Author's Notes: Sorry it's been late, it's been a busy time. Promise that there will be more Luke in the next chapter.

Out Raced

Chapter 7

Of Memories Past

"So where are you?" Ervina asked quietly, letting the pocket watch come to a stop. After one failed attempt, some careful scolding and some encouraging words, Ervina had managed to get Letty lulled into a somewhat decent trance. Though it was not her strongest area as a doctor of psychology, Ervina knew that some of Letty's old memories were not completely gone.

"Dominican Republic, on the beach, away from the party and away from the races. I hate that we have to make an appearance," Letty responded. Her eyes just showed a sliver through her long eye lashes. Her body relaxed and limp on top of the couch.

Ervina listened quietly. Letty had requested to find the last memory she had with Dom before she had been in the accident. Dom, on request, had given up a few possible memories that Letty could dive into.

"I make the rounds before I go sit out by the ocean. No matter where we went, we always stayed in ear shot of the ocean. It calmed the both of us, and it always made us feel like we had a place to escape to…"

"So what happened next?" Ervina asked.

"Dom comes over, you can tell he's a little unsure, he's not swaggering. And we just pulled off a huge heist, he should be proud. But all he can talk about is how he's become a walking target. That if he goes down, the rest of us go free," Letty responded. "Han told me later that the cops had raided one one of the garages."

Ervina rolled her eyes, some things never change. Dom and his need to self sacrifice was one of them. "Do you believe him?"

"Ride or die, I don't care what I believed. I was with him," Letty responded.

Letty continued to ramble on, about the night swim, their last night together, waking up without him. The professional in Ervina listened carefully, taking down notes where appropriate, asking questions when needed.

It didn't mean it didn't hurt to listen to Letty.

The two women emerged from the office at the same time, to see the rest of the Toretto team waiting for them. Letty immediately launched herself into Dom's arms, and surprised him by initiating their first kiss since she had wandered back into his life. Dr. Ervina Blair did her best not to stare as she handed off her notes to those in charge waiting for them. Her boss nodded, pleased with the notes she was able to acquire from such a scattered group of people.

Luke, done with whatever he had to do for the day came into the waiting room, flexing his muscles and making a show for the team. Ervina sighed, not sure why her boyfriend was strutting around like a peacock, but it couldn't be good.

"You'll be contacted very soon for another set of tests," Dr. Blair said in her best voice, the one she reserved for dealing with psychopaths, ex-boyfriends, or her boss. Hoping the group would leave quickly. "Have a good afternoon."

"You okay Baby Girl?" Luke asked, watching Team Toretto walk away.

"Yep," Ervina responded, knowing that Luke would see through the lie.

"Anything I can fix?" Luke prodded, wishing he could hold her in his arms at that moment.

"If it could be fixed, I would have fixed it already," Ervina snapped. She turned on the toes of her unreasonable shoes, and walked briskly back into her office. There was no need to alarm the rest of the office about her being upset.

Though she closed her office door before Luke had the chance to follow her in.

At the end of the worst work day of her life, Ervina got into her boring, factory settings Nissan, driving home. The car performed beautifully for what it was built for and it had great gas mileage. Not to mention few cops thought twice about a boring white car driving on the high way.

As soon as she reached her condo, Ervina parked in her normal spot. On one side was Alexandra's deep blue Jeep Wrangler, still caked with dried mud from her last off roaring adventure. The other side was a car, with a protective covering.

Everyone had their demons and this was hers, a 59 red Pontiac Bonneville convertible. She had built it from the ground up on so many occasions that very little of her father's car was still original.

"I thought it would only be Leon we would have to worry about relapsing," Alexandra said as she came out of the condo with Ervina's dog slowly padding after her.

Ervina crouched down and opened her arms up to the old mutt. "Come here Theodore."

Moving as quickly as his old bones would let him, Theodore walked up to Ervina and sat down as she wrapped her arms around him. He gently nuzzled his neck, sighing gently in her ear.

"Want to talk about it?" Alexandra prodded, already accepting that the answer might be no. Her friend was very private, even after all these years.

"I owe you an apology," Ervina muttered into Theodore's fur.

Alexandra eye's widen, but otherwise she contained her surprise. "Oh really?"

"I never understood how every time Andrew came around, you got worked up and mopey and weepy. I have never had to face the one who got away," Ervina admitted.

Alexandra smiled. "The bald one?"

"How'd you know?"

"Girl, I've been your roommate since freshman year of college. The only men you go for are bald tough guys or the old man over here," Alexandra responded, scratching behind Theodore's brown ears. "That and I might have threatened Leon to tell me."

"How do you not let it get to you?" Ervina asked.

Alexandra shrugged. "There's no guarantee way. For some it's the bottle, for some it's random revenge sex. For you it might be taking the old demon out for a spin with one of your favorite people and your favorite dog."

Ervina looked at the keys that were being offered to her. "How'd you know?"

"Girl, you've been one of my best friends since freshman year of college. The only time you look at that car like this is when your sad," Alexandra responded. "That, and Luke called me up worried about you."

Releasing her hair from her braid, Ervina had to smile. It felt good to be loved. "Let's go for a ride."

Ervina sat in the driver seat of her car, her favorite black heals propped up on the dashboard. She had become board a long time ago and had pulled a book out of the glove compartment to read, an interesting book on psychology called Hallucinations. The dense text stimulated her brain and doubled as a useful threat. Dom's head couldn't take too many more books being thrown at it.

With payment for her education secured, she now had to choose what she wanted to do and was looking into just about everything.

"Oh hell no!" Vince spat out, before taking off.

The red head stood up in her car to look over the windshield. The two new guys who Mr. T had hired, and who now though they could hang out around the Unholy Three, looked frightened. "Leon, Jessie, what did you two idiots not do? If you insist on hanging around our group, you better not embarrass us."

"Nothing," Leon snapped back, hating when Ervina talked down to him, "we just mentioned that we had seen Mia and her little friend."

"You two are dead," Ervina swore. Even with her unreasonable shoes, she was able to come up next to Vince very quickly, with the two new guys trailing behind.

Dom had already caught the young teens and was in a staring match with Mia's friend. For her credit, Mia was cowering behind the black haired girl, and looked even more ashamed when she caught a glimpse of Ervina's disapproving look.

"If she's going to defy us and come here, the least she could do is hold her head high," Ervina snapped.

"Give her a break, E," Vince laughed. "But her little friend can hold her own. Careful she might try to weasel into your spot when you leave for college."

Ervina smirked, and gave Vince a well practiced glare through her heavily lined eyes. "That little friend is Letty Ortiz, and V you're sadly mistaken if you think she's taking my man when I leave."

"How'd you know her," Jessie asked.

"She comes around the shop, partly to ogle at the cars," Ervina responded, "partly hoping you boys will notice her.

With that the red head walked towards the trio. Mia shrunk back further, scared more of E than Dom. For her credit, Ervina was not a jealous woman, getting too used to the girls at the races trying to worm their way into Dom's gaze. She was even less threatened by a little girl's crush, and felt no need to flaunt it beyond placing a cool hand on Dom's shoulder.

"D, let me handle the little ones," Ervina suggested.

The must have pissed off Letty. "We came here to drive. You know we could be just as good as you."

"Little Letty, you can ride with us when you keep your head and your standards high. Till then keep trying bat your eyelashes at the garage, we'll keep laughing," Ervina stated, turning around before any more arguments came from the meaningless fight.