Naruto Instrumentalities Newest Player chapter 9

The 9th installment is finally here.

Naruto x Rei & sisters x Mari x Misato x Maya

Shinji x Asuka

Kaworu x (Still thinking about it)

Toji x Hikari Horaki

I am thinking of making Kensuke and Toji into pilots and/or guardians.

Just to let everyone now, yes Naruto is powerful, but he isn't that much more powerful than the mid-tiers in this AU.

Also I know some of you guys where a little annoyed by the weapons I had supplied Naruto.

I would like to inform you guys that those weapons will not be returning as they were destroyed.


"Aren't you ashamed that you were nowhere to be found during an angel attack, where you hiding behind your daddy?" Asuka taunted.

Suddenly, Asuka spun on her heels and sent a round house kick at the person behind her.

Naruto who had been standing behind Asuka ever since she tripped Shinji, casually blocked Asuka's kick with his index finger.

Asuka's eyes widened in surprise at this and then she jumped back from Naruto and ended up with her butt right in Shinji's face.

"So you are the pilot of unit-02 huh? Very impressive, I look forward to fighting alongside you, Shamash guardian." Naruto said causing Asuka to frown.

"And just who are you supposed to be?" Asuka asked.

"Suddenly, Asuka had to shield her eyes as a bright light started to illuminate from Naruto.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, it's a pleasure to meet you." Naruto said as he placed his hand to his heart and gave her a bow.

You can (not) win can you?

After returning to Nerv HQ, the group were called into the mission briefing room by Fuyutsuki.

Misato went to go help Asuka get situated at the house and Rei had to get her testing for the week taken care of so that she would not have to miss any classes next week.

Fuyutsuki, had them watching footage of one of Asuka's previous battles with the angel Gaghiel. Shinji, Toji and Kensuke watched in awe of Asuka solo performance in beating the angel.

Shinji was impressed by how well she piloted, while Naruto talked to Fuyutsuki.

"While it's true that she had help from the pacific fleet, she was able to drive that angel to make a tactical retreat, in less than thirty-six seconds, before the internal batteries ran out." Naruto said as the footage ended.

"Captain of the European Air Force, Asuka Langely Sohryu Shikinami, age fifteen, graduated from a German university at age fourteen and one of our three Guardians, quite a remarkable child." Fuyutsuki said.

"What?! She graduated from a university?!" Shinji exclaimed while both Kensuke and Toji eyes opened widen to the point where Naruto thought they would pop out and their jaws hit the floor.

"So she is a natural born prodigy, like a dear friend of mine." Naruto said as Toji and Kensuke stared at him with confused expressions on their face.

"Evasive maneuvers, Decision making, piloting skills, however you look at it, she is almost perfect in all aspects." Kensuke said.

"Except for her personality, talk about bitchy." Toji said causing Naruto to grin in amusement.

"Well then, you are all free to leave, sync testing will begin next week." Fuyutsuki told Shinji and the others.

"As for Naruto, well there is a special order that should arrive for you by the end of the week." Fuyutsuki informed the half-breed.

"If it has to do with another model of those weapons you gave me, I regret to inform you that they will be completely useless." Naruto said.

"I am well aware, however thanks to those weapons we were able to collect that necessary data that we would need, for your true weapons." Fuyutsuki said.

"Hm we will see." Naruto said as he and the others all left.

(Twenty-minutes later)

"I'm just saying that it's pretty awesome that she is a captain at are age. Kensuke said to Toji. "That's like a ten year old doing to med-school."

"Is that really all you are interested in? Toji asked. "Jeez I wonder if only weirdos get chosen to be pilots. "What do you think big shot?" Toji asked Naruto.

"Excuse me!" A man called out to them. "Do you know if this is the right gate to get to the Geofront sub-terminal?" The man asked as Toji, Kensuke and Shinji turned their attention to him.

"Yes this is it, but you have to transfer at the fourth stop though." Shinji explained to the man.

"Hm well I've been gone two years and I hardly recognize a single thing, so thanks for setting me straight Shinji." Kaji said.

"By the way, is colonel Katsuragi around?" Kaji asked.

Naruto finally turned to see who was talking to the boys, and was somewhat surprised when he realized who the man was.

"Chief inspector Ryoji Kaji, I presume?" Naruto asked getting the every one's attention. "Do you know this guy Naruto?" Kensuke.

"And who might you be kid, got a name?" Kaji asked. "It's Naruto." the half-breed said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Kaji said. "Likewise." Naruto said back and watched as the man left.

"Naruto do you know who that guy was?" Shinji asked wondering what was going on.

"I know about everyone working for Nerv Japan." 'I know that he is Misato's Ex-boyfriend, so things will start to get more hectic soon, with everyone coming to Japan.' Naruto thought.

(Gendo, Kozo and Kaji)

"Man was that job ever a pain in the ass." Kaji said to Gendo and Fuyutsuki. Kaji was able to make it to Nerv in less than twenty minutes after leaving the station.

Once there he went into Gendo's office, delivering an armored suitcase.

"Regardless both Eva unit 05 and the angel Uriel were disposed of as planned."

"The cause was officially labeled an accident." "The Marduk Plan at Bethany Base is all but suspended at this point." Kaji explained to Gendo.

"Now then as for my latest report on Seele- "There is no need, we've already looked over it." Gendo said, cutting Kaji off.

"The details on the construction of unit 06 proved to be rather helpful." Gendo said.

"Glad to hear it." Kaji said. "Want a look at the item you asked for, I imagine that you must be eager to see it." Kaji said as he opened the suitcase.

"The metaphysical twining between god and the soul." Kaji said as Gendo analyzed the item.

"Yes and it will open the door to human instrumentality, the first human… Adam." Gendo said with a grin upon his face.

"Well if that's all, I've got some other things that need tending to." Kaji said before leaving the room.

"Chief inspection officer Ryoji Kaji… are you certain that he can be trusted?" Kozo Fuyutsuki asked Gendo.


Ritsuko was sitting at her desk when drinking her coffee when someone wrapped his arms around her from behind.

Ritsuko instantly recognized who it was and leaned into his chest while placing her cup down and closing her eyes.

"You're still a workaholic eh, Ritsu?" Kaji said. "By the look of it you've lost a little weight and still don't have a boyfriend." Kaji said playfully as he started to unzip her shirt.

"Hm nice try but I've gained more 1570 grams." Ritsuko said.

"Maybe you are just wearing too many cloths, I'd love to see for myself." Kaji said as he placed his hand on the side of her face and buried his face in between her neck and shoulder.

"I wouldn't mind showing you, but this room is being monitored." Ritsuko said.

"Was monitored, I replaced the video feed with fake footage running in a loop on the system." He said causing Ritsuko to chuckle a bit.

"Thoroughly prepared as ever, aren't you?" Ritsuko asked.

"Hey you know that when I play, I play to win." Kaji said as he kissed her on the neck.

"The guys at Nerv have surely lost theirs, to leave a rose as beautiful as you so sad and lonely." Kaji purred into her ear, causing Ritsuko red to start turning red and her glasses fogged up.

"But you lost." Ritsuko said as they both looked up to see Misato glaring at him through the glass windows.

"You should have covered the windows, so that the angry lady wouldn't catch us." Ritsuko said.

Kaji then let go of Ritsuko and placed his hands in his pockets, while giving Ritsuko a charming smile.

"Indeed, it's been far too long." Kaji said as Misato entered the room.

"Ritsuko HR's just given us the approval on Asuka." Misato told her best friend before she started to stare at Kaji with a deadpanned expression.

Ritsuko had been startled when Misato had spoken to her normally, having expected her friend to show signs of jealousy.

"I see that you haven't changed a bit." Misato said, annoyed by the fact that Kaji was here.

"It's my prerogative!" Kaji said while raising his hands in front of him.

"What the hell are you even doing here, I thought that you got assigned to the Euro." Misato said.

"I'm here on a job and it looks like I'll be here for a while, so the three of us can hang out together, it will be just like when we were students.

"Why the hell would I want to hang with you while you are always acting like that?" Misato asked.

"What do you have to get so mad about?" Kaji asked as Misato backed him up against the wall.

"I thought there was nothing more between us, unless you still haven't gotten over me?" Kaji said with a playful smile.

Misato started gaining angry tick marks on the back of her head and on her forehead.


Misato launched a right punch into the reinforced steel wall behind Kaji, leaving a fist size dent in it, almost separating Kaji's head from his shoulders in the process.

"Fuck you!" Misato exclaimed before turning on her heels and walking out the room, leaving an annoyed Ritsuko and Kaji who by now was scared shitless.

(Later that evening)

"Misato, Rei we're home!" Naruto called out as he and Shinji returned home after spending the remainder of the day hanging out with Kensuke and Toji.

"Welcome home Naruto and Shinji, Rei is in her room and I am currently cleaning my own." Misato said.

Naruto and Shinji both groaned as they had almost forgotten her sudden eagerness to clean, which is understandable since it was still the first day that she just decided to start cleaning up after herself.

"Well I'm going to check on Rei, Shinji can you cook for us tonight? I may be in there for a while." Naruto asked.

"Yeah sure thing, I will get start in a bit." Shinji said as he headed to his room, while Naruto went to see Rei.

"As Shinji walked to his room, he suddenly started to think about Asuka wondering about her reasoning for piloting the Eva, compared to his and Rei's.

As he got to his room and opened the door, he noticed that his room had been completely filled to the point where he couldn't even get through the door.

"AH! What the hell happened to my room!?" Shinji exclaimed, feeling confused and finding this situation unsettling.

"Who's crap is this!?" "How rude that is not crap, those are my belongings!" Asuka said making her presence known.

"Huh, but then what about my stuff? Wait what the hell are you even doing here Asuka?" Shinji asked.

"Jeez you really are an idiot, it's rather obvious that you are being replaced." Asuka states while giving Shinji a condescending look.

"You've got to be joking." Shinji said as he looked at the girl with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

"That's exactly what I said, when I saw just how small these Japanese rooms are, I can hardly fit half of my stuff in here." Asuka said.

"And is privacy a foreign idea to the Japanese, seriously how do you people live in a room without locks?" Asuka said as she started to slide the door open and closed.

"That's because the we believe in consideration." Misato said startling both Shinji and Asuka, because she hadn't even made her presence own before she got behind them.

"Misato can you explain to me what's going on?" Shinji said, while Asuka just stared at him with a deadpanned expression on her face.

"God you are so irritating, now get your junk out of here so I can unpack." Asuka commanded.

"Oh no you don't, no one is kicking out Shinji. Misato said much to Asuka annoyance.

"If you two are going to work together, than you are going to have to learn how to communicate."

"You two are fellow pilots now, so you are going to live together and learn to act like it." Misato said while both Shinji and Asuka started giving each other looks of disdain.

"Hm!" Asuka then turns away from Shinji with her nose in the air obviously being stubborn, much to Misato's amusement.

"That's an order by the way." Misato said with a smile on her face.

(Naruto & Rei)

Naruto sat on the side of Rei's bed, watching as the girl slept, with a gentle smile on his face.

Suddenly, Rei start to awaken from her sleep, and upon seeing Naruto sitting beside her, she attempted to sit up to greet him.

"Go ahead and stay, there is no need for you to sit up just because I am here, Rei-chan." Naruto said as he help guide her back down.

"Yes." Rei said as she gave Naruto a smile, of her own, which made Naruto rub her right cheek.

"So how did the test go?" Naruto asked. Suddenly, the smile on Rei's face vanished and was replaced with a frown and she suddenly, hid under her covers.

"What's the matter Rei, why did you hide from me?" Naruto asked as he placed his hand on top of her head.

Suddenly, Rei sat up letting the blanket fall off of her, revealing that she was wearing an oversize shirt.

'Hey isn't that the shirt that I left on the floor this morning?" Naruto thought to himself as Rei start to speak.

"The other me wanted to know why you haven't been around to see her." Rei said as she gave Naruto a confused look.

Naruto just sat there for a few seconds blinking owlishly at what Rei had just sat, he suddenly, remembered that he hadn't gone checked on the souls that resided within the Evangelion since before the recent angel attack.

'I see well I suppose I should go pay her and Yui a visit tomorrow, Yui must be worried since the last time she probably saw me was right before I passed out.' Naruto thought.

"If you are wondering, I have the ability to enter the soul of the evangelion." Naruto explained to Rei. Rei nodded at this, since it was too far a stretch considering Naruto could also rip out souls.

However that being said, it still seemed to add on to the long list of Naruto's abilities that he has yet to fully explain and/or show.

"Now then if you are up to it, Shinji is cooking tonight so why don't we join the others." Naruto said as he stood up and held out his hand for Rei.

"Yes." Rei said as she placed her hand in Naruto's.

(In the Kitchen)

"Yeah! Nothing like an ice cold beer after a nice long bath!" Misato exclaimed as she watched Shinji cook.

Suddenly, Asuka came running out of the bathroom while screaming. "There's a thing… a creature in the bathroom!"

Suddenly, PenPen walked passed Asuka, with a look on his face that clearly said he was amused.

"It's just a penguin, his name is PenPen." Shinji said as he finished cooking and turned to Asuka only to go completely red at the fact that Asuka was just standing there completely naked.

Noticing that Shinji was giving her a weird look, she suddenly raising that she was ass naked and turned completely red, before appearing and kicking him the face.

As Shinji fell to the floor Asuka covered her chest with her arms and started yelling at him in German, before walking back to the bathroom leaving Shinji there on the floor.

"Well it seems like they are starting to getting along well with each other, Huh PenPen." Misato said to her pet, who just squawked.

"I see that Asuka ran out of the bathroom completely naked." Naruto said as He and Rei came to the table.

"This is all a part of Harmonizing with your comrades." Misato said before she winced and grabbed her left hand.

Naruto noticed this and sat down next to Misato, while Rei sat next to him and grabbed her book that was on the table.

"I see that you broke a few bones." Naruto said as he took hold of Misato's bandaged hand as started to run a diagnosis on it, with his chakra.

"What happened?" Shinji asked as he got up off the floor.

"Nothing I kind of just punched a wall back at HQ, no big deal." Misato said causing Shinji to stare at her in bewilderment as Naruto went ahead and healed Misato.

"Anymore eccentricities you would like to share with us Misato?" Naruto asked joking, which earn him a punch to the arm.

"Jerk." Misato said while childishly sticking her tongue out at Naruto. Naruto just shook his head at the crazy older woman

Suddenly, Naruto, Misato and Rei's stomach all started growling, reminding them that it was about time to eat.

"Stupid Shinji hurry up with dinner already!" Asuka exclaimed as she walked into the kitchen, her stomach also growling.

"Alright already, I'm all finished anyway." Shinji said as he started fixing the others a plate.

"I see that you two are getting along just fine." Naruto said while Misato started giggling at Asuka.

"As if!" Asuka said while sticking her nose in the air, much to Naruto and Misato's amusement.

"All done Misato." Naruto said as finished healing Misato. Misato moved her fingers around for a bit, before smiling at Naruto.

"Thank you for helping me again Naruto." Misato said causing Naruto to wave his hands. "No big deal." Naruto said as Misato stood from her chair.

"Well then, here's a little reward." Misato said as she leaned in and kissed Naruto on the cheek.

"Disgusting." Asuka said as she took her plate from Shinji and walked back into the living room.

Rei looked towards Naruto to guard is reaction to Misato's surprised attack.

Seeing Naruto gain a happy grin upon his face, Rei make a mental note of this, deciding that it my prove to be useful to her later on.

"Squawk!" PenPen said in between drinking his beer, basically telling Misato and Naruto to get a room.

"Oh shut up before use you to make penguin stew." Naruto said jokingly.

In retaliation PenPen threw an empty beer can at Naruto who moved his head to the side, to avoid it.

*gasp* "PenPen!" Misato exclaimed as PenPen detracted two of his claws, leaving the middle one.

"I think he's jealous." Shinji said only to get nailed in the face with a half-full beer can courtesy of PenPen.

"Squawk!" PenPen said as tick marks appeared on his head and he got up from the table and went into his room.

"He said shut up you cherry boy, at least I did turn bright red and freeze up at the sight of a naked girl." Naruto said with an amused grin on his face.

Misato actually started giggling, much to Shinji's dismay, and Rei just stared at him with a blank look on her face.

After dinner, everyone decided to turn in for the night. Asuka was assigned to share a room with Shinji, so they moved all of her stuff so that there was enough room for another bed.

Asuka then moved some of her boxes so that Shinji's view of the other side of the room was blocked off.


Mari could be found at one of Japan's high end hotel's in the penthouse. She had a towel on her back and was sitting on the bed, working on her computer. Suddenly, there was a knock at her door before it opened to reveal Kaji standing there with bags of food.

"So did you get to see your Ex today?" Mari asked as Kaji walked in and closed and locked the door.

"Among other things, it would appear that she hasn't changed all at all." Kaji said as he came to sit next to her on the bed.

"So did you two ignite that old passion you had for each other, or did she flat out ignore you?" Mari asked with an amused grin plastered on her face.

"Neither, instead it's more like she tried to killed me, after I suggested the three of us start to hang out for a while." Kaji said as he handed her one of the bags.

"Well considering it's you who we are talking about, then it's safe to just chock that up as a normal reaction." Mari said as she opened the bag to see that Kaji got her a bowl of ramen with steamed octopus.

"Thanks also I happened to run into the other kids today, including that one that you shared a kiss with." Kaji said as Mari suddenly opened a profile of Naruto ,Shinji and Asuka.

"Naruto Uzumaki, he is an enigma that appeared during the first angel attack Japan has had in fourteen years." Mari said as she ate her ramen.

"His aura shines as bright as the sun and his power is fascinating, not to mention he is smell is just so good." Mari purred, cause a Kaji to chuckle.

I see, well then I'll be sure to introduce you all as soon as I complete my assignment." Kaji said as he too started to eat his ramen.

(At school the next day)

"Alright class, today we have yet another student transferring in our class, Now please introduce yourself." The teacher said, while all the students started whispering as the new girl walked into the class.

Toji sat at his desk with a look of disdain plastered on his face as he realized who it was. Kensuke was pleasantly surprised, while Naruto grinned and Shinji sighed.

"Guten Morgen, I'm Asuka Langely Shikinami, Charmed huh?" Asuka said as the class all began to bombard Asuka with questions.

As this was going on however, no one noticed the teen that glared at Asuka, Shinji, Rei and Naruto as he walked passed their class.

(Gendo and Fuyutsuki in space)

"Here we are floating not more than hundred feet over Tabgha Moon base and yet they still won't allow us to land, Seele can be nasty when they want to." Fuyutsuki said.

Gendo and Fuyutsuki had been called up report to the Moonbase by Seele that night. It took them from late that night until noon.

As they floated over the base, they got to see the incomplete unit 06 that was under construction.

"The construction method being used on the mark 06 differs from the other units, getting that ascertain is enough.

"There weren't supposed to be any plans for construction beyond unit 05." Fuyutsuki said.

"There are likely still undisclosed Apocrypha of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Seele is intending to follow the scriptures perfectly." Gendo said

"But even Seele must be aware of Nerv's ultimate goal at this point, and they are also aware of Naruto." Fuyutsuki said.

"They indeed are, but we can allow them to alter the course of our path, even if we have to act against the word of God." Gendo said.

"Then it would be best if we get the fallen child to fight for us when the time come to take Seele out of the picture." Gendo told Fuyutsuki.

Suddenly, Gendo and Fuyutsuki directed their attention to the mark 06's hand and to his surprise, a teen was sitting on the Eva, with nothing but a pair of pants.

"A person? Surely not…" Fuyutsuki said as the boy turn to look in their direction.

"Nice to meet you, father, tell Shinji-kun and Naruto-kun that I shall be seeing them soon." Kaworu said.


Well not the most action packed chapter, but I believe that there has to be a few establishing chapters here and there.

What does Fuyutsuki have in store for Naruto? Why did Kaworu call Gendo father? what is Seele's plan?

What is Mari's role in all this? and finally who the hell was that boy. Stay tuned for the next installment.

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