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Responsibility is Important
By Muffyn1

Once upon a time there was a-

-wait a sec, that opening is, like, way too fairytale-like to begin any story involving my life.

In the annoyingly vampire-infested town of Sunnydale, which lay on top of a Hellmouth, a hangout spot for supernatural baddies and the beginning point of many narrowly avoided apocalypses (or is it apocalypsi?), Buffy Summers (that's me) sat inside her house.

There. That's better.

She sat on her bed, staring at her homework. Not doing it, just staring at it. But she wasn't thinking about anything either. She was just kinda spacing out, since, usually, when she wasn't worrying about school she was worrying about preventing an apocalypse, but, tonight, there was no apocalypse to prevent.

Unfortunately, there was school to worry about.

She blinked and focused on her history homework. And then she looked at the clock. And then she looked at her pillow.

Buffy's harder-than-usual homework was probably due to the fact that Sunnydale High School had hired a new, stricter teacher after the last American history teacher, Mr. Chomsky, had perished in an accident involving an eighteenth century musket replica during a field trip to a museum (to be fair, the musket was possessed).

Buffy's harder-than-usual homework also made her want to sleep. And, so, that's what she did. She put her homework on her desk and decided she would find the time to do it before history class the next morning. Maybe she'd even get Willow's help.



"Why not?!" Buffy asked, exasperated at her friend's unwillingness to help her.

"Buffy, you have to learn to be responsible. I can't just let you copy off my homework all the time." Willow explained as they walked towards the library.

Buffy stared at Willow with sad eyes and said, "Hey! I haven't copied your homework in, like, a month! And me? Irresponsible? Hello!? Slayer! Y'know, slayer responsibility. Killing demons and whatever? Also, the world's not over yet so I think I've pretty much been living up to those responsibilities."

"Because last summer totally wasn't you running away from your responsibilities, right?" said Willow, before Buffy gave her a dark look, "And, hey, I know for a fact that Giles gave you the night off last night. He said for Faith to do the patrolling thing, so you had no reason not to do your homework." Willow scolded.

Buffy pouted, "But Will! I wanted to sleep! I was tired and stuff! Come on! This teacher doesn't know that I'm..."

"Irresponsible yet?" Willow finished for her as they stepped into the library, "Sorry. Looks like you're gonna have to face my wrath."

"Willow wrath? Uh oh." Xander said as he looked up from the book he was reading.

Buffy was shocked, "Xander? Here this early? And reading? What happened?"

"I just thought I'd actually do my history homework for once. Of course, I didn't know anything so I came here and asked Giles for a history book. But, like, the textbook kind. Not the old, torn, read-a-passage-and-summon-a-demon kind." Xander replied.

"You did your history homework? Can I see it?" Buffy pleaded.

"Oh," Xander said, "uh, well, no. I ended up not finishing. Or starting. What's the point of textbooks explaining things if you need explanations of the things it's explaining? So, I'm guessing me and the Buffster are both going to be facing the new guy's wrath today?"

"Mr. Irving?" Willow said, "I like him. He's nice."

Buffy laughed, "Will, we've had him for one class and you don't even need slayer senses to tell that they guy is pure evil!" they looked at her, serious for a moment and she quickly mended, "It was a joke. He's only as evil as any of the other old people that try to shove us into this Hell we are forced to call school."

"Try and fail," Xander pointed out, "that's what cutting's for. Also, I heard that Irving gave some kids detention for not doing their homework yesterday."

"Oh. Great." Buffy whined.

Xander threw his arm around Buffy, "Don't worry, Buffy. We kill vamps together, I think we can make it through detention together, too."

"Okay. Let's just get to class." Willow said.

"Buffy!" Giles said urgently as he emerged from behind a bookshelf.

"Uh, what's up Giles?" Buffy asked, concerned.

"Oh, uh...hello." Giles said nervously, "Um, I would have asked you how patrolling went last night, but then I remembered that you didn't go...have any of you seen Faith?"

"Nah. She-who-slays-vampires-and-is-not-Buffy has not come to see the Xand. Unfortunately." Xander said.

"Er, okay. If you see her, ask her how it went for me, okay?"

"Can do," Buffy said, "alright. Let's go so Mr. Irving can rip out my internal organs." she paused for a moment, "figuratively, of course."