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A Chance Encounter

"I was told there are no coincidences."

Gray hands slid the novel smoothly across the small table to another stranger whom she thanked with a small smile for visiting. As grateful as she was to all her recently acquired fans for allowing her this once-in-a-lifetime chance, the enjoyment of book signing was beginning to wear out Rachel Roth, a brand new name in the land of literature.

She didn't glance up as the next person stepped up to the table. By now, they were all blending into a weird combination of one single entity. All she noticed were the hands—usually pale like her own. Rachel took her first book from the strong, tan hands holding it out to her. She caressed the cover of her book gently and opened it to its first page. Hands like that aren't fit to hold books. They seem more fitted for sports. Without looking up, she asked flatly, "To whom do I make this out?"

The man replied with a broad grin, "Garfield, like the cat in the comics." He sounded proud of sharing a name with an iconic feline with a habit of doing nothing but being lazy. She took back her thought about the man doing sports. Maybe just holding a television remote.

Rachel nodded and started signing the book. Granted, the name wasn't very common, but she had encountered worse names with which to be christened, such as Angus. Somewhere in the back of her mind, it struck a chord. However, she paid it no mind and continued without a second thought.

However, the man wasn't content to stay silent to let her finish autographing his copy of her book and leave so she could leave and curl up with a warm cup of herbal tea back at her apartment. He placed his hands on the table and leaned over Rachel as she continued carefully inscribing her name on the page, hoping to finish before he spoke.

No such luck.

"See, I had this friend," he whispered in a single breath, "and she was incredible." He shook his head slightly with a boyish grin on his face as he reminisced about the multitude of days he spent with his best friend from his childhood. "In fact, when I was reading this, I thought she could've written it; it was just that…" fascinating. complex. witty. He trailed off, not knowing the correct adjective to fill the blank. He continued with the same soothing voice, "Don't you think so, Rae?"

Rachel's whole body stilled at the hideous nickname. Her hand stopped. Her jaw fell slack. Violet eyes shot up to meet vibrant cerulean eyes complimented by a bright smile gracing the features of a familiar face.

She should have realized where she heard the voice the second he spoke his name. The voice that called her to him over the din of other spectators at required high school pep rallies. Telling off an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. Cheering loudly (albeit embarrassingly) every time she walked on a stage at the local coffee shop to share her early attempts at poetry.

Garfield Logan took the book from under her hands keeping his pleased expression in place. With a wink, he turned away from the table and the girl he once knew and sauntered out of the bookstore.

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