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Responsibility is Important: ACT 1
by Muffyn1

Please let him forget to check homework. Please let him forget to check homework. Please let him forget to check homework...

That's what was going through Buffy's mind as she sat at her desk next to Willow and took out her notebook.

Mr. Irving was obviously a dork in high school, and he still was one now. He didn't have a lot of hair...wait, no, he had exactly no hair. It was just hard to tell because he wore some dopey hat to cover it. His face was fat and his body was scrawny. Put shortly, he was old, ugly, and probably not a very likeable sorta guy.

"Everybody," he said in a grumpy voice, "answer the question on the board."

Please let him forget to check homework. Please let him forget to-

"Have your homework on your desks. I'll be around to check."

Dammit, God! After all the world-saving I've done, you couldn't help me out this one time?

She watched as he walked down the first row, checking homework as he went.

"Detention," He said when he passed a student who didn't have his homework.

"Detention," Again.

Buffy looked frantically at Willow who was busy answering the question on the board and following the teacher's directions.

"Detention," He said to Xander, who flashed a look that said oh well at Buffy.

Irving examined Willow's completed homework and nodded.

Then, the time came. He leaned over Buffy's desk. She opened her mouth to come up with some excuse, but before she could, he said the dreaded three syllables:


Buffy slumped over her desk and sighed. Willow shot her a sorrowful look.

"Great," Buffy said, "there goes any hope I may have had for potential relaxation after school today."

Willow was cheerful (maybe because she wasn't the one with detention), "Well, hey Buff, detentiony doom is more relaxing than world-saving slayery doom, right?"

Buffy eyed Mr. Irving, who was finishing checking the homework of the students in the last row. She turned back to Willow and sighed again, "I'm not so sure anymore."

Later that day, Buffy still felt miserable as they walked into the library for their free period.

"Cheer up, Buff," Xander said, "detention is no match for the Xan-man, so I'm sure the slayer can handle it, too."

"Detention?" the three were greeted by Faith as they entered the library, "Ya see, this is why I dropped out, B."

"I'm just worried about what my mom's gonna say. After my running away fiasco last summer, I'm supposed to be, y'know, trying hard in school. So that I don't get kicked out again." Buffy explained.

"Hey," Faith said, "what your mom doesn't know ain't gonna kill her."

"She didn't know I was the slayer and that almost killed her." Buffy deadpanned.

"This is different." Faith argued.

"You see, Buffy?" Willow said, "Responsibility is important."

Buffy noticed a bandage on Faith's shoulder and indicated it, "Something happen on last night's patrol?"

"Yeah. Looks like we got some new hairy evil brewin'." Faith shrugged, "Ruffed me up a bit, but I showed him who's boss."

"You killed it?"

"Well...no." Faith said, "It got away. I don't think it was anything to worry about. Watcher's a bit more freaked, though."

As if on cue, Giles emerged from his office and pushed up his glasses, "Ah! Buffy. I'll need you to patrol tonight. Faith's been injured and it seems there may be cause for extra precautions."

"Sorry Giles. Can't." Buffy said, "I earned myself a nice, golden detention tonight. I'd have time afterwards, but I do have a lot of homework and I'd rather do that instead of having more detentions tomorrow so they'll all pile up and I'll have no time to do the slaying thing at all and-"

Giles cut off her babble-fest and said, "It's alright, Buffy. I'm sure your studies are far more important than the potential danger to all of our lives." The four teenagers looked at him, confused at the un-Gilesesque comment before he mended, "Okay, I guess when I make deadpan jokes it isn't funny. In all seriousness, Buffy, that's quite alright. I can try to do some research about the demon that injured Faith. You just focus on your schoolwork."

"It's alright, G," Faith said, "I'm fine. I can do the slaying tonight. Besides, I'm the only one who's seen big bad, so I can keep an eye out for it."

"Are you sure?" Giles asked.

Faith nodded.

"And, hey!" Willow said, "Maybe I can tag along? I mean, I've found some really cool defensive spells I wanna try ou-" she looked at Giles, who was eyeing her dangerously, "that I would never, ever use because magick is dangerous and stuff." Willow gulped, "And, uh, I can watch the injured slayer's back. What d'ya say, Giles?"

Giles nodded, "Alright. But, please, both of you, be careful."

The bell rang and Willow, Xander, and Buffy left for their respective classes.


Later that afternoon, Buffy and Xander walked into Mr. Irving's room, prepared to suffer through whatever Hell he had in store for them.

"Alright," Xander muttered to Buffy, "it's just an extra forty-five minutes of school. How bad could it be?"

They walked in on a nervous Mr. Irving cleaning up something red from one of the desks. As he saw the duo enter, his demeanor changed drastically into one of the grumpy old man they recognized, as he mumbled to himself, "Stupid kids. Spilling their sugary drinks in my classroom."

"How bad?" Buffy whispered back to Xander, "How many apocalypses has it been, now? Take the badness of all of those and multiply it by a big number, because the amount of bored I'm about to be is going to kill me."


"So I told her that she has to be responsible, and that she can't just copy off my homework all the time. See? I'm being less pushovery! I'm the pushoverer! Like the way you're gonna push over that shoulder-hurting demony thing when you find it!" Willow babbled as she and Faith patrolled the graveyard.

Faith sighed, "Listen, Red, you're cute and everything, but I don't think we're gonna find big and hairy if you keep on yellin' about how we're here to kill 'im."

"Right." Willow said, a little quieter, "So, uh, what'd it look like anyways? The demon?"

"See above:" Faith said, "Big. Hairy."

"Maybe a werewolf?" Willow suggested, "'Cept it's not the full moon..."

"Nah, it wasn't a werewolf. The thing was more like...bigfoot." Faith shrugged, having no better way to describe it.

"Demon bigfoot? That's scary."

"I'll know 'im when I see 'im."

Suddenly, they saw a demon sneaking behind some trees. Upon closer inspection, they could tell that it had a morphed face, almost like a vampire's. It had ape-like hair on its head and body.

"Is that him?" Willow asked.

"That's him." Said Faith.


"I thought detention was supposed to be 'sit in a room while the teacher gives you the stink eye', not 'sit in a room while he re-teaches the lesson from class today!'" Buffy whispered to Xander.

"If you don't like the way I run my detention, Buffy, I would suggest not getting one in the first place." Irving said to the class, which was surprisingly big for a detention.

Buffy turned to Xander, "That's weird,"

"What?" Xander asked, paying exactly no attention to what Mr. Irving was saying.

"He remembered my name. We've only had him for one class, and he remembered my name."

Xander shrugged, "'Buffy' is a pretty memorable name."

"It's dark out already," Buffy said, "I wish I could be patrolling right now."


"Oh, no you don't!" Faith yelled at the demon as she sprung into action, beating it up as best she could with her good arm, but she was losing.

"Faith! What do I do?" Willow panicked.

"It's okay, Red! I got this!" But she wasn't so sure.

Willow watched as the demon beat Faith to the ground, and suddenly it occurred to her that the demon was only hitting Faith, and it barely even noticed Willow was there.

Trying out one of her new spells, Willow muttered an incantation as best as she could remember and quickly grabbed Faith. The spell made some sort of invisible forcefield to keep the demon away.

"Good one, Red." Faith praised.

The demon seemed to be retreating, as it began walking away in defeat, but as it put a few yards or so between them, it charged, easily breaking Willow's forcefield.

The demon shoved Willow away. Faith was on the ground, no longer with enough strength to fight the demon.

It's gonna kill her... Willow thought.

So she took a deep breath, tackled the demon and muttered a different incantation. Willow's fingers glowed red and the demon screeched in pain. It threw Willow off of it and ran away and soon disappeared into thin air.

"Whoa. Good goin', Will." Faith breathed.

"I t-think he's gone..." Willow looked at Faith in a daze. Her nose was bleeding.

"Red? You okay?" Faith asked before Willow promptly passed out.