Chapter three

"Merlin! Do you know where my…"

"Under the bed!"

"And my…"

"I had to take it to the blacksmith to be repaired, you're going to have to use your other one!"

"But I don't like the other one, it doesn't feel the same,"

"Well you're just going to have to make do for a few days," Merlin dashed over to Gwaine and kissed him firmly before tugging his chainmail straight, before he could dash off Gwaine grabbed him round the waist and tugged him in for another kiss before grinning and letting him hurry off to get Arthur's breakfast and wake the King.

"You two are sickly you know that?" Percival teased shaking his head.

"What?" Gwaine huffed grimacing as he slid his secondary sword into his belt. He preferred his other one, Merlin had saved up all year and called in favours with the blacksmith to have it made for him and he was barely without it. But the hilt had fractured slightly when he was fighting some 7 foot brute that had been built to match.

"It gets stranger the longer I know you. You hot headed, laid back, flirtatious, cocky…"

"Alright enough of the compliments you'll make me blush," Gwaine snorted waving Percival out his rooms so that they could make their way down to training.

"I just mean, its strange you being all that, and then seeing you so domesticated and loved up with Merlin, its like the two sides of you shouldn't match up but they do," Percival shrugged.

"Only with Merlin," Gwaine shrugged back.

"See, with all those cheesy lines you throw around, no one would ever expect you to be this romantic," Percival snickered.

"Well if you think my romantic lines are good you should hear my dirty talking, they drive Merlin mad in all the best ways," Gwaine wriggled his eye brows comically.

"Be careful my friend, remember what happened last time you became a little to sharing with yours and Merlin's bedroom activities?" Lance warned good naturedly as he and Elyan fell into step with their brothers. Elyan and Percival laughed while Gwaine paled slightly.

"I still have no idea how he managed to make sure that every single pair of trousers you own ripped at the seat," Elyan laughed smacking Gwaine on the back. Gwaine met Lance's eyes before he started grumbling to himself.

"My husband can be vicious when he wants to be," Gwaine huffed.

"Not to mention Arthur working you to exhaustion in training," Percival smirked.

"Yes thank you, I am so glad that you enjoy my misery," Gwaine complained.

"Why are you miserable this time?" Arthur asked walking over eating his sandwich. "Oh and if you make my servant late for bringing me breakfast again I will not be amused Gwaine,"

"He told you?!" Gwaine spluttered.

"No I guessed, he started doing a tomato impression and may as well have confirmed it," Arthur snorted.

"I…sorry," Gwaine muttered seeing the warning look he was receiving.

"Good. So what are miserable about?"

"We were just discussing when Gwaine got a bit too mouthy about him and Merlin and Merlin ensured all his trousers split," Elyan piped up.

"Ah yes I remember!" Arthur smirked at Gwaine.

"Yes thank you! Can we stop talking about how my husband likes to torture me!"

"Torture you?" Gwaine blanched before spinning around to see his husband standing behind them with his hands on his hips.

"Not like that!" Gwaine squeaked shaking his head.

"Oh, then how exactly?" Merlin scowled.

"We were talking about when you…rightfully so…punished me for when I got a little too chatty about our…private life," Gwaine hurried to try and explain.

"Oh and that was me torturing you was it?" Merlin huffed before spinning on his heel and stomping off.

"Ah please excuse me Princess," Gwaine started after Merlin.

"Ah ah ah Gwaine, you have training," Arthur crossed his arms smirking at him.

"But…he was tapping his foot!" Gwaine stared at his King wide eyed.

"And?" Arthur was enjoying this way too much, not to mention the other knights.

"But…I…he…I will have to sleep on…the sofa…Arthur!" Gwaine whined.

"What a shame, but I am afraid I can make no exceptions to training," Arthur smirked and carried on down to the grounds, the three snickering knights and one morose one.

"You in trouble with Merlin again?" Leon asked when they reached the grounds and he saw Gwaine's face. He blinked at them a little confused when the other knights and Arthur started laughing and Gwaine just made a miserable noise.

"What the hell happened!?" Gwaine hissed at Lance as he carried Merlin into his rooms and [laced him gently on the bed.

"It was a Basilisk, it just attacked us. I think he used too much magic," Lance said a little frantically.

"Merlin come on, don't do this to me. Open those big blue eyes, come on!" Gwaine ran his fingers through Merlin's hair as he gripped his hand tightly.

"Gwaine, you need to stand aside, let me taking a look at him," Gaius's hands were gentle but firm as they tugged Gwaine away. He paused to give the young man who was in all effects his son in law a comforting pat before he turned to check Merlin over.

"What is it? Is he ok?" Gwaine demanded the second Gaius stepped away from checking Merlin over.

"He's fine he received a blow to the head and a little blood loss from this wound here, that mixed with using so much magic just tired him out a little, he's sleeping now, that is all," Gaius and Lance moved quickly when Gwaine's knees seemed to give out from underneath him. Between them, well mainly Lance, they managed to get him onto the sofa and Gaius gave him something to calm him a little.

"Sorry its stupid its just…I know all the things that he has gotten into and done in the past, but I've never seen him so…vulnerable. He's always so powerful and strong, I guess I just managed to trick my mind into thinking that even though he was doing all these dangerous things, he's invincible. But he's not. I guess I just I…could lose him," Gwaine frowned down at where his hands were clenched tightly together between his legs, his bonding bracelet catching his eye, the bond between them humming with tiredness and a slightly background of pain.

"He's in danger a lot yes. And I know how you feel, the idea of losing him, of him not coming home one time," Gaius shakes his head looking to where Merlin is lying pale on the blankets of his and Gwaine's bed.

"How do you deal with it?" Gwaine asked softly.

"I remember that even if he isn't invincible he is amazingly powerful, and clever. And I have to trust him," Gaius sighed sitting down stiffly next to Gwaine.

"And I try to remember that Merlin has a destiny that I'm not sure even he could fight, never mind one of us. A destiny that he believes in and has worked hard for, he won't thank any of us now matter our relationship with him and how much we love him for trying to step in the way," Lancelot added crouching down in front of Gwaine, squeezing his knee.

"All we can do is patch him up and pick him back up during these moments, and remind him that he isn't alone in his destiny, that he has people who know and will help him when they can," Gaius smiled.

By the time Arthur swept in Gwaine had managed to pull himself together much more and was sitting on the side of the bed with Merlin's hand in his, just watching the pale face of his husband as he slept.

"What happened is he ok?" Arthur demanded storming through the rooms to the bedroom.

"He's fine, a bump on the head and scratch on his side protecting Lance," Gwaine smiled wryly.

"When will he remember the Knights are the ones with the swords!" Arthur groaned flopping onto the other side of the bed.

"Probably when they stop being his friend. Besides if he did that none of us would be here, and you would have been kicking up daisies a long time ago," Gwaine said with a slight bite to his tone.

"I know," Arthur sighed.

"Well you might show you appreciate him more because…"

"No Gwaine. I. Know," Arthur said pointedly. Gwaine stared at him for a long few beats wondering if he could play dumb on this and convince Arthur he had lost his mind. But the look in his King's eyes told him no, that wasn't going to work.

"How long?" He asked with a hell of a lot more calm than he felt.

"A few months. Caught him killing that Hexon beast before I passed out properly. I was just trying to figure out if you knew," Arthur shrugged.

"Hmm. Di I need to run with him?"


"You're not going to have him killed, I know that, you care for him too much. But staying is another matter. Are you giving us time to run?" Gwaine said seriously meeting Arthur's eyes.

"No! I….I'm going to allow magic back into the Kingdom," Arthur frowned at the covers.

"You don't seem to happy about it," Gwaine pointed out.

"No, its something I have thought long about, even before my father died. I just was not sure but…if Merlin has magic that it can't all be evil. No. It is just going to be a lot of hard work, for all of us," Arthur warned. "Merlin and myself more than anyone else,"

"Why you two?" Gwaine frowned.

"Because as of now Merlin is no longer my Man Servant, he's my Royal Sorcerer, and we are going to come up with new laws to regulate magic in Camelot while giving practioners rights and freedom," Arthur smiled.

"Do I get…a say in this?" Merlin groaned from between them, getting both their attention in a mili second.

"No! Consider this punishment for all the times you pranked me with magic. Half of them I probably don't know about!" Arthur huffed.

"Sorry," Merlin looked sheepishly up at him. "And I sorry for keeping it from you and lying," He said much more seriously.

"Yes well, I know why you did it. My opinions on magic have swung back and forth so much I'm amazed you didn't have a nervous breakdown trying to figure me out on it," Arthur snorted.

"Putting it lightly, whose saying I didn't," Merlin snickered managing to pull himself into a sitting position against the headboard with Gwaine's help. He gentle squeezed Gwaine's hand in thanks and comfort and refused to let go once he was settled. Gwaine just happily shifted a bit further up the bed.

"You did marry Gwaine, that should probably have been my sign," Arthur nodded.


"Well, I am off to tell the other knights about you and that we are making magic legally. I have a feeling we are in for a large fight when we announce this. Look after him, I need him healthy so I can pick his brains apart," Arthur smirked standing.

"Oh ew, nice imagery," Merlin scrunched his face up.

"Oh and Merlin, don't try and nearly kill yourself again. I will not allow it," Arthur called as he left.

"Prat," Merlin smiled fondly.

"Merlin, you won't have to hide anymore," Gwaine said to his husband slowly, seeing that it hadn't really sunk in. Merlin looked at him before he blinked rapidly.

"Oh…" Merlin breathed before he burst out laughing and launched himself at Gwaine. His husband caught him in a tight hug, laughing happily himself before he remembered Merlin had been unconscious only ten minutes ago.

"You're supposed to be resting! Gaius will have my hide!" Gwaine said trying to stuff Merlin back under the covers. Slightly difficult when his husband was kissing him and wriggling against him like that.

"But this is cause for celebration!" Merlin smiled seductively at him, looking out from underneath his eyelashes in a way he knew drove Gwaine mad.

"But you're hurt," Gwaine protested weakly.

"Then you'll just have to do the work," Merlin smirked as he managed to trap Gwaine between his long legs and tugged him down for a kiss. And that broke Gwaine's resolve. He never claimed to be a particularly strong man when it came to Merlin.

"You look worse than I feel," Merlin hummed sympathetically as he rested his hands on Gwaine's shoulder and started massaging them.

"Leon and Lance are still battling each other over which one is Arthur's favourite, and we have got caught in the middle," Gwaine groaned when Merlin hit a knot a worked it lose. "How's your day?"

"We managed to get the Council to agree that making every magic user in the Kingdom register their magic would not go down well and that they would think it was a trap. And they only flinched eighteen times if I moved too quickly," Merlin said cheerfully.

"I'm sorry," Gwaine managed to grab Merlin's hand and bring it to his lips for a kiss. He was fairly sure he didn't have to say that the only reason they were all knocking the crap out of each other in training was because they were all anxious and nervous of the proceedings that were keeping Arthur and Merlin locked away in meetings for most of the day. Gwaine and the Knights had been forbidden from attending after they had all drawn their swords on the Council member that had accused Merlin and Arthur of treachery to the Kingdom and of trying to destroy it. After that they had pretty much been barred and were left glaring at the windows of the council room.

"We're getting there, slowly but surely," Merlin shrugged. "Morgana's reign of terror has done nothing to help us convince them that bringing magic back is a good idea,"

"We go to meet the Druids and escort them to Camelot in three days, hopefully that will set things in motion more," Gwaine said as he turned in his seat and tugged Merlin down onto his lap.

"Hopefully," Merlin smiled tiredly.

"Are you sure us going to get them is a good idea? Seeing Knights might make them think it's a trap," Gwaine asked for the first time since they had been told their mission. He didn't want to question Merlin's idea, but he was worried it would make things worse.

"You five are going to be remembered throughout history, and you have been seen coming long before you were twinkles in your mother's eyes. The Knights of the Round Table. The Druids will know you for who you are, and the fact you are my husband, they will know its not a trap. Just make sure that Elyan does the speaking after you have introduced yourself as Sir Gwaine, husband to Emrys," Merlin chuckled.


"Sorry, but he's got the best diplomatic tongue on his out of the lot of you. When he does one if his inspirational speeches I suddenly see that he and Gwen are definitely related," Merlin said apologetically.

"I know what you mean," Gwaine snickered.

"You tease him about it don't you?" Merlin sighed amused.

"Of course we do!" Gwaine snorted.

"You're terrible," Merlin shook his head.

"But you wouldn't have me any other way?" Gwaine teased, but when Merlin raised his head he could see no trace of teasing in his sorcerer's face.

"I wouldn't have our life any other way," Merlin said softly, stroking his finger down Gwaine's face, his fingers rasping slightly through the stubble on his jaw.

"Yeah?" Gwaine grinned happily. "Me either,"

"Take me to bed?" Merlin asked.

"You ever have to ask that?" Gwaine laughed, before drawing a shout of surprise and laughter from Merlin when instead of standing leading him over, he just stood with Merlin still securely in his arms and carried him over.

"Why thank you Sir Knight," Merlin said coyly fluttering his eyelashes dramatically.

"Anytime Royal Advisory Sorcerer," Gwaine smirked dropping Merlin onto their bed and crawling over him.

"Arthur has to come up with a better name!" Merlin groaned.

"Hey what are the rules! No talking about Arthur in bed!" Gwaine protested.

"Sorry sorry," Merlin laughed.

"Anyone would think you were in love with the guy!" Gwaine sulked playfully.

"Just one guy for me," Merlin smiled softly.

"Good! Because I am not letting you go anywhere! You are mine's Merlin Emrys," Gwaine smiled back.

"Are you going to prove that to me?" Merlin raised an eyebrow.

"Oh! A challenge! I love them! I'll have you screaming yourself hoarse, my love," Gwaine smirked cockily before grumbling. "Why did Arthur have to have so many damned buttons put on these things!"

"Ah ah ah, no talking about Arthur in bed!" Merlin sing songed.

"Then magic these damned things off now!" Gwaine huffed still making his way down the line of buttons on Merlin's robes.

"Like this?" Merlin raised an eyebrow before flicking his finger, leaving them both completely naked in seconds.

"And you haven't told me you can do that sooner because?" Gwaine asked, his hands already busy on the pale expanse of Merlin's body, which never failed to drive him to the heights of arousal.

"I…may have researched it in that new book, the prat I can't name found," Merlin panted.

"Hmm, points for his pratiness," Gwaine hummed before sinking down to fulfil his promise and complete his challenge.