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Hello every one Juubi here to bring you my first adopted Naruto and Evangelion crossover story.

Recently I had adopted this story from an author known as NecroSaintCreed who was unable to complete this story

This World is on the Verge of extinction

An alarm rang throughout the streets of the destroyed suburbs.

"You will not be leaving this warzone alive." "This is for all the things that you've done, You BASTARD!"

Crystal blue eyes flutter open as their owner groggily sits up only to grab his head in pain.

"Just die you Mongrel!"

A young man stumbles down a random street, the sky full of smoke the buildings coming down around him and all he can do is stumble while gripping his head. A Large blast somewhere in the distance causes his unruly blonde hair to billow in the wind, as his ragged looking clothes barely cling to his figure.

"How does it feel to know I killed all those you held precious to you? Do you feel Angry? I am going to kill you!"

"Prepare for launch!" Lieutenant Colonel Misato Katsuragi commanded as she was given the confirmation that the young Shinji Ikari could successfully pilot Unit-01.

"Preparing for launch." a male voice responded over the intercom. "Lieutenant, there is a strange energy reading on the ground of Tokyo-3, its 300 kilometers from the south entrance." one of the people at the computers reported bringing the image onto the larger screen.

"What is it?" She asked fearing that it may be yet another angel. "I can't rightfully tell you, but what I do know is that it's something we might want to fear more than our current angel." the man reported.

"Try and bring up any remaining cameras in that sector."

"You may have one boy but you'll die before I will. KAMUI… Shinken"

Everyone in Nerv HQ watched as the blonde suddenly cradled his as if he was in agonizing pain, momentarily forgetting about Shinji as he was launched even the angel ignored him as it to noticed the dramatic increase in power.

"Lieutenant the readings have double-no tripled in a matter of seconds." the man from before said with his jaw seemingly slack from astonishment.

Then there was a sudden stillness that seemed to cause everyone to catch their breath as the boy stopped moving, completely. They knew he was still alive oh they knew the numbers were still climbing to tremendous heights.

"Kurama?" the young blonde asked himself in search of that annoying, but comforting voice he knew was in his head. "Kurama?!" he said as he felt himself get desperate. He knew that the damn fox was still there he had to be, Right?

'No, all I've known it can't be gone. One friend... please just one friend.' he thought desperately as he followed the endless trail of chakra that always lead him to the overgrown fur ball. 'Kurama answer me!?" He thought.

"No…" the blondes hollow words rang throughout the entire city. Again they watched as they quite clearly heard his words. The silence was so physically unbearable, it was attacked the very souls of anyone watching.

They watched as the wind began to suddenly pick up as if it was originating from the blonde boy himself, which they quickly found out it was, as the young man started screaming in a fit demonic rage and sorrow. It was so physically unbelievable to them that were till their sensors started to explode.

"Lieutenant Sensors are down in all nearby sectors." "Activate the far ranged sensors and keep them locked." she responded not taking her eyes off the young man crying tears of blood, his eyes had gone from crystal blue to a deep amethyst purple with a single gold ring out-lining it and three back to back crescent moons.

"NOOOOOOOO!" it was magnificent the amount of power the boy held, without even remotely doing anything it still destroyed the landscape around him. In his eyes one could see so much untamed anger, so much rage, so much sorrow all of it; and in his eyes one could see that it needed release.

Sadly for the angel no matter the distance between the two of them at that moment, it had inadvertently locked eyes with him and in a single glance sealed its fate as the world's biggest punching bag.

He was gone in a literal flash one, leaving no physical evidence of him ever being there well besides the collateral damage to the surrounding area. Everyone in the headquarters was gob smacked some even though they saw Gendo Ikari's glasses fall off his face, though they were never heard from again for what they witnessed. Misato was the first one to recover and was instantly giving out orders.

"Locate him now!"

"We already have." "Where is he?" "Sector 7"

"But that would mean..." "Bring up the Angel NOW!" Gendo declared as he took this as a moment to step in.

What they saw when they brought it up on screen was nothing but reformed insanity.

They brought the camera up in time to watch the blonde basically back hand the angel clear across the city, for the next five minutes was the largest single player game of volley ball ever recorded in history and all anyone could hope to catch of either the 'ball' and the blonde was mere blurs.

What was once going to be a supreme battle for human existence became a quick one sided slaughter fest and serious anger management issues.

When it finally stopped the blonde looked like he was barely breathing hard while the angel was trying to crawl away. "Trying to crawl away" the blonde said his eyebrow twitching violently as he reached out and grabbed the angel by the leg

"Where do you think you're going…? I'm not through with you yet!" the blonde yelled as he yanked the angel back towards him ripping the leg clean off as he leaped into the air. The camera's barely caught the strange swirling sphere of energy as he brought it down upon the core of the angel.

Any hopes of seeing the results of the blonde's demonic beat down were lost as the shock wave destroyed every camera in the area.

"Give me a status report on the Angel condition!" Gendo called out as he looked down at the first person who gave him an answer.

"Nothing sir, it's like its very existence was erased from reality,-" someone called out pausing for a moment. "Sir the superior energy signature is fading fast."

Suddenly, they all saw Naruto once again but this time he was seen with something in his mouth. The other members of Nerv all watched in horror as the child dug into the core of the now dead angel.

"Is… is that the S2 engine he is devouring?" Gendo asks in shock that a normal human could ingest an organ that was supposed to be located within the core of an angel.

Naruto's body than began to glow just like Adam and he huge a halo for about two seconds before the light died down and he was seen on the ground unconscious.

For about five minutes no one at Nerv that had watched the massacre of the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced.

Without even a moment's hesitation Gendo had his plan devised, "Lieutenant have Shinji's new task be to safely retrieve the young man."

(Next morning)

Once again Crystal blue eyes snapped open to their least favorite sight, one which was confirmed when the smell of anesthetic and chemicals hit his nose, and the silence that always seemed to follow as if one was in a library of the sick.

He had successfully found himself once again in a hospital room. "Way to go with that one." He said to himself as he went to sit up only to find his arms restrained. "I see you're awake." A feminine voice spoke drawing his attention to the corner of the room.

There sitting in the chair was Lieutenant Colonel Misato Katsuragi a gun in hand in case anything went wrong, "We'll release you as soon as you tell us who you are and where you came from." She told him slightly sweating as he only gave her a blank stare.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, and my question is who tied me down?" he asked again with his stoic expression Causing her to feel a little bit of hesitance, believing that he was most likely going to take hostile action to being restrained she raised her gun and took the blame.

"I tied you down then allowed the doctors to take care of your bruises." she said ready for any sudden moves on his part only to face fault at his reply.

"You don't really look like the type that would be in to bondage..." he stated in a matter of fact tone before adopting a rather distant look.

"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BRINGING MY SEX LIFE INTO THIS!" she yelled at him recreating his first sensei's famous jutsu, scaring him a little on the inside due to no one ever figuring out how he actually made said jutsu.

"And what if I was into to bondage not saying I am but what if I was then what would you do you cheeky brat." she said with a grin thinking she caught him at his own game, completely forgetting the reason she was here I remind you, only for it to drop when he responded with a mischievous little smirk of his own.

"Then I would do this."

And in a puff of smoke they had seemingly switched places.

"Now I guess I'll be off." he said suddenly wearing all his clothes from before without the blood dirt and grime they had when they were taken from his form.

"You can't just leave me here!" she demanded after getting over the whole switching places thing. Her only response was to have a rag shoved into her mouth, and a stern look from the now named Naruto.

"Now if you were into, and I'm not saying you are bondage you would enjoy this." he said as he left poor Misato tied up with a heavy blush upon her cheeks.

It wasn't long before he found himself walking down a random hall way that he took on instinct believing it as his way out only to feel himself freeze as not even a moment later one other person turned down that very same hallway.

The person in question was a teenage girl with blue hair that was wrapped up in bandages and also covered one of her eyes. She had on a very strange bodysuit on that seemed to compliment her womanly figure.

She had a cast on her arm that was held up in a sling. Naruto then looked into her eyes and noticed that she was a bitterly unhappy young woman that seemed to have his huge sense of negative self-worth.

As for Rei she stared at the ninja finding him strange and very interesting. She had seen what the man had done to the angel without the strength of an Eva and it peeked her curiosity.

Looking over his appearance, Rei found the mysterious child very pleasing to the eyes and she found that she was curious about the lines on his face.

Rei then studied his clothing and she found his choice of attire while a little strange seemed to suit him nicely.

Finally, Rei looked into Naruto's eyes and she was able to sense an overwhelming presence of pain, loneliness and despair.

It surprised her as he seemed to be this all power entity and yet seemed to have experience so much sorrow that it surpassed all of what she experience.

"Who are you… what is your name?" Rei asked in an emotionless tone of voice that causing Naruto to offer her a sad smile.

"I am someone who has lost everything he once held dear." Naruto said as the sorrow that Naruto sensed in her underlined despair in her words.

It was the sound of someone who believe that they are expendable and truly believe they were not human.

Suddenly, Rei clinched her head and her arm in pain and begins to fall only to be caught by Naruto.

"Hey are you alright?" Naruto asked as he held her so that she didn't hit the floor. Opening her eye and reached out with her good hand in an attempt to grab a hold to something that would help her stand up.

"Hey, relax you don't need to waste any more energy." Naruto told her as he picked her up bridal style.

'She's in a lot of physical pain however it's nothing compared to the pain I see in her eyes… however what I really want to know is why she smells so strongly of blood.'

(Elsewhere in Nerv headquarters)

Gendo Ikari watched Naruto's interaction with Rei though one of the cameras. "Hm… So, Rei has taken an interest in our guest Gendo." Kozo Fuyutsuki Gendo's right hand man said. As they watched Naruto run through Nerv carrying Rei.

"So it would appear." Gendo said as he stood up and walked out of the room with Kozo following right after the man.

"The child had suddenly appeared out of a rift in space during the third angel's attack." Gendo said as walked through the halls of Nerv.

"The boy than starts to generate an extraordinary amount of energy that was able to negate the Angel's AT field with ease." The boy then unleashes a primal scream and proceeds to single-headedly destroy Sachiel." Gendo said as they listened to the shouts of the other to find the escapee.

"After he was done with the Angel he began devouring the core and started to enter an "awaken state for a few seconds before losing consciousness." Gendo finished as they heard the guards shout out that they found him and that he was staying to escape while holding the first child hostage.

"They sure are having a hard time." Fuyutsuki comments as they headed to where Gendo believed they would end up.

"What we have here could finally be our key to achieving the plan for Human instrumentality, and this time I will use everything at my disposal to see that my plans succeed, I will even use that child if I need to." Gendo states as thoughts of his wife Yui Ikari who had assimilated with Eva unit one.

(With Naruto and Rei)

Naruto sighed has he ran around Nerv headquarters with Rei still in his arms. Naruto had decided to take her to the same hospital room that he had woke up in that day.

This proved to be a bad idea on his part since he forgot that he had left some woman there tied up when he escaped. According to Rei that women was the operations director of Nerv Misato Katsuragi.

When he was about to turn down the hall when she appeared with twenty guards surrounding her and she looked both extremely embarrassed and royally piss.

"I want you to capture that brat and make sure to chain him down." Misato commanded as the guards started to close in on them.

"Sorry to disappoint you sweetheart but I'm not into all of that kinky stuff." Naruto said before disappearing in a swirl of leaves."

And so here they two where, the first child and the Sage of six path on the run from humanities last hope of defense. After about twenty minutes of dodging the guards Naruto and Rei finally came to where the Evas where being held.

Naruto gently laid Rei on a hospital bed that had been left there and placed a seal on the door to keep the guards out until he was finished helping Rei.

"That should hold them off for a while and give me enough time to heal you." Naruto said as he his hands started to glow green.

Rei who was still in pain opening her face and stared at Naruto's hand warily. "What do you intend to do." Rei asked not understanding way his hands where glowing green.

"Oh this is a healing technique that I've learned from an old friend of mine." Naruto explained to Rei as he placed his hands on her cast. Rei let out a sigh as Naruto worked his chakra into her. Rei could feel Naruto's energy flow through her arm.

As he worked on her arm Naruto found that he was able to use this jutsu a lot more easily than he could before the war. 'Those where the good old days.' Naruto thought as he finished Rei's arm.

Naruto then got to work on her eye. "So can you feel me in on what that thing over there is?" Naruto asked the first child.

"That is the evangelion… humanities last hope for survival." Gendo Ikari said as he made himself known with Fuyutsuki right beside him. "Who the fuck are you." Naruto said as Rei sat up.

"He is Nerv's commander Gendo Ikari, he's is the man who devote everything to this organization." She said which Naruto responded to by rolling his eyes.

"You've caused quite the commotion, so may we know the name of the man who destroyed an angel." Gendo said getting a weird look from Naruto.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and wait a minute… so you're telling me that the creature I just killed was an angel... what the hell did you guys do to get on Kami's hit list" Naruto asked as Rei began to take off her bandages.

"Mankind is on the verge of extinction and our only hope is the evangelion that are piloted by Rei and my son Shinji however, they lack experience and will likely get themselves killed and then that will be the end of humanity." Nerv's commander explained.

"So I ask you, the fallen Angel Naruto Namikaze will you fight for humanity's future?" Gendo asked Naruto. Naruto just stared at Gendo with a look that was devoid of emotion. While Naruto was giving Gendo a blank stare, Naruto mind was a maelstrom of emotions.

On one hand, Naruto could read the man like an open book and could tell that he was planning to use Naruto for to accomplish his on goals even if that meant sacrificing him in the process.

'I could just tell him to fuck off and leave, it not as if this guy can stop me.' Naruto thought as he activated to Rinnegan only to be stopped by Rei who stood before him.

"My name is Rei Ayanami, I look forward to working with you." Rei said as she gave Naruto a short bow, getting a smile from Naruto.

'Well I guess I can humor him until I find out where the hell that bastard sent me.' Naruto thought as he decided to lay some ground rules.

If you want my help there are a few conditions of mine that needs to be met." Naruto said as he suddenly vanishes only to appear right beside Gendo and Fuyutsuki. This caused Fuyutsuki to jump in surprise and got Gendo to sweat a little.

These conditions must be met or I leave here right now and trust me when I say that nothing you do can stop me." Naruto said as he unleashed one percent of his power which, was enough to cause Fuyutsuki to almost have a heart attack.

"And just what are these conditions." Gendo asked as he tried his best to keep from having a mental breakdown as he stared into Naruto's purple ringed eyes.

Rei having been dragged by Naruto when he appeared beside Gendo, found that she was a little dizzy and was having trouble not falling over. Seeing this Naruto helped support her so that she didn't fall on her face.

Suddenly Misato and a group of guards enter the room that they were in. Commander there is something wrong with the door to the… there he is, commander get away from him." Misato said as she and the guards try to close in on Naruto.

Before they could get to close, chains erupted out to the floor, creating a wall between them. "The grown-ups are talking right now, Misato-chan so, I don't you be a good little girl and stay quiet." Naruto said as he turn his attention back to Gendo.

"Stand down Lieutenant colonel Misato Katsuragi, we are merely trying to come to an agreement." Gendo said confusing the woman.

"My first condition is rather simple, I will need all the information that you have on these angels, and all new information that you will be obtaining, and you will give me that information to me right away, and if you try to lie to me I will find out and you will be dealing with this." Naruto said as a giant demon head arose out of the floor scaring everyone within the room.

"What the hell is that thing?!" One of the guards yells out in fear much to Naruto's amusement. Rei stared at the creature in curiosity as she wondered if it was a creature similar to the angles and then she looked towards Naruto with a questioning glaze.

"Everyone I would like you all to meet the King of Hell, his job is to tell me if someone is lying to me about important information and he will rip your souls from your body." Naruto explained with a happy smile on his face.

Suddenly, Misato and the guards all pulled out guns and began to open fire on the king of hell. This however proved to be useless and the bullets were halted in midair and then fell to the floor harmlessly.

"Oh and just so you know, he is an immortal demon and you can't even touch him with any weapon and even an explosion that can take out an entire city." Naruto explained as Rei reach out to touch it.

"I… see… and what of your other conditions?" Gendo asked just wanting to get this day over with and return to the commander's office.

"Right then, my second condition is that you provide me a place to stay preferably one close to my partners Rei and this Shinji kid, I've got it you get us a place with enough room for all three of use to live in." Naruto said confusing Rei.

"Why would you request for us to live under the same roof, how would that benefit you?" Rei asked Naruto, finding herself curious about the strange condition. Suddenly the king of hell disappeared before Rei could touch it.

"Oh I get it, with you three living together you are hoping to form a bond and promote teamwork." Misato said since she had once thought of that idea before but had decided against it.

"While the might be the best way, I don't think that it's right for two boys and one girl to be willing together… I mean who's to stop you from taking advantage of poor Rei here…?" Misato asked with a smug look on her face.

"Well then why not live with in acting as their guardian." Fuyutsuki suggests much to Misato's dismay. "That's an excellent idea Fuyutsuki, it will be your responsibility to make sure that there will be no problems between the children." Gendo commanded much to Misato's dismay.

"Yeah sir," Misato said as she hung her head in defeat. "Now then, the last thing I will need are weapons, preferably two sword strong enough to cut through an angel." Naruto said getting a nod from Gendo.

"I believe that we are done here, Misato take Naruto, Rei and Shinji out to get something to eat or something while you're living arrangement are set up." Gendo said as he and Fuyutsuki left.

"So then, who wants ramon for lunch?" Naruto asked getting a surprised look from Misato, and a curious look from Rei.


Well there it is the first chapter. I hope that you guys all enjoyed this story.

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