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Robin flipped out of the way of Kid Flash's incoming punch, sending a kick in return. His foot plowed into the speedster, successfully knocking him to the floor.

"Ha! You lost!" Robin shouted happily. He offered a hand to his best friend who was still on the floor. "You do everything fast, even lose fast." The ninja just loved to tease Wally.

Kid Flash accepted the hand and used it to pull himself up. "You just got lucky," he snapped at Robin, who smiled. Kid Flash didn't mean it, since he said that every time he lost. Which was, in reality, every time they sparred.

"Good job, Robin." Black Canary said with a smile. Robin grinned at their training instructor. "Thanks, BC." The bird's smile was contagious. Even though he was still sore about losing, Kid Flash couldn't help but smile.

Just then, the Zeta-tubes glowed and all their mentors walked out. The team immediately turned to face them. Their mentors didn't always come and they rarely came all at the same time.

Aqualad, being their leader, stepped forward. "Greetings. May I ask what brings you here?" Robin snickered. Ever the wise one, Kaldur was always so polite.

The Flash smiled uneasily. "It's nothing," he said, but the whole team could tell it was important. M'gann quickly set up a mind link so they could talk without the mentors knowing.

'What are they hiding?' Kid Flash asked. Robin was thinking about the possibilities. 'Maybe something happened that they wanted to tell us?'

Artemis shook her head. 'They would just call.' Robin smirked at her. 'Sure about that?' The archer scowled back at him.

Aqualad interrupted their conversation. 'The mentors are talking now.' That made them shut up and pay attention, but not before Artemis and Robin shot each other death glares behind their leader.

"We don't want you to worry," Superman was saying, "but someone has left a message for you all." The team exchanged confused looks amongst themselves.

"We thought you'd like to have a look." Flash said, pointing over to Batman who was pulling up a screen. "It said something like, I'm the Red Hood and I'm coming back soon to someone named, 'Little Wing'."

Artemis frowned. "Didn't we meet him the other night? On the mission?" The adults looked surprised. "You met the Red Hood on your last mission?!" Green Arrow almost shouted.

Kid Flash nodded. "Yeah, something wrong with that?" The mentors looked back and forth between their protégés and the screen. Martian Manhunter spoke up. "He is an anti-hero, preferring to kill other criminals rather than put them in jail."

Miss Martian gasped. "Is that why he shot the bad guys last time?" The team winced, remembering what had happened. Surprisingly, Robin answered.

"Yep, he's my big brother. He carries guns and stuff, so be careful." Everyone was shocked at the casual way the youngest out of all of them talked about the Red Hood. Then the older heroes realized something. "The Red Hood's your big brother!?" Green Arrow and Flash cried.

Robin smiled. "You heard me." Kid Flash was thinking about that night, and he remembered something. "Hey, Rob? Didn't you say that you'd meet him after?" Everyone turned to face Robin.

"Uh..." He was interrupted by Aquaman. "Sorry, but does anyone know who Little Wing would be in the message?" This time, Robin answered right away.

"That'd be me, Jason liked to call me that." He smiled at the memory. "Wait," Superboy interrupted. "You know this guy's name too?" From the shocked and disapproving looks he got, Robin knew this wasn't going to end well for Jason.

Luckily for him, a hand shot out from the shadows and pulled him back while the mentors and the team were busy shouting at each other.

The Red Hood snickered at the sight. Turning to his little brother, he motioned for Robin to follow. The two ran, sticking in the shadows. The team realized that Robin was missing right then.

"Oh my gosh, where'd he go?" Kid Flash shouted then let out a girly scream. Artemis slapped him upside the head, none too gently either. "Shut up, Baywatch, you sound ridiculous."

Everyone was looking for the little bird when the Zeta-tubes announced Robin's departure. When they all looked up, they didn't see anyone there. Just then, a figure dropped down in front of the tubes. It was the Red Hood.

Flash and Kid Flash ran straight forward at him, but he jumped up and over them. The two speedsters ran straight into the Zeta-tubes, which Red Hood had set to a different location after sending Robin.

Red Hood waved. "Have fun in Alaska!" He called to them before they disappeared in a flash of light. Turning to face the others, he whipped out two guns. He fired a few shots at the archers who dove out of the way, arrows flying everywhere. Red Hood turned, just barely escaped the Supers that came barreling his way.

As he turned, the anti-hero pulled out a box that glowed green. Reaching in, he pulled out small pieces of Kryptonite. Putting them in one of his guns, he fired at the heroes. Miss Martian gasped, rushing over to help deflect the bullets while the Martian Manhunter lifted the Red Hood up with his telekinesis.

A small ball was thrown out. It was a flash bomb. A blinding light swept over the remaining heroes, giving the Red Hood just enough time to escape. The Zeta-tubes announced his departure, leaving to wherever Robin had went before.

Suddenly, Kid Flash and Flash came back through the tubes. They looked around, taking in the blinded heroes and scattered arrows on the floor.

Kid Flash frowned. "Did we miss something?"

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