Dear Fanfiction Writers,

You are amazing.

We look at you and all we see is light — dazzling, pure light, the creativity of a child. And it's the most beautiful thing in the world.

Never stop doing what you are doing. Sure, we might get disgruntled. But we're not ones to stifle imaginations.

You are the essence of what keeps us alive, young Writers; you might not know it yet or you might have discovered it years ago but your words have such power, such beauty, because they come from you.

You have been given a gift, and whether you choose to use it or not, we hope you can see its beauty too.

We believe in you.


The Guardians

P.S. Sandy, North and Tooth wrote this. I still think you're weird.

*from elsewhere* Jack!

3k reviews. Man, it's been a while...what, three years? Almost three years.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking. You're wondering if this is a goodbye letter.

Well, kind of.

I never intended to *finish* this fic, but looking back on all of this — on my legacy here, the fun I had in this fandom, the fact that this thing is very close to 400,000 views (holy schist) — I realize that it kind of closed itself.

I haven't left ROTG and I doubt I ever will. Still got Children of Fear to finish, guys. It really has influenced so much of me, just my writing style was able to develop so much through my fics here (PM ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE LINK TO AN ORIGINAL SHORT STORY THAT RECEIVED TWO CRITICS' COMMENTS OF "THIS REMINDED ME OF THAT ONE GUARDIANS MOVIE HAHA"). This fandom has been so wonderful and supportive to me, once naught but a bud on the tree of writer-dom and I'm actually a bigger wreck than before, but that's beside the point.

The point is, this has been wonderful, but I've grown. My sense of humor has twisted into Tumblr-esque surrealistic fatalism and self deprecation. The only salvageable letter left was this one, one I've been meaning to write since July 12, 2013, and which I can't let sit for any longer.

Might I surprise you? Might I add a new letter? Might I be even funnier? Maybe. Likely, no. If you're interested, I direct you to the top of my profile where I keep news on stories.

The news feed might never change. But I promise: I will never, ever forget this.

Thanks for the adventure.