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Dom had tried to race past his past, but no matter how far or how fast you drive, it catches up to you. But if you stand still, it'll over take you. And when the team gets back to L.A., they find that's exactly what has happened. For Dom, old friends have caught up. A little romance, a lot of family, and way too many secrets

Out Raced

Chapter 1

Two Phone Calls

"She definitely saw it was you?" Brian asked. He had just witnessed Dom dig the bullet out of his own chest as he called his wife. It hurt so much to see a friend, a family member, in pain. He had come accustomed to holding Jack or Mia in the worst moments of pain. However, that was not an option for him at the moment.

The wound in Don's eye was much too evident. "She looked right at me Brian."

"Maybe the Letty we once knew is gone," Brian whispered. He was worried about Dom slipping up. The whole reason they were all willing to risk their lives was for this woman, but did she even want their help. "Even though she's alive, maybe she's gone."

Dom just turned to Brian and shook his head. "You don't turn your back on family. Even if they turn their back on you."

With that the bigger man turned and left the room. The group watched him leave. Tej was the first to speak up. "He's going to get himself killed trying to save her."

Dom walked a few floors down of the empty building the DSS had taken control over for the mission. All he wanted was a quiet spot to think. He stared down at his phone, Vince had given him a number when he first arrived in Brazil. Dom had debated with himself if it was a good idea to call, and bring her back into his life. Finally he dialed, and counted the rings till she answered. There were three.

"Hello, Dr. Blaire speaking," a tired voice responded.

"E," Dom whispered, "it's me."

"D?" the voice responded.

Dom swallowed. "It's been a while."

"About nine years," she agreed.

He could almost see her. Bright green eyes, with a half a spark of danger and half a spark of wit. Her fiery red hair curling out of place, but always looking perfect. Black leather jacket standing out against her pale porcelain skin.

"I need your help," Dom admitted, getting straight to the point. "Letty needs your help."

There was a pause on the other end as she considered what to say next. He knew she would be twirling a strand of hair around her finger. A deep sighed signaled when she was ready to begin. "Dom, Mia called me when… I was at the…." A long pause. "Dom, please don't torture yourself."

"E, I swear that she stood in front of me. Stood in front of me, looked me in the eye, and shot me," Dom said. As soon as the words left his mouth, he began to chuckle, despite the still constant pain in his chest.

"I told you she would do that to you," E laughed back. "You've always been attracted to woman who can hurt you. Tell me what's going on and I'll see how I can help."

If Dominic Toretto had the ability to draw people in, Evina Blaire had the ability to make them open up and talk. After one shaky breath, Dom let the story spill out. Starting when Brian had first walked into their lives. Evina listened patiently, only interrupting on a few occasions to ask clarifying questions.

"And they want me to turn my back on her," Dom ended.

E clicked her tongue, one of her few nervous habits. "No, don't do that. Even when Letty likes you that's a bad idea."

"But what's wrong with her?" Dom begged.

"You said that the last thing that you can confirm is Letty's car flipping. Memory loss due to brain damage. Even without that last flip, I would not be surprised by any memory loss due to the number of times she's crashed. I'm actually more surprised the whole lot of you don't have more of it, Evina explained.

"But she still drives like Letty," Dom countered.

"Muscle memory," Evina explained. "It's stored in a different part of the brain. And before you argue, there has been multiple studies done on the topic. And most of the time personal memory loss is temporary. With the right help she can recover."

"You can help her?" Dom whispered.

"You bring her home," Evina promised, "and I'll bring her back the rest of the way."

Luke Hobbs dropped off the information that he had for the team before quickly secluding himself to the area he could call his room. He pulled out a phone and began to dial a number he had long ago memorized. And as always, he wondered if this was the right move for him. He knew that asking her to wait again was not fair. But the more time he spent away from her, the more he desperately wanted her in his life.

He remembered the first time he had met her. Her long red hair neatly braided so that it hung down her back and out of her face. He green eyes were serious, and you could see her quickly processing the information that was being given.

The next time he met her her hair and eyes were free, and she was clad in leather. They were undercover together at a biker rally. Hobbs was meant to be muscle, while Evina made evaluations on who was trouble and who was harmless.

Despite the fact he could appreciate a woman who could hold her own, Hobbs preferred to think of her in the white button down and gray pencil skirt he had first met her in.

"Dr. Blaire speaking," she practically yawned.

"Hey Baby Girl," Hobbs whispered.

Evina laughed. "You are lucky I'm understanding. Because there are so many things wrong with what you just called me."

"And you can't name a single one," Hobbs pointed out.

"Not for you Luke," Evina whispered. "Can you tell me where you are?"

"Sorry Evina, not this time," Hobbs whispered.

"I figured," Evina said. "I tried to ask at the office, and they put a lid on it pretty quickly."

"Get some sleep Baby Girl," Luke whispered. "It has to be pretty late there."

"Only if you promise me you'll stay safe," Evina said back.

Hobbs breathed in deeply. He hated making that promise. Because there was never a way he could for sure keep it. And he hated breaking a promise.

"I'll sleep better if you promise me you'll stay safe," Evina pushed.

"I'll do my best to keep safe," Hobbs whispered, "if you promise to get some sleep."

"Sleep Sweet Luke," Evina whispered. "Come back to me soon."