What are you doing back here, Bass?!" Blues shouted, blocking a mirage of punches. "Why did you come back?!"

"To kill Rock."

That very answer seemed to stab at Blues and hurt him more than any of the punches, kicks, or plasma blasts that had been thrown at him in the past few minutes. To kill Rock. That very statement, those three words…as soon as Blues heard them, he suddenly felt as if it were his fault. He had nagged Rock to reveal his feelings for the ebony bioroid so intently, so forcefully, that if he hadn't had said a single thing, none of this may have happened. They would have continued living the way they had been, and Rock wouldn't be sitting on the floor, watching through wide, tear-filled eyes as his brother and the one he had spent his most intimate moments with attempted to kill each other. …No. No, it was better that Rock revealed his emotions rather than have them kept locked inside, only to come out in some violent rage or something. But still… Maybe if everything had been kept a secret…

A swift kick to the chest brought Blues crashing to the ground once more, knocking him out of his thoughts. "Damn it!" he swore. Clenching his teeth, he hissed loudly just as Bass' buster cannon was shoved into his face. "What are you gonna do? Kill me?" he muttered, glaring at him from behind his sunglasses. "Your little fight's with Rock, not me, so why bother killing me?" Please get out of here, Rock! Hurry up and get out!

"…You're right," Bass answered coldly, lowering the cannon. "You're not worth my time. But he…he is." Within mere seconds, Bass was halfway across the room, making his way for the bioroid that sat in denial just a few yards away.

"NO!" Blues yelled, getting to his feet and following behind him.

"Stay back!" A loud bang sounded through the air as a charged plasma blast flew back, crashing into Blues' chest and sending him crashing to the ground one final time. He lay still, his yellow scarf fluttering slightly before falling limp next to its owner.

Rock whimpered softly. What was he to do? He didn't want to fight Bass, but he had to, or else he would surely be killed… There must be a way I can get him to stop… Maybe…what if I spoke to him? Yeah! That might work! Raising to his feet slowly, he watched as Bass narrowed the gap between the two of them. "Bass, please stop! You're not like this! We've stopped fighting each other like this weeks ago! Remember? I love you, Bass! I don't know how many times I've told you that, but you've said it to me as well! We're in love, Bass! Please try to remem – " He flew back suddenly when Bass' shoulder slammed into his chest. He flew through the air, smashing right through the weakened wall behind him and straight to the soft grass outside. He clenched his eyes tightly, then opened them. The skies were gray and full with rain – the perfect weather to such a perfect day.

"Now, you die." Bass' monotone voice rung in Rock's ears like it was mocking him, telling him that he had lost, that Bass was officially gone, and there was nothing he could do about it. Rock felt tears begin to well up in his eyes again, but shook them away as he stood up. Bass rushed at him once more, readying a plasma blast that was surely going to be aimed at Rock's main circuits, but the Blue Bomber jumped out of the way and kicked him in the back before he could get a clear shot. He could feel his insides tearing apart as they began to fight with one another, Bass' cold eyes digging into his soft blue ones as the shot at each other, barely missing the other as the blasts sounded and exploded.

Why does it have to be this way? Rock thought as the battle continued, memories of past pains flooding his mind. We were so happy, Bass… So happy with one another, it was like we were in our own little world… Why did it have to come to this? Why are we fighting each other to the death once again? Without truly realizing it, Rock charged up his buster cannon, bolted towards the ebony bioroid, and shot. The armor that usually protected Bass from any extremely harmful damage shattered, exploding into hundreds of tiny shards making way for the blast to run him through. Bass staggered back slightly before glancing down at the basketball-sized hole in his chest. Peering up at Rock once more, he growled loudly, giving him a glare fit to kill before oil began to seep out from the large wound and his mouth. Taking one last step forward, he collapsed to the ground, shuddering slightly as his circuits began to fry slowly from the heat that the blast had given off, his system slowly shutting down.

Rock stared down at him. What had happened? Why was he on the ground? And that hole… Where had it come from? Rock was confused. Everything that had just happened while he was locked in thought were nothing more than a blur. But as he stared at Bass' fallen body, realization slowly set in. The oil seeping everywhere, the fact that Bass was still and his now bare circuits and chips sparked with the last of the energy…

Bass was dying.

No: he was dead.

Rock blinked, refusing to believe it, refusing to accept that his love had been stripped away from him. He slipped to his knees, his eyes wide as he saw everything, yet nothing at all. He began to shake violently, his system freezing up as millions of thoughts ran through his head. It was his fault…all his fault. Bass is dead because of me… I…I… He wrapped his arms around himself, silent tears streaming down his face. What was he to do? What could he do? He couldn't think right; all he could do was deny everything that had taken place, but he couldn't accept it. He knew what had just taken place, but he couldn't…

A loud howl filled the sky. Rock's head snapped up to look at what it was. Treble stood just feet away from his master, stepping up to him slowly as he peered down at him, almost appearing to be denying the situation as well. Nudging Bass' limp form softly, he stood in silence for a time before howling in pain. Using his nose to hoist Bass onto his back, the two of them disappeared in a flash of light.

Silence fell upon the Light compound as Rock stared off into the forest, confused, saddened, in complete denial at what had just happened and what he had just done. His mind refused to believe anything, as if he was sure that it was nothing more than a nightmare and he would awaken. Rain slowly began to fall onto him and all that surrounded him, making everything around him blurry within the water's soft grace. A hand was slowly placed upon his shoulder, squeezing it lightly. Looking up, Rock spotted Blues gazing down at him, an unreadable expression worn on his face as he waited for his auto-repair system to finish his repairs. Rock looked at his own hands. Red, stained with blood, Bass' blood, his love's blood, all over his hands, his body, his supposed soul… Why? Why did it have to end this way?

Blues sat next to him and hugged him tightly, trying his best to soothe his brother's pain even though he clearly knew there was nothing he could do. "Rock… I'm sorry… Happy endings are only in fairy tales…," he whispered, closing his eyes as he listened to Rock finally break down, his body shaking so violently and his cries of pain so horrible that Blues felt tears began to well in his eyes as well. Tears for his brother, tears for his loss, tears for the happiness that had all found when peace rested between the two just hours earlier.

Soon, the wails of anguish were drowned out by the loud patter of rain against the ground around them, but neither of them bothered to move, only listening to the pitter-patter of the water and the loud, pain-filled howl that sounded into the mid-day sky.



Author's Note: As some of you may have realized if you read this earlier, I have added quite a bit, and changed some stuff around as well. Not only did Lauren-sama's recommendation on how I should have written Rock's reaction to Bass' death inspire me to fix it, but I was also pretty angry with the way I had written it out in my sleepy stupor, since this is now the way it was originally supposed to be rather than that "BASS! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU?!?!" way. Yeah. Anyway, I believe I may take a break from this lil' series and work on my FortexGospel one…but that all depends on if I get enough people to go, "NO! WE WANT THE SEQUEL NOW, YOU STUPID LOSER GIRL!!!" =p Yes, I need to KNOW people enjoy the story before I bother continuing it. I'm a loser that way.