Prompt: 10 truths

Fandom: Firefly

Characters: Malcom Reynolds

Pairing: Malcolm Reynolds/ Inara Serra

Summary: 10 truths about Mal

10. He doesn't think he could ever leave Zoe behind.

9. He feels responsible for Kaylee's wellbeing.

8. Sometimes Serenity feels more like a friend than a ship.

7. His crew is like the family he never had.

6. He purposely gets into fights because it reminds him of battle, and during the war he was part of a cause, now he just drifts through space.

5. Being a Browncoat runs bone-deep for him.

4. He wants to die on Serenity

3. He knows what he does is wrong, and would love to lead an honest life, but the sky is the only thing he has left.

2. He would kill everyone in the 'verse to keep Serenity in the air.

1. He may just be a little bit in love with Inara.