"Breathe with me, Clark. Concentrate on my voice. In...out...in...out."

Clark followed his mother's voice with eyes shut. They had started doing these exercises ever since the school janitor closet incident. Clark struggled to keep up with instructions.

'In...out...' he thought. 'In...'

10 miles away he heard Warren scream at Amanda for having forgotten the eggs at the market. He heard the smack upon what must have been Amanda's face...then-


"PLEASE, WARREN-!" Thud. A man sobbing.

20 miles away, a train roared, going off the rails-shrieks of terror, "OH GOD-HELP US!-"


Clark's eyes snapped open.

"Honey, you're trembling. Would you like a glass of water?" Clark shook his head violently.

"No, help me...I need to..." Tears slid down pale cheeks.

"Alright, darling. Close your eyes again, now."

He did so, reluctantly, tears falling faster.


Clark nodded, stifling a cry. He felt a hand take his gently.

"Okay, honey. You can do this. In...out...in...out...