The Sailors of Nerima: A Nabiki's Heartache Omake / Parody Part 4

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction by Ryo_Oki

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Disclaimer: Warning this is a very silly parody of my Nabiki's
Heartache story. This is set in a "slightly" different universe
that that of the main story. What happens here will have no
baring on the original story or its later chapters.

DISCLAIMER PART 2: Ah the life of a Ranma fanfic author is fraught with
flamers and anal-retentive 'canon' fanatics.

As Kasumi was being kidnapped by a certain bokken wielding Dark General, both
Nabiki and Ranma suddenly stiffened in their classrooms with a feeling of dread.
Neither was sure what was causing them to feel so uneasy. All they knew was that
a name kept repeating itself in their minds, 'Misty'.

Nabiki remembered that Misty was the name of her older sister, the Princess
of the Silver Star Kingdom in her previous life. Ranma remembered the name as
belonging to the one who rescued her off the street and brought her back to the
palace, where she became friends with the young Princess Corrine, and
eventually her 'wife'.

Both Nabiki and Ranma excused themselves from class and made their way up
to the roof, to talk about what they had just felt.

"I felt Misty 'awaken', but something seems wrong.", Nabiki said to Ranma.

"I don't think she was even supposed to have awoken. P-chan would have
said something.", Ranma said.

"I am not sure, but I almost felt some sort of evil presence around her.
We need to contact Luna-P to see what is going on.", Nabiki said.

On cue and in the right place for once amazingly, Ryoga teleported in
among the two untransformed sailors.

"Ah just who we were looking for.", Nabiki said to Ryoga.

"No time to talk, I just that that fool Kuno kidnap your sister
Kasumi. He probably wants to use her for a Yuma or something.", Ryoga said.

"It might be worse than that. A few moments ago, Ranma and I felt
Princess Misty awaken. If my hunch is right, then Kasumi is the princess.",
Nabiki said.

"If that is true then we could have a large problem on our hands. The
princess has access to the Silver Star Chalice. If Kuno manages to corrupt her
then he will have access to its power, and we will be very hard pressed to
defeat her, even with the Princess of Saturn's help.", Ryoga said.

"Don't worry P-chan, we'll save her. There is no way I am letting that
stick waving fool do anything to Kasumi. If he harms her he's dead meat.",
Ranma said.

Nabiki looked somewhat nervous after Ranma's statement.

"Don't worry Nabiki-chan, I am sure all of us will try not to hurt him
too badly, especially after Kodachi-chan said that he is possessed. But if we
have no choice in the end we might have to 'dust' him in order to save Kasumi.",
Ranma said to Nabiki.

I hope it doesn't come down to that Ranma-chan.", Nabiki said nervously.

Meanwhile, back at the Tendo Dojo, Soun and Genma-panda walked into the front
room and spied Kasumi's house dress and the pile of ash on the floor. Both could
easily sense the dark energies surrounding them, and who was responsible for said

"Waahhhhhhh, my daughter has been kidnapped by an idiot and will probably
be turned into a youma.", Soun wailed.

"It will be alright, Tendo.", the Panda sign said.

"How could you let this happen Saotome. You told me that my daughters
would be safe and the houses would be joined if I went along with this foolish
plan of yours!", Soun continued to wail.

"Damn that idiot. I told him to leave Kasumi and Nabiki alone. He can have
that #@$@*& Akane now that the boy seems to like Nabiki, and we need Kasumi
around to cook for us.", the panda thought to itself.

"Don't worry Tendo we will find your daughter. That idiot is not exactly
subtle. We should be able to follow him, but first we must hide the evidence
from the children. They would not understand all of the work we must go through
to ensure their future.", A stream of panda signs said.

Fortunately for the two evil minions Soun's tears had washed away the ashes
on the ground. All that was left was to dispose of the dress on the floor. He
quickly shoved it into the same place he kept his signs just in time to see
Ranma, Nabiki, Akane, and even Ryoga run in the front door looking somewhat

"Now what is their problem?", the panda thought.

"Pop, what are you doing here?", Ranma asked.

"What? Just because Nodoka makes me live at home now, does that mean that
I can not stop by and see my old friend?", the panda signs said as the panda
tried to look innocent.

"I guess not. By the way you wouldn't happen to have seen Kasumi lately
would you?", Ranma asked while noticing Soun begin to sniffle, but stopping
when Genma-panda glared at him.

"Nope haven't seen her. Why do you ask?", the panda signs said.

"Well, Nabiki and I wanted to thank her for helping us get together and
we wanted to take her out to dinner to show our thanks.", Ranma said actually
telling a halfway convincing lie for once.

"But what about our dinner?", the panda sign said.

"Don't worry pop, I am sure Akane will be more than glad to cook
for both you and Mr. Tendo.", Ranma said as both fathers suddenly burst into
tears upon hearing that.

"See Akane they can hardly wait. They are literally crying in
anticipation.", Nabiki said with a smirk on her face.

"Really??", Akane said wide-eyed, thrilled that someone would eat her
cooking and not complain like a certain perverted ex-fiancee.

"And I am sure Ryoga will be thrilled to join you as well.", Ranma said
as Ryoga suddenly looked quite ill.

"You will stay as well, Ryoga?", Akane asked with a doe-eyed expression
aimed at Ryoga.

" Akane-chan, anything for you.", Ryoga managed to squeak
out as Ranma tried to prevent himself from snickering.

Akane ran off to the kitchen to create a meal fit for a king. King of
what nobody is quite sure, but a king none the less.

"We will be leaving then. Nabiki and I will probably run into Kasumi
near the market where she usually goes.", Ranma said as he and Nabiki
hurried out the door.

"So where are we really going?", Nabiki asked Ranma as they walked down the
street outside the dojo.

"We have to go pick up Shampoo and Kodachi. It will be easily to search for
Kasumi if all four of us do it, instead of just you and me.

"Why not take the two 'pigs' along as well.", Nabiki asked.

"Pops and your father were up to something. They seemed too nervous when
we arrived. With Akane there feeding them they won't be able to pull anything
tonight.", Ranma said.

"And Ryoga?", Nabiki asked.

"He deserved to eat Akane's cooking for all the times he has teased me about
it.", Ranma said with a smirk on his face.

"My, aren't we being evil today.", Nabiki purred.

"I had a very good teacher.", Ranma purred back, as he put his arm around
Nabiki and pulled her close much to Nabiki's delight.

" I wonder how Cologne took the news of Shampoo being with Kodachi now?",
Nabiki asked.

"The old ghoul is either trying to ignore them, or she has the both of them
tied up in the store room, while she tries to figure out what spice Shampoo
accidentally used.", Ranma jokingly said.

As they entered the cafe, Ranma and Nabiki noticed Kodachi's servants
acting as waiters and waitresses, while Cologne appeared to be quite busy in
the kitchen. Shampoo and Kodachi though, appeared to be absent.

"I guess they are still upstairs getting reacquainted with each other.",
Nabiki said.

Ranma looked at the clock on the wall and said, "They still can't be doing
that. Its been hours. What could they be doing that would take so long.", Ranma
said in all honestly.

"Sigh, typical male, no imagination.", Nabiki said.

"Huh?", Ranma replied thoughtfully.

"When we get home there are a few books you are going to have to read.",
Nabiki said.

"What kind of books?", Ranma asked.

"You'll find out.", Nabiki said while smirking.

"If I don't understand something in them, will you help me out.", Ranma
said innocently.

"I think that can be arranged.", Nabiki said.

Cologne saw the two teens enter the cafe and pogoed over to them.

"If you have come here to see Shampoo, she is currently occupied, with
'that gymnast' of all people.", Cologne said to Ranma while shuddering

"Oh, perhaps this relates to something concerning a previous life.",
Nabiki said while smirking.

"And you believe this story.", Cologne asked.

"As long as they are happy together, does it really matter if it is
true or not. Shampoo was quite broken up when I decided to first marry Akane,
then when that fell apart, to start seeing Nabiki. If she is happy now, I
wish her the best.", Ranma said.

"This is not quite what I had in mind when I agreed to first come here.",
Cologne said.

"I think all of our lives have taken unexpected turns as of late.",
Nabiki said to Cologne.

"So do you mind if we get Shampoo and her 'friend' out of bed?", Nabiki
asked Cologne.

"By all means, be my guest.", Cologne said.

Ranma and Nabiki went upstairs and knocked on Shampoo's door.

"Cough...Cough... Sorry great-grandmother, Shampoo too sick to work
today.", a familiar voice said from within.

"Shampoo, you and Ko-chan have had enough fun for now. We need your help
with an important matter.", Ranma said.

"What is this 'matter'.", another voice said from within.

"It would be easier to discuss it inside your room, instead of us having to
yell through your door, where everyone downstairs can hear.", said an exasperated

The door clicked open and Ranma and Nabiki quickly walked in, with the door
shutting and locking behind them. An annoyed Shampoo, wearing a purple teddy was
standing by the door with Kodachi sitting on the bed wearing a white camisole, and
trying to look innocent as Ranma and Nabiki entered the room.

Ranma looks at Kodachi and says, "Nice color Ko-chan. It makes a nice
contrast with your hair."

"You think so, that is quite kind of you to say.", Kodachi says.

"I have a similar one in blue I wear when I am in my girl form. It goes
quite well with my red hair I must say.", Ranma says proudly must to Shampoo's
and Kodachi's surprise.

"Ranma wear lingerie in girl form?", asks a surprised Shampoo.

"Well it wasn't something I started to do by choice, although it does
feel quite good against my skin. It was kind of part of a game that Nabiki
likes to play where I am the helpless maiden and she is upmmmff....", Ranma
tried to say as he found Nabiki's hand now covering his mouth.

"My, my, Nabiki Tendo who would have thought you enjoyed such games.
You and Ranma-chan must join us sometime.", Kodachi says while Nabiki blushes
and Ranma faints.

Ranma quickly wakes up as a bucket of cold water is dumped over him, or
rather her now I should say.

"That wasn't very nice to tease me like that.", Ranma said to Kodachi.

"But Ranma dear, you should have seen the expression on your face.
Besides who said I was joking with you.", Kodachi said.

"Ahem, be that as it may we did not come here to engage in any H.L.S.
We need your help rescuing Kasumi.", Nabiki said while trying desperately to
get the image of the four of them together out of her head.

"Who kidnap, nice girl Kasumi.", Shampoo asked.

"Our favorite bokken wielding Dark star general, that is who.", Ranma said.

"Damn you brother.", Kodachi murmured. "Give Shampoo and I a few minutes to
get ready and we will help you retrieve your sister from my perverted sibling.",
Kodachi said.

"Very well, we will wait for you downstairs.", Nabiki said as she and Ranma
exited the room.

A short time later, in a park a mile from the cafe, Ranma and Nabiki are
explaining to Shampoo and Kodachi the delicate nature of their next mission.

"Why are the secrecy for this little adventure, even if my foolish
brother manages to 'persuade' Kasumi over to his side, she would still not
present much of a threat to subdue.", Kodachi said.

"Normally, that would be true, but whether he knew it or not, when your
brother kidnapped Kasumi, he abducted the reincarnated form of my sister
Princess Misty. As I told Ranma earlier, that would give your brother access to
the Silver Star Chalice. I shudder to think of what his possessed mind would do
with that much power.", Nabiki said.

"Now while we have been a little forceful in using our powers in the past,
we can not simply try to 'dust' Kasumi and Kuno, the way we did the old pervert
and Mousse.", Ranma said while looking very sad and mumbling the name Misty.

"Are you remembering something about her from your past life Ranma?",
Nabiki said as she moved closer to Ranma and put her arm around his waist.

"If it were not for Misty, my previous incarnation would not have lived
past her fifth birthday.", Ranma said.

"What do you mean?", everyone seemed to ask Ranma at once.

"Do you remember how we first met back then Nabiki?", Ranma said.

"Not really. I was still quite young. I think it had something to do
with daddy buying you as a present for me back then.", Nabiki said.

"You were a slave!?!", Shampoo and Kodachi asked Ranma at once in a
stunned voice.

"No, I wasn't a slave, although prisoners and other were sometimes used
as slave labor. It was one of the things I never liked about the kingdom.",
Ranma said.

"I don't remember any of that.", Nabiki said.

"You grew up in the palace back then. My family and I being non-human lived
in a slightly less impressive part of town and saw firsthand many times what
happened to those who broke the law, especially non-humans.", Ranma said.

"I don't believe that mother would have allowed such a thing.", Nabiki said.

"In all fairness she really didn't know that much about the 'common'
people in the kingdom. She spent most of her time ensuring peace between our
kingdom and others as well training the Scouts. It was your father who was
mainly involved the day to day running of the kingdom and he got the idea of
using non-human labor from his lover Queen Berylium.", Ranma said.

"WHAT!!!, daddy cheated on mother!", Nabiki shrieked.

"Yes, I remember seeing them together and telling the queen, but it turns
out she already knew. She didn't mention the issue to the king or others in order
to maintain the stability of the kingdom. When she first found out, she began to
look a little more closely on how the kingdom was run from day to day, and was
going to change quite a few things. Many changes were made after the king was
accidentally killed, but the citizens didn't have many years to enjoy them before
the kingdom was attacked and destroyed along with Queen Berylium and her
kingdom as well.", Ranma said.

"So if Ranma not slave back them, how did you meet Nabiki?", Shampoo

"That is kind of a long story. I'll tell you after we rescue Kasumi.
Who knows, if she regains most of her memory, she will be able to explain
some of that story herself.

A low groan echoed around an underground extravagantly decorated bedroom
in the Kuno mansion. Kasumi felt herself laying on something quite soft. She
opened her eyes and immediately regretted it. The room seemed to 'swim' around
her and her head and stomach were evidently at war with the rest of her body.

"I haven't felt this bad since that naughty boy Jiro spiked the punch at
Hitomi's party during our high school graduation.", Kasumi thought to herself.

As she opened her eyes again the room seemed to be moving a lot slower
thankfully. Hopefully it would stop moving entirely soon. She pushed down and bed
tried to raise herself into a sitting position. Surprisingly, she felt better as
she did so. She did wish the lights were a little lower though.

As she began to stretch she noticed that she wasn't wearing her usual
variety of housedress. In fact Kasumi wasn't quite sure what it was that she
was wearing. She could tell it was some sort of white two piece outfit and that
the top evidently showed off quite a bit of cleavage. The bottom appeared to be
a pair a of very short, shorts. She managed to stagger over two a floor length
mirror, that was across the room, to get a better look at herself.

As she looked in the mirror, Kasumi noticed that someone had styled her hair
in a large wave that hung over her left shoulder and that she was now wearing
make-up, which was something that she rarely did. As she took a few moments to
look at herself, she came to realize that she looked almost exactly like Yuri
from the original 'Dirty Pair' series.

"I wonder how I came to wear this outfit. I hope no one took advantage of
me while dressing me in this costume.", Kasumi spoke to herself out loud.

"Do not fear dear lady, no one here would perform such a vile act on your
beautiful person.", a pompous voice spoke out from across the room.

Kasumi turned around toward the source of the voice.

"Kuno-san what is the meaning of this. How dare you try and take advantage
of me in this fashion.", Kasumi said while putting her hands on her hips and
trying to look intimidating.

Kuno wasn't really paying attention to Kasumi's words. His attention was
focused mainly on what she was wearing , or rather not wearing as the case may be.

"Ah my beautiful empress. How your beauty does get my blood to boil.
Let us express our love for each other.", the big blue hentai said as he leapt
toward Kasumi.

"Ack... Hentai, Kuno on Baka!", Kasumi said as she bash Kuno repeatedly
over the head with a large metal rolling pin that she had managed to pull
out of nowhere.

"Ah my empress, how your tender ministrations do warm my heart.", Kuno
said from within a large indentation in the floor before he fell unconscious.

Clap Clap Clap

"Very impressive my niece. It seems you still have what it takes to put
my unruly son in line.", a woman said from the door leading into Kasumi's

Kasumi turned to look at the woman, who did seem somewhat familiar, but
she couldn't be quite sure. The woman appeared to be in her early or mid 30's
with long dark red hair, very pale skin, and deep green eyes. She was wearing
a black lace formal ball gown.

"Who...Who are you?", Kasumi asked the woman.

"Why I am hurt my dear princess Misty. Has your memory failed you so, that
you do not remember your dear aunty Berylium.", the woman said.

"I am sorry but mother never had a sister.", Kasumi said.

"Maybe your present mother did not, but your past mother Queen
Serendipity most assuredly did, or I wouldn't be standing before you now
would I.", Queen Berylium said with an evil grin on her face.

"I don't understand. What past life? This is all very confusing.", Kasumi
said to the queen.

"Don't worry my dear, you will understand everything soon enough.", Queen
Berylium said to Kasumi as her eyes began to glow and Kasumi slipped once more
into unconsciousness.

A short time later, Tatewaki Kuno, dark general in training, was
approaching his mother, after extracting himself from the floor, to see what
his dear mother and the beautiful Kasumi had talked about during his brief
bout of unconsciousness.

Before he could ask his mother about anything a voice from behind him
said, "Are you looking my me Tate-chan?"

Kuno turned around and almost fell over. Kasumi was walking toward him
with a such a sexy walk and aura that he almost forgot to breathe.

Kasumi walked up to him and put her finger on his lips and said, "There
is no need to say anything my dear Tati-chan. I am flattered by your interest
in me, but we are cousins and a relationship between us just would not be

Kasumi walked over toward the queen as Kuno took this opportunity to
watch Kasumi from behind and began to drool in the process.

"Do you remember now what to do niece.", Queen Berylium said to Kasumi.

"Yes, aunty, you want me to cleanse and purify the city with the chalice.
Do not worry I will not fail you.", Kasumi said.

"I know you won't dear. Unlike my dear child, you appear to possess some
degree of competence.", the queen said as her son and niece left the mansion
in order to perform their mission.

In another part of Nerima a certain doctor was struck by a sudden sharp
pain in his head. He managed to dull the pain somewhat by striking a few
pressure points near his temples. He made his way to the outer office and told
the receptionist to cancel his afternoon appointments. He was not feeling well
and needed the time to rest.

He collapsed on the sofa in his office just as the room began to spin
around him. Shortly before he blacked out a strangely familiar name went through
his head....Misty.

Kasumi and Kuno appeared in an alley just off of Nerima's most popular
shopping districts. Kasumi smiled at watching all of the people walking to and
fro. Teenagers out talking with their friends. Wives out buying food for the
evening meal. Sigh, so many people with others to care for them except her.

Kuno looked over at Kasumi and rolled his eyes.

"Stupid housewife, what is looking at? Why should she look so sad at seeing
a bunch of peasants go about their dull and boring lives.", Kuno thought.

"Cease thy melancholy, cousin. We are here to perform a duty for out queen.
We are not here so that you can feel sorry for yourself.", Kuno said out loud.

"Do not tell me what I must do cousin. I am far more skilled than you shall
ever be. Aunty put me in charge of this mission, so do not get in my way.", Kasumi
said quite forcefully, much to Kuno's shock.

"This change in your character my dear Kasumi is most sudden.", Kuno said.

"Aunty said I was never forceful enough in my previous life, so she helped
me overcome my 'shortcomings' with some of her magic.", Kasumi said.

"I see.", said Kuno not at all sure that he liked this new version of his

"Now stand aside while I prepare to cleanse this district.", Kasumi said.

"Neigh, cousin dear, if you are so powerful as you claim, then why not
cleanse all of Tokyo, or even all of Japan.", Kuno said sounding more and more
like some demented comic book villain.

Kasumi looked at the idiot she had been paired with for this mission and
said, "If I am to do that, I will need quite a bit of time to prepare. I assume
you will be capable of holding off the Scouts if they show up."

"That will not be a problem. Leave them to me.", Kuno said.

Back at the park, Nabiki was picking up a large energy surge on her

"I believe that I have found out where Kuno-chan is hiding, and possibly
Kasumi as well.", Nabiki told the others.

The four scouts transformed and leapt off toward the source of the signal.
As they were approaching the signal, it seemed to split into two different
signals. The original signal was now approaching them, while a weaker signal
was now remaining at the sight from which the original signal was first
emanating from.

Sailor Neko, Sailor Amazon, and Sailor Ice decided to stay on their
present course and intercept the source of the stronger signal, while Sailor
Orchid investigated the 'weaker' signal.

"Be careful Amelia-chan, you could be heading toward an ambush.", Sailor
Amazon said.

"So could you, my dear Lina-san. But do not worry, I can take care of myself.
Anyone foolish enough to assault my person, shall pay. My dear foolish brother
found that out the hard way.", Sailor Orchid said as she leapt away and faded
from sight.

Sailor Orchid approached her target silent and invisible. When she was
within one block of the signal she ceased roof hopping and ducked into a small
group of trees about 100 feet away. Peering around one of the trees, she was
surprised by what she saw. There was Kasumi Tendo who appeared to in some sort
of meditative trance and wearing quite an interesting outfit.

"Well now, I didn't know she was a fan of the 'Dirty Pair'. I wonder if I
still have that red wig, then later we could.....", Sailor Orchid stopped that
thought short. She could play later.

Kasumi's eyes snapped open, and the power she was radiating ceased. Sailor
Orchid noticed that she appeared to be looking around nervously, as if she
expected someone to jump out at her at any moment.

"Is anyone there?", Kasumi called out timidly.

"My she is quite perceptive if she can detect me.", Sailor Orchid thought.

"I am surprised to see you here all alone Kasumi Tendo.", Sailor Orchid said
as she phased into view in front of Kasumi.

A very surprised Misty jumped back when someone just appeared in front of
her. Kasumi noticed that this person was wearing a very short and dark colored

"She doesn't look like a school girl.", Misty thought to herself, as she
realized that she had just been called an unfamiliar name by a now familiar

"Amelia-chan, is that you? Why did you call me Kasumi? Do you not remember
me? I am Corrine's sister Misty.", Misty said to Sailor Orchid.

"Hmmmm, so she thinks that she is her previous incarnation.", Sailor
Orchid thought to herself.

"I am sorry, my dear Misty. You looked different wearing that outfit.",
Sailor Orchid said to a now blushing Misty.

"She doesn't seem much like a villain.", Sailor Orchid thought.

"It's alright, I wanted to try something new. Aunty picked it out for me.",
Misty said.

"Aunty, you mean Queen Berylium?", Sailor Orchid said sounding a little more
exciting then she meant to.

"Of course. She said I looked quite good in this outfit.", Misty said as she
posed in front if Sailor Orchid.

"You look very beautiful, and quite sexy as well.", Sailor Orchid said in a
teasing fashion.

"You are so sweet, but what would Lina-san say if she heard you say that?",
Misty said as she hugged Sailor Orchid for complimenting her so.

"She would ask you to join us, of course.", Sailor Orchid said to a now
very flustered Misty. "Yes, she definitely doesn't have the evil villainess role
down yet.", Sailor Orchid thought to herself with a devilish grin on her face.

Managing to calm herself down Misty said, "Amelia, did little Rani-chan
survive. Is she here as well?"

"Little Rani-chan???", Sailor Orchid asked.

"I know it seems silly to call her that, but I will always remember her the
way I first found her and brought her home to live with us back in the kingdom.",
Misty said with a pleasant smile on her face.

"That sounds like an interesting story.", Sailor Orchid said.

"It is, but I probably should not tell it now, after all Cousin Kuno-chan
said I have to purify and cleanse the country first.", Misty said.

"You have to do what?", Sailor Orchid said.

"He and aunty want me to use the chalice to cleanse and purify the country.",
Misty said.

"That doesn't sound very pleasant.", Sailor Orchid thought to herself.

While Sailor Orchid and Misty were talking, Kuno was leading the rest of
the scouts on a chase across Japan. He found Sailor Amazon particularly
sensitive to insults. All it took was a few choice words regarding how weak and
pathetic the amazons were and she would chase him anywhere. He did find it
strange though that Misty had not started cleansing the country yet, but he
figured that it would probably take time to activate a spell that would affect
a whole country, rather than just affecting Nerima. He was quite surprised when
the three scouts just disappeared as he was about to insult them again.

Meanwhile a little earlier in Nerima.

"Misty-chan I would like to hear the story about how you first met 'Little
Rani', and you could probably use the Chalice to cleanse the city or the country
later.", Sailor Orchid said.

"Alright Amelia-chan, since you were so kind to me earlier, I will tell you
the story..... I wonder if the others would like to hear it as well. Yes... I
shall bring them here as well.", Misty said as the Silver Chalice flared and
all of the Sailors now found themselves standing near a smiling Princess Misty.

Sailor Neko had just about caught up with Kuno when she felt a brief
flash of magic around her. Less than a second later she and her two companions
found themselves in front of Sailor Orchid and Kasumi?!?

Rani was not quite sure that she was seeing properly. A very sexy Kasumi
in a 'Dirty Pair' outfit was standing in front of her smiling quite
mischievously at her and her companions.

"Kasumi is that you?", Sailor Neko asked.

Kasumi seemed to pout and say, "Rani-chan don't you recognize me, your
friend Misty"

Rani noticed Sailor Orchid behind Kasumi nodding her head in order to get
her to agree with what Kasumi had just said.

Rani suddenly ran up to Kasumi and hugged her tightly much to Kasumi's
surprise and pleasure.

"I'm sorry I did not recognize you earlier Misty-chan. I am not used to
seeing you dress like that.", Rani said.

Misty blushed and said, "It is a little much isn't it."

"I think just the opposite is the problem.", Sailor Ice said

Misty noticed that her sister Corrine was looking at her somewhat sternly
then realized that she still had Rani in a tight hug. She released Rani, walked
over to her sister and said, "There is no need to be jealous sister, I would
not try and take your Rani-chan away from you."

Corrine was a little shocked her sister Kasumi, make that Misty was not only
showing signs of a sense of humor, but she was being flirtatious as well. She half
expected Akane to suddenly step out of the shadows and say that she was giving
up martial arts because they were to violent and that she was going to become a
pacifist now. When that failed to occur, she decided that talking to her sister
might help explain some of her strange behavior.

"You are acting a lot different from last we met sister. Why the change in
clothing, not to mention personality.", Corrine asked.

"Oh that was Aunty Berylium's idea. She said I need to loosen up and she
knew just the way to accomplish it.", Misty said.

A growl was heard from nearby after Misty had spoken. Everyone assumed it
was from Rani, but it turned out it was Sailor Amazon who was now doing the
growling and glowing with a bright red aura.

"Where bitch queen. Lina kill for her taking away Amelia-chan from Lina",
Sailor Amazon said as the air began to actually grow warmer around her.

Misty was shocked by what Lina had just said. She did not have any memory
of her aunt ever behaving in an improper fashion.

"What do you by 'taking her away'?, Lina-san", Misty asked Sailor Amazon.

"Don't you remember Misty, how 'aunty' attacked the kingdom by surprise,
like a coward and managed to kill almost everyone including Lina and Amelia.
Even mother died in the end.", Corrine said with tears now beginning to fall.

Misty saw her sister with tears in her eyes and was confused. She did not
remember any attack on her home. Why would aunty do that anyway. She always
seemed to nice. True her son was a pervert and had an ego the size of Saturn,
but no family is perfect after all.

"I'm sorry sister, I just don't remember that happening. If you say that
I have forgotten, I believe you, but I don't see how I could have forgotten
something like that happening.", Misty said.

"Because it did not happen, that is why.", a familiar voice rang out.

"Ah the stick boy cometh.", Sailor Amazon said as everyone looked at her

"Hmmmmpphhh, no one appreciate good amazon humor.", Sailor Amazon said.

Kuno appeared next to Kasumi and did not seem to feel threatened by being
surrounded by the Sailors, well at least until he noticed his dear 'loving'
sister beginning to charge up a ribbon with arcs of black lightening. He seemed
somewhat less confident then.

"Ahem... Its matters not if my dear sister is here or not. None of you shall
escape my plan for domination of this country.", Kuno said.

"Yawn.....Typical supervillian speech number 7. Sailor Amazon not impressed.",
Sailor Amazon said.

"You will be after this land is purified.", Kuno said with an insane gleam
in his eyes.

"Misty-chan, dear cousin, please begin the process now.", Kuno said as his
eyes began to glow and Misty's as well.

"Yes cousin, of course.", Misty said as a large energy wave began to build
up around her then flared out causing everyone to look away as everything went

As the light died down Ranma noticed two things. The first one was that
she wasn't dead, or at least she didn't think she was. The second being that
something was brushing up against her tail repeatedly.

As she opened her eyes and looked behind herself, Ranma noticed that it was
a brush, brushing against her. Said brush though was not being held by anyone.
As the spots before her eyes, from the flash, began to clear Ranma noticed her
companions looking off in random directions with their mouths almost hanging open.

As far as the eye could see their were thousands, if not tens of thousands
of brushes, mops, rags, pails of water, etc, cleaning the city all by themselves.

"Well Kasumi did say that she was going to 'cleanse' the city. Who knew that
she meant it literally.", Ranma thought to himself, while trying to fight off
the urge to laugh out loud.

The others were not quite as successful. Sailor Amazon was presently
rolling on ground laughing her ass off, while the other scouts were giggling
quite loudly.

Kuno, looked stunned. His poor little mind almost could not comprehend at
what he was seeing.

"What it the matter brother dear? You did want our dear Misty to cleanse
and Purify the city did you not? It was a shame you forgot how literal she tended
to take things.", Sailor Orchid said with no small amount of sarcasm in her voice.

Kuno looked around at all the mops, brooms, and rakes, cleaning everything
as far as they eye could see. At first he was confused, then depressed because
his plan was a failure. Finally he felt anger. Anger at his co-called cousin for
not having the brains Kami-sama gave a banana slug. He wondered how could she
have possibly thought he wanted the city cleaned. The Dark Star Kingdom was not
a magic janitorial service.

"Oh isn't it lovely. Just think all of the country is now so nice and
clean.", the 'evil' Kasumi said.

"You idiot.", Kuno said almost too quietly for anybody to hear.

"What was that cousin.", Misty said innocently.

"I said you are an idiot!", Kuno shouted at a stunned Kasumi. "How could
anyone possibly screw up such a simple task. Is there anything between your
ears beside your name sake?", Kuno further yelled out.

"That's not very nice.", Misty said while beginning to pout. "How could
he yell at her. No one ever yelled at her before.", Misty thought.

"Nice....Heh...I'll show you 'not very nice'.", Kuno said while stepping
up to Kasumi and......


Misty held her hand to her cheek. The blow did not really hurt. Her new
enhanced form could withstand a large amount of damage, but someone had
actually struck her. That had never happened before. She was almost unsure of
how to respond to such a thing happening to her.

The other scouts knew very well how to respond to such an attack. The
bastard would pay for picking on their precious Misty. As they were about to
attack though, a new voice rang out.

"Foul minion of darkness. How dare you strike at the noble Misty. In the
name of the Silver Star Kingdom I Tuxedo Tofu shall punish you. Isn't that right
Betty-chan?", the voice said.

Everyone turned to look at who had spoken and noticed that it was a rather
man in a tuxedo, who happened to be standing next to a skeleton also wearing a
tuxedo. This would have been strange enough, but in addition the skeleton
appeared to be moving own its own and even nodded in the affirmative when the
man asked it his question.

As the man and the skeleton tried to leap off the fence that they were on,
and toward Kuno their capes became caught up in their feet and they both hit the
ground quite hard face first, stunning themselves.

"Oh dear, poor silly Tofu.", Misty said as everyone seemed to look at the
downed doctor in a mixture of pity and amusement. Well all except for Kuno, who
was present laughing quite loudly and saying how appropriate he was for Misty
since they both were incompetent fools.

As Kuno continued to insult Misty and Tofu he failed to take notice that
which each insult Misty seemed to glow brighter and brighter. Her silver aura
was now almost painful to look at and she was now radiating almost pure fury
at the soon to be very hurt Dark general.

Misty grabbed Kuno by his collar, lifted him up into the air and said,
"I am sorry my dear cousin, but trying to hurt my friends and laughing at my
beloved I will have to punish you." She then began to slam him into the ground,
headfirst, over and over again. By the time Misty was done poor Kuno was now
at the bottom of a two foot deep crater in the road.

Misty stepped away form the crater and began to concentrate on the chalice
causing it glow brightly again. She gave Kuno an almost evil look and said, "Now
cousin since you were so displeased with my attempts at purifying the country,
perhaps you will allow me to try again, this time though by purifying you."

With that a silver beam of energy shot forth from the crystal and stuck
Kuno in the center of his forehead and spreading out till it enveloped his entire
body. His form began to convulse and soon a loud strangely feminine sounding
scream echoed throughout the area. When the glow faded Kuno was once again
wearing his regular kendo uniform with a wooden bokken laying by his side.

"Now off with you.", Misty said and Kuno faded from sight.

"Where did you send him?", sailor Orchid said, sounding a little concerned
for her brother's welfare.

"Oh, I sent him to that nice girl Mariko's house. I believe that they did
not part on the best of terms and that they could use some time to get to know
each other again.", Misty said.

"That's if she doesn't kill him first.", Sailor Neko said.

"They did not part on exactly the best of terms I believe." Sailor
Orchid said.

Misty walked over to the unconscious doctor and his skeleton and flung
them both over her shoulder.

"If all of you will excuse me, I must drop poor Tofu and Betty-chan off
at his office. But I will speak to all of you later. We have much to catch up
on, especially you and I Rani-chan. After all last time we met in the kingdom
you were talking about starting a family with my dear sister.", Misty giggled
and leapt off.

Sailor Neko and Sailor Ice were now glowing bright red from embarrassment
while Sailor Amazon and Orchid were quite amused by what Misty had said.

Back at the Kuno mansion Queen Berylium just felt the "death" of another
general and was deciding on what her next course of action would be.

"I'm tempted to just 'throw in the towel' and try again some other time.",
the queen thought to herself. "All I have left is that crying fool lover of mine
and that oversized teddy bear friend of his. Definitely not what would call
quality henchmen.", she thought.

Looking around her quarters under the mansion she saw the computer in the
corner and an idea began to form.

"Well I might not be able to rule the world, but no one said I had to leave
empty handed.", she said out loud to herself then began to laugh as she typed
several passwords into the computer.

At the other end of the city Kuno was presently begging and groveling in
front of his girlfriend in order to get her to forgive him. Mariko wasn't quite
sure if she would take him back yet, but admittedly he was rather cute when
he groveled at her feet. She would have to make a decision later after he begged
and groveled some more.

Back at the Tendo home, Soun and a certain panda felt the defeat of their
fellow general and were not happy.

"So another one of us falls, eh Saotome. That leaves just the two of us
and our Mistress. Now that the Kuno boy's sister is free, I am unsure whether
or not we will be able to win and realize our dreams.", Soun says and begins
to cry.

"There, there Tendo. Look on the bright side, at least your daughter
was unharmed. She might even be home any minute.", Genma-panda said.

"It stills seems strange talking to your Panda form Saotome.", Soun

"Is this better?", a held up panda sign said.

"It doesn't matter old friend, as long as Kasumi is safe.", Soun said.

"Of course.", said the Panda sigh. "That and the fact that we will not
have to eat any of Akane's cooking, thank Kami-sama.", Genma thought to himself.

As the two 'men' finished speaking they did not notice a familiar and
scantily clad figure listening outside the back door.

"So father and his friend have made a deal with the Dark Star Kingdom.
That simply will not do. Aunty has caused enough problems this day. I wonder
if mother is still alive or has been reborn. Perhaps I shall try to contact
her.", Misty thought as she teleported into her (Kasumi's), room and
transformed back to her normal self.

Kasumi looked around her room in confusion. The last thing that she
remembered was standing in the living room, talking to that strange
Kuno boy. She also noticed that she was wearing a pendant that was shaped
like a silver chalice.

"How strange. I wonder what is going on?", Kasumi thought to herself.

"I believe I can answer you.", a voice in her head said, causing
Kasumi to shriek out loud.

The sounds of running feet soon echoed out in the hallway. Kasumi saw
her door fly open and her father and a large panda charged into the room.

"Wahhhhh, my daughter is back and she is alright!", Soun cried.

"Of course I am alright father.", Kasumi said.

"Why did you cry out.", Soun said.

"Oh I was just surprised by the voice in my head, that's all.", Kasumi
said as Soun suddenly glared at the panda.

"Now look what you have done Saotome. Your crazy scheme has caused Kasumi
to go insane, waaahhhhh.", Soun yelled then cried.

"Oh father, I am sure I am alright, just a little tired.", Kasumi said.

"Then lay down and rest. I am sure you will feel better soon.", Soun said
as he dragged Genma-panda out of the room.

Kasumi walked up to her door and locked it. She walked over to her bed and
laid down on it.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated and thought to herself, "Hello are you
still there, miss??"

"I am right here Kasumi.", the voice in her mind said.

"Who are you?", Kasumi said.

"Why, I am you of course, in a way.", the voice said in a teasing

"Sigh.... This will take awhile. Please listen for I much to tell you.",
the voice in Kasumi's head, said to her.

"My name is Misty, and I am the incarnation of you from a previous life.",
Misty thought to Kasumi.

"You are me??", Kasumi said out loud. "How is that possible?"

"Well you see it all started a few thousand years ago when....."

Mean while downstairs Soun had collapsed due to dehydration and Genma-panda
was sitting on the back porch trying to think of a way to salvage this situation
in a way that was beneficial to him of course. After two hours of thinking, he
was still clueless so he decided to wander into the kitchen to see if Kasumi had
left any snacks for he and Soun. She usually did, but then again she usually
didn't talk about voices in her head. Sometimes he wondered if he was the only
normal person in that household.

Back in Kasumi's room:

"So I am the reincarnation of a princess?", Kasumi asked the voice of

"That is correct. Several thousand years ago, you were the eldest daughter
of Queen Serendipity of the Silver Star Kingdom and keeper of the Silver Chalice.
You were one of the most powerful people in the kingdom.", Misty said.

"Why are you and Ranma and Nabiki do not seem to
talk to their past selves.", Kasumi said nervously.

"Our 'aunty' is responsible for that. Her magic always was faulty and by
her trying to bring aspects of our former power to life she caused to
temporarily form 2 personalities. We should join together eventually and you
will then retain the memories of what happens when you transform.", Misty
said to Kasumi.

"First though we should contact the others and see how best to punish that
worthless father of ours and his friend. Siding with the enemy must not be
tolerated.", Misty said while sounding quite angry.

"Oh dear, should we say such things about father. Its not polite.", Kasumi
said while Misty mentally rolled her eyes.

"Kasumi dear, if there is one thing I have noticed over the centuries
being a disembodied spirit, is that just because someone is related to you, does
not mean that they deserve to be treated nicely or with respect.", Misty said.

"Really???", Kasumi said while trying to digest that very non-Japanese
point of view.

With a 'bamf' of displaced air Kasumi disappeared from the dojo and
reappeared in Shampoo's room at the Cat Cafe to talk with the rest of the
scouts about what she had just seen.

Kasumi reappeared in Shampoo's room. Kodachi not being aware of Kasumi's
training under Ranma was understandingly somewhat surprised by a teleporting

"How??", Kodachi asked.

"Oh Ranma was nice enough to teach me one of "grandfather's" techniques,
so that I am better able to avoids the conflicts that everyone seems to become
part of in Nerima. I can now even take people with me, at least that is what
Misty told me.", Kasumi said.

"Aren't you and Misty the same person?", Kodachi asked.

"Well....not exactly. You see....", Kasumi went on to explain what Misty
had told her of their fragmented personality and how they will 'rejoin' the
more Kasumi transforms.

"So Misty right now is a voice in your head?", Ranma asked.

"Yes, which is not that bad, except that she is a bit of a pervert I am
afraid.", Kasumi said.

"Oh reeeaallly.", Nabiki said.

"Yes. She thinks that I am not meeting any young men my age, so she
suggested that I use my ability to teleport to the men's' locker room at
Tokyo university, find a guy I like there, and teleport him back to my room
at the house.", Kasumi said while starting to blush.

"Heh, Shampoo wish she had that ability when she meet Ranma, then Shampoo
could bring Ranma to Shampoo's bed right from start.", Shampoo said to a now
very nervous Ranma and annoyed Nabiki and Kodachi.

"What about Dr. Tofu?", Ranma asked.

"Oh Misty said that I should see him as well. She thinks that I should
'play the field' I believe she said.", Kasumi said.

"So Misty mentioned something earlier about Ranma and Nabiki wanting to
start family in previous life. That why Kasumi here now.", Shampoo said.

"She did want to tease, or rather talk to Ranma and Nabiki about that, but
something more important has come up. When she and I returned to the dojo we
overheard father and Mr. Saotome talking. It appears that they were responsible
for bringing aunty, I mean Queen Berylium to Nerima. They promised to help her
take over the country in exchange for promising to get Ranma and Akane to get
married to each other.", Kasumi said.

"Figures, that those two worthless bastards would be behind this. It would
serve them right if all this blew up in their faces.", Ranma said with an evil
grin on his face.

"You don't plan on killing them do you Ranma?", Kasumi asked nervously.

"No Kasumi I wouldn't do that. Besides there are worse things to do to
them than kill them.", Ranma said evilly as he started to glow black.

"Ranma, your scaring us.", Nabiki said causing Ranma to relax.

"I'm sorry Nabiki, but I think of all the scams and problems that my
worthless father and yours have put me through and what it took for us to
finally get together I find it hard to feel anything but anger toward them.",
Ranma said.

"I don't understand why they are so hung up on Akane being with Ranma.
If he and I were to get married the houses would be joined.", Nabiki said and
started to blush after realizing what she had just said.

Kasumi sighed and said, "You are not going to like this Nabiki, but you
should know that I overheard father and Mr. Saotome talking about Ranma and
Akane getting married instead of you because they believe that she and Ranma
would be easier to manipulate to get them to do whatever the fathers wanted
them to do under some false guise of honor.

Whereas you would not be so easily manipulated by one of fathers or Mr.
Saotome's schemes. They are upset that their "authority" is being undermined
by both of you, as well as Nodoka and Lilac. Queen Berylium promised to take
care of this problem if they did what she told them to do.", Kasumi said.

Everyone noticed that Nabiki was holding her head down and was beginning
to shake. As she lifted her head back up they could tears starting to form.

"Why is it that father never thinks about me, always his "darling"
Akane? It was not her that supported the dojo for ten years as he sat around
and did nothing. It was not he and Akane that had to alienate all their
friends in order to make support them.", Nabiki said as Ranma pulled her onto
his lap and held her close.

"Nabiki, if they try to break us up, what I do to them will make what I did
to Saffron seem tame in comparison. I promise you that.", Ranma said.

"Perhaps they need to be taught a lesson.", Kodachi said as a black
energy whip materialized in her hand.

Everyone seemed to nod in agreement with what Kodachi had just said.

After they had all transformed Ranma could not help but stare at
Kasumi's uniform which Kasumi and Nabiki noticed.

"Why Ranma-chan do you like what you see?", Misty teased.

"Kasumi look like Amazon. Very sexy.", Shampoo said in a teasing voice.

"Is Kasumi there at all, or are you still Misty?", Nabiki asked.

"I can sense her a little, but it will be a while before we are joined.
Besides I don't think she approves of our new look.", Misty said as she stood
straight and inhaled sharply, causing Ranko's eyes to glaze over and Nabiki
to pull Ranko-chan close to her.

A little later at the Tendo dojo, Soun had reawakened. He and the panda
were engaged in another round of cheating, that is playing shoji. Both were so
engrossed in their game that they almost did not notice a glowing portal open
up a few yards away with a very familar and sinister redheaded woman walking
through said portal and toward them.

"Mi...mi....mistress what brings you here?", said a very nervous Soun

"Not that we aren't glad to see you of course.", said Genma panda.

"Heh, no need to be nervous boys, I am simply here to retrieve something
that is mine.", Queen Berylium said as she walked up to Soun and the panda and
put her hands on their shoulders.

"What do you mean.", said Soun growing more nervous.

"Why the power I gave both of you of course.", Queen Berylium said as her
hands began to glow and black wisps of energy began to flow out of Soun and
Genma causing both of them to convulse and fall to the floor.

"Why?", Soun managed to whisper out.

"Growf??", said the now nonverbal panda.

"There has been a change of plans and I no longer have any use for either
of you. No need to worry though, I am not going to punish you in any way. In fact
I am even going to be generous enough to warn you that the scouts now no of
your allegiance to me and should be here any moment to punish you.", Queen
Berylium said as she began to fade away giggling at the shocked expressions her
two former underlings were wearing.

Queen Berylium appeared outside on the roof of the dojo just as the scouts
were approaching.

"Ah all the players are here at last.", she thought to herself.

As they approached the dojo the Ranko-neko felt a very strong aura
nearby. Looking up he saw Queen Berylium of all people casually lying on the roof
looking like she didn't have a care in the world. She even had the nerve to wave
to her casually as the scouts entered the yard.

"Well don't all of you look delectable this day.", Queen Berylium said to
the scouts as she smiled enticingly at them causing most of them to turn
green with nausea.

"What are you doing here 'aunty'?", Princess Misty said.

"We won't let you take over the country and hurt any more people.", Sailor
Neko tried to say heroically.

The Queen gave everyone a 'Nabiki-like' grin and said, "Well to answer
both your questions, I came here to take back something that is mine and to
bid my farewells to my darling nieces and their little pet. Now as for
taking over the country, bah, you can have it and the rest of the world as well.
I have something far better in mind that ruling the primitive world."

"What evil queen mean?", Sailor Amazon.

"Ah, now that would be telling. But don't worry, you will find out the answer
to that question in time, especially you my dear Sailor Orchid.", Queen
Berylium laughed as she faded from sight.

"Our 'father' and the panda are inside the house.", Misty said to the other
scouts. "I can find no trace of Dark Kingdom energy though. Perhaps that is what
'aunty' meant when she said she came to take something back that was hers."

"So what now? If they are no longer enhanced by the Dark Kingdom energies,
we just can't go in and beat them up. They are too weak.", Sailor Neko said.

"They deserve to be punished severely for what they attempted to do,
especially to Amelia-chan. I wont kill them, Rani-chan. Kasumi would not like
that.", Misty said.

"Amelia-chan would you care to assist me in punishing two foolish
father?", Princess Misty said.

"It would be my pleasure.", Sailor Orchid said in a cold tone of voice
as she and Princess Misty walked up to the front door and kicked it in.

A little while earlier inside the Tendo home, two middle age martial
artists were rapidly running around the house, trying to pack up for a nice
long training trip before a certain group of magical girls came home to beat
the #$%# out of them.

"Hurry Saotome we must leave quickly. There is no telling what they may
do if they find us here. Especially that Kodachi girl. I don't think she is
too happy with you at what you made her and her brother do.", a panicked Soun
Tendo said.

"So I made a small mistake.", a panda sign said.

Having finished packing, the two fathers raced toward the front door just
as it came flying off of its hinges, unfortunately causing them and the door to
be imbedded in the far wall.

"Mind if we come in?", said two angry sounding female voices.

"Odd, I could have sworn I heard voices before.", Misty said while looking
around the room and seeing no one.

"I believe I have the answer to that.", Sailor Orchid said as she pulled the
front door out of the far wall revealing two somewhat flattened fathers behind it.

"Sailor Orchid yanked Genma-panda out of the wall and held him up with one arm
while pulling Soun out of the wall and tossing him over to Misty with her other arm.

"Kasumi is that you.", a panicked Soun Tendo managed to squeak out.

"Tsk..Tsk... How could you forget you daughter Misty, dear father. It has
only been one reincarnation after all.", Misty said.

"A heh heh..Oh my...", Soun said.

"Really, I am quite disappointed in you father. You tried to ruin your
children's life in your previous incarnation. I would have hoped that you would
have learned your lesson. For Kasumi's peace of mind I won't hurt you too
badly , but I can not say the same for your friend. He hurt Kodachi deeply.
There was no reason to be so perverted.", Misty said as Sailor Orchid raised
her left arm which was now glowing quite brightly and prepared to punish a
panda severely.

Outside the Tendo home the rest of the sailors watch as Misty kicked the door
in and went inside with Sailor Orchid. Not much was heard for a few minutes when
suddenly there was a bright flash from inside and what sounded like a large furry
object being hit echoed outside.

"I hope they remember not to cripple them.", Sailor Ice said.

"I am sure that won't happen, no matter how much our two idiot fathers
deserve it.", Sailor Neko.

"I am surprised to hear you say that. You two usually do not sound so
cold.", Sailor Amazon said.

"Careful, you are losing your accent.", Sailor Ice said as Sailor Amazon
stuck her tongue out at her.

"I have been remembering more and more of what happened to Corrine and I
in the past thanks to her father. It make me so mad, I could almost picture
myself.....", Rani's voice trailed off as she began to shake and glow a dark
blue color.

"Shh... Shhh...No more of that now. As you said before, we are together
now and they will not break us up.", Sailor Ice said as she put her arm around
Sailor Neko and began to scratch hers ears, calming the catgirl down.

A few minutes later everything was quiet inside the house. Sailor Neko
was beginning to wonder what was going on in there when Misty teleported
into the yard in front of her.

"Father and Mr. Saotome wish to speak to Ranma and Nabiki about how
they treated them in the past. I believe they wish to apologize. Do you think
you could find them for me." Misty said to Sailor Neko and Sailor Ice.

"Oh I think we can.", Sailor ice said sarcastically.

Misty teleported the two sailors into the dojo and told them to change
back to their normal forms, then she would teleport the two of them into the
house. The two quickly changed and were soon in the house standing in front
of two very bruised and beaten middle-aged martial artists.

Ranma looked at the two old men and could do nothing but smile.

"So pop, I see you have met two friends of me and Nabiki-chan.",
Ranma said.

Genma looked like he was going to verbally lash out at his son as
usual, but a look from Sailor Orchid holding her energy whip silenced
whatever he might have been tempted to say.

"Behave yourself, 'panda'.", she almost hissed at him.

"Yes, mistress, whatever you say.", Genma said meekly causing Ranma
and Nabiki to begin to snicker.

"So you and Tendo have something to say pop?", Ranma said.

"Tendo and I want to apol...apolo...apologize to Nabiki and you for
trying to break you up. We only wanted what was best for the school.",
Genma said.

"No pop, you only wanted what was best for you. You are going to have
to get used to the fact that it is Nabiki that I love now, not Akane. You are
also going to have to get used to the idea that you will have to work and
support yourself from now on. I am not going to let you sponge off of me and
Nabiki like you have been doing to her family. I am sure Lilac as well as
Kasumi & Misty will watch out for you as well.", Ranma said.

About halfway through Ranma's talk with his father, a slight ring was
heard and Sailor Orchid disappeared from the room, only to return a few
moments later looking very angry at Soun and Genma. She whispered something
to Ranma and Nabiki, then walked over to Misty.

"Misty dear, would you mind looking after these two fools, while I
speak to Ranma and Nabiki outside.", Sailor Orchid said.

"Oh no, go right ahead, Amelia-chan.", Misty said.

"Amelia-chan???", Sound and Genma seemed to think at the same time.

Ranma, Nabiki, and Sailor Orchid rejoined with Sailor Amazon outside of
the dojo so that Sailor Orchid could speak to everyone about why she
suddenly seemed so frustrated and a little sad.

"What is wrong Amelia-chan?", Sailor Amazon said.

"When Ranma was speaking to his father my cell phone rang. That was the
reason I suddenly left the room. Its turned out to a call from the family
financial attorney wondering why most of our accounts had been emptied out
of several local banks. I didn't know what he was talking about, then I realized
that what that bitch Queen Berylium said earlier when she said that I would find
out in time what she was planning on doing. With the exception of my brother's
and my trusts funds, she has almost completely drained us of the family
fortune. We might even have to sell the family estate.", Sailor Orchid said
with tears starting to form.

"Don't worry Amelia-chan, all of us will help you any way we can.", Sailor
Amazon said.



It has been a year since Queen Berylium has been defeated and the sailors
have lived a mostly peaceful existence since then. The occasional youma and
martial artist have found themselves hard pressed to defeat the sailors. Even a
repowered Saffron was soon defeated by a very annoyed Sailor Neko.

Nabiki has now enrolled in Tokyo University studying business management
and working part-time as the asst. manager at the newly opened local franchise
of the Cat Cafe. Ranma plans to follow Nabiki a year later, although he is still
unsure of what he wants to study.

Kodachi moved in with Shampoo and formalized their engagement. They plan
to marry in an Amazon Ceremony when they both finish high school. Kodachi
invested her half of the money from the sale of the family estate in the Cat
Cafe, which has presently grown to 4 locations now, including the one Nabiki
works at.

Kuno has moved into Mariko's family estate and have become engaged. They plan
to marry after college. Sasuke has also joined Kuno at Mariko's home and was
shocked to learn that he would actually be paid a decent wage now.

Genma and Soun are teaching at the Tendo Dojo under the watchful eyes of
Nodoka and Lilac, who was not thrilled to learn about her husband's past
relationship with a certain evil queen, but she forgave him after he agreed to
undergo several week of 'amazon husband training'. Genma was never quite sure
what this consisted of, because every time he asked Soun, he would begin to cry
again, and quite frankly Genma got tired of being turned into a panda time and
time again because of his friend's emotional instability.

What surprised people the most though was Queen Serendipity reappearing
and making good on her promise to be with Ryoga. It seemed she had a crush on
the poor boy and he didn't or couldn't refuse her advances. Even stranger though
was that when Akane met the queen she developed a crush on her and the Queen
returned those feelings. Ryoga, Akane and Queen Serendipity are now engaged
in a very unique relationship.

Now as to what eventually happened to Queen Berylium and her stolen
fortune, well that is a story for another time.


Authors Note:

Well, this finally concludes this little experiment. I originally intended
this to be a quick and very silly omake or spamfic to my 'Nabiki's Heartache'
story, but it kind of got away from me. Needless to say this omake has very little
to do with the main story and the two shall not cross over each other. This omake
has given me several ideas on future Ranma and Sailor Moon fics. When I will get
around to them though is another matter. I should have finished this chapter
over a month ago, but life has a way of interfering with fanfic writing.

For the future, I plan to write the prequel to Nabiki's Heartache, as well
as its sequel. I am also presently working on a story for the Ranma Sailor moon
fanfic creator website as well as a couple Ranma Oh! My Goddess Stories. When they
will be out is anybodies guess though :

Till later


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