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Ch.1 - The set-up

Dear Diary,

I've decided to document this shitty plan my two best friends cooked up. Alice and Rose had decided I'd been alone for too long. They were both happy in their relationships and somehow wanted that for me too. I knew this comes from a good place 'cause, they just wanted what's best for me. I was just not sure this was the way to go about it but I was humoring them.

The plan was this: I joined Match dot com using the new email address that all three of us would have access to. We would look at the inquiries together a few times a week and decide who the lucky guys are. I would have to go on at least one date with anyone that was approved. They promised that they were serious and they would only set me up with potentials from the account if all three of us approved and they truly believe I could have things in common with the prospective date.

I had three conditions: First, was I didn't want my picture on the account so I would ask each date to bring a yellow flower with them and I would do the same. My second condition was that I would give them twenty-five dates and no more. Third was that the deal is off if I found someone I wanted to date exclusively.

Wish me luck. My first date is tomorrow with Tyler.


Bella the Brave