Victoria's Point of View

"When, can we eat?" A harsh voice spoke up, sounding almost savage.

Rolling my eyes, I brought a sweet smile to my face, turning around to face the darkness of the cave, not having any trouble taking in the massive group of newborns that inhabited inside.

"Soon, we must be careful when we leave the cave, our enemies are aware of our presence now," I said with as much patience as I could manage.

"It's been days, it hurts," Another newborn hissed, moving to stand in front of me, the bright crimson of her eyes glared into mine, a lack of control was obviously seen deep within them.

I smirked, "Cry about it," I clutched her cheeks with my fingers, letting a low growl tumble from my lips. To my pleasure, she cringed in fear, looking up at me as if seeing a monster.

After letting her go she fell to the ground, quickly backing away from me, now looking more like a young girl, ready to cling to her mother, or run and hide. But there was no use; it was too late for them now. They were my army; I had now just enough to take down the entire wolf pack.

I wanted the moron mutts head; I would personally being killing him myself.

"Victoria," A pleasant voice called to me from outside the cave.

Slowly I shot the newborns my most hostile look, before walking out, forcing a tender look to flood over my features.
"Riley, what news do you have for me love?" I asked stepping forward, letting my hand trail down his cheek as I watched in his eyes.

To me, this felt almost to wrong, he wasn't my James, he wasn't anything but a pawn, a distraction, and when this all was over hopefully a wolf will have killed him so I don't have to deal with him.

"The dogs, they know about us, they know many of us are coming, but it appears that the Cullen's aren't involved," He spoke, his hand going out to play with strands of my hair.

I forced myself to ignore his touch, not wanting to let him see the disgust on my face. "Excellent, then we will have no trouble taking the pack down,"

He nodded seriously, now moving my hair back, to get a clear sight of my neck, leaning in, and kissing my neck with passion, his arms locking around my waist. I quickly growled spinning him around, pressing him up against the nearest tree; luckily he had taken this as a playful action.

Smirking he pressed himself forward, his hands squeezing me closer. A wave of anger hit me, and I was trembling, but I gritted my teeth together, keeping my focus. "We will attack in three days, prepare them," I nodded to the cave; then looked back to him, "Do you think you can manage that?"

He rolled his eyes, sighing as he lightly let me go, "Of course I can, there is no need doubting me,"
I slowly nodded, catching sight of a newborn wandering towards the cave, quickly I used this as an excuse to get out of his reach, "You there, where were you?" I hissed stomping over to them.

She snapped her gaze up at me, letting out a shy squeak, her eyes wide, revealing two dark amber eyes peering up at me. "I-I-I was thirsty,"

"Why are your eyes that color?" Riley spoke up, making his way over to us, looking at the girl as if she was a parasite.

"You have been feeding on animals haven't you?" I glared, ripping a handful of her hair in my hand, pulling her close to growl in her face.

She whimpered, not meeting my gaze as she spoke, "Yes, I-I'm sorry, I was just so thirsty… and… and… I feel to horribly hurting another human,"

Slowly I let go of her, she stood lowly, keeping her head down, but I noticed she was quite beautiful. Her hair was a rich shade of blonde. It flowed in waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, were a wide, giving her a young innocent look. A straight nose, full lips - she seemed the picture of perfection. Had she smiled, the world would sigh with contentment. Had she laughed, the world would laugh with her. And had she wept, the whole world would want to comfort her. Exactly the kind of girl I wouldn't mind seeing killed and dismembered right here.

I had noticed her before, all the other newborns had been frantic, they had been savage monsters, but not one would bring harm to her. When she spoke, they listened; everyone noticed her beauty as quickly as I had.

Hopefully after the fight I wouldn't have to worry about the little brat anymore.

"What's your name," I sneered, folding my arms across my chest.

"Vanessa Winters," She said weakly, even her voice holding nothing but sugary kindness, and kindness. It brought a sickness to my stomach.

"Get back in there, and don't let me catch you feeding on animals again," Riley snapped, glaring at her, but of course I could see the interest dancing in his eyes as he watched her.

She winced, and keep her head low, quickly walking past us and into the cave.

I breathed out, shaking my head, trying to refocus on my thoughts as I turned to Riley. "You need to get in there to, prepare them, let them know we attack in 3 days,"

"Alright my love, aren't you coming in?" He spoke, reaching towards me.

Quickly I backed away, trying to seem nonchalant.

"Not yet, I'm going find the clearing we are leading them to, just to make sure we will no probably blocking them in when we arrive, I'll be back soon," I said gently, although I'm sure he noticed my cool expression.

He swallowed, and nodded with complaint, "Alright, be careful,"

With that, I rolled my eyes, and zoomed off into the woods.

Bella's Point of View

Alice had described her vision with so much clarity, that it startled all of us. There was now know doubt of Victoria's plans, she was after the pack, and she had a lot newborns ready to fight.

"We have to warn the wolves," Carlisle said, moving away from the group of us as he got out his phone, no doubt dialing Sam's number.

"Well, we don't actually have to help them do we?" Rosalie grumbled, looking like nothing at all being said had worried her. "You heard what Alice said, Victoria has no plans against us, just the mutts, why get involved, and get Zander in danger again?"

"Rose, Jacob saved Zander's life, we owe the wolves, the least we can do is help them fight," Esme said gently, her eyes not leaving Carlisle.

"She's right, and judging by the size of that army, they are badly outnumbered, they won't survive without us," Jasper spoke up, standing close to Alice, still watching her with that intense gaze he used while she was right in the middle of a vision.

"We can't skip out on a fight like this anyway," Emmett grinned looking excited.

"The wolves are nowhere near ready to fight a newborn battle, we should train with them," Edward spoke up next to me, his arm locked around my waist.

Jasper looked over to us with a serious nod, "He's right; we need to meet up with them as soon as possible,"

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