Chapter 2. I hope you enjoy.

making friends

"I'm Luke Brooks" he said I then put my hand out for him to shake, he did. Then my mom asked him if anyone else was home he then yelled in his Australian accent " Mom the next door neighbors are here." After he yelled that a woman come out of another room she walked up to us and said "hi I'm Gina Brooks you must be the new neighbors." she shake my mom's hand " Hi I'm Tris Connors and yes we are." come out of my mom's mouth Then Gina said " I see you have meet one of my sons." we all looked at Luke he then walked away to another room. "This is one of my kids Emily." I smiled and nodded my head. Then Gina invited as inside she take us to her living room. My mom and Gina were talking about where my family moved from and I was getting bored so I asked my mom if I could go home. She nodded and kept talking to Gina.

I went home and run in the back yard to see if the pool was still warm it was even warmer then before. I run upstairs to my room and put my blue bikini on then grabbed a towel and waterproof sun screen. I went back downstairs put my towel on one of the chairs then put the sun screen on then jumped in. I was relaxing in the pool when my brother and sister come out and jumped in splashing me then tipping my tube over. My sister and brother and me started playing a game but I get out right before the end to tan a little before dinner. Mom come home right after my Brother and sister get in the pool.

I was tanning for a few hours but I get no color and I was hungry so i went inside to eat leftover pizza for dinner. I eat my pizza and was talking to my friends but they had to go so I get my blue penny board and went for a ride around the neighborhood. I was riding think about this place and how tomorrow is my first day of school when I saw a boy on a penny board about half way from where I was he had a dog leash in his hand and the dog was pulling him rather fast. Before I know the boy was getting closer and closer and I didn't have time to move Then I was now on the ground with the boy next to me and the dog licking my face. the boy get up and offered his hand to me which I took.

He then said "Lala don't do that." the boy said to the dog he then looked up at me he had straight hair and looked about 18 he had green eyes " I'm sorry about Lala she never does this you look new did u just move here?" the boy said in his Australia accent another reason why I like it her Australia accent. " It's ok and yeah I'm new I just moved in down the street I'm Emily Connors." "oh I'm Beau Brooks." so he is one of Luke's brother I'm guessing his older brother but I don't know. I had Beau walk me home because he wanted to he was a really funny guy. When we get to my house beau said " we should hang out someday" " Yeah that said great well this is my house so bye." I walked up my driveway then waved goodbye to beau. That night I went to sleep thing about tomorrow my first day of school.

I hope you like this chapter.