11/10: Revised version

"I didn't mean to! It's not what it looks like!" The male actor called out to his on-screen girlfriend, as she ran off the screen. Loke watched with half-interest, knowing the exactly how it was going to end. His main interest was on the woman beside him. He laid his hand on top of her thigh as soon as that scene played, so she was too invested to even noticed.

He didn't how he has done it, but Lucy say yes to this date. The movie was her choice and she was enjoying it. Her eyes were glued to the on-screen action, only moving her lips to chew the pieces of buttery popcorn. She would then switch her hand to take a sip from her soda.

When she laid her drink back down, she felt the presence of a limb on her. She didn't even have to think of who it belonged to; she turned and glared at Loke. He quickly jerked his hand back, not wanting to displease his lady. But something he quickly noticed was the hint of a blush, or maybe it was the reflection of the light.

He smirked mostly to himself. So far his plan was coming together. All he needed was to wait until Lucy's attention was back to the movie, and then he would pull the oldest trick in the book.

Lucy slid at the end of her seat, as did the other audience members. Her eyes reflected the light from the movie, watching as the male actor knocked on the door in order to rekindle with his beloved, or was he? The woman answered the door with a snobbish attitude and imminently shut it when she saw who it was. "Baby, please don't do this to me!"

The blonde awed at his actions. He was so in love with this woman that he was willing to do whatever was in his power to make it right. If only she could have such a devoted boyfriend like that, Lucy wished. One who would risk his life for her in a flash, yet wishing nothing in exchange. She didn't want a faint love that only lasted until the first impression wears off. No, she wanted a real boyfriend. Someone to share secrets, who'll stand by her side, and to be her better half. This was the main reason why she kept denying his offers. She say yes this time because she felt so woeful for the boy.

"Don't let him leave!" She muttered under her breath; audible enough for others to hear. No one say anything, as for that was what everyone was thinking about.

Loke saw this as his chance. He yawned, shifting back in his seat and stretched his arm across, right behind Lucy's back. But it wasn't behind her shoulders, she chose that same moment to lean forward. He quickly retracted his arm at this failed attempt and adjusted back to his normal position. There was only one move left.

He waited until she relaxed back against the eat, where she was watching the female heroine heading to talk to her best friend. Loke reached over and grabbed a piece of popcorn, at the same moment she did. She quickly moved her hand, and turned to look at Loke's face.

There it was.

He knew it wasn't his mind playing tricks on him.

She was blushing!

Lucy quickly turned the other way. And he felt like he needed a pat on the back for this accomplishment. A smirk made its way onto his face. This movie turned out better than he first thought.

It was coming to the end of the movie. The female heroine found out that she was the one in the wrong, and with the help of her friend, went to confront with the male once and for all.

And with each scene, Lucy showed mixed reactions. To Loke, it was like watching a cartoon with how fast she made one expression onto the next, and he couldn't help but smile. Though romance wasn't his type of movie, he did love the type of company he brought to it.

The male hero was at his brother's house. When the brother saw that the ex-girlfriend was at the door, he stood in the way between them. Telling the girl that she had no right to mess with his brother anymore. That it was his property and he didn't want any trouble. She ignored him, calling the male hero's name throughout the house.

Lucy hugged herself, as though she couldn't contain herself any longer. Loke used this chance to wrap his arm around her again, and this time, it was achieved. She didn't try to revoke him, instead she snuggled against him. There was no retraction or an evil glare. Everything was coming together, Loke thought.

The male froze when he heard his name. It was up to the female to push past his brother and swept through the house in order to find him. Their eyes made contact, and everything in the world seemed to slow down.

The blonde's eyes were locked onto the screen, even biting her nails. The popcorn was left forgotten. She didn't even noticed that she took this position against Loke. All of her attention was on this one scene.

The female called him name, saying, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" The male stood up and the two grasped for each other. He held onto her tight, as if she would leave when he released her. He leaned down, she tilted her head, and they locked themselves in a sweet everlasting kiss.

Credits started rolling down the screen.

Lucy stood from her seat and clapped along with the others. Loke gently stood up, stretched his muscles. She turned to him and wrapped her arms around him. The reason was to thank him for bringing her along. But he took the meaning a different way, thinking it was because of his moves that caused her to act like this. So Loke did the same thing in the movie, and gave his sweetheart a kiss.

She froze within his grips as his lips touched hers. As soon as Loke let go, she looked at him straight in the eye. An evil aura waved off her body, and her hand impacted his cheek, turning it red as Erza's hair. "YOU DAMN PERV!" She shouted, storming out of the theater, and leaving her ride behind, holding his cheek.

"She totally likes me," he smirked and walked out.

This story was actually created for a contest in one of the forums, but it was never submitted for consideration. Plus, it was the first time focusing on someone who wasn't Fem!Natsu in my stories.