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~Bella's Point of View~

I tried taking my time, reading over every word, even pausing to double check my work, but it was no use, I managed to get all my homework done under five minutes. No flaws, no messing up, everything just came so naturally to me, that nothing was ever a challenge to me. This was just one of the best advantages of being a vampire. When it came to school work, there was no such thing as stress.

"Momma, come play, come play," Little Zander's voice called out to me from outside.

I looked up, unable to help but smile as I watched him through the glass windows; he waved to me wildly, jumping up and down a little, which caused his light dirty blonde hair to cover his eyes just slightly.

I laughed, seeing Emmett come running at him, picking him up, making fake growling sounds, and pretending to chop at Zander's shirt.

"Momma help!" He called to me giggling loudly, struggling against Emmett's hold.

Quickly I pulled myself up, and walked out to them grinning in amusement, noticing Emmett's big goofy grin as I opened my arms.

"Have you seen Eddie yet today?" He chuckled, handing Zander over to me.

Zander clung to me now, resting his head on my shoulder, still giggling silently, but watched between the two of us quietly.

I sighed, trying not to roll my eyes, "No I haven't Emmett; you know that,"

"Oh that's right, he left around two in the morning didn't he?"

There was no denying the smug tone in Emmett's voice, he obviously knew why Edward wasn't around, and he also knew that he wasn't going to tell me. He will let me suffer, unknowing.

"Yes he did, and no one is letting me know why," I pointed out, gently running my hands through Zander's hair, smiling down at him as I felt him relax more into my side.

"I miss daddy," Zander muttered.

"I miss him to," I spoke, kissing the top of his head. "But I'm sure he will be home soon," That is at least what I was hoping.

"Oh, he will be, and it's going to be very interesting," Emmett snickered, jogging over, getting the basketball with a grin. "Come on Zan, let's shoot some hoops,"

I raised my brow at this, feeling like possibly asking Emmett for further details, but I decided against it, that's exactly what he wants me to do, so he can see this totally drive me nuts.

Zander quickly jumped from my arms, landing perfectly on his feet, before running back to Emmett in a speed that was a little above average then other kids his age.

Sighing, I walked over to the porch swing, where I would have a good view of them, and took a seat, just enjoying the fact that my son was having fun. I was always thankful for Emmett wanting to spend time with him when Edward and I weren't able to.

"Bella, how are you holding up?" Esme's voice floated to me.

I looked up with a smile as she came over, sitting down beside me, holding a plate, that had Zander's favorite sandwich, and a cup of milk.

"I'm doing fine, thanks Esme," I said nodding to the plate with appreciation.

"Of course, I'm sure Edward, and Alice will be back any minute now,"

"Alice is gone to?"

"Yes, she has left the same time Edward had, so I assume they had left together,"

I thought about this for a minute, trying to put the pieces together.

Why would Alice and Edward both go somewhere… unless this was about me? Alice was always talking about shopping for me, and getting me different things to wear. While Edward, he mainly just wished to get me anything that would make me happy.

If either of them has gotten me anything, I would make sure they would feel my wrath; they surely would be taking whatever it was back.

Or maybe they were out for Zander, they could have found someone that can help us, or maybe something came up about Victoria or Laurent.

But that wouldn't explain why Emmett had been so sarcastic, and smug about Edward's disappearance. This didn't make any sense at all.

Before Edward had left, he had just told me, he had some lose ends to tie up, and a few things to pick up, but he would be back as soon as he could. Well… it wasn't very soon.

I had been alone this whole day, even going to school on my own, that had been the ultimate worst. Between Emmett's teasing's, Rose's complaining, and Jasper's constant mysterious amusement, that he wouldn't share with the others, but they already seemed aware of, except me, I thought I was going to lose my mind.

"I just wish I knew what the big secret it," I muttered, my eyes traveling back to Emmett and Zander, watching the two of them bouncing the ball around the court.

Esme now smiled warmly to me, handing over the plate, and the milk, "It's nothing bad Bella, you will see," She winked, and with that walked her way back inside the house.

Even Esme knew what they were up to. Everyone except for me…

I couldn't help but sigh once more, but a smile found its way back on my face as I got up, walking back over to Emmett, and Zander. "Someone hungry around here?"

Zander's eyes seemed to brighten as he heard my voice, and I laughed as he let the ball drop, running over to me eagerly. "I am momma,"

Slowly I took a seat, pulling him into my lap, and holding the plate in one hand, and the milk in the other.

Zander got comfortable in my arms, relaxing back in me, before picking up the sandwich, biting at it fast, and chewing like an animal. "Thank you," He smiled up at me.

"Your very welcome," I chuckled, and kissed the top of his head.

Emmett now sat down in front of us. "Why didn't you make me a sandwich?"

I rolled my eyes looking at Emmett amused. "You should have asked Rose to make you one; I'm not your wife,"

A look came on Emmett's face at my comment, and he opened his mouth as if to speak, but he stopped himself as another voice brought my attention away from him.

"Emmett, say one word, and you are dead," Edward's calm, yet dangerous tone sounded from behind us.

I turned quickly, feeling myself breathe out in relief, and joy.

He was finally back.

Emmett raised his hands in mock innocence, "I didn't say a word," His booming laugh, like usual now made Zander giggle. "Well, I'm off to look for Rose, see you around little man, rematch later tonight," He grinned, holding his hand out to Zander.

"Ok Em." Said Zander with a grin; giving him a hi-five.

With that Emmett went running into the house, leaving the three of us. Edward now walked over, sitting down beside me, wrapping his arm around my waist, kissing my cheek. "I'm sorry I kept you waiting love," He whispered in my ear.

Instantly I felt like everything was alright, like it didn't matter how lonely I had been without him here, all that matter was he was here now, and that was all that I could really think about.

"It's ok, we both missed you so much," I smiled, watching Zander as he finished his sandwich, and began to sip at his milk.

"Daddy, where did you go?" Zander wondered looking up at Edward as he sat up a bit more in my lap.

Edward's smile distracted me slightly now as he turned his attention to Zander. "Well that is a surprise, a very special surprise, for mommy,"

I looked at him with narrowed eyes, bumping him a bit. "You better not have gotten something," I tried giving him a serious look, but his gorgeous golden eyes sliced right through me, bringing butterflies to bounce around my stomach.

He chuckled, taking my hand in his, bringing it up to his face to gently kiss it. "You are going to love it,"

"Oh boy, is it chocolate?" Zander said with excited eyes at the both of us.

Edward and I both laughed at this.

"No, afraid not, but Alice and I did get something for you to Zander," Edward said with a smile.

Zander's eyes went bright, and slowly he crawled out of my lap, and into Edward's hugging him close, before closing his eyes, looking tired. "What is it?"

"Your surprise is waiting for you back at the house,"

Edward slowly stood up, holding Zander close to his chest, leaning down to kiss the top of his head.

I stood up with him, watching the two boys that meant the most to me in the whole wide world. A sense of pride hit me at that moment, but I decided not to spoil anything by speaking.

With a scoop, I picked up the plate and cup, and followed Edward and Zander back into the house. Almost as soon as we made it up to Zander's room, he had fallen asleep.

Upon entering I gasped, taking in the new little brass bed in the center of the room, the brand new desk, with a lap top sitting on it, and the book self now sitting against the wall.

Edward chuckled seeing my expression, and slowly laid Zander down on his new bed, covering him up. "Do you think he will like his room upgrades?" He whispered as we walked out of Zander's room, closing the door behind us.

"I think he will absolutely love it,"

As soon as I had said this Edward had me gathered up in his arms, his lips silencing me with a tender kiss. I responded eagerly pressing my lips to his with some passion.

I felt his hold on me change, shifting me so I'm straddling him as he walked up towards our room. I decided to be a bit daring, and slowly let my tongue glide out from between my lips, entering his mouth.

This seemed to spring Edward forward, his hands running down my back, before letting his tongue brush against mine.

His breath was cool against my neck as he let his kisses trail down my jawline, bringing waves of shivers to rise within me. I felt my arms wrapping around his neck, pressing myself tightly to his chest.

I didn't even realize that Edward had continued walking until we had made it to our room, where he gently laid me down, advancing on top of me with a swift gracefulness that had me dizzy.

His touches became more heated and passionate as I helped him slide his shirt off of his body, letting it fly to the ground. His forehead was touching mine now as he watched me, his hands moving to my shirt, pulling it up over my head.

Things were going fast… and things were really going farther then we have ever gone, and there was just something inside me that everything was going right, this was supposed to happen.

Again his lips met mine, a hungry dancing within me as our tongues were fiercely reunited. My hands now clutched his back, I could feel him above me, his legs on each side of my hips, yet he was hovering, keeping all his weight off of me.

As his hand trailed down my stomach, and to the button of my pants, I froze completely, seeing the flash of a man I never wanted to see again storm into my mind.

Edward froze as well, gently pulling away from me, looking into my eyes worried, before completely moving, laying down beside me, breathing uneasily. "Bella, I am so sorry… I didn't mean to push you,"

"No no, Edward you didn't push me at all,"

The guilt in his eyes, brought agony to bite at my heart, and I quickly sat up, kissing his forehead gently. "It wasn't you… it was a memory,"

Edward sat up now as well, wrapping his arm around me, bringing me closer to his chest. "What memory,"

"I knew this is completely ridiculous, but… when I was… taken advantage of… it was really hard to get over the fact that… I lost my innocence… I felt filthy… and I try not to think back to that day… but sometime I just can't help it," I admitted quietly, not meeting his gaze. "And things were just going so quickly, that it reminded me of when… I was raped."

The expression on Edward's face, was one that would haunt me for the rest of my life, the pained look, the worry, and guilt, it was overwhelming. "Bella I am so sorry… I will never let myself get out of control like that again, I swear,"

I shook my head quickly, resting my head on his shoulder. "You don't need to control yourself around me, ever; I'm just not ready to become sexually active… not after my first experience… I'm just so afraid… it's not that I don't trust you, it's just a problem that I have to work out,"

Edward nodded seriously and gently kissed my forehead. "I'm a moron," He sighed, closing his eyes.

"No you're not,"

Slowly he shook his head, "I should have known Bella,"

"There was no way that you could have known, it's not like you can read my thoughts," I teased lightly.

He cracked a sad smile at that, pulling me back to his chest, and gently stroking my back. "Which isn't fair, might I add,"

I laughed, smiling down at him, kissing his nose. "I guess that's just how it's meant to be,"

Edward smiled ruefully at me now, and with one more, tender kiss, we relaxed, and just enjoyed our time together.

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