Chapter 1: The New Nuclear Family

In between contemplating which brand of cereal to buy and clutching the collar of Gabriel's shirt so he wouldn't run off toward the candy aisle, Dean Winchester absently wondered how this had become his life. In his peripheral he spied Castiel wrestling with Lucifer who glared up at Michael sitting on Castiel's shoulders. Raphael was sitting quietly in the shopping cart, well-behaved as always, and staring at her brothers with a vague sort of amusement.

"Did you get the eggs?" Dean asked, hefting a protesting Gabriel into his arms to stop the brat from struggling away. Michael, perched on Castiel's shoulders, presented the eggs to Dean with a shy tilt of his head. Dean reached for them, stretching his hand over Castiel's head and deposited the eggs in the cart.

"Want candy!" Gabriel demanded, jerking Dean's shirt and pointing insistently toward the direction of the candy aisle.

"No candy," Dean said sternly. "Uncle Sammy said no sweets for you before dinner. It'll ruin your appetite. And have you seen yourself on a sugar high? Trust me kiddo, you do not need more."

"We still require ground lean meat," Castiel read off of the list presented to him by Lucifer. Except the little boy had all but shoved it into the angel's face and his reply was muffled by the paper but Dean got the gist of it.

"Right." Dean pushed the cart toward the butchers stand. Castiel followed him, a remarkable feat considering that Lucifer still had the list in Castiel's face. Around them, women cooed over how cute the children were (and yeah, they were damn adorable but then again, they were archangels in a former life) and gossiped about the two handsome men who obviously were a couple. Dean rolled his eyes and snuck a peek at Castiel who was trying to restrain Lucifer from climbing his shoulders to get to Michael.

Once more, Dean could not believe that this was his life.

"We're home!" Dean hollered at the same time Gabriel shouted 'Sammy!' and scrambled after his brother. Lucifer followed close behind with a look of determination.

"Where are Adam and Kevin?" Castiel inquired, setting down Michael who immediately helped carry a grocery bag. Castiel smiled at him appreciatively.

"Adam's in class and Kevin's in his room," Sam answered absently, as Lucifer and Gabriel tussled for the coveted seat on Sam's lap.

"Any luck on that death in Altonville, Ohio?" Dean asked conversationally, sorting through the groceries for stuff that needed to be frozen and put away first. Raphael helped him, handing him a bag of frozen peas and then a box of the ice cream Adam had a preference for.

"Nothing yet," Sam murmured, setting his chin on Gabriel's head and scanning the book in front of him. Lucifer settled on Sam's other leg and clutched his plaid shirt.

"Well, let me know if you find anything," Dean replied, heading off toward the kitchen with Castiel once the food was sorted.

At once, four little kids tumbled after him like ducklings. Grocery day was always their favorite day because it was the day when they could ask for any dessert they wanted and Dean would make it. Even Lucifer who was attached at the hip to Sam, enjoyed grocery day and followed his siblings into the kitchen with Dean and Castiel.

"So what do you twerps want to eat?" Dean asked, tying on an apron that had the slogan "Kiss the Cook". Sam had snickered when Castiel had presented it to him with a straight face and told him that he had seen all the cooks on television wear one so Dean should have one too. In retaliation, Dean had lobbed a raw egg at Sam's head and muttered a thanks to Castiel before snatching the apron and putting it on.

"Apple pie!" Lucifer shouted before any of his brothers and sister could object.

"Apple pie an' ice cream!" Gabriel agreed enthusiastically.

"Michael, Raphael?" Castiel asked gently. "Is that what you would like too?"

Both kids snapped to attention at their names.

"With extra cinnamon?" Raphael asked hesitantly with a tiny smile.

"Whatever you want, baby girl," Dean melted. He was a sucker for his little girl and Castiel secretly knew she was Dean's favorite though the hunter loved them all.

"Would you like anything with your apple pie, Michael?" Castiel asked gently. Michael shrunk back from the attention and tentatively shook his head. Castiel resisted the urge to sigh; Michael was the most timid of his siblings and they were trying to train him into voicing his own opinions.

"Apple pie a la mode, it is," Dean said, pulling out the flour and cinnamon from the cupboard. "Wanna start cutting apples for me, Cas?"

Castiel picked up a knife as the children searched through the grocery bags for the apples. One by one, they came up to Castiel and offered him an apple to peel and core which he accepted with a murmur of thanks. After they finished with their task, the four children ambled out to their play area.

"I'm thinking we cook us some steaks and potatoes and have us an all-American dinner," Dean mused out loud, "How does that sound, Cas?"

"Sounds delicious," Castiel agreed with a fond smile that did not cause Dean's heart to skip a beat, "But also add salad to the menu or your brother will pitch a fit."

"Sammy can't deal without his rabbit food," Dean nodded along as he pulled out a packet of steaks from the freezer to defrost.

"Would you like me to start on the cinnamon filling, Dean?" Castiel asked, pulling out a pot.

"Sure," Dean smiled.

As they cooked, they fell into a natural rhythm, weaving around each other as if they had done this all their lives. Dean didn't look up when Castiel passed him the pepper grinder and Castiel didn't even have to voice it out before Dean was handing him the required knife for the carrots. It was comfortable, domestic even, and Dean would not have it any other way. In the kitchen, making dinner for the family they had built for themselves through the apocalypse, they were one.

"Kids!" Dean shouted. "Dinner!"

Sam came in with Gabriel and Lucifer under each arm. They laughed as Sam took exaggerated steps, swinging them around like sacks of flour. Raphael trotted in after Kevin, who had his nose buried in a tome.

"No reading at the table," Dean frowned, plucking the book from his hands. Kevin frowned but there was humor in his eyes as Castiel handed him a plate of steak and potatoes.

"Where's Michael?" Dean asked, scooping out mashed potatoes into the little plastic bowls designed for little grabby hands.

"He is currently holding vigilance at the front door," Castiel informed him.

"Not again," Dean sighed. Castiel plucked the ladle from his hands as Dean headed off toward the front door.

The little boy was sitting on a chair that had been moved right in front of the door. His tiny face was set in an expression of patience.

"Hey buddy," Dean said quietly, watching the small boy stare at the door. "It's dinner time. Aren't you hungry?"

"Adam," Michael simply said as if it explained the entire situation which it kind of did.

"I know kid," Dean nodded. "He's just gonna be a few minutes late so you can wait for him at the table with the rest of your siblings."

"No," Michael said stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest and dipping his head impetuously. "I wait for Adam."

Dean rolled his eyes. Archangels and their vessels. Lucifer also had an unhealthy obsession with Sam. As well as Gabriel but the kid was weird anyway.

"I'll wait with you then," Dean said, pulling another chair up and sitting next to Michael.

The moment was awkward for Dean. Michael ignored him in favor of watching the door with the same intensity that Castiel watched him and it was getting really creepy for Dean.

"Why do you wait for Adam?" Dean asked more to dispel the tension than anything.

"Because Adam is precious," Michael said definitively, his eyes set. "Adam is protected."

Dean furrowed his eyebrows. "Did you protect him?"

Michael nodded. "In the place where it was cold and lonely."

Dean pursed his lips in thought. They had questioned the kids before but they only seemed to possess broad strokes of their lives as archangels. They talked about them like one would talk about the weather, in a detached sort of way.

The door knob suddenly rattled causing Michael and Dean to pause their question and answer session.

"Adam!" the boy brightened considerably, head turning to the door.

"Hey, Mikey," Adam greeted affectionately and picked up the child who snuggled in his arms with a contented sigh. "I'm back. Classes were a killer."

"You're just in time," Dean grinned, ruffling Adam's hair affectionately as he passed by. "Dinner just started."

As Dean walked back to the dining room and listened to Adam tell Michael about his day, he smiled a very secret smile in his heart. This was a family built from the ashes of ruination and pain but it held much joy and Dean would not change it for the world.

A/N: Just drabbles of domestic Destiel feels I've been having. Continue or not?