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Eren was a nervous wreck the entire night and early morning. He couldn't stop thinking about the man named Levi. He kept having these fantasies in his head about how their date would pan out. Many situations popped in his head; perhaps they would go to the park, or maybe Levi would take them to a nice restaurant. Or maybe he would get to see the older male's house as they played video games all day. But he had no idea what the man had planned which kept him up most of the night.

Once he got to work, he was in a daze. Knowing what today was, Armin let his friend slide with wandering around mindlessly. Luckily Mikasa was there to help take the older teen's tables while he daydreamed behind the counter. Thankfully she didn't know about the date her brother had that day, so he was hoping she would be too busy to realize what was going on.

As soon as eight o'clock rolled around, the door jingled open and the man stood by the entrance, scanning the empty lounge area. Armin greeted him immediately while Mikasa was in the back room. "You're Levi?" The older male looked at the blond before nodding. His question didn't need to be voiced as he ran to the back where Eren was waiting eagerly. When he saw the look on his best friend's eyes, he threw off his apron, fixed his hair, and ran out to greet his date. His face was bright red when he saw the man standing there in casual clothes. It was much different from the usual crisp dark suit he wore. This time he had on dark jeans, a maroon buttoned shirt, and a black jacket. He looked really cool and Eren suddenly felt weird with his skinny jeans and band t-shirt. But the man didn't seem unhappy as he grabbed the younger male's hand and dragged him out.

"T-thank you for taking me out, L-levi." The brunette stammered, feeling nervous as their hands were laced together. He felt so embarrassed, but so happy at the same time. The older male gave him the smallest smile, making Eren's heart skip a beat. "Where are we going?" He asked, curious about their destination. Levi smirked and held a finger to his lips, insinuating that it was a secret. The younger male pouted.

First they went to the zoo. It was a bit early in the morning so not that many people were there. They saw gorillas, tigers, lions, and flamingos. Eren really liked the red panda and took many pictures of it with a glee filled face. His date only watched the other, feeling happy just from the brunette's reactions. When he leaned up to plant a chaste kiss on the other's cheek, Eren blushed and whined at how the bears were watching them. Levi chuckled and dragged him out of the zoo and to their next destination.

Feeling a bit hungry, they decided to get brunch. Levi knew of a good place near his office so they stopped there to eat. They had a secluded table away from everyone, which made the older male thankful. It was a small corner booth which allowed the both of them to sit together. Eren rested his head on the other's shoulder, blushing at the intimacy. Levi was fighting back a smile as he felt the other's warmth against him. Their waiter didn't seem to mind, giggling as she walked away from their table. Lacing their hands together again they talked a little. Levi told the other about his job and how he was just an ordinary secretary working for a big company. He had been gone to college with the CEO so his pay was a bit higher than normal.

Eren then told him about how he and his sister were orphans living alone. Since they were old enough, they didn't need guardians or such. They both worked at the coffee shop though Mikasa had a side job which helped pay for rent. Levi seemed to take in the knowledge, writing down a mental note to help their living situation in the future. The brunette had always imagined feeding food to his date, and the fact that he got to do just that with Levi made his heart flutter with happiness. His face was red, solely watching the other's mouth as it opened wide for the fork full of food that he forgot about the other fork making its way to his mouth. Half of the eggs ended up on his cheeks and he blushed in embarrassment. However, Levi leaned over to lick the food off, which made the brunette blush heavily and stammer every time he spoke.

Once their brunch was over, they headed over to the local fair that was going on in the downtown square. Everything was lively and festive as a parade marched past them and the many stalls coaxed buyers in for their products. They sampled lots of different foods and Eren sucked on a honey stick the entire time. Then, being a kid at heart, the brunette got his face painted. Levi raised his brow at the teeth painted on his cheeks and the dark paint around his eyes. "Have you not seen the movie "Attack on Titan," Levi?" When the older male shook his head, Eren whined and dragged him to the nearest movie theater. Levi finally understood the drawing on his face.

Their last stop was the amusement park. It was a bit late, so admission was discounted since there were only a few hours left before they closed. They went on a couple of roller coasters with Eren screaming and cheering the entire length of the ride while Levi remained passive although he did enjoy the rides. Eren bought cotton candy for both of them to share and they held hands as they walked through the park.

It was strange, the both of them noticed, as they spent the entire day together. There was something about how easily they meshed despite it only being their first date. It felt like they had been friends forever, been through heartache and suffering together, experienced happiness and comfort together…and they both silently knew the other was thinking the same thing. It was a small flutter in their chests, a gentle buzz tingling their fingertips, the inescapable smile that caused their lips to quiver with excitement and their hearts to beat rapidly as the day went on.

As the sun sank beneath the Earth, the lights of the park lit up. Both already knowing where they wanted to go, they headed straight for the Ferris wheel. As they got inside their compartment, Levi immediately sat next to the brunette. It took a few awkward seconds before their hands clasped together, leaning against each other. They admired the night view, watching the fireworks. Once they got to the top, Eren felt a tug on his shirt.

When he turned his head, he was met with a pair of soft lips. His face turned red and he started to sweat, but Levi's hands were there on his waist to comfort him. Slowly, Eren's arms wrapped around the man's neck as their lips danced together lightly, tasting the sweetness from their earlier treat. As Eren pulled away, he temporarily lost the ability to speak and he just bounced happily in his seat. Levi flicked him on the forehead playfully before they snuggled against each other for a few moments more while they waited for the ride to end.

Once it did, Eren felt a bit sad that their day was over. "Oi, Eren, smile." The older male's voice brought him out of his brief misery. "Our day isn't over yet. I still need to take you back home with me, don't I?" It took a few moments for the words to click before Eren suddenly got really nervous and forgot how to walk on his two feet. "Don't get any funny ideas, pervert." Green eyes went wide for a moment. "I'm not going to do that on our first date. What kind of man do you think I am?" A wave of relief washed over the brunette and he remained in high spirits the entire trip to Levi's house.

Pulling up to the curb, Levi got out and quickly walked with his date to his room on the fifth floor. They kicked off their shoes and plopped on the couch after making tea for the both of them. Surprisingly the older male had a sweet tooth as he poured a generous amount of honey into his cup while Eren took his plain. Eren leaned against the older male, head resting against the other's shoulder. They chatted for a bit more, simply enjoying each other's company. Eren enjoyed feeling a strong hand running through his locks softly, almost lulling him to sleep.

Sensing this, Levi figured it was time for bed. They had been out all day long, so it was only natural that they both felt like passing out. However, the older male's bed was much more comfortable than the couch. Setting their empty cups down, they walked against each other as they both made a beeline for the soft bed. They slid out of their jeans and Eren rummaged through the man's closet for an oversized shirt. Seeing his new boyfriend wearing one of his own shirts almost made him blush and he quickly blamed the brunette for looking so damn cute.

Not wasting any more time, Levi dragged the younger male to bed and wrapped his arm around his waist. At first Eren was shy about sleeping in another person's bed and being so close as his back was pressed against the man's chest, but he slowly became used to it as his eyelids fluttered closed. They were both exhausted, their breaths evening out eventually as they leaned into one another as they slept. A pleasant buzz warmed their weary bodies and there were gentle smiled on their faces.