Dear Fanfiction Writers,



That's — that's impossible!


Unless the rumors about me being Mother Nature's father are TRUE.


But even still.

He would be an ADOPTED grandson.

Signed, Pitch

Thanks to o0 Sara NekoChan 0o for this suggestion about Pitch fathering Mother Nature who adopted Jack Frost (and, presumably, the other seasonals). Sorry it's not as good; I think Mystichawk passed her sickness to me via DocX... ^^

For those of you who couldn't tell, I'm kidding.

To Nightlight's Shadow, and all the other people out there who are waiting for their idea to crop up:

I'm sorry if I don't get to yours right away. Mostly I do this by a random basis; I just scroll through my overflowing inbox and select the first one I see. But if I can't think of anything at the moment for it, then I just move on. So if you don't see your idea for a while, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not inspired for it at the time.

I'll get to them eventually. But really, it's not necessary to scowl whenever you read an idea that's not yours. It makes me feel guilty, yes, but it doesn't motivate me to do it.

Just think. Would you rather have a crappy, half-thought-out letter now, or a hilarious, well-written one later?

Hmm...if I get 50 reviews per chapter, I'll hit 2,000 by the 100th chapter.

You guys think you could help me do that?