I got a really nice review from a guest called TheNoisyIdiot to this story, and their words were so sweet that I felt I needed to explain why I discontinued this story.

You see, when I began this college AU, I had a plot. That plot got lost in my chapters, and I couldn't make a new one out of the direction in which I was going. Plus, I felt like no one was reading it anymore. I mean, it's selfish and all for me to write this out, but people's reviews honestly just make my whole day. Just a simple "I liked this chapter" tells me that I'm doing something write. Crazy, I know. But the reviews I did get where so helpful to me, and I always grinned like an idiot whenever someone's review was posted. I quit the entire thing, but couldn't delete it because I had honestly liked how it began. I might delete it still, just so that no one else can get confused by the discontinuation thing- and I plan to someday rewrite this. Or start from scratch, with a whole new college AU.

Maybe Rapunzel will be like an art student and Jack's a engineer, I don't know. And she's like this new girl who rooms with Merida and all that. Either way, I want to thank anyone who read this story, reviewed to it (I love you guys) or heck, even clicked on it and gave it a chance. The readers are the reason I keep writing. :)