I filled a prompt for xryuchan27 on tumblr, so I hope you enjoy!

"Eren, he's back!" A head of brown hair whirled around from his duties, scanning the interior of the small coffee shop. Bright green eyes lit up as they laid on the familiar form of their mysterious regular. Without even having to be told, Eren rushed over with a pad of paper and a smile.

"Hello, welcome to Maria Barista! What will you be having today, sir?" Eren asked, his waiter mode kicking into full gear. Harsh gray hues gazed up at the cheery teen behind thin lenses.

The man looked back at the book he was reading. "Small black coffee. Decaf." Eren smiled, scribbling the same thing the man had ordered for three straight weeks. His cheeks were slightly pink.

"Anything else I can get you, sir?" Eren asked, wondering if maybe he would change it up today. The man shook his head. "Alright, one small black decaf coffee coming right up!" He said with a cheery voice as he scurried back over to the counter, setting the order on the table.

His coworker and best friend Armin smiled and took the slip of paper. "Anything new about mystery man?" Eren sighed and shook his head.

"He doesn't say much…" Eren turned his head to glance at the man with the glasses, reading his book intently. "I wonder…does he have a family? Friends? What's his name?" The teen sighed again, resting his head on his hand as he casually watched the male from afar.

The blond male chuckled and presented a piping hot cup of coffee. "Maybe you should ask?" Eren blushed at the thought. That would mean…talking to him…about something other than coffee! He shook his head wildly and took the cup and almost sprinted over to him.

"Here you go, sir!" He said with a lot of enthusiasm as he placed the cup down on the table. The man nodded, without ever peeling his eyes from the fading pages, and fished in his back pocket. Soon enough a crisp ten dollar bill was placed on the table. Eren blinked. That was way too much for just one cup of coffee. Sensing the teen's hesitation, he turned his head up and lowered his glasses.

"Take it. You serve me every single day. It's the least I can do." The man spoke in a light and gentle tone with clashed with his almost harsh demeanor. Eren blushed again. The teen tentatively reached for the bill, fingers clasping over it as his emerald hues wandered to the man. He took a deep breath.

"Then, since you come here everyday, the least you could do is…um…" He paused, feeling a bit pf panic. The man stared. "t-tell me…your n-name?" Eren felt ashamed at his stutter; why no of all times?" However the man didn't seem to mind. He even let out a small chuckle.

"Isn't it a part of being a waiter to ask the customer his name on the first day?" Eren felt embarrassed, but a smirk spread across the man's lips. He set the book down and removed his reading glasses. Oh…his eyes are prettier than I thought…they're gorgeous…"Rivaille." Eren blinked. "That's my name."

It took the boy a few moments for everything to process in his mind. "R…rivaille!" He managed to say, eyes bright like a young puppy. "Well…it's a p-pleasure to know your n-name, Rivaille." Eren enjoyed the way his name rolled off his tongue. "Please come again!" He said happily, running at full speed back behind the counter, sliding his back against the wall and hugging his knees in fetal position.

His face was red and his heart was pounding. He finally knew the man's name…maybe, when he comes in tomorrow, he could find out more! Maybe we can talk about whether or not he had a family, or siblings, friends, what his work was like…


His favorite food, hobbies, pets?

"Eren!" The teen snapped his head up from his thoughts. Armin bit his lip nervously. "You have more customers!" The green eyed teen's mouth opened wide as he forgot, shooting up in the air before running back out into the seating area.

"Hi, hello, welcome to Maria Barista! How can I help you today?"

As he came back from getting orders for the other patrons, he subconsciously walked by Rivaille's table. He noticed a napkin still laying there, so he picked it up and…

"Oh, there's notes on it!" Maybe he left it here on accident. However, when his eyes scanned over the neatly written letters, he blushed.

It's about time you ask for something other than my order. However, watching you run around with red cheeks was a bit entertaining. Tomorrow, I'll be here again. Only this time, I'm taking you home with me.



Eren's cheeks were as red as his apron as he stumbled back to his counter, holding the neatly folded napkin to his chest. His heart pounded and a smile spread across his face.

"I've got a date!"