I've recently read A LOT of NaruSasu and become inspired so this is the fruits of that inspiration. A little of NaruSai. Hope you enjoy! :)

I sat in the restaurant happily, swinging my feet around the chair like a small child. I sipped the Soda in my glass through a small straw. I searched the restaurant for my lover to arrive. He might have work, which made my hopes go down slightly. He was always busy at work and I was always at my job, but we made time to eat dinner and breakfast together and we ALWAYS slept together. Whether it was a pleasurable sexually filled "sleep" or catching some Z's was up to our moods after work. The waiter came to give me another refill and smiled.

"He's not here yet?" My friend Sai who worked at the restaurant asked.

"Yeah, he sure does take his time, but I still get to see him, which is the good part." I smiled brightly.

"Well just be careful, you know that everyone knows your..." Sai leaned in and cleared his throat,"... sexual thing."

"I know, I know, it's not my fault I was born and able to carry children." I sighed and transferred my straw to the new drink.

Sai leaned into my ear and made me shiver, "Just don't forget that I've always been there, waiting for you." Sai licked his tongue into my ear and made me giggle lightly.

"Sai!" I giggled and pushed him away lightly, "If anything happens I'll come to you, alright?"

Sai's face blushed as he smirked and ruffled my hair, "And we will have fun, and it WILL be fun."

He left me there with a deep butterfly in my stomach. My phone began buzzing and I looked at the caller ID, my heart quickened at the name.

I answered it quickly, " Hey! You going to get here so-" I began.

"I'm sorry, work came up, I can't come home tonight." Sasuke mumbled into the phone, people speaking behind him.

"Oh... okay..." I felt disappointment creep up my body.

"I'll be home tomorrow." Sasuke laughed into the phone.

Why is he laughing so happily?

"Oh okay... I'll see you tomor-" I began but the phone hang up.

I sighed sadly and picked up my menu trying to pick out what to eat. Sai came over to me again and laid his chin on my shoulder.

"I recommend the Vodka Alfredo." He whispered and pointed at the menu.

"O-Ok." I smiled and felt my stomach clench, tears threatening my eyes.

Sai was always there when Sasuke wasn't, and Sai has had a crush on me for years...

"I'll get that for you..." Sai grabbed the menu lightly and started to leave, then turned back, "I'm off my shift in 5 minutes, can I eat with you?" He asked shyly.

"Yes, I would love it." I smiled.

If Sai came and sat with me I had the feeling I would be in good company. Sai was always nice to me even though he knew he wasn't going to get anywhere with it. I waited for my dinner and as I waited I texted my childhood friend Sakura.

"Hey :)" I sent.

A moment later she texted back, "Hey! What's up buddy?"

"About to eat dinner with Sai, Hbu?" I asked.

"Where's Sasuke? And I'm out with Ino and Hinata :)"

I sighed at his name, "He stood me up for work again, so Sai is hanging out with me. I hope you girls are having fun! XD"

No emotion was put behind my words, I loved all my female friends, but at this time of night I was just so out of it.

"God damn that boy! I'm going to have to talk with him sometime! Grrr... and yes we are having a blast! Maybe you and Sai should join for some fun? :)" She suggested.

I don't have work tomorrow and I'm sure Sai would love to go anywhere with me, "I'll be glad to, let me ask Sai when he gets back. :)"

"Yay! Okay, text me when you get an answer!"

"I will, just a couple minutes." I sent and placed my phone on the table.

A small charm that Sasuke had given me was hanging from the large white phone. The charm was a naruto (1) that hung cutely from a black plastic chain. I was silently drinking my soda and staring at the small chain.

"I'm back!" Sai laughed and placed a bowl of delicious looking noodles in front of me, the same for himself.

"It looks great!" I smiled.

"I hope you like it!" Sai smiled broadly and took the seat across from me.

We began eating and I suddenly remembered Sakura, "Oh! Sai I wanted to ask you a question."

Sai looked surprised and finished chewing as quickly as possible, "Yeah?"

"Sakura wanted to know if the two of us wanted to join the girls tonight for drinking and fun?" I asked slightly enthusiastically.

Sai sat still for a second, "Do you want to go out with me?"

"Sure! Let me tell Sakura we are heading out to meet them!" I smiled brightly and saw Sai blush furiously as he slowly ate.

"We can come! Where do you want to meet?" I texted Sakura.

"We are by your apartment, how about we meet you there?" Sakura asked.

"Okay, I'll text you when we are done with dinner :)" I texted back and then happily dug into dinner.

I get to have fun tonight without Sasuke after all. I'm excited!

Sai and I smiled and laughed as we finished dinner.

1. For those who don't know naruto is also a steamed fishcake, and that is what I'm referring to in this moment. :)

How'd you like it? It was my first that really focused on romance I think. Hmmmm... it was fun to write! Any surprise pairing ideas? Just PM or review and tell me! :)