Against All Odds- Chapter 15

Sitting back against the seat as Christian drives I start to feel the pain. First in my cheek where Jack slapped me and then in my hand from punching Elena. I don't know why but I suddenly started to laugh. "I always wanted to punch that bitch."

"You got her good too. I would have liked a video of that." Christian grinned over at me. "Oh baby your poor face."

I leaned forward pulling down the visor to peek in the mirror, "is it that bad?" Then I see it, already my cheek is taking on a bruised look.

"Let's head back to my place so you can ice that."

He heads back to his house as I remember my cell. I see that I also received the same pictures that Christian did. I gazed at them closely looking for any details. Jose is a photographer who prides him on his work; I know this is his work. As I stared them I frowned as I recognized something, "That bastard, this is from the first night."

I point to one of the pictures and cringe. It's me, god I was so drunk that first night when Jose picked me up in that bar. I remembered all the things he whispered to me on the way back to his place then when we got there I thought for sure he was kidding until I saw the room.

That room, supposed made for pleasure looked like a torture chamber. Everywhere you looked there were shackles to tie me down and things to torment me with. As I sat back against the seat I remembered details of that night. He tied me to the bed and came at me over and over again with rounds of pleasure still I screamed then pain so intense it brought tears to my eyes. Until this moment I thought that was what being a Sub was, enduring pain but now I wondered.

Turning my head I gazed at Christian, "did you hurt your subs too?"

With a tight jaw he eyed him for a moment before looking back at the road. "Sometimes but the point was to test their limits."

"But you always stopped when they used the safe word?"

"Yes Ana always." His hands tightened on the steering wheel and he reached over to turn the radio off. "The Sub is in full control, when they say red play ends. That is the rules."

"The rules." I laughed bitterly then closed my eyes. So many nights flashed in my memory that Jose did as he wanted, I remember the first time I used my safe word on him. He was so angry with me that for the rest of the week he barely spoke to me. "Christian, have you ever dated a Sub, like the way Jose and I were?"

"No, that never works. Ana a Sub is not, oh how can I explain this? It's not a romantic thing, it's just an arrangement."

"So you felt nothing for any of them?"

"I felt sexually attracted to them but if you mean did I love any of them no, I did not."

"So I was a fool to ever think that he loved me?"

"If you want a Dom's opinion, yes you were but Ana if you want my opinion as the man who is in love with you...there is no way anyone could not love you."

"I don't know what I was thinking; look how much time I wasted."

Pulling into the driveway quickly Christian parked the car then turned to me. "Stop it Ana. I will not let you blame yourself. It is over and now you will never have to worry about it again. Come on my little slugger, let's ice that cheek."

Inside the house I sat down on the couch at his orders while he grabbed an ice pack. As I sat my mind wandered, why did I think that just because Jose wanted to fuck me that must mean he loved me? Was I just such a great piece of ass that he was willing to lie to keep me? I groaned at that thought and shook my head. Looking up at Christian I whispered, "Can't I just run away again?"

"No Ana Steele you are not running. First because I would just chase you down. You are my heart, my soul and my life; I will not be without you again. Second, you are not in the wrong here and one way or another we will figure this out...together."

With that he gently placed the ice pack on my face as I gazed at him. "Do you have a playroom too?"

"Yeah I do, for now."

"For now?"

"I don't want to ever take you in there."

"Why not?"

"Look at me Ana." His blue-grey eyes softened as he gazed into my blue ones. "The women I took in there were just ones I wanted to have sex with, there were no feelings involved. When I was with them it was about me and my pleasure but...but with you it is the complete opposite. I want to see you writhing in pleasure and when you say my name it makes me happier than I have ever been. Before you I never made love."

"Never?" I blinked at him in disbelief.

"No I Ana I didn't make love, I fucked hard. It was for me, not them."

"I see, but what if I liked some of the..." I stopped searching for the right way to explain it to him.

His eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled at me, "you liked some of the rough stuff? Is that what you are trying to say as you blush bright red?"


Just maybe?"

"Yeah maybe."

"Well maybe you will never know then."



"You are mean."

"Is this mean?" He leaned over lightly kissing my bruised cheek then moving to my lips.

I moaned softly in answer and kissed him back. "If I am too mean maybe I should stop?"

"No, don't stop." I moved to pull him closer but my punching hand brushed against his shoulder I cried out in pain.

"Ana?" He gently took my hand kissing it then as he looked at me his face changed, his eyes darkened and I could not look away. "Watching you fight back against Jack, you are so strong. I had no idea how strong you were." He suddenly reached down to pick me up and slowly walked down the hallway.

As he carried me he continued to speak to me, "Then when you hit Elena, I just stared. I have never seen that side of you Ana. Maybe we can do both." He hesitated in front of a door that I had not noticed before at the end of the hallway. He kicked it open and I gazed for the first time into Christian's playroom.

"Do both?" I look around, I see many of the same things that Jose had but being in here with Christian it just felt different. Instead of being afraid I could feel myself growing excited. "You mean you would want me in here?"

"I was thinking of just emptying out this room until today." He told me as he walked over to a cross against the wall. After placing me on my feet Christian started kissing me hard and fast as he pushed me gently against that cross. The cold leather against my back and his warm body pressing against me made me even more excited. "Ana do you trust me?"

Not missing a beat I kissed him back just as hard and wrapped one leg around his leg. I whispered back to him, "I trust you with my life Christian."

"Promise to use your safe word if needed?"

"Yes sir." I answered as a Sub but he stopped kissing me pulling back in horror.

"No, never sir to you Ana. We are lovers, equals even in this room. This is play nothing more, you are not my Sub."

"I understand that Christian and I want to play." I pulled him back to me kissing him hard.

"Very well my love, let's try something then." He pushed me back against the cross hard this time with a cocky grin on his face. "First I want you to strip down. I have wanted to fuck you since I watched you punch that bitch."

He moved after from me then disappearing into the hallway as I stripped down. The lights dimmed suddenly and I heard music come on. Swaying my hips I leaned back against the cross as I sang. When Christian came back into the room he just stopped in the doorway staring me.

With a playful smirk I turned to lean my breasts on the cross as I shook my ass at him but that was when he took charge. He slammed me into the cross with his body pressing against mine. I moaned as I felt his jeans brush against my bare skin while he shackled my arms up on the sides of the cross.

"Now my love, this is going to be short and sweet I fear. Seeing you shaking your ass like that has got me ready to fuck you." He ground against me, "feel that? You did that and Ana I am not fighting it. I want you now."

With that I felt his hands push my hips against the cross hard while his legs pushed mine open and with one hard thrust he buried himself deep inside me. I cried out in surprise and then moaned in sweet pleasure as he slowly rotated his hips before he started pounding into me harder and deeper than he had the night before. Each thrust hit me in places that made me wetter and louder.

His name is all I remember saying as he took him higher and higher till I exploded around him. My knees wobbled and I let the shackles hold me up as I let myself get lost in this moment. My whole body was on fire with the heat between us and then I felt him release inside me with a hard thrust that made me whimper as I shook hard.

"Ana...what you do to me." He whispered hoarsely as he leaned forward to rest his head against my shoulder.

"I think it's what you do to me."

That made him laugh, "Oh Ms. Steele, I am not done with you yet."

"Is that so?" I clenched my legs together and heard him groan in response.

"Do that again and I will be spanking you."

"Spanking?" I gazed at him and I squeezed myself tight around him again.

"Damn it Ana, you want to be spanked?"

Without a word I gave his answer by squeezing myself tighter around him and then swaying my hips side to side. I gasped as he pulled out of me then I felt a sharp tingling on one side my ass as his hand slapped it.

"Fuck..." I muttered then cried out as I felt another.

"Count." I heard the command. One I had heard many times before but this time it sounded different to my ears. Maybe it was because I was with someone like Christian and this time I was not worried about being a perfect sub. I was just lost in this moment of him and me and pleasure

"One, Two!" I cried out instantly then again as I felt another slap. "Three."

"Your ass is quite tempting but I think three is enough. Now Ms. Steele, come with me."

Falling back against him as he released me I slowly turned to face him. He pulled me with him to the bed. Lying on his bed he stared at me. "I want to watch you."

"Watch me?" I grinned at him knowing what he wanted; the sight of him was just too tempting to tease him so I climbed over him at once.

"Yes watch you over me. I want to see your face this time."

I didn't know what to say but instead I let myself go launching myself at Christian leaning down to kiss his lips as I eased him back inside my body. With a moan I start rocking my hips at once.

"Lean up let me see you."

I let him push me up to straddling him and with our fingers entwined I rode him slowly at first but then as he bucked at him harder and faster till the sight of him under me pushed me over the edge. Clenching his fingers I closed my eyes and let go calling out his name over and over. With a groan he released inside me then stilled as I collapsed forward unto his chest.

Drifting in his arms I let my mind wander till I dozed off into another nightmare but this time Christian was there with me. We were standing together but it was dark and I could not tell where we were. Hand in hand we stood waiting and waiting till there was a loud noise and a bright light flashing ahead. Christian started to walk towards it but I froze when I noticed a shadowy figure in the distance...Jose and in front of him was a bright fire.

"Ana just tell me that he is a better fuck than me and I might let you have the pictures."

"What is the fire for?" I demanded staring at him while walking closer with Christian. "And fuck you Jose! Let it go, you pushed me till I left. End of story. Let. Me. Go."

Then suddenly I was alone as Jose came between Christian and I...he was pushing the pictures in his face and commenting. "You know what Ana really likes? I can help you with that see look at this picture, this was the first night I fucked her. She was drunk and easy, was she easy for you too?"

Before Christian can say a word in my defense I lunged at Jose and grabbed the pictures. I stood before him and started ripping them in half before I tossed them into the fire. "Watch them burn because I am DONE! You hear that you fucker I AM DONE! Done with running and worrying about what others will think if they see these pictures. You cannot and will not win because you will never have me again!"

"Ana!" I heard Christian say and as I turned to look at him I was suddenly blinded and it's dark. I felt him shaking me and I slowly opened my eyes. "Ana, wake up."

I stared at him as he kissed me hard, "I want you to say those words to him, tell him once and for all that you are done. Fight back."

Kissing him back I let myself get lost in his embrace but then pushed him back as I stared to wake up, "Wait! You heard what I said?"

"You were screaming it in your sleep Ana, I am not deaf."

"Oh my god, what time is it?"

"It is almost 5."

"Should I go and confront him?"

"Ana that is up to you but if you do know that I am right behind you. I will not let you go alone."

"But that was his conditions."

"And you having me with you is my conditions."

I smiled at him and leaned over to kiss him, "Christian, I love you and I know you want to protect me from all this but I have to do this on my own. If I don't end this now, we will never be free."

"You are very strong and brave Ana but please, I want to be there for you."

"You already are, in every way you can be but this is my devil to face."

"You are right but know if you need me I will be there."

"Fair enough Mr. Grey." I reluctantly hopped out of bed and got dressed. Then before I headed out to confront Jose I turned to Christian blowing him a kiss. "

All the way over to Jose's place my mind was full of what I should say and how I should say it but then as I stopped the car I blanked. I just stared at the house. All the anger and pain he caused me started to come to the surface. This was it, my moment to finally let it all out. I opened my car door and headed to the porch.