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Because heaven ain't close in a place like this,

-Somebody Told Me by The Killers

Wearing a long sleeved, silk blouse in the beginning of September is not one of Katie Gardner's most brilliant ideas. She's currently getting off the plane in Maine to take a train to Stanford, and she misses Thalia's presence already.

Ignoring the tears in her eyes, Katie crosses her arms and hopes that the red color of her shirt would block any sweat stains that might've built up. She pulls up her cargo pants and fluffs up her brown curls.

Hopefully, she doesn't look too pathetic.


Maine was a pretty little place. Little creeks, meadows, and hills scattered across the landscape. Too bad she had to go to Stanford.

Brushing the thought out of her head, Katie sat back in the expensive leather seats of the cab. To keep herself busy, she tries to name every plant she can spot from the outside.

Larkspur, Carnation, Snapdragon...

Soon, the cab driver shoves Katie out of the cab, practically throws her luggage to the side of the road, and drives away, a cloud of fumes choking Katie's lungs.

Glaring at the -now far away- taxi cab, Katie picks up her cheapie Wal-Mart luggage and grumbles into the train station.

It was empty in the early morning, and there was a bald man with a mustache snoring away at the call window.

Katie rolls her eyes and sits in the slippery, uncomfortable wooden bench. Taking out Maximum Ride, the future botanist begins to read.

She drifts into avian-like dreams, and is awakened by a snort of the bald man. Katie's head snaps up, and a pain shoots through the back of her neck. Wincing, she rubs her vertebrae and ignores a slightly cute guy from the bench across from her laughing hysterically at her misery. Oh, how Katie hates schadenfreude.

Shooting daggers at the boy, she walks to check in her bags. Mustache man is still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, and Katie hopes he isn't getting her luggage wrong, or putting it on a train to Alaska or something like that.

Stay positive, she tells herself.

The curls on the back of Katie's neck prod at her, and she slips it into a messy ponytail. The guy is making snoring impressions just to tick her off. Mature.

Ignoring the sharp blue eyes stinging into her face, Katie is sucked back into her novel.

"Hello there, Katherine." The annoyingly cute boy slides next to her. Just her luck.

"How do you know my name?" Katie responds carefully.

"You're famous." The guy has striking, attractive blue eyes. Katie just ignores them. "My name is Travis-"

"It's not smart of me to talk to strangers." Katie rolls her eyes, and directs her attention toward her book. "Now, if you'll excuse me..."

"You're not excused." Travis is smirking.

"I'VE BEEN UP SINCE THREE A.M. THIS FREAKING MORNING. I WOULD SUGGEST YOU LEAVE ME ALONE." Katie raises her voice, and a few homeless people shake out of their drowsy dreams.

Raising his hands, Travis surrenders. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I'll leave you to your flock daydreams." Pointing to her book, he still has a smug expression on his face.

Glaring, Katie begins to read again. She's really getting into it and-

Someone just poked her in the shoulder. Snapping her head up, Travis is looking innocently at Divergent.

On a whim, Katie raises her fingers in annoyance and flicks Travis's forehead.

Travis's blue eyes narrow. "Oh, it's on."

Katie's green eyes have a mischievous sparkle in them. "Like Donkey Kong."

An all-out flicking/tapping/proding war erupted between the two, bruises slowly spreading across their bodies. Mostly their heads.

An old lady with a floral dress looks up from her confused tapping at an iPhone and speaks softly to the two hyper teenagers.

"I know you young lovers can't keep your hands off each other, but I'm still trying to figure out this Tweeter thing, so would you keep the volume down a bit? Thank you."

The teenagers hands drop to their sides, blushing like roses. Travis's leg bounces nervously.

"WOULD YOU STOP THAT?!" Katie snaps, glaring at Travis with sharp green eyes.

His thigh stops shaking for about three seconds. And then it starts up again.

"You never specified how long." Travis had this weird, floppy hair. She would never admit it, but it was kind of endearing.

"I'm getting a coffee." Katie grumbles, heading for the nearest Dunkin Donuts.

"You're not getting rid of me that easily. Plus, I don't want a pretty girl like you wandering through loads of hobos." Travis smiles and walks to her side.

Katie tries to ignore the compliment, but a smile graces her lips. "Whatever," she responds, pretending to act nonchalant.

It was a twenty person line for the small coffee stand, but it was the only stand around.

"So... Where are you from?" Travis prompted.

"Shouldn't you know? As you said prior, 'I'm famous'." Katie muttered, too tired and grumpy for something as mundane as small-talk.

"I take that back. Let's pretend that you're not famous and I'm not amazingly gorgeously awesome, and that we're just regular people meeting in a regular train station." Travis said, but his eyes were slightly pleading.

"Sure. I'm from Long Island. You?" Katie mumbled, eyes on the menu of Dunkin Donuts, line getting smaller and smaller.

"What do you want?" The fourteen year-old at the cash register mumbled, acne scarred and obviously tired. Katie and Travis raised their eyebrows but didn't complain.

"Iced Caramel Macchiato with extra Venti please!" Katie responded, smiling. Travis gave her a funny look like, 'Wow, you're going to be hyper later...'

"I'd like a chocolate sprinkled donut with extra chocolate." Travis said, grinning like a little boy. Katie elbows him, and he yelped a, "Please,"

The two wait twenty minutes for their food -and wasted twenty threats of calling the manager- and walked back to their seats on the uncomfortable wooden benches.

They ate in uncomfortable silence for five minutes and Katie, hating the tension, starts a conversation. "You never answered where you were from?"

"Uh, I'm from here in Maine..." Travis says and Katie motioned for him to continue.

"Cruddy childhood. Mom is... slightly greedy you could say. My younger brother Connor and I-" Travis takes a small picture out of his wallet, of him and a guy who could be his twin but a few inches shorter. "Kinda struggled. Got a scholarship and here I am. Sitting in a train station with Katie Gardner. Spill your guts now." Travis weakly smiles and Katie knew she'd have to respond. She'll never see this guy again.

So Katie talked about her best friends, Annabeth, Piper, Hazel, Reyna, and Thalia.

And with a little pestering, she spoke a bit about Bianca.

A comfortable silence spreads over the two, and Travis starts his donut.

"TRAVIS. CHEW WITH YOUR FREAKING MOUTH CLOSED." Katie snapped, but there was a soft smile on her smile.

The shaggy haired boy swallows and laughs.

"Train to Arizona boarding now. Enter Platform A." The robotic voice says from the intercom.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." Katie mumbles, surprising tears in her eyes. Travis tries to say something, but she brushes him off.

Katie Gardner kisses him on the cheek, grabs her carry-on, and runs to the platform before tears can fall.

The green trees glimmer in the sun, probably looking like her eyes did right now.

Hopefully her mascara isn't running.

Wiping her eyes once more, Katie remembers she'll probably never see this guy again. Why is she crying?

After five minutes, the chugging of the train roars around the corner.

Goodbye, Maine. Hello, Stanford.

She boards the train, finding a window seat and storing her bags quickly and opening a pocket mirror. No running eye makeup. Good.

Taking a deep breath, she opens her laptop when she hears a voice.

"Long time, no see, Katie-Kate. Looks like you missed me."

How'd you like?