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"You don't love me as you say you do!" yells Bella

"Yes I do and when I say it I mean it" walking fast to catch up with Bella who's walking toward the kitchen.

"No you don't! You're not going to lie in front of my face like that Edward! I can tell when you do. You forget that I can read you better than you can read yourself."

"What are you talking about" cries Edward trying to figure out how all of this anger and saddens came to be.

Edward moves closer to Bella. Bella moves back. Edward makes 4 more steps toward Bella and every time he does Bella steps back. As they continue their dance Bella has no more space to move and Edward closes her in with his arms at each side of her head.

"Bella, What is it baby?" he whispers to her

I see the way you look at her. I see how your whole face lights up when you see her. You stand as if you just can't wait to touch her. The way you kiss… me isn't even the same anymore. You used to kiss me with passion and love, now you just kiss me as if you don't know me. Then when you look at me it feels like you don't really see me" Bella whispers silently. While tears slowly come down her face. She looks at Edward as if it's the last time she is going to see him.